Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga practice that coordinates the movements of each asana, or pose, into a flow sequence by linking movement with breath. In Vinyasa Flow 1, you will practice movement with breath, deepening your practice and activating your strength and flexibility. Vinyasa Flow 1 is best suited to students who have practiced yoga before and is considered a form of movement meditation. The postures of Vinyasa are balancing for the nervous system, which allows the body to be less reactive to stress, resulting in a more centered and relaxed state of mind. As we build our energy and body awareness, this class will leave you feeling empowered, grounded and energized. Here at 889 Yoga, that’s what it’s all about – creating positivity, joy and reduced stress for overall wellbeing in our community, each and every day.

We do not recommend Vinyasa Flow 1 for first-time yoga practitioners, as the pace of the class is fast and requires some prior experience to ensure correct and safe alignment. If you are just starting out, please visit our Yoga Basics class to establish the foundations for a great practice at 889.


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