If Yoga is more than an exercise for you, it is a style of life, a philosophy, and a daily activity, you probably own a lot of yoga gear. They remind you of who you are, they are cute and they are useful, so why not expand your Yoga purchases from more than the pants and gym subscription? 

1) Yoga mats

Sure, most studios nowadays offer mats that you can borrow and use for a class, but that is not the same is it? Having your mat, that only you use, is a must if you practice yoga even just once a week. There are so many colors and styles available too that having a beautifully designed yoga mat can be an extra incentive to roll it out and go to class. 

2) Meditation beads 

Breathing is a big part of yoga. Breathing in and out at the right time makes all the difference in your practice and achievement of poses. Meditation is commonly a part of yoga practice and the best way to finish it for many people. Owning a mala will help you meditate daily, improving your breathing skills and your mental help. 

3) Candles 

Candles bring a sense of relaxation, calm and zen. Putting a peaceful song on the background and lighting a scented candle set the right mood for a great yoga session. Having many candles to choose from in your house will bring yoga into your daily activities, and you can light a candle at any time of the day and feel calm and serene. 

4) Teas 

Something is very comforting about having a nice and warm cup of tea. After yoga and meditation, there is nothing better than to sit quietly and having a nice herbal tea to treat your body to complete detox. From antioxidants to improve your health to anticancer properties, there is a tea for every need.