1. Wirarpa’s 2. Kalon 6 Pack 3. Anzermix

Choosing the Best Underwear for Yoga Pants can be pretty difficult. As we humans are different from others due to one or the other reason, the criterion for choosing your lingerie also differs from person to person.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to refer to the perfect features that you want your yoga gear to possess. Be it good breathability, enough comfort or quick drying. Your choice of Best Underwear for Yoga Pants must be done abiding by the features you have in mind. Also, go through the details of the materials they are made of and refer to the sizes mentioned in their charts.

By going through these recommendations, we have curated some products which can sum up in your Best Underwear for Yoga Pants list. Go for these products and we assure you that every undie enlisted below is the best in quality, involves the best customer reviews and stands out in utility as well.

PS. If you need information on the best yoga mat cleaner or why you should use a cleaner for your mat, we go into detail for you.

Top 12 Best Underwear For Yoga Pants

1. Wirarpa’s Women’s Soft Cotton Briefs Underwear Breathable High Waist Full Coverage Ladies Panties Multipack

Wirarpa's Women's best underwear for yoga pants These sets of panties are the perfect examples of comfort and workmanship. They have been made from premium quality fabric which ensures they are healthy and comfortable on your skin. They are kept high-waisted, which ensures a waistband of 0.6 inches. The waistband fits perfectly on the waist without rolling, bunching or showing your belly button.

They come with a long and wide crotch which is convenient for wearing pads. Its double-layer design ensures further protection. They are the best choice for your working out sessions, maternity and postpartum. They are the perfect set of breathable panties that can be put on easily whenever desired.


  • These panties have been made from 95% Combed Cotton with 5% Spandex.
  • They incorporate a stretchy covered waistband that can easily fit any waist size.
  • They are the softest, easy to wear undies.
  • They come with the double-layer crotch.

2. Kalon 6 Pack Women’s Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear

Kalon 6 Pack Women's Nylon Spandex Thong UnderwearThese thong style panties are the most popular products of Kalon. They allow you to upgrade your wardrobe and jump into these softest, most flexible and the most comfortable sets of panties. Wearing these, your workout sessions won’t be uncomfortable ones. The ribbed upper band provides the power to stay up long.

The serged leg edges provide the best elasticity and retention to the hems. They allow you to stretch, flex and move repeatedly. They assure no side seams and you are all ready to rock your night out in your short dresses.


  • They come in a wide range of solid colors.
  • They comprise of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex.
  • They can easily be washed cold or tumble dried.
  • They do not require bleaching or ironing.
  • They come pre-equipped with a circular knit.
  • They come in a wide array of hip sizes.
  • They are made from super light, soft and stretchy fabric.
  • They come in thong panty style.

3. Anzermix Women’s Breathable Cotton Thong Panties Pack of 6

Anzermix Women's Breathable Cotton Thong Panties Pack of 6These beautiful sets of panties can be availed at both solid colors which generally comprise of black or in a colorful set. Being low rise, they don’t reveal themselves out of your low waist jeans or skirts. They involve premium quality materials in their making which assure these panties to be 100% comfortable, hygienic and healthy.

As they have been made from ultra-soft fabric, they ensure the best comfort. These panties can be purchased at affordable prices. So, grab a pack of these undies and you are ready to work hard in the gym or rock a late-night party.


  • They provide the best comfort.
  • Being a low rise, they look sexy.
  • They come in a colorful set.
  • These panties are the best in their quality and utility.
  • They can be availed at affordable prices.

4. Balanced Tech Women’s Wicking Performance Seamless Thong Panties 3-Pack Underwear

Balanced Tech Women's Wicking Performance Seamless Thong Panties 3-Pack UnderwearThese panties involve the softest materials in their making. They are made extremely lightweight and incorporate a blend of 92% Nylon with 8% Elastane or 60% Polyester with 36% Nylon and 4% Elastane. They are super comfortable for your everyday chores.

They have been made anti-odor and its breathable technology keeps moisture away from the body. They are also made with quick-dry moisture technology, which ensures the fastest drying.

They come pre-equipped with 4-way stretch which ensures to provide excellent support and also assist in minimizing the visibility of the panty lines. They come pre-equipped with long-lasting comfort and durability. These packs of panties are perfect for every active attire collection.


