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Maybe because of the stereotype that Yoga is not a high-intensity exercise, finding the best yoga bra will be quite difficult. They are hard as mountain climbers and partly because of the fact that “one-sport bra fits all” does not work. A different type of training requires a specific type of gear, and your body must feel comfortable for the activities. Suppose the beginner yoga sessions may not need strong and firm bras.

However, unnecessary annoyance over something you wear has an effect on your mood to do workouts and yes, even on basic yoga. How much more on advanced yoga that has a more complex series of movements and posses specific categories.

The studies show that 94% of women in the UK find it difficult while choosing the best sports bra for yoga. It is indirectly affecting their workout. So you are not alone! Here is the guide for you to understand how to pick the best yoga bra and its importance.


Before we delve deeper into yoga bras, if you want to learn about Qigong, we have a detailed guide ready for your reading pleasure.

What Is A Yoga Bra?

Sports bras are designed for exercise. They are different than the regular bra while providing extra support that minimizes movement and handles moisture. The best yoga bra or best sports bra are made of comfortable materials like microfiber, moisture-wicking technology, and appropriate linings.

However, most of them are made with a combination of cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyamides. Therefore there is no chafing or pain, irritation in the chest area, so you can concentrate completely on yoga or any regular workouts.

Why You Need A Sports Bra?

Many research shows that the breasts can oscillate up to 8 inches. This means your breasts may typically move forward, backward, side to side, and pull down. But at the same time, the excessive breast movement may increase the risk of damaging the ligaments in the chest area, which is again irreparable.

What happens if we exercise without bra?

With the oscillating motion that happens in the breast as you work out, sagging is one primary result to happens over a period of time. Aside from that, the chest features are not improved as your workout progress when you are not using the right type of undergarment that why sportswear designers have engineered sports bras, particularly yoga bras, that are not only supporting the breasts but also helps give a fine tone to the chest features of the women.

Which is the Best Bra to Wear During Exercise?

Most women avoid exercise as they feel sore in the breasts. The best bra for yoga can prevent the breasts from irregular movements in all directions. This is one of the factors you might want to consider in choosing a yoga bra to purchase.

Also, you would like to check with your preference if you’re going for a wire-free or having an underwire. Wire-free bras are often gathered and are highly compressive while sports bras with underwires are providing maximum support to keep the breast intact in place. A more detailed explanation with this one can also be found here.

What Are The Types Of A Sports Bra?

The sports bras mainly fall into three categories: Compression, Encapsulation, and Encapsulation-Compression. To find the best sports bra for yoga, you must understand these types so that you can pick up quickly.

Compression Sports Bras

These are sports or yoga bra that holds the breast in a single place by compressing them. The technique is mainly by pushing breasts against your body, so the movements become minimal. These bras are usually super comfortable, even for the larger busts.

Encapsulation Sports Bras

Usually, encapsulation sports bras have the cup for both the breasts individually. Here it comes with an underwire where it acts as a separator that holds them the appropriate place. If you are into high-impact or intense workouts, these bras are suitable and absolutely remove all kinds of strain and bouncing. It keeps the breasts perky over time.

Encapsulation-Compression Sports Bras

The encapsulation-compression sports bras always maintain to push the breasts against the body by keeping them fixed in each cup. It works for women who are into yoga and workouts that involve heavy movements like jogging, running and speed up sessions. These bras are possessed underwire that gives support and structure.

What Is The Difference Between Underwire And Wire-Free Bras?

Wire-free yoga bras: These are bras usually support compression style and helps in pressing the breasts against your body. Wire-free is highly comfortable and supportive. You can wear them for both low-impact and medium –impact workouts. You can just see the product description and find whether they are wire-free or not. But you need to be a little more careful while choosing the wire-free bras as the size may vary differently.

Underwire bras: This type of bra is essential if you are looking for high-impact and advanced yoga. It provides maximum support, and they are one of the best yoga bras as it holds the breast in its own cup.

Best Yoga Bra Styles

As you know, what makes the best fitting in the bra, as mentioned above, it’s time you know the styling. This is equally important because it will add value to the personal aesthetic. Some of the bras can also be all-day wear bras; therefore, if you are working on the lounge or going to sleep, styling plays a crucial role. Also, when you look good, you feel good. It is the first motivation as you start practicing for the workout.

