New to Yoga, Pilates or Meditation? We offer weekly classes called BASICS!

Which one do you want to try?

Yoga Basics



Join us for our YOGA BASICS CLASS!

We offer a weekly class every Wednesday called YOGA BASICS. Over the course of 4 classes, you will learn the benefits of practicing Yoga which include:

  • stress-relief 
  • physical and emotional healing
  • improved digestion
  • general awareness in your daily life

During this introductory experience, you will learn:

  • the fundamental poses of Yoga
  • asana (physical postures)
  • breathwork
  • to practice the poses together (sequence!)
  • how to participate safely and injury free in an 889 Vinyasa Flow class

How to participate:

Buy a regular 5-class pack and sign-up for 4 consecutive weeks in advance. Once you complete the 4-week experience, you will have a bonus class left to enjoy any other class of your choice! Can’t make all four weeks in a row? Don’t sweat it! Check the schedule to see when the class you missed will come up again and you can attend.



See the below for a full description of each of the 4 classes. Check our class schedule to see the upcoming dates for each of these classes!

Week 1 – Back to Basics
This class is all about going Back to the Basics through a detailed introduction. Fundamental postures such as: cat/cow, child’s pose, mountain, standing forward fold, chair pose, warrior 1, tree pose, bridge pose and Savasana will be explored.
There will be an introduction to breathwork, covering Ujayi and 3 part breath, both as a standalone practice and combined with movement.
This week is a great drop in for those that are looking to review the fundamental postures in a workshop style setting, with time for hands-on assists and questions.

Week 2 – Breaking it Down
Continue to explore asana (physical postures) and breath in this workshop setting. New postures will include Downward Dog, Cobra, Plank to Chaturanga (yoga push up). These postures will be workshopped and put together to form a short flow sequence for you to experience.
A short introduction of Yin postures will be explored. Yin postures are postures that are held for longer periods of time to help facilitate deeper opening and release through your connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and joints. Yin postures are perfect if you describe yourself as inflexible!

Week 3 –Salute the Sun
This week will continue to build on the fundamentals learned in week 1 and 2 of the Yoga Basics workshop. By combining the fundamentals you will start to practice Sun Salutations in a more fluid way. Sun salutations will be taught as a series of postures and can be practiced on their own or as part of a longer sequence. You will learn a few more common postures and start to add them onto the sun salutations so that you can experience how the postures flow together in a fluid sequence.
There will be time for questions and a breakdown of postures.

Week 4 – Flow
This class will replicate a Flow 1 class; putting together all the postures and techniques that have been covered in the 4 weeks. Unlike a regular Vinyasa Flow class, there will be time for questions and more space to receive adjustments. Great as a drop-in for anyone who has a practice and wants to be in an environment where there is time to pause and ask questions.


Yoga Basics Classes are not included in the 40 Day Welcome Experience (you must pay a drop-in fee to attend).

Members and Package holders may attend the Yoga Basics Class anytime. It’s a great opportunity to review techniques and ask questions in an intimate setting.