Stocking stuffers for the male yogi on your shopping list? Looking for quick and easy gift ideas for the yogi male in your life this Holiday season? We’ve got a few ideas that think you’ll love as much as we do!


stocking stuffers for him


Our Top 10:
  1. Province Apothecary: Incense Sticks that are gently infused with pure therapeutic essential oils, no nasty + toxic fragrance oils. Available in scents to support clarity, creativity and ease, such as: Cedarwood, Lavender and Black Spruce + Fir Balsam | in-store and online $12
  2. Halfmoon: Yoga Strap to help him deepen his leg stretches post yoga or intense workout, like never before. Available in Charcoal or Natural | in-store $20
  3. doTERRA: Deep Blue Rub to massage into sore muscles, a non-greasy formula that is perfect to toss into his gym bag or bathroom cabinet | in-store and online $58
  4. doTERRA: Cedarwood Essential Oil has a warm and woody scent, that when diffused in his space, will help to promote a soothing and relaxing environment (and can also be used topically) | in-store $22
  5. Green Air: Aroma Wave Car Diffuser for him to take on the road on business trips or family trips | in-store $20
  6. Mala Beads: varying styles for him and her for the yogi | in-store
  7. B Yoga: B Strap for him to carry his yoga mat from home to studio and office to studio with ease. This vegetable-tanned leather strap by a Canadian company is a great gift for the jet-setting or commuting yogi | in-store and online $48
  8. Province Apothecary: After Shave Oil is amazing for all skin types and absorbs quickly into the skin, working to soothe irritation and razor burn and to prevent bleeding | in-store and online $36
  9. Province Apothecary: Beard Oil will transform the way his beard looks and feels, no matter his skin type | in-store and online $36
  10. Acuball: Tight muscles? Got it. Seeking improved joint movement? This therapeutic prop can support him. Pop this Acuball in his stocking! | available in two sizes in-store and online starting at $20


stocking stuffers for himstocking stuffers for himstocking stuffers for him









In addition, we have a few not-so-stocking-stuffer sized suggestions that we think he might love; and both are under $50! Gift him a Halfmoon Blanket* or a B Yoga Travel Yoga Mat** and he will be well on his way to adding comfort to poses and hitting the road with the grippiest, most lightweight yoga mat around.


Have a few ideas or favourites you’d also like to share with us? Drop us a line in the comments below! Or give our Happiness Team a call. They are ready to serve you, tissue paper, ribbons and all!


* Halfmoon blankets are available online in Natural and Stone, and in-store also in Berry.

** B Mats are available in-store and online in 3 sizes, 2 lengths and 5 colours. There really is a mat for ever yogi and yogini!