  • Their space dye variant is made from 65% Polyester, 27% Nylon and 8% Elastane.
  • The solids comprise 92% Nylon along with 8% Elastane.
  • They are imported sets of panties available.
  • They come pre-equipped in a reinforced construction and design.
  • They come in tag-less labeling.
  • They incorporate a no seam design.
  • They can be quickly dried or be washed at one go.
  • The panties are 100% odor resistance.
  • They come pre-equipped with moisture-wicking technology.
  • They assure to stay 100% in their place and involve a 4-way stretch.

5. Balanced Tech Women’s 3 Pack Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties

Balanced Tech Women's 3 Pack Classic Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini PantiesThese seamless sets of bikinis are manufactured from 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane. Their fabric is super soft and comfortable enough to be used daily. They come pre-equipped with anti-odor technology and their breathability ensures moisture to be kept away from the body.

They are also manufactured with quick-dry technology which dries them faster than other bikinis available in the market. Their four-way stretch allows them to conform to the body for providing comfort and support.

Also, their seamless style makes it possible to wear them without showing the panty lines. These panties are the perfect ones to invest your money in.


  • It comprises of 92% Nylon with 8% Elastane.
  • It can easily be cold machine washed.
  • It comes with sturdy construction for supporting long-lasting comfort.
  • These panties are highly durable.
  • They come with tag-less labeling.
  • They have been manufactured with no-seam design.
  • They quickly get dried and can be washed on the go.
  • They are 100% odor resistant.
  • They come well-equipped with Moisture-wicking performance.
  • The panties ensure that they stay in place even after your energetic session of dancing.

6. Anzermix Women’s Seamless Lazer Cut Brief Panties Pack of 6

Anzermix Women's Seamless Lazer Cut Brief Panties Pack of 6These panties by ANZERMIX are the latest in fashion. Being designed with lazer cut technology, these panties show of the latest trends with style. They come in a wide selection of colors starting from black, white, beige, baby pink, and royal blue to light pink.

This leaves one with a wide list of choices to choose a panty according to her outfit. The combination of Spandex and polyamide makes them very soft, stretchy and indeed comfortable. They also come with a cotton panel that provides the best stability.

The lazer cut design provides the most seamless sides which help in creating a smoother look under your tight-fitted clothes. These fabric-friendly, skin-friendly, irritation-free panties can be availed at a minimum price and can make your everyday outfit the most comfortable one.


  • They come pre-equipped with high-quality fabrics.
  • They have been designed considering the latest trends.
  • They can be availed at a great price.
  • This can be among your list of Best Underwear for Yoga Pants.

7. Wealurre Women’s Microfiber Low Rise No Show Thong Pantie

Wealurre Women's Microfiber Low Rise No Show Thong PantieThese panties possess a thong-style along with the perfect blend of microfibers. They fit comfortably and do not irritate the skin at all. They can be availed in a huge selection of colors and patterns of style.

They do require proper maintenance to keep them hygienic and fresh in quality. They also come with a wide variant of sizes that can fit every hip size accurately. They have been curated from durable materials and assure to be the most stylish pack of yoga underwear that can be availed from the market.


  • They have been made from durable fabrics.
  • They are indeed comfortable to put on.
  • They come in a stylish range of patterns and designs.
  • They come in the coolest assortment of colors.
  • They come well-equipped with a wide number of sizes along with a reasonable and comfortable stretch.

8. Cosomall 6 Pack Women’s Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear Half Back Coverage Panties

Cosomall 6 Pack Women's Invisible Seamless Bikini Underwear Half Back Coverage PantiesThese panties by COSOMALL come in a pack of 6. This set of sexy briefly laced undies is the perfect companion for your every dress. Be it your low-waisted jeans or tight-fitting dress, these panties provide the most seamless look.

They create an invisible slimming curve under the clothes. These panties are 100% healthy and its spandex makes it all the more comfortable, stretchy and soft. This ensures that they are high in quality and provide the best performance. According to a survey, their design claimed to provide the most perfect fit.

These sets of undies come with moderate back coverage which can easily be pulled off in low-waist jeans. Their excellent quality easily draws away sweat, moisture and is resistant to odor. This ensures your confidence remains boosted all day and you shine bright.


  • They can be both hand-washed and machine-washed.
  • They do not create any visible panty lines.
  • They are the set of most healthy and hygienic panties.
  • Their stretch is awesome and fits every hip size perfectly.
  • They create the sexiest look and do not compromise on comfort.

