Create clarity and manifest joy with Lime essential oil!

Are you feeling foggy and unclear, sleepy, insecure or down because of the magnitude of your work ahead? 

Let’s talk about LIME essential oil. Lime is the oil of ZEST for life! A stunner for summer. I LOVE using lime in my guacamole, before my yoga & meditation practice, in my mop at home … 


 Inhale LIME and repeat this mantra:

I have great mental clarity. 
I am alert and uplifted. 
I have boundless inner peace and joy. 
I feel grateful for the happiness & sweetness of this life.

clarity and joy


Complimentary stones you can use with Lime:

clear quartz, citrine, light green jade

Spiritual Uses of Lime:

Lime helps you to connect with your higher guides and angels. It uplifts your consciousness. It adds joy to your practice.

Emotional Uses of Lime:

Lime helps to counteract dark thoughts and bring awareness to the joys of life. It helps when you’re blue or have low self-esteem. 

Therapeutic properties:

antioxidant, antibacterial, antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral

My other fave uses!

1-2 drops in my guacamole (wowwww!)
In the diffuser with any citrus oils for a summer explosion.
Great to inhale when you’re journaling for clarity. 
A few drops in my household cleaner spray! I love the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate with a few drops of lime. 


* note: information from this post came directly from the beautiful book: Aromatherapy: Emotional Healing.

 clarity and joy


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With LOVE, 

Christine XO

Christine Russell is a mother to two girls, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a leader and a visionary. She believes in miracles and the limitless possibilities arising from the magical journey inward. In 2007, with her sister Emily, she co-founded our beautiful home, the 889 Community, and 889’s collective mission to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives. 889 is host to nearly 100 yoga, pilates and meditation classes weekly, The 889 Shop ( curated for your mindful lifestyle, and is a powerful community of high-vibe, radiant humans. Christine is a compassionate and loving teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Essential Oils, teaching to those ready to up–level and elevate the way they think, feel and live in the world. She also leads a tribe of women around the globe educating on Essential Oils. Christine graduated from the 889 Living Yoga School, The Richard Ivey School of Business, and from the MIT EO Entrepreneurship Program. Mama Earth is her favourite playground with her girls and husband, her true loves. Her passions include self-leadership, sparkles and the greenest juice she can get her hands on. It is Christine’s personal mission to ignite your inner sparkle to brighten your vibration and the vibe of those around you.