Members of our community enjoy the flexibility of taking just one or two of our 10 – 30 hour Modules (we open up a few spots to the community at large) to keep their practice and knowledge fresh, and to go deeper than one would normally do in regular classes. Below is a listing of the Modules our 2016-17 200-hour Living Yoga students will be attending. Click on the title for more information + registration. There are 5 spots available in each module for individuals who are not enrolled in the 200 hour program.


What is Vinyasa? Fundamentals 1 with Nicky Poole (October 1-2)

Ayurveda: Everyday Nectar with Matthew Remski (October 5-Jan 25)

Introduction to Mindfulness + Meditation with Josh Cohen (October 6 – November 10)

Elemental Vinyasa Residential Retreat with Nicky Poole (Oct 17-19)

What is Vinyasa? Fundamentals 2 with Nicky Poole (October 22-23)

Anatomy of Asana with Natasha Currah (November 4, 5, 11, 12)

Philosopher’s Café with Scott Petrie (Nov 9-Feb 2)

Chakra Vinyasa with Nicky Poole (Nov 19-20)

Teaching Restorative Yoga + Prenatal Yoga with Nicky Poole (Nov 26)

Sanskrit + Chanting with Marla Joy (Nov 27)

The Art of Sequencing with Nicky Poole (Dec 3-4)

Enhancements and Assists with Nicky Poole (Jan 7-8)

Voice, Touch, Integrity and Embodiment: The Art of Teaching with Nicky Poole (Jan 21-22)

Sadhana: Fall in love with our Self Practice with Nicky Poole (Jan 28-29)


*Only 5 spots are available in each module for those who are not enrolled in the Living Yoga School. Early Registration is highly recommended.*