Meditation Basics





We offer a weekly class every Wednesday called MEDITATION BASICS. Over the course of 4 classes, you will learn the history of meditation and journey into the breath by learning breathing techniques to overcome things such as emotions, thoughts, sensations and sounds as they arise. Learn how to sit comfortably for longer periods of time and how to create healthy habits for managing a balanced lifestyle of well-being.


How to participate:

Buy a regular 5-class pack and sign-up for 4 consecutive weeks in advance. Once you complete the 4-week experience, you will have a bonus class left to enjoy any other class of your choice! Can’t make all four weeks in a row? Don’t sweat it! Check the schedule to see when the class you missed will come up again and you can attend.



See the below for a full description of each of the 4 classes. Check our class schedule to see the upcoming dates for each of these classes!


Week 1 – Meditation 101

Learn the history of meditation, eastern and western philosophical systems, ancient wisdom traditions, the why to meditation, and then experience meditation as it is in the moment.

Week 2 – Meditation + Breath

Learn the in’s and out’s of breathing: its relevance to meditation and the breathing techniques which support a balance meditation practice.

Week 3 – Meditation + The Body

Discussion on the science of meditation and the neuroscience of the neuroplasticity of meditation. Learn a body scan, and how relaxing the body, ultimately calms the mind.

Week 4 – Guided Meditation

Journey through guided imagery and go on a meditation journey into the inner landscape of the body, imagery and breathing weaving in all. Walk out feeling refreshed and energized.

Members and Package holders may attend the Meditation Basics Class anytime*. It is a great opportunity to review techniques and ask questions in an intimate setting.



Meditation Basics Classes are not included in the 40 Day Welcome Experience (you must pay a drop-in fee to attend).

Members and Package holders may attend the Yoga Basics Class anytime. It’s a great opportunity to review techniques and ask questions in an intimate setting.