When we think of massages, we usually expect to be completely passive and receiving. With Thai Yoga Massage that may not be entirely the case, but don’t worry – you won’t be working or worrying. This type of massage uses a combination of techniques from Thai massage and Hatha Yoga. The masseur uses the weight of their body to apply a lot of pressure into specific points of your whole body. They also lead your body gently into stretching yoga positions such as back-bends, cobra, locust and other. 

This results in an incredible experience both for the masseur and the person getting the massage. A flow of energy moves between the two bodies and, with knowledge and care, the practitioner releases blocked energy from body areas that need healing and releases positive, healing energy. The massage takes place in a meditative mood and it is both a massage and an invigorating experience. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a yoga expert or even do yoga to get a Thai Yoga Massage. It is intended for people of all ages, shapes, and experiences. The practitioner works with you respecting your body limits and needs. The treatment usually occurs on the floor, on a yoga mat (what is the best thickness for a yoga mat here!), and goes from feet to the head. There are no oils involved and you remain fully clothed. There are numerous benefits from Thai Yoga Massage, let’s see some of them.

1) Pain relief 

According to several studies and personal accounts, Thai Yoga Massage is an effective way to deal with chronic pain and can be very effective as a temporary relief.

2) Headache relief 

This massage includes applying pressure against specific points of the body, and that is very effective for headaches and migraines. It also reduces stress and that is one of the biggest causes of headaches. 

3) Increase blood circulation 

Thai massage stimulates the flow of the blood and lymph circulation. That relaxes the sympathetic nervous system and reduces anxiety and stress. 

4) Help with arthritis 

Thai Yoga Massage combines relaxing and stretching your body. Because of that, it is perfect for those who suffer from arthritis, gently stretching and massaging the affected articulations. 

Thai Yoga Massage is an amazing experience that, if done with the correct masseur, can only bring benefits to your body and mental health. If you suffer from pain or ailments, it’s worth a try to see if you enjoy it.