Our fifth annual yoga teaching program from Living Yoga School. This is a holistic course, designed for people with a deep interest in their yoga practice. Whether you want to start your path into becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher or you are a student who wishes to study yoga in-depth and perfect, this program is personally planned for you.

We offer a blend of modern techniques in yoga practice with admiration and veneration to ancient teachings. Our retreat is one-of-a-kind in its field, combining knowledge from Restorative Yoga, Meditation. Philosophy, Ayurveda, Vinyasa Flow, Teaching Practice and Anatomy to offer a comprehensive view of the art and science of yoga.

Our students leave the program with much more than knowledge about poses and teaching. They acquire a holistic knowledge about body, mind, and soul that leads them to become teachers in outstanding yoga studios all around the world. Many choose to enhance their careers and branch out to areas such as birth education, psychology, holistic nutrition, and many therapeutic approaches.

If you want to teach yoga or not, there is no reason to not enjoy the teachings of our competent and highly skilled faculty. You will find out that here, we offer not only a studying program but a life-changing experience.

Our course is taught entirely by teachers with more than ten years of experience in their fields. The International Yoga Alliance sets minimum requirements to acknowledge yoga training, and our course not only meets these requirements but exceeds them. You can take the entire course in five months, or choose just some of the modules to deepen or freshen your yoga expertise.

We welcome you with open arms to register for the training this year and make use of the 206 contact hours you’ll have with our knowledgeable faculty. This isn’t just a course but an investment in a transformative process, a chance to make life-long friends and a well-deserved break from a hectic life.

We also have a section wherein review the top yoga gears and help you choose the best.