Vinyasa Flow ALL is a full body and mind conditioning yoga class. We welcome all students who regularly attend Vinyasa Flow 1 and Vinyasa Flow 2/3 to attend this all levels class. The instructor will incorporate a variety of modifications for students and their respective levels, creating a communal space for everyone to work within their own practice. This will allow beginners the opportunity to explore more complex sequences and peak poses, while still providing a challenge for more advanced students. A Vinyasa Flow All class at 889 is one of our favourite offerings because it brings together the community at large; it’s a space where we learn from, and inspire each other. Taking Vinyasa Flow All at 889 will raise your vibration, leaving you feeling more aware of your body and connected to the community. This is a fun class, full of possibility and exploration, we can’t wait for you to join in!
We recommend 6 months of practice in our Vinyasa Flow 1 and Vinyasa Flow 2/3 classes prior to attending this class.




This is one of my favourites at 889. Wherever you are in your practice that day, there is room to move or room to rest, at the pace that your body is asking of you, regardless of the level you are at. Tune in, or push beyond your edges. Love this class!

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