889-YLP-Marla Teacher Training is the beginning of a deepening of the practice of Yoga and the inner journey that unfolds, and an immersion into a life-changing transformative process.I feel privileged and honoured to be a part of this voyage with both my incredible teaching colleagues and all from 889 Yoga who will be participating. ~Marla Meenakshi Joy. BIO. Website.



889-YLP-Nicky I aim to practice and teach yoga in a way that is well balanced, supporting my lifestyle as a dedicated student, an inspiring teacher and a busy mother with two pre-school boys! I am honoured to share this beautiful, transformative practice with my students, and am deeply grateful for the empowerment and wisdom given to me by all of my teachers. With over 10 years of serious practice and study I still call myself a beginner, and am constantly inspired by all that I have yet to learn. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be teaching yoga for the rest of my life.The 889 Living Yoga Program is one of the most comprehensive, academically rigorous and creative teacher trainings available. I am thrilled to be bringing the most experienced teachers in the industry together to deliver this program which exceeds all yoga alliance standards. Our aim is to empower people on their own yoga journey, and build practices that are creative, sustainable and life affirming. – Nicky Poole. BIO. Blog



889-YLP-Matthew I’ve been teaching aspiring teachers and those who seek to deepen their experience of yoga for years, in a wide variety of contexts. So has everyone on this faculty list: we all bring such rich and varied skills. It’s rare to have the opportunity to work from the ground-up with a crew like this to build a well-rounded programme of yogic transmission across the fields of physical culture, emotional intelligence, community coherence, and naturopathic wisdom (Ayurveda!). And it’s happening in an ideal space — ever since opening, 889 has slowly and methodically built a warm and welcoming culture of personal healing and evolution, and community renewal. ~Matthew Remski. BIO. Blog



889-YLP-Josh Located at the equi-point between east and west in the heart of the city, one cannot help but feel a heightened sense of awareness and purpose when practicing at 889. The curriculum of this inaugural teacher training is world-class and provides a wonderful opportunity to explore diverse approaches to finding personal and interpersonal harmony. As we change ourselves, we change all that surrounds us and the ripples of this transformation move through space and time influencing the greater whole. To be associated in this pursuit alongside the shining examples of my fellow colleagues, and all those involved with 889, is an honour of the highest magnitude and I am both grateful and excited to contribute to a program that is sure to become an instant classic. – Josh Cohen. @joshcohen


889-YLP-Scott This 889 Living Yoga Program teacher training is an opportunity for students to explore beyond the limits of their asana practice and to engage in a uniquely student-centered and comprehensive yoga education supported by a knowledgeable and experienced faculty. – Scott Petrie. BIO.




889-YLP-Nathasha I am so thrilled to be on the LYP faculty alongside so many seasoned and well respected teachers/practitioners. I look forward to sharing a passion for continuously expanding capacity to build intelligence within our bodies. By integrating other facets of the LYP program, I hope to provide a clear and fundamental understanding of anatomy within the context of asana practice. Natasha Currah. BIO.Website. @NatashaCurrah




889-YLP-Nathasha Jodi is a mixed lineage yoga teacher, loving the many aspects of Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. She has also completed Thai Yoga massage training which complements her diverse skills as a teacher. In 2010, Jodi visited Kerala, India with world renowned teacher Shiva Rea, to immerse herself in local Ayurvedic traditions, as well as Kalarippayattu, an ancient South Indian martial art tradition. Jodi has near completion of 500 hours in Prana Flow Yoga which builds on her foundation 200 hour training that she received from Cynthia Funk at the Yoga Sanctuary in Toronto. Jodi is committed to raising money and awareness for projects she believes in. In June ’11 she rode 200km for part the Ride to Conquer Cancer, to benefit Princess Margaret’s research initiative. She also teaches karma yoga classes to raise money towards the Global Seva Challenge 2012, an Off the Mat, Into the World project. Jodi also received her BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at NYU. She lives in Toronto with her husband, four children and a pomeranian.

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