At 889, we have the 889 Karma Fund. This donation-based fund is a beautiful program that we have set up to give back to our community. It works in a few different ways. All donations given to the 889 Karma Fund support various programs and initiatives that are near and dear to our hearts and our hOMe. As a result of this program, we have been able to be great supporters of the New Leaf Yoga Foundation. Most noteworthy, we also use a portion of the 889 Karma donations towards a scholarship for the Living Yoga School program to support a student in this endeavour. 

How can you give to the 889 Karma fund?

1. Attend a Living Yoga School Graduate’s class

Our very own Living Yoga School graduates offer Community Class “by donation” on our schedule. While offering a community class, we are also able to support our LYS graduates in their post-program studies and practice as they take their learnings out into the community. This class currently takes place on Saturdays from 1PM-2PM. Our LYS graduates are Yoga Alliance certified as 200-hour yoga teacher graduates from our program. As a result of these classes, we are able to support the growing Living Yoga School Scholarship program.

2. Attend a Meditation (by donation)

On Monday nights at 5:15PM, we offer a by donation Meditation circle. All of the donations gifted in this class support the New Leaf Yoga Foundation

3. Events throughout the year

We offer various events throughout the year that support and help us give back to programs in our communities, like New Leaf Yoga. In addition to time donated to the community by our teachers, monetary donations are gifted by the Yoga Unplugged events to support such initiatives. 

Past programs we have supported include:
  • New Leaf Yoga;
  • Warriors for Peace;
  • And 889 LYP grads teach a weekly karma class to Regent Park school teachers teaching inner-city youth.


  • Furthermore, if you’d like to contribute to the Karma fund, you may do so with a cash donation, or by credit card or debit in-studio.