By Lisa Mitchell, 889 Yoga Teacher & Beginner Yoga Workshop Specialist

Are you curious about yoga but don’t know where to start?  Have you entertained yoga, but shut that thought down because you believe you are not flexible enough? Maybe you have wondered about all the hype, but then thought, I’m not calm enough?

I’ll take you just as you are!

I am offering a TOTAL Beginner Yoga workshop at 889 Yoga & Wellness Spa that is welcoming and inclusive. You start where you are and that is definitely good enough. Yoga is all about cultivating acceptance. In this workshop I start from the very beginning. I go over what a yoga class looks like, talk about equipment (otherwise known as props) and explain some general yoga etiquette so you feel comfortable.

In this four week series, you will learn basic beginner yoga poses (asana), how to adapt poses for your body type, explore breath (pranayama) and how you can eventually link the two, to create harmonious flow. I will touch on mediation and in the end, you will have the foundation to enter and enjoy a level 1 yoga class.

September is all about new beginnings. Take a risk. Move a little out of your comfort zone and choose a healthy activity that will nourish you. There are many benefits to practicing. I’m sure you have heard of most of them (if not, my new website lists them). Many people practice to simply feel a little bit better than when they started.

I create lots of space for questions, comments and observations.  All you need is the spark of a curious and open mind and clothing you can move in. 889 Yonge provides rental mats and offers a stunning space.

Pre-registration is required through 889 Yoga + Wellness Spa for the cost of $89; call now to reserve your spot for our next upcoming workshop! You may also want to pick up a Beginner Yoga Starter Kit in the 889 Boutique.

This is one of my favourite quotes:

“The point of stretching isn’t to see (or show) how far you can reach, or even to reach as far as you can, but…to pay attention.”  ~John Jerome

Intrigued?  I hope to see you on the mat!



To learn more about Lisa’s background,check out her bio and website!