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Guilty of feeling under pressure in showing up to your yoga class with the ‘right’ yoga gear? Ever thought of getting your skin-tight clothing, Capri leggings that you’ve seen featured in a particular yoga clothes section on Instagram?

Or are you part of those yoga practitioners that comfortably enjoy wearing t-shirts or tees until they get practically worn out? Or maybe, you’re somewhere in between, with several sweatshirts to wear on, but without a complete yoga gear experience.

No matter which way you turn, choosing the best yoga wear is undoubtedly challenging but fun at the same time.

Nevertheless, with this comes a great selection of what to wear on your regular yoga routine or for your yoga class sessions, from your favorite sweatpants to the high-end ones that cost $100.00 at least.

The question now is, what’s the accurate yogic response to a branded yoga wear on sale?

How Did Yoga Gear Get Introduced

Back in the early ’50s and ’60s, when the practice of yoga first came on the scene, the pioneers of yoga practitioners back then just wore their typical gym shorts and jersey leotards. There was no such thing as ‘yoga gear’ per se.

Today, half a century has passed, and the yoga gear business became a success— the global industry is now worth over $90 billion yearly.

Big businesses such as Outdoor Voices, Athleta, and Lululemon remained atop in the activewear for years. However, there are other emerging fitness brands, like Yoga Hyde, founded a few years back, offering a selection of fancy athletic clothes.

The usage of social media is the best platform today in promoting many businesses, with yoga wear modeled by famous influencers and celebrities posting pictures of yogic poses while tagging their fitness brands.

Followers whose unable to follow the pose can at least get the same leotards and experience a glimpse of a yogi dream.

Making a Statement

Every clothing we wear is a statement about who we are regardless, and our yoga wear is no exception. The latest style follows the trends, and as yoga becomes more and more admired, the fashion business has grasped and is fulfilling our wants, whatever our preferences can get.

Obtaining your high-priced mats is a way of telling others what a luxury; yogic life you have. Moreover, it is a statement of individuality.

The cult of personality is a Western phenomenon. We are constantly reminded of numerous adages online to ‘celebrate yourself’ and ‘be proud to express yourself as individual’ no matter what gender preference you belong to.

As the famous french mathematician and the father of modern philosophy, Rene Descartes pinpointed: “Self-expression is individuality, and our individuality is our self, which ought to be our chief concern.”

However, is it indispensable? Let’s take a look at what yoga has to say on this matter.

In a Yogic Perspective

Before you even begin performing these yogic poses on your yoga mats, there are elements of yoga should be followed to a more purposive life.

The first and the second elements are the ethical codes, the yamas, and niyamas— keeping you to not stray and enhancing your morals and integrities rich in your everyday life.

The third yamas, which is asteya, means ‘non-stealing,’ proposes that the true enthusiast of yoga should not think to hold what another has, which also suggests a tiny ounce of doubt on fidgeting through Instagram craving over the celebrity-endorsed Capri leggings.

On the other hand, the last yamas, which is the aparigraha, means ‘non-possessiveness’ or, in other words, ‘ simple living’ encourages you not to live life too much, instead of being mindful of all of your possessions in life. Maybe you can apply this by pausing before buying, assess, and do a few questions like: ‘Do I need this one, or is it to satisfy my wants at the moment?

To wind up, in complete contrast to the non-conformist view of Descartes and others, in the Sanskrit term, the word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘union.’ Unifying your mind and body while it encompasses the union of your self with the higher consciousness.

The very goal of yoga is the samadhi or also known as the enlightenment, the last element of yoga sutras of Patanjali— when a yoga practitioner reaches the state of being ecstatic where there is no sense of ‘thyself.’

Seemingly, there’s no hindrance in reaching the stage of Samadhi, whether wearing the latest style in yoga wear or not.

Still and All

There are provisions to these strict ideals of the yamas and niyamas. Ultimately, is that we are only human. Or we don’t live in a monastic community in India where abstinent yogis reside who had no belongings at all.

Keep in mind that we need to feel confident about ourselves, even if you find your tanks and leggings threadbare.

With this happening, presumably, you’ll lose your focus on performing your yogic exercises because you’re anxious that your partner or teacher can see the holes in the crotch of your leggings. It’s probably the best time to invest in a new pair.

So if for a yoga teacher, treat yourself with the excellent quality and comfortable yoga wears while not being pretentious enough to divert your student’s attention from observing your thorough demonstration.

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Up to take Namaste to a whole new level? Sure, you are. We’ll see you on the mat!