Our planet doesn’t come with a spare.

889 Yoga is an empowered community that operates consciously and mindfully of our planet. Our space has been sighted, designed, constructed, furnished and operated with the highest intention of preserving our environment and using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Our mission is to make as little environmental impact as possible and to educate our guests on eco-friendly choices they can make. Our intention is to instill enviro responsibilty and inspire our guests to be more conscious of their footprint on the planet.

Our guests have a fresh, clean experience in our space, free of chemicals, toxins, off-gassing and materials which make a rough impact on their health and on the environment.

For people and businesses it’s more than just paying lip service to the ‘green’ movement. We believe it’s about being actively committed to environmental consciousness for our present and future generations. At 889 Yoga sustainability and environmental leadership are given priority.

How GREEN is our Flagship location re-modeled in 2007?


  • Transformation of an existing historical building requiring no further impact required of a new building
  • Environmental testing done to ensure site and building was in good condition


  • Existing hardwood was refinished. No new materials required where existing
  • Eco 1+2 Carpet – 100% recyclable. No heavy metal ingredients. Dyes contain no carcinogens. No halogenous or phosphorous flame retardants. No toxic glue used to adhere. Creatively weaved to consume less energy during manufacturing. Carried to Canada by ship to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Cork – Highly renewable resource. Used in 2 rooms where flooring was required.

Finishes & Adhesives

  • Water-based, toxic-free finish used for hardwood floors and woodwork
  • No urethane, verethane or sealants used

Interior Upholstery

  • 100% natural fiber content
  • Environmentally improved manufacturing process
  • Fabric free of heavy metal dyes


  • All wood used is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
  • All wood is made from PureBond, a 100% formaldehyde-free, LEED certified hardwood plywood both in press and product emissions. This replaces traditional UF usage and it’s derived naturally.
  • No particle board was used
  • No MDF was used
  • Laminate for countertops – LEED accredited


  • The entire space is painted in MF paint, a local Quebec company
  • MF paint is 0 VOC levels that we have found in the marketplace. Unlike other so-called “eco-paints,” MF VOC levels are tested in the final product which includes all ingredients. 0 VOCs.
  • MF paint has the lowest VOC content for the painter of any paint that we have found in the marketplace
  • Proper disposition of paint cans

Energy Efficiency

  • Most windows have been replaced with double paned glass to further insulate, requiring less energy
  • Appliances are all new and Energy-Star products
  • Water conservation nozzles were chosen for all showerheads and faucets
  • All heating/cooling/air re-circulation were replaced to optimize energy usage
  • The HVAC systems were designed using a modular concept, whereby the total building load is distributed between multiple, small sized AC units.
  • AC systems are individually zoned which enables usage only when required, resulting in increased efficiency
  • AC units use R410 ozone friendly refrigerant gas
  • AC units have programmable thermostats which provide a night setback option that automatically controls the unit operation and reduces energy consumption
  • Cooling system has air-side economizers which allows “free-cooling” by using the outside air during mild outside conditions to reduce energy consumption.
  • Energy recovery unit is in place which recovers the energy from the air leaving the building
  • ‘Pressure-Assist, Low Consumption’ Tank type Toilets and ‘Low Consumption’ urinals are installed which result in reduced water consumption


  • Lighting system is zoned which provides the capability to have lights off in spaces which are not being used
  • 2 Washrooms have sensors allowing lights to be off when not in use
  • Compact fluorescents have been used in specific areas of the buildings for higher efficiency and lower energy consumption
  • Dimmer capability in all rooms has been implemented to control electrical consumption
  • LED lights installed in 2010 construction in Earth Studio: LED lights are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lights which use 4x less electricity than traditional bulbs.

How GREEN are we?

Our 889 Green Initiative continues in our eco-conscious daily operations:

All Paper Stock for business materials

  • 100% recycled paper
  • 100% FSC certified
  • Chlorine-free
  • Acid-free

All internal paper products

  • 100% recycled paper: toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, gift bags, tissue paper


  • Interior 889 Recycling Program promotes internal recycling of all materials from the business and our guests
  • Recycling all recyclable materials
  • Re-useable tea cups and sandals

Cleaning Products

  • 100% chemical-free cleaning products are used in the cleaning of the entire building
  • Eco-friendly soap used to wash all tea cups and sandals
  • Eco-friendly laundry detergent used to wash all towels and sheets

Holistic Treatments

  • Linens and robes laundered with eco-friendly laundry detergent

Locker Room Products

  • 100% certified organic shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap and body lotion in our locker rooms

Lifestyle Boutique

889 Yoga also features many eco-friendly products in our ‘Lifestyle Boutique.’ It is our intention to educate and nurture our guests and our community towards a lifestyle mindful of our planet. Some examples of this include:

  • Bamboo Yoga Blocks – Bamboo, known for its strength and hardness, is the most sustainable wood available replenishing itself faster than any other wood plant on the planet.
  • Jade Harmony Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats This mat is made with natural rubber; a renewable resource tapped from rubber trees, and unlike most mats, contains no PVCs. One tree planted for every mat made
  • Organic Robes and towels
  • Some 100% North American produced retail clothing lines (HardTail)
  • Recycled wine bottle candles from Paddywax
  • Recycled plastic skincare bottles (REN Clean Skin Care, Pangea Organics), Glass bottles (Tammy Fender)
  • Tetrapack packaging: Prtty Peaushun lotion
  • Chemical free skincare, bodycare, hair care (Pangea, REN, Tammy Fender, Kiss my Face, Weleda), nailpolish (karma organics), cosmetics (RMS beauty)
  • TOMS shoes – 1 pair of shoes sent to developing nation with your purchased shoes
  • Local Canadian jewelry designers, Yoga mat bags, tea: Tiny devotion malas, Jenny Bird, Blackbird, NourishTea
  • Fair-trade greeting cards printed on recycled paper, various brands
  • Commitment to NO plastic water bottles sold at 889