1) Racerback

Here, the silhouette goes well for various tank tops. The straps here stay in place and are not adjustable. This makes it easier than it fits in the right form as and when you wear it. While this is very sporty in style, racerback yoga bras are best for those who have larger cups with its straps are often designed to have a junction at the back instead of in the front or in the shoulders. This is also compressive.

2) Crisscross

The two straps here are crisscross and provide maximum flexibility. This will help in both motion and comfort. This comes as a pull-over rather than just a clasp design. It also provides added lift to the breast without the use of underwires that hurts the underboob for a long period of time wearing it.

3) Seamless

Seamless typically means wire-free bras that reduce the chance of chafing, and no protruding wires can be seen. They do not have thick seams and are hence suited for both low and high-intensity activities.

4) Push-up

Push-up sports bras are best suited for the smaller cup sizes. These are bras providing maximum support instead of underwire. They maintain comfort and minimize motions. Aside from the support, it also enhances the overall look of the body and helps improve the cleavage look making this style of bra to be very ideal for smaller cups.

5) Zip front

Zip fronts are preferred for women with average-sized breasts. The zippers usually lock the chest area to keep it secured during the workouts. Prevents chafing.

Top 15 Best Best Yoga Bras 2019

It’s online shopping time! There are lots of brands and styles of yoga bras that you can choose from as they are flooding the markets and we know that you want to buy something that is surely a bang for a buck! We made a list of our Top 15 picks for the Best Best yoga Bras and we didn’t just randomly picked these items. There are factors that we considered on why we picked them on our top list. What are these factors then?

  • Material

    The material has an overall impact on the quality of the undergarment. It affects the comfort of the wearer, durability, and its aesthetics

  • Size Availability

    Breast is a gift of heaven to women and something you should be proud of and is taken good care of and that includes buying a bra that fits. Not all brands have a wide spectrum of sizes and we don’t want any woman left behind so we factored in size availability on our top listers.

  • Utility

    Yoga Bras are sports bras that and our top lister should be able to provide better support for motions entailed by doing yoga.

1. Fitting Racerback Sports Bras

Fitting Racerback Best Yoga BraThe fitting Racerback sports bras always top our list of the finest yoga bras in the market. The product is a great choice for those who are looking for great quality in workout clothing. It is highly affordable and comes with the right fit, along with the classic pullover. They are snuggly soft and are easy for wearing and removing it. The pads can be removed for customized support and based on your comfort.

With an elastic closure, this sports bra is absolutely great for any active workout. The pull-on design is the highlight, and it offers sophistication for any intense activity. They provide high impact support with the moisture-wicking capability. Hence it allows you to maintain the comfort while wearing them. Suppose if you think you are sweating, the Climacool feature in this bra helps you retain the comfort and softness.

They are not too tight but fit snuggly. Since the compression level is high, this racerback sports bra is great for any training like yoga, cycling, pilates, and circuit training.


  • Super soft
  • Comfortable material and doesn’t chafe
  • Available in all sizes and Affordable


  • They are not available in other colors

2. Fruit Of Loom Pullover Sports Bra

Fruit Of Loom Pullover Sports BraMost of the bras are made of synthetic fibers, because as they wick sweat better. But if you are just going for the lighter yoga sessions or workout, you may like to wear something natural. The Fruit of Loom sports bra is made of cotton, and this could be your best bet. Although, they are mixed with a minimal amount of spandex for the stretch and pull, they are soft and utterly comfortable.

Even though they are not suitable for intense workouts, you can always choose them for a lounge bra or home workout bra. They are perfect for the full figure and provide a great look. Women with allergies for certain materials, or having sensitive breasts can wear it. Almost all the modern yoga bras are blends, but it has comparatively less composition compared to others. The pullover feature is helping in the stretch resistance and maintains a proper structure.


