SIGN UP ONLINE – We encourage you to sign up for a class online as we cannot guarantee a spot for you if you decide to register when you arrive – the class may already be full. 

PLEASE SIGN-IN ON OUR IPADS UPON ARRIVAL – if you booked your class online, you can beat the line and click on your name on the iPad at the desk. If you did not sign up online for your class, you must check in with a member of our Happiness Team for your class.

NO SCENTS – please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume or cologne. 

TOWELS – We provide both small and large complimentary towels.

MATS – mats can be rented for $3 however we recommend purchasing your own mat for sanitary purposes. Members can store mats with us for $15+HST per month. Buy mats in our Shop!

FIND US: Here.

ARRIVE EARLY – please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before class so that you can get everything organized for yourself before class start time. Studio doors close precisely at class start time. Late entry is not permitted. This is a firm policy that our community appreciates for reasons of peace and safety.

UNPLUG – Please turn OFF or silence your phone/mobile device at the door. It is disruptive to listen to phones vibrating during class so please TURN VIBRATE OFF. Phone calls must be taken outside of our building as our customers continue to use our common space to relax in before heading out into the world. 

QUIET SPACE – be mindful of others enjoying classes in the studios. Once you have passed our Shop, through the curtains, please be mindful that it becomes a quiet space. Classes are taking place around you. Please respect those sessions in progress and use a whispered voice.

LATECOMERS – 889 holds time with the highest integrity. We are committed to starting and ending classes on time for you. Studio doors close precisely at class start time. Late entry is not permitted! This is a firm policy. This policy honours safety and peace in the studio. Please use the clocks in our space as your source of time.

RESPECT – preserve the sanctity of our yoga studios by laying your mat and gathering your props quietly and respecting those who are already enjoying the quiet environment. Please do not leave the studio during opening meditation or final savasana. If you need to step out, please do so after opening meditation or before final savasana resting pose.

BE INFORMED – the role of the teacher is to guide and assist students. This may not include demonstrating all postures. Please select a class level that is suitable for you and communicate all injuries, healing and pregnancy details to your teacher before class.

HEAT/COOL – Please refrain from adjusting the temperature. Our systems require a staff member to make any necessary temperature adjustments. This is private property not to be touched.