Everyone always asks me about balance. 


Balance Essential Oil

“I need work-life-family balance.”
“I’m totally not balanced. At all.”
“How can I feel more balanced?”


My answer is that I don’t strive for balance in all my roles at the same time, or spend time thinking about work-life-family balance and how I don’t have it. 


I don’t think it exists. 


I believe that you can find balance in a moment, or in a period of time and believe that sometimes our lives call for more of one thing than another.


For example, right now I have two very little girls. They require a lot of my time: the planning, the logistics, and the good stuff, the LOVE and attention.

Rather than resist my new role as a mother and focus on the things that aren’t as present in my life (free time! Sleeping in!), I’m choosing to focus on what is present, and how I can feel balanced within that. I use tools to support me in this (read: Essential Oils!). There isn’t this “perfectly balanced” state of mind for us to attain. 


How can we bring more balance into our moment, our morning, our now?


Here’s an example… If you’re feeling like you never eat healthy enough because you never have time to make the recipes in all the healthy cookbooks you have, let go of that thought. Go treat yourself to a healthy meal somewhere you love and savour the love someone has poured into the food you’re eating. 

Or if you feel like you never get self-care time, commit to a 20-minute bath with a beautiful Essential Oil. Stop surfing social media, turn your phone off, fold-up the to-do list, and feel the way you want to feel (I need this reminder myself, so I’m sharing it with you). 

Essential Oils are currently my favourite self-care tool for feeling the way I want to feel. And the best part? An Essential Oil can shift a mood or a feeling IN A MOMENT for me. They work quickly. 




Watch the video below that I made for you on the doTERRA Balance Oil.

I use this oil daily. It’s a “Grounding Blend” to soothe anxiety and overwhelm.

Find out which trees and root oils in this blend bring a sense of calm, emotional release and work to uplift your spirit.


Hi, I am Christine, 889 co-founder, teacher, and devotee. 889 was a tiny seed, envisioned in 2006 by my sister Emily and I with the mission to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives. Proudly after many years with this business mission, this mission has become a part of me. So much so, I was inspired to become a student of the 889 Living Yoga Program to be able to serve our 889 community not only as an entrepreneur and leader, but also as a teacher. My life purpose is to love and be loved, and feel the connection that results while inspiring others to do the same. It is with deep love and reverence that I have come to teach yoga and mindfulness meditation classes at 889. I love teaching! Where did it all begin? I started practicing yoga in 2003 when I lived in California and stepped on to the mat to move my body and meet friends. The yogis I have met along my journey have led me to where I am today: to walk the life path of yoga, stand in the space of transformation, to follow my breath into the moment, to trust in my inner-knowing, to let go of perfection, to know my hips WILL release one day with practice, and to know, most importantly, that we are all one.
“LOVE is the oxygen of the soul”
I love laughing. I love business. I love to create. I love my husband, our 2 baby girls, our dog Fernie (she may greet you with licks at the door at 889) and my family. I was a graduate of the 889 200-hour Living Yoga Program’s first class of 2013! I have also graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business, and from the M.I.T/Entrepreneurs Organization Masters of Entrepreneurship. Alignment of my love for yoga and creating and leading a business with my sister Emily is a dream come true.
Meditation is a daily practice that keeps me on course, grounded, and gives me the present moment to listen. Yoga is my daily practice that ignites and integrates my body to inform my spirit and my inner knowing. Spirituality connects the two. The power of these three practices continue to blow me away and revealing miracles daily. I am grateful to my teachers who influence my practice, my teaching, my leadership, and my consciousness, including ALL 889 teachers past and present, my husband, my sister, my parents, and all of our team and students at 889. For each of you and your dedication to sharing and inspiring me to rise up and feel within, I am grateful.
What are my classes like? Infused with radiant love, kindness and spirited lightness, my classes offer a space to journey inward and outward: a place to turn down the noise, tune-in, and become quiet by breathing and moving into the moment, finding expansiveness and creating limitless possibilities. Step into YOU!
One of my favourite quotes from spiritual genius-goddess Marianne Williamson is, “You realize that you can have everything when you realize you ARE everything”. YOU are everything, my friends. May you be peaceful, at ease, filled with loving kindness and free. I look forward to guiding you on your path and igniting your inner light to shine brighter and brighter. Join me on the mat and the cushion at 889: give yourself permission to be FREAKING AMAZING!
SATNAM [truth and oneness]
Always LOVE,
Christine XO