  • Pullover style
  • Can be used for lounging around the house
  • Made of natural cotton
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Available in all sizes


  • Not suitable for the intense yoga
  • They develop odor over time

3. Fruit Of Loom Built-Up Sports Bra

Fruit Of Loom Built-Up Sports BraFor those who are looking for yoga bras with extra firmness, Fruit of Loom offers the Built-up sports bra. They are form-fitted with the extra support, and are available in your own style. The bras are made of a combination of 95% cotton and only 5% of Lycra spandex. By experts, these bras are defined as the women’s best friend. They can be easily layered over any shirt color, and they never look awkward.

This built-up sports bra comes up with the three in a pack, with the styling tank in front and back. They provide a magical lift with simultaneous shaping and supporting. You can wear them for your regular home routines and workouts. Fruit of Loom Built-up sports bra is soft, stretchy, and made of breathable fabric. With assortments of styles, they are absolutely on the bucket list for the woman with an active lifestyle. Since its majority composition is cotton, there is no allergy or irritation in the skin caused by the fabric.


  • Suitable for regular routines and range of motion exercises
  • Made of 95% cotton
  • Used for lounging around the house
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Not recommended for intense exercises
  • Less supportive when moist

4. Akamc Women’s Removable Padded Sports Bra

Akamc Women’s Removable Padded Sports BraAs KnowAs Mum’s Code produces premium quality, breathable sports bras. They are highly appreciated for their sweat-absorbent technology with the compression fabric. It is made of 96% nylon and 4% spandex. Many experts suggest that exercising with proper chest support is mandatory; otherwise, they may cause pain and discomfort. Now with the seamless support and super soft fabric, these bras are exclusive for workouts and regular routines.

You can see that the bras are double layer knitted – which is best for shaping and support. People mainly use these bras while they are doing yoga, trekking, and also for dance classes. It is an all-day sports bra with removable pads. By using the cups, it enhances shape and coverage, which helps in maintaining integrity. Also, the racerback technology allows full motion, maximizing the comfort. Importantly, this is a wireless design from AKAMC that provides strength to the fabric even during some heavy movements and activities.


  • Soft, comfortable and stretch
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Sweat absorbent


  • Not recommended for machine wash
  • Sizes may differ from the standard size chart

5. Mirty Padded Sports Bras

Mirty Padded Sports BrasMirty Padded sports bras are tough, and they are suitable for high impact cardio workouts and running. You can wear it for maximum support, and it is an exclusive collection among all types of sports bras. This sports bra had a pullover style for easy wearing; hence, they are highly appreciated among women. It has nice stretchy fabric that is smooth against the skin. Removable cups are and additional feature to this bra, which you can customize to your need.

It is perfect for the training sessions, as it is constructed with the wide shoulder straps and ventilation panels. When you perform any intense activities and workouts, you will understand how supportive these bras can be. There is a double straight strap bra that is strategically covering all sides and makes the movements comfortable. The wide racer at the back in place helps in easy flow of air, and therefore, the sweat or any moist can be easily removed.


  • Super soft, breathable and stretchy
  • Perfect for intense workouts spinning, kickboxing and other training
  • Removable cups and extra coverage


  • The liners have a tendency to shift out of place
  • Not available in all sizes

6. Bestena Sports Bra

Bestena Sports BraBestena is an expert in making the athletic products for the sports lover.

It is made of high-quality fabric that gives a comfortable feeling. They are not tight and have a seamless design perfect for consumers to have a healthy life. This sports bra also contains a removable padded bra that gives you a choice of whether you want to remove them or not.

Due to the breathable fabric, the moisture does not stay for a long time. It has great elastic that does not hurt your skin or cause any allergy for the body.

Bestena Sports bra is also recommended or as the daily wear or sleep bra, as they are more snug and are made with great quality. Since they are non-wired and there is no buckle, you will not feel any discomfort or being poked by the strap ends. It is also suggested for women who have undergone any surgery or during and after pregnancy.


  • Super comfortable, stretchy and snuggly
  • Wide straps bra
  • No buckle or non-wired
  • Removable pads


  • If pads are not positioned properly, you might feel they are wonky.

7. Women’s Zip Front Sport Bra

Women’s Zip Front Sport BraThe women’s zip-front sports bra is known as the commonly used active yoga sports bra or surgery bra. It is mainly because of the fabric – 92% polyamide and 8% spandex. The front zip closure makes it easy for any woman to wear and remove them.

