Welcome! Our mission is to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives. May this be the beginning of a loving and inspiring journey for you in our community. We know you will enjoy the unbelievably kind and extraordinary community of students, teachers and therapists who have co-created 889 with us for almost ten years. We are proud to make yoga + pilates approachable and comfortable for everyone, with all levels of experience, especially those of you with none! There are no requirements for fitness or flexibility at 889. Yoga is not about flexibility, it’s about opening and creating space. Your simple desire to begin is the best place to start.

With gratitude + love,
Christine + Emily

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Back to Basics

Welcome to 889

We offer over 80 classes every week, including Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Essential Oils. Our 40 Day Welcome Experience for $108, gives you unlimited access to classes. We create positivity and joy to enhance the overall well-being of our community. We are open 7 days a week with over 80 classes to guide you through the mindful practice you are seeking.

Classes include a mix of fiery Vinyasa Flow classes at varying levels, as well as slower-paced practices that are more prop-heavy such as Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. The props we use – in Yoga, Pilates and Meditation – are by brands we support for their quality and integrity. The thoughtfully selected props are part of what makes your class experience at 889 in Toronto, a unique one.

Find ease in knowing…

  • We welcome students from beginner to advanced.
  • Our teachers get to know you and mindfully assist your practice to ensure you are getting the most out of your time at 889.
  • Our Happiness Team intentionally recommends classes and products based on your needs and schedule.

 How to get started:

  1. Purchase your 40 Day Welcome Experience online before your first class, in-person, or by calling our Happiness Team at 416-925-7206. It is our pleasure to serve you. Your 40 Day Welcome Experience activates the day of the first class you attend so you can purchase it anytime and begin using it when you are ready.
  2. When you decide which classes to attend, we encourage you to sign-up online in advance or using our free 889 mobile App (iPhone + Android) in order to guarantee your spot. 
  3. When you arrive, you will need to fill out a brief information form, so we encourage you to come 15 minutes prior to your first class to complete this form, and so that our Happiness Team can give you the studio tour.
  4. 889 holds time with the highest integrity. We are committed to starting and ending classes on time for you. Studio doors close precisely at class start time. Late entry is not permitted. This policy honours safety and peace in the studio.
  5. Wear comfortable workout clothing. Yoga is practiced barefoot.
  6. Yoga mats are available for rent for $3 or you can purchase a mat. We have a Beginner’s Kit available for purchase. It includes: B Yoga Mat, Halfmoon Mat Spray, BKR Water Bottle, B STRAP, and 889 White Tea. 
  7. Leave a review of your class, using the 889 App for iPhone or Android, on the class page, or on Facebook.
  8. Follow us on Facebook  + Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter the latest tips, free downloads, and events.

As always, we LOVE to hear from you. Should you have any further questions, email us at happiness@889yoga.com or call us at 416.925.7206 and our Happiness Team will happily assist you during our hours of operation.

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Visit our FAQ for our online sign-up instructions + studio guidelines.