Pilates Basics




Pilates Basics is a Beginners Pilates class. The benefits of practicing Pilates can include:

  • increased core strength
  • balance
  • stability
  • improved concentration

During this introductory experience, you will learn:

  • the fundamentals of Pilates
  • body alignment
  • breath work
  • how to use props 

You will become closely acquainted with the anatomy of your body, paving the way for you to join an all levels Pilates class at 889

How to participate:
Buy a regular 5-class pack and sign-up for 4 consecutive weeks in advance. Once you complete the 4-week Pilates Basics experience, you will have a bonus class left to enjoy any other class of your choice! Can’t make all four weeks of your Pilates Basics experience in a row? Don’t sweat it! Check the schedule to see when the class you missed will come up again and you can attend!



See the below for a full description of each of the 4 classes. Check our class schedule to see the upcoming dates for each of these classes!

Week 1 – Intro + Foundation Exercises
In this detailed introduction we will discuss what Pilates is, why we practice Pilates and what it will do for you. We will explore the mind/body connection, finding neutral in different positions on the mat and start to practice the 26 foundational Pilates exercises.

Week 2 – Foundation Exercises Continued + Progressive Sequencing
Continue to explore the 26 foundational Pilates exercises and work towards combining these foundational movements with one another for added challenge. We will explore layering variations of the basic exercises to improve strength, stability, alignment, core stability and breath awareness.

Week 3 – Props!
This week will continue to build upon the 26 foundation exercises while incorporating the fun addition of Pilates Props! Learn how the Pilates theraband, hand weights, squishy ball, block and roller can enhance your practice; adding more variety, challenge, and of course, fun!

Week 4 – Practice!
This class will tie everything you have learned over the past 3 weeks together beautifully and will replicate an all levels Pilates class. We will pick up the pace ever so slightly, but don’t fret, there will still be plenty of time to stop and ask questions along the way – workshop style. At the end of this class, you will be feeling incredible and will be ready to dive into an 889 all levels Pilates class!


Pilates Basics Classes are not included in the 40 Day Welcome Experience (you must pay a drop-in fee to attend).

Members and Package holders may attend the Yoga Basics Class anytime. It’s a great opportunity to review techniques and ask questions in an intimate setting.