You can see that there is a small opening inside the bra, which allows you to take out the pads or position them according to the needs. The women’s zip-front sports bra is also ideal for everyday wear. You can use them anywhere, starting from walking and jogging to fitness and gym exercises.

Consider you are running on a treadmill or playing an active sport, one might feel awkwardness as the breasts move. Here in this bra, the movements are controlled and stay tightly to your chest. Hence it is well suited for medium-sized breasts. They help in wicking the sweat away and keep the chest portion cool.


  • Lightweight
  • Allow air circulation
  • Minimize the movement during intense activities


  • Fabric is not very friendly for all skin types
  • It does not come in all sizes .

8. Akamc Women’s Removable Padded Sports Bra 3 Pack

Akamc Women’s Removable Padded Sports Bra 3 PackIf you are looking for a bra for the day to day activities and regular routine workouts, then AKAMC Women’s bra is the right choice. They are made of 96% nylon and 4% elastin, which are premium quality fabric. They are breathable and sweat absorbent fabric with high compression.

It offers great support and good coverage. They are breathable and made of moisture-wicking fabric with stretchable technology. They are double layer knitted providing maximum support. It allows a full range of motions and can be well suited for any t-shirts and tank tops.

The strappy backs have nice aesthetic touch and are available in various colors. It comes at an affordable price and in all sizes. Moreover, they can be used for all the intense type activities and also used as daily wear. It has a great value for money, and people use it mainly during trails and jogging.


  • Removable pads
  • Strength and stretchy
  • Ideal for day to day activities
  • Moist-wicking


  • Bouncy and not great support while doing cardio
  • Not Useful for intense activities

9. Icyzone Padded, Strappy Sports Bra

Icyzone Padded, Strappy Sports BraThe Icyzone Padded, strappy sports bra is one bra built for styling. The design offers amazing comfort and breathability. This bra is made of 90% polyester, 10% Nylon and 10% Spandex. Here, the moisture trapping fabric technique is not present; instead, the fabric has a lightweight mesh that helps in optimal ventilation.

Therefore quick-drying takes place. The fabric, however, is perfectly streamlined for the body to provide a contoured look. The pull-on closure is the best feature in the Icyzone padded, strappy bra. There is no buckle or clip; therefore, you can comfortably exercise and also sleep.

The pads are removable; hence, when you want to allow free motion, you can remove the pad. The bra is wire-free and suitable for all fitness classes. They are perfect for biking, jogging, training, and cycling. The icyzone presents various fitness types of clothing and styles, and this is one of their best designs.


  • Mesh on fabric allows ventilation
  • Comfortable and used for styling purposes
  • Lightweight and enhances quick drying
  • They are soft, stretchy and comfortable


  • The racerback feature is not highly effective
  • Does not support the bigger sizes

10. Crz Yoga Women’s Low Impact Yoga Bras

Crz Yoga Women’s Low Impact Yoga BrasTruly, when it comes to bras, there is nothing called “One style fits all.” And low impact styling is one of the common styles used by many women, especially if they are working out or doing any routines at home. CRZ Yoga Women’s low impact Yoga Bras is one of the best among the category. They are highly flexible, and most importantly, allow only slower movements.

Hence it is perfectly suitable for small running or jogging errands or just while doing small activities at home. The fabric and technology used in the bras are highly appreciated by many women, including the yoga experts. The low-friction performance is the key feature in the bra. The fabric is unique blends of majorly polyamide and spandex. Here, more than a quarter of the combination is made of spandex; hence, the stretching is very comfortable.

The criss-cross back straps allow you to twist during the yoga sessions easily. There are built-in pockets for the cups to be placed and removed. They offer amazing shapes and structures.


  • Signature blend of fabric
  • Super breathability
  • Sweat-wicking and removable pads
  • Criss-cross back straps


  • Straps are not adjustable
  • Not helpful with the movement of small sizes.

11. Lemef Seamless Sports Bra

Lemef Seamless Sports BraLemef Seamless Sports bras are perfect for any sports activities, yoga, and dance session. You can wear them all day and even comfortable as you sleep wearing them. Because they are super comfy and constructed for the medium affect process with all-day convenience.

