Kim McBean
Yoga Therapist

About Kim

Kim’s passion in yoga lies in connecting with others, and sharing techniques that encourage physical and emotional healing.   Her goal is to promote self-discovery and spiritual development in a safe space.  To offer a warm and compassionate environment that allows for others to meet the struggle of going deeper and in turn, the experience of being fully alive.

Kim feels that her own injuries and experiences with trauma were a gift to her. Seeking therapeutic work, allowed her the opportunity to evolve in her yoga practice and teaching, and follow the path of her own healing process.  This is the yoga she was born to live and share.  It is Kim’s intention to serve others in a way that supports they’re own spiritual and physical potential.

Kim’s mentors include Amba and Don Stapleton, Hali Schwartz, Judith Lasater, Pat Harada Linfoot and Scott Davis.

Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic Private Yoga is customized and designed to address the specific needs of our community with body limitations and health concerns.  Go deeper in your yoga practice by learning ways to balance and support the mechanics of the body, creating a greater sense of freedom and movement that is pain free.

Each session begins with an open dialogue, next a postural assessment and some basic range of motion testing.  Depending on your needs, privates can include breath work, therapeutic exercise, restorative yoga and modifications for your regular yoga practice.  Balance out the areas in your body that feel stronger, weaker or more flexible.   Deconstruct poses that feel challenging or explore areas in your body and practice where you feel stuck.

These one-hour long sessions are beneficial for both physical and emotional challenges, to effectively prevent injury and illness, and also to bring the body back to being whole.  Suitable for all levels, and taught with compassion and sensitivity in a safe and supported environment.

Discover ways to enhance greater self-awareness in an ongoing process of healing and self-transformation.

Praise for Kim

Kim’s therapeutic private sessions have changed my yoga practice immensely in the

last couple of years. Her deep knowledge of body mechanics and compassion towards practicing safely and effectively, are what has increased my passion for yoga. Her privates feel like a yoga-oriented anatomy workshop, which gives me the key to understanding how the body moves and gives me tremendous insight into how my yoga practice works. This allowed me to feel grateful for what my body already can do and to appreciate the simple beauty of my breath.’

~LINDA LEE 889 member

$115, 60 minutes. Must be booked by phone with Concierge.