9. Balanced Tech Women’s 6 Pack Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties

Balanced Tech Women's 6 Pack Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini PantiesThis pack of 6 underwear is extremely lightweight to fit everybody. Their combination of 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane fabric provides the most anti-odor and breathability benefits.

Moisture can easily be drawn away from them and they can be quickly dried whenever required. Their stretch provides the most excellent support to the body and ensures comfort in every phase of your day. Either you are dancing hard or trying out the most difficult yoga pose, these undies continue to support your hips and stay in place.

They also come pre-equipped with moderate full seat coverage and full front coverage. These underwear do not require any hefty investment and can be the perfect companion for every dress that you wanna wish to wear for the whole day.


  • They are available in space dye and solids.
  • The space-dye incorporates 65% polyester along with 27% Nylon and 8% elastane.
  • The solids come with 92% Nylon and 8% Elastane.
  • Every pack of 6 includes 3 assorted colors.
  • These undies have been made with the newest technology.
  • They are perfect for your everyday challenges.
  • They are lightweight and super comfortable to wear.
  • They are odorless and come pre-equipped with moisture-wicking performance technology.
  • Their tag-less labeling gives full coverage.
  • They come pre-equipped with no seam design which efficiently eliminates chafing.
  • They can easily be quickly dried and can be washed on the go.
  • They are ultra-comfortable and come pre-equipped with 4-way stretch.

10. Sevim Women’s 3 Pack Comfortable Cotton Bike Yoga Boxer Brief Boyshort

Sevim Women's 3 Pack Comfortable Cotton Bike Yoga Boxer Brief BoyshortThese underwear by SEVIM are a set of comfortable and hygienic underwear. They are the perfect wardrobe companion. They can easily go with your hectic work out sessions or yoga sessions. If you are riding a bike, wearing tight skirts or pants, worry not! This underwear give the most seamless and smoothest look.

They are perfect for your bedtime. As they are made from cotton, these underwear does not cause any skin irritation like allergies, scratching or redness. They can also be machine-washed. They come with the perfect drape, are ecological and breathable too.

They allow easy penetration of air. These boyshorts variants are the most comfortable ones among the huge selection of underwear available in the market. They come with perfect stitching, with no seams and ensure perfect fit and compatibility.


  • When ordered, the package comes in a pack of 3 assorted undies.
  • They are made from cotton which is considered to be the best fabric.
  • These understand come in the category of boyshorts which are considered to be the most comfortable.
  • They create the smoothest look.
  • They include no stitches and provide a seamless look.
  • They are the most comfortable undies available in the market.

11. Emprella Women’s Boyshort Panties (10-Pack) Comfort Ultra-Soft Cotton Underwear

Emprella Women's Boyshort Panties (10-Pack) Comfort Ultra-Soft Cotton UnderwearThis set of feminine and comfortable underwear assures the perfect fit and support of your body. If you have narrowed down your choices to thong style or a beautiful lacey look or if you are looking for the most beautiful bikini, all your wants are available here.

Every design has been done in detail to portray the fierce and feminine look within you. They come pre-equipped with imported lace, have comfortable and stretchable waistbands with those perfect lines. These panties are as good as they look good when you receive them.

They come with great stretchability and come segregated in well-assorted packs. The packs come well-equipped with a wide range of colors, designs, prints, and patterns. Being the most superior in quality, they are sure to make you feel comfortable and beautiful all day long.


  • They come with a premium blend of high-quality materials.
  • They involve a cute and seamless cut.
  • They are highly soft and come with breathable comfort.
  • They come in a beautiful assortment of colors and styles.
  • They come pre-equipped with a stay-in-place design.
  • They come with a 100% money guarantee.

12. Ruxia Women’s Seamless Boyshorts Panties Nylon Spandex Underwear Stretch Boxer Briefs Pack of 5

Ruxia Women's Seamless Boyshorts Panties Nylon Spandex Underwear Stretch Boxer Briefs Pack of 5These boyshorts variants of panties are the most comfortable and are always ready on the go. Designed with the maximum softness, the product does ensure all-day comfort. Even after several washes, these panties stay the same in quality and color.

They are very gentle on the skin and cozy to touch. Their materials involve the perfect blend of fabrics like Nylon and Spandex. They come with a seamless knitting design and in assorted colors.