They are made of a high-quality fabric of 96% Nylon and 4% spandex. It is comfortable and super soft. They provide a medium support curve; hence, they are snuggly and stretchy at the same time. It allows full movement while wearing them.

Lemef Seamless Sports Bra does not have any wires, clips, or hook. Therefore, you can put them even during any intense or advanced yoga sessions. It is sufficient and has a curve-hugging layout, which means they do not get wonky or move out of places while performing any activities.


  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Curve hugging layout and minimize movements
  • Perfect for advanced yoga activities
  • Comfortable and stretchy


  • Do not have full support cups

12. Am Clothes Women Plus Size Sports Bra

Am Clothes Women Plus Size Sports BraThis stylish sports bra is perfect for the mid-impact workout while the front straps are appropriately positioned. AM Clothes Women Plus size sports bra is made of lightweight material with a combination of 90% Nylon and 10% spandex.

The underwire cups here offer comfortable shaping; hence, it does not make it any awkward while wearing them. The brand understands that the plus sizes are natural, and hence, they have transformed the racerback to a different style. The bra offers extra support and does not constrain your regular workouts.

AM Clothes Women Plus size sports Bra is a leisure bra with seamless fabric and wireless straps. They are stretchy, comfortable, and come in multiple colors and sizes. The plus-size chart is displayed to ensure that you get the right size from here. Yoga experts feel they can even be worn for advanced practices.

They also provide full coverage; hence, it’s adaptable for the mid-intensity workout. It usually comes in a regular pullover style good for wearing during the lounge hours, nights, and even during the regular day to day activities.


  • All plus sizes are available
  • Suitable for the loose clothing
  • Stretchy, comfortable and lightweight


  • Not recommended for extensive sports like boxing or hiking

13. Queenieke Women Yoga Sports Bra

Queenieke Women Yoga Sports BraWhether you like yoga, pilates, or hiking, you need a great bra from Queenieke. This is well made with the blends of the fabric of 86% Nylon and 14% Spandex. Therefore the support can be maximum depending upon the activities. The compression bras are fully supported with the range starting from low impact to high impact.

They are layered with a pullover style, making it great for the movements. As support is high, it can be used for cycling, boxing, and other activities. The fabric is excellent, and you will feel comfortable. Many yoga and fitness experts feel this is ideal for small cups.

For snug support, this has a compression fit.

The chest area is highly elastic; hence, you can stretch as much as you want to. Also, the fabric has a mesh material that is layered, which allows the air to pass through. With the ventilation support, the moisture is removed then and there. The breathability in Queenieke Women Yoga Sports Bra is high, and it is featured with the adjustable cross-back straps.


  • Breathable and provide maximum support
  • Available in both solid colors and dyed pattern colors
  • Lightweight


  • They cause bouncy movements due to the high impact.

14. 3 Pack Women Racerback Sports Bra

3 Pack Women Racerback Sports BraThe women racerback sports bras are made for absolute comfort. This is made of 90% Nylon and 10% spandex.

It comes in a pullover style and has removable pads. The pads are highly supportive, as you can remove them when you wanted to wear it for any tank tops or t-shirts. They are super comfy, stretchy, and super breathable. It can be worn for yoga sessions, and even Zumba classes.

The fashion enthusiasts call this type of race back bras as “Saturday bras,” which means you can wear them for casual wear. You can wear them all day and since there is no discomfort or sweat issues.

Even though they are lightweight, it is tough and firm in the cup regions. Built for both high and medium impact activity. Many yoga experts suggest for a day-long workshop or training sessions. There are additional supports to this bra with the ventilation panels. It’s one of the reasons why this bra does not retain any moisture caused by sweat.


  • Stretchy, strong but comfortable
  • Lightweight and does not cause any bouncy movements
  • Ventilation panels available


  • Not suitable for large size cups

15. Yianna Women Padded Sports Bra

Yianna Women Padded Sports BraYianna Women padded sports bra is one of the best sports bras for yoga recommended by experts.

