May you be motivated, encouraged, hopeful, energized and confident.

This is our prayer for you on the first day of 2017.


Top 5 Intention-Setting Tips to imbue a Warrior-like Spirit

With these tips, face challenges with that may come your way with grace. Included below are free gifts from us to support your intention setting for 2017: a meditation recording and a Gratitude & Love Beams Worksheet to do for the next 30 days. Here is how you can practice your next 30 days…

  1. Meditate + Write
  2. Use an Essential Oil to keep you motivated and uplifted, like doTERRA’s Motivate Essential Oil*
  3. Move your body with yoga and pilates
  4. Breathe
  5. Practice Gratitude & Send Love Beams (DOWNLOAD this free worksheet)
1. Meditate + Write

For the next 30 days our free gift to you, a Gratitude & Love Beams Worksheet. You can listen to the 4-minute meditation exercise for breath below as a compliment to this exercise.

Free download for intention setting

2. Use Motivate Oil

A blend of mint and citrus oil. The ‘Encouraging Blend’ by doTERRA will help you to replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism with confidence and courage. Diffuse 4 drops throughout the day. Apply one drop on the bottom of your feet with a ¼ tsp of coconut oil to cover the surface area of the feet – three times per day!

[As a member of our 889 commUNITY watch my ‘how-to’ video for using the Motivate Oil here]

3. Move Your Body

Choose two classes that you will attend each week where you move your body. If you’d like to deepen your practice with us, choose one of over 85 classes per week. If you don’t live in Toronto, go to your favourite place for moving your body! Put these classes in your calendar as a meeting with yourself. Honour them as you honour a very important meeting. These classes will strengthen your physical body and rinse your emotional body (i.e. anger, impatience, jealousy, fear, perfectionism). Release these feelings that do not serve you by rinsing them out. We love 889 Vinyasa Flow All (or Levels 1 or 2/3) classes for this. If you’re new to yoga + pilates, come to Yoga Basics and Pilates Basics at 889 to get started.

4. Breathe

Reorganize your energy by moving your breath through your body. Here’s a 4-minute breathing exercise. Try doing this once per day – or more! It’s only 4 minutes and it will make a HUGE difference.




5. Practice Gratitude & Send Love Beams

Reverse the flow of negative thought patterns. Use this worksheet each morning and each evening. It will take a few minutes to complete. The simplest of mindful tasks can be life-changing. Print it out so you can have it ready at your bedside to make it easy for yourself to stay committed.

We’d love to know how to worksheets are going. Feel free to share in the comments below.


Join us, Christine & Emily, for our New Moon Intention Setting class on January 27th. This day marks the first New Moon of 2017, bringing us a new cycle where we can plant seeds for a brighter, more compassionate, more abundant, more cooperative future.  In the darkest night on the eve of the New Moon we will gather together to relax and restore, and set intentions for the beginning of 2017. This will be a sacred evening of restorative yoga, breathwork, angel cards, crystals, Essential Oils, sound bowls, and intention setting. Together we will set personal intentions and release them to the Universe, our guides and angels, to help them unfold for the highest good; in perfect divine timing.

Workshop with Emily and Christine on Intention Setting

*doTERRA Motivate Essential Oil available in-store




Emily is a Teacher, Speaker and proud Mamma to her 3 children Sutton, Gabrielle and Evangeline. She is forever a student of yoga, pilates and meditation and most recently has become enchanted by essential oils and playing crystal and Tibetan song bowls. Emily Co-Founded 889 Yoga with her sister, Christine in early 2007. Together, Christine and Emily have enjoyed infusing lightness and happiness into the lives of many for over 9 years. With a passion to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives, their intention and purpose is to hold a space where people can explore their own divine essence in a deeply caring and accessible way. They are known for their generous spirits and more recently for their passion to spread the light through their unique meditation classes that give students tools to practice meditation daily, in an easy, light and simple way. Christine and Emily developed and continue to direct the 889 Living Yoga School, a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program that has featured faculty such as Elena Brower, Seane Corn, Eoin Finn and Sarah Powers. Christine and Emily are both graduates of the 889 Living Yoga School. Christine and Emily raise awareness in their local community through their Karma 889 initiative. They co-curate The 889 Shop, a collection of mindful and spirited accessories, beauty, clothing and organic cold-pressed juices appealing to the discerning yogi shopper both in –house and on The 889 Shop has collaborated and co-branded with the likes of lululemon, Holt Renfrew and The Mala Collective. Christine and Emily are also avid participants in the Pilates classes at 889 as they feel they are the perfect complement to a yoga practice. 889 Yoga is also in partnership with the Four Seasons Hotel Group, bringing even more yoga classes and lightness to the local Toronto community and to the savvy traveller. Emily holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from Queen’s University with a major in Linguistic. She is fluent in both French and Spanish. Prior to starting 889, Emily worked as one of two Operations Managers for Butterfield & Robinson, an exclusive experiential biking and hiking company curating trips all over the world. Emily spent 6 months of every year with the company stationed in various European cities and towns. She first practiced yoga in 2003 in Barcelona. Christine and Emily have been featured in commercials for Amex and Blackberry and have most recently been speakers at the Global Entrepreneurs Organization Conference in Toronto. Christine and Emily also founded Yoga Unplugged, Toronto’s largest outdoor weekly yoga class experience, in partnership with lululemon. They co-taught meditation at Wanderlust Tremblant in 2015. 889 Yoga has been featured in Vogue, Toronto Life, The National Post, Globe and Mail, Forbes Travel, Elle Canada and The New York Times. They have just launched their first line of 889 Himalayan Loose Leaf Tea and have recently become Wellness Advocates for their favourite company (other than 889 of course!) doTERRA infusing the goodness of essential oils into their teaching.