Every underwear has an elastic stretch waist that feels comfortable and soft against the body. This set of panties is free from shrinkage, retains color for a longer time and also remain soft and durable – even after multiple washes.


  • Their fabric comprises of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.
  • They are extremely breathable, lightweight, thin and soft.
  • They come with the perfect fitting.
  • They do not involve any tags, which generally cause unusual irritation.
  • They come in classic striped or solid designs.
  • They also come in a wide array of sizes.

FAQ Section On Best Yoga Underwears

1. How to choose the Best Underwear for Yoga Pants?

For this, one needs to sum up the problems that can be faced while wearing the wrong underwear. Wearing the wrong underwear can be the most troublesome issue. It can lead to skin reactions, skin allergies or even rashes.
It can also leave behind a huge patch of red skin which when rubbed more can even lead to bleeding. It can also lead to the darkening of the private parts as there has been no airflow or breathability in the fabric of the underwear.

Therefore, to avoid such issues, one needs to go through the claims that the product does. It should also be noted that the fabric or material of the underwear must be taken into deep consideration. So, the things which must be looked upon before you go hunting for your perfect lingerie are:

  • Fabric: This is one of the important factors to take into consideration. If the perfect fabric has been chosen according to your body type, then you will feel comfortable all day long. Usually, cotton is said to be the most breathable fabric available in the market. But, sometimes cotton with some percentage of Spandex can work well. They ensure the perfect stretchability, comparability, and breathability.
  • Seamless design: Sometimes, wearing underwear under tight pants can be a bit embarrassing. The panty lines are quite visible and create the most embarrassing situation. So, go for those panties which you can wear below your sets of tight dress or tight pants. They should also be comfortable to be worn over low-waisted pants. They should be designed in such a way that when worn they do not reveal the panty line. They must be capable of giving a smoother look.
  • Hygiene: This is also an important criterion to look for. Hygieni cunderwear must be resistant to odor or smell. They must come well-equipped with quick-dry technology. This ensures that there are no chances of irritating your sensitive skin. Moisture always drives the chances of getting an infection. So, make sure that your underwear gets quickly dried and does not retain moisture.
  • Style: This can also be an important issue. Depending upon your utility and requirements, you can go for various styles like thong style or boy shorts style. Although the boyshorts style of underwear is considered to be the most comfortable, you can also go for thong-style according to your dress’s requirements. Do not go for extreme designs or cuts as they can irritate your skin. Always, try to choose the simplest sets of underwear with printed designs.

2. Is cotton a good fabric for the best underwear for yoga pants?

Cotton is considered to be the most breathable fabric of all time. Be it your dress or even your underwear, this fabric can never get outdated. Cotton gets mixed with other materials like Spandex or Elastane to increase the utility of the product, but when comes to relishing the best comfort, nothing can beat cotton.

It is always advisable to use cotton as your underwear fabric. It is soft, irritation-free and most importantly breathable. They allow the proper circulation of air in your sensitive regions and ensure their proper health. They can be worn in any weather even in the summers. You can also put them under your workout or yoga pants and yet you won’t be uncomfortable.

3. What is VPL?

VPL means Visible Panty Lines. Sometimes, when you wear underwear underneath your tight pants, the panty lines remain visible. This can lead to an embarrassing situation in front of others. Therefore, always try to go for those panties which say no to VPL.

These panties are designed in such a way that they provide the smoothest look when you wear your tight dresses. They do not reveal a crease. This makes you less self-conscious and enables you to enjoy your day without worrying about those unnecessary crease lines.

4. How should one choose sizes while purchasing her Best Underwear for Yoga Pants?

Sizes may differ from person to person. Go for those sizes which can fit perfectly. For this, you need to be aware of your size. Also, you can refer to the product’s size chart if required. For measuring your hip size you need to have a measurement tape. Measure the length across your waist and hip and note down the measurement in cms.

If the product provides a chart of size measurements in cms, then convert them into desirable units. This is to be noted if one is going for cotton fabricated underwear, then make sure they do not shrink. In other words, they come well-equipped with no shrink technology. If this has not been mentioned in the product’s description, then go for a size bigger than whatever you have measured.


So, these are some of the products which can be referred to before you go shopping for your best underwear for yoga. They are high in quality and provide the most comfortable fit. They stay in place after you put on, therefore not creating any kind of mishap.