They are made with lightweight fabric material, which is 87% polyester and 13% spandex. These bras are moist-wicking, and even after hours of workout, you don’t develop an odour or ]itch in the chest area.

The criss-cross back straps are one of the best features that help you twist with ease during the workout sessions. It is perfect for open tops and other crop t-shirts as well. It can also be worn as daily wear as there is no buckle or clip anywhere.

The fabric is so soft and is facilitated with the ventilation panels. Also, you can see that there are padded with removable pads. It is pouched properly. Hence you can remove or position them whenever you need it.

The moisture management technology incorporated in the YIANNA Women Padded Sports Bra helps in removing the moisture then and there. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the itching caused by sweat. This bra can be used for any type of workout and yoga sessions.


  • Criss-cross straps provide stylish looks
  • Moisture management technology
  • Suitable for all types of workouts.


  • Racerback is not effective in this bras

FAQs Of Yoga Bra

Q: Can I run in a Yoga Bra?

The common consensus of sports apparel designers and medical experts highly discourages running in a yoga bra. Why so? Breasts are lumps of tissues and according to research, consistent high-intensity movements like running or jumping will eventually cause the breaking of tissues in the breast area.

Specifically, in running, the breast moves not only up and down, but also side to side with a pattern similar to the infinity symbol. Yoga bras aren’t designed for high-intensity motions as yoga exercises are of low intensity. Yoga bras don’t have sufficient support to the breast when running and this applies to all sizes of breasts.

Yes, there might not be a significant change for once or twice instances of running on yoga bras but getting used to it and running with only yoga bras over time will sooner or later show undesirable effects such as sagging.

Q: Is it OK to do Yoga without a Bra?

Some women are having uncomfortable feelings with the bra they wear probably due to fitting, bra design, or the breast size itself, and thus, resort to just taking it off. Ladies, you should avoid doing this and do not get used to doing workouts without a bra.

As we’ve mentioned above, breasts are composed of tissues and fats which have weights on themselves. The very reason why yoga bras were designed is to provide comfort to the wearer even when doing yoga exercises. Yes, you might say yoga isn’t a hardcore work out but mind you sisters that yoga is still full of motion, and doing yoga without a bra over time could change the appearance of your breasts which of course you’re avoiding.

Also, yoga bras are designed to help on forming better pectorals over the course of your workouts so it is highly advised to wear suitable undergarments for your workout and that includes yoga.

Q: Which Bra is Suitable for Sagging Breast?

While sagging breasts are common for those women who own larger cups or for some lactating moms, some bras are suitable for you and if you so embark on a new fitness journey through yoga.

Full cup yoga bras are great for those who have larger cups where sagging is inevitable. These padded bras have enough support for the breast to avoid spillage in all directions as well as gives a better shape.

Push-up and underwire yoga bra could also be a great option as it enhances the look of the chest area by giving a definitive cleavage and with your workout over time, will better shape your chest details.

Q: How Often Should I Change My Yoga Bra?

Yoga bra can last for a year. But while you are doing yoga or any workout session continuously, the intensity of the body weight changes. So it is highly recommended to change them at least within six months. Just to make sure they are still providing perfect support.

Q: What If I Am Into Multiple Workout Sessions?

To be honest, every workout is different. Yoga has different criteria and intense weight lifting sessions may have different criteria to choose the bra. Its better you pick up medium-support bras therefore you get the support equally for multiple sessions.

Q: Why Is Padding Important?

Usually, yoga bras come with an option of removable pads. You can keep or remove the pads based on your comfort. The pads are generally kept to prevent the nipples from showing through the shirts. The pull-over style bras may contain liners with the bump pad that is either contoured or molded. This provides an additional feature for the shape and structure.


To get the most out of your workouts, comfort is the primary key. The best yoga bras mentioned above have something similar or with the typical pattern: support. Based on the type of yoga and the activities, you must be able to pick the right fit along with the support. The difference comes as and when you decide where you wear them.

Suppose if you are going to wear them at home and continue your regular routine yoga or workout, then the criteria for choosing is different. At the same time, if you are going for some day-long sessions like workouts, training, and other advanced yoga, then you must determine in picking them with different criteria. Hence always be careful while choosing the best yoga bra.