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1. Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner 2. Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Spray (Best Seller!!) 3. Halfmoon Yoga Mat Cleaner
Manduka Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray 8oz Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray 8oz Halfmoon Yoga Mat Cleaner 8oz

Indulging yourself in yoga, especially with yoga styles that require strenuous movements, is bound to sweat a lot during your practice. Although you can’t always see the impurities, yoga mats get dirty with use.

You’ll need to clean up your yoga gear every after practicing to disinfect and ward off the grime using a mat cleaner. Sure, you can make a DIY; however, many all-natural cleaners are available already that don’t spritz risky chemicals on your mat.

Let’s come closer to these ways of taking good care of our yoga gears. Every mat cleaner mentioned below is made with all-natural components, so you don’t have to worry about risky chemicals meddling with your post-yoga routine.

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Yoga Mat Cleaner 101: Cleansing & Disinfection

So, have you ever wondered about how dirty your yoga mat can be? Honestly, germs, bacterias, and viruses assemble in sweaty areas, and your mat is the perfect home for them all. Even if your mat is out there on the open being shared with others in a class, it could still invite things like fungal infections, warts, and other microbes if not correctly maintained.

Why should you clean your yoga mat monthly?

Every month, your yoga mat needs to get deep cleaned. Scrubbing with your trusted soap and water will work just fine, but be cautious about the excessive use of soap and overdo the scrubbing. If you use too much soap, the mat will accumulate a slippery layer, and no one likes that.

Excessive scrubbing might ruin the mat’s grippy texture that plays a crucial role for safe use. With some drops of a mat cleaner and a gentle application, that should do the trick and ward off any dirt and odor accumulation that the disinfectant neglected to achieve.

How to clean your yoga mat?

How to clean your yoga mats- answers here.

Apply some drops of a yoga mat cleaner. Spray the mat with your chosen solution, then scrub it gently with a microfibre towel.

Avoid scrubbing harshly as it ruins the natural quality of the sticky and grippy texture that your mat has. Also, make sure to clean both of its sides. To end, wash off your mat with clean water and let it air dry.

You can also clean your mat with soap and water at least once a month.

Typically, a yogi practitioner cleans their mats once a month, but if they are enrolled in hot yoga classes, cleaning their mat is frequent.

Even though the mat’s smell is a good sign when it requires a wash, by the moment it starts to stink, it has already accumulated a lot of dirt and sweat that meets your body every time using.

By initiating cleaning it every month, you will guarantee that your mat will be as clean as new and ready to use.

How to disinfect your yoga mat?

Spray the solution of your choice over both sides of your mat– use a microfibre towel to score the solution out. This should erase the viruses accumulated on your mat’s film and cleansing its odor.

Both sides of your mat should be deep cleaned as bacterias can travel from the dirty surface to the clean when usually rolled and when keeping for the next use. Whenever you move the mat on the floor, the side that meets the ground will be staying on the top side where you conventionally put your feet, back, butt, chest, and face.

So cleaning and spraying all of the mat’s side is vital for warding unwanted pathogen and grime off your body.

Why should you disinfect your yoga mat daily?

Since the pandemic outbreak, disinfecting everything has never been useful, and your yoga mat has no exception. So whenever you use your mat, always care to disinfect after using to eliminate viruses, grimes, and unwanted odor.

While you see it fit to grab for your go-to cleaning brands like we used to, it’s best to refrain from sanitizers and all-purpose solutions that have bleach, alcohol, and other components that could make the mat reek or worse irritate your skin.

The truth is, the disinfectants available in spray bottles in most yoga classes or studios genuinely work well. Fortunately, this solution is easy to make at home. All you need to do is mix equal portions of water and white vinegar, then add some tea tree oil of your choice.

Best Yoga Mat Cleaners We Recommend

If you hate waiting in line for the natural tea tree oil spray every after class or lack mixing skills when making a DIY, consider purchasing from the yoga mat cleaners we recommend below.

1. Manduka Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Manduka Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray 8oz

This multi-purpose yoga mat cleaner is safe to use every day for deep-cleaning, plus it is made of essential oils to give a refreshing lavender scent. Also, the eight-oz bottle is reusable once it has been cleaned properly.

It’s vegetable oil-based wetting agent is suitable for deep cleaning and phosphate-free chelator properties to help with washing without leaving a residue. It has organic essentials oils, ready to use daily that comes in a reusable bottle.


2. Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Spray (Best Seller!!)

Mind Over Lather Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray 8oz

This yoga mat cleaner can be used every after yoga class to keep your mat clean and fresh. Made with all-natural ingredients, alcohol-free, and naturally disinfectant and antibacterial.

It’s also an all-purpose spray, air freshener, hand sanitizer, linen spray, and easy to spray and wipe. This eight-oz scented lavender mint has eucalyptus and tea tree oils making it a natural antiviral solution.


3. Halfmoon Yoga Mat Cleaner

Halfmoon Yoga Mat Cleaner 8oz

This is an all-natural yoga mat cleaner used to cleanse and eliminate dirt and germs that accumulate on your yoga mat— made of hazel and tea tree oil.

This eight-oz bottle is naturally antibacterial, and the disinfectant solution is available in lavender and grapefruit scent. Easy to spray and wipe.


See you on the yoga mat!

Having a nasty yoga mat means it’s being used, which is an excellent indication to have. Cleaning and spraying your mat every after use at least once a month will keep yourself healthy and your routine respected. Namaste.