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It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran; the right kind of yoga pants are essential. Imagine working out in yoga pants that are either see-through or too tight or too baggy. Then add that the summer is coming and the fine weather is a little bit too hot than the usual. You wouldn’t be able to experience the benefits of yoga if your apparel doesn’t help you get comfortable. And believe it or not, having the right sportswear on can make a world of difference in your performance. But how do you know which one is the best yoga shorts?

How do you know if a particular pair is right for you, especially when shopping online? There are so many styles and fabrics and brands to pick from when it comes to yoga gear. Choosing from such a giant online catalog of products can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why we have put together this informative guide so you can make an informed choice. So, here is all that you need to know to get the best yoga shorts for yourself.


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Are there Yoga Shorts?

There are just days that are very humid or sometimes, a little bit hotter than usual, and too much fabric covering the skin somewhat causes discomfort. That is true with wearing pants on hot summer days. That’s why shorts were made.

Shorts are great apparels especially for casual occasions as it offers sufficient coverage to the pelvic area and does not cover much of the lower limbs allowing airflow to cool the lower extremities.

With the prominence of yoga as a physical exercise, shorts were now also designed for the purpose of doing yoga. But what made yoga shorts special compared to regular ones? Let’s talk about yoga.

Yoga exercise is a non-intensive physical routine that focuses more on balance, flexibility, core and muscle strength, and meditation. Compared to other physical activities or sports, the person does not have to exert too much effort on doing yoga asanas.

Another important element of yoga is its focus on meditation. This means that the person practicing yoga should be able to achieve a relaxed and peaceful mental state. This is also one reason that yoga sessions are usually done in places that has a serene atmosphere like a clean quiet studio, beachside, or on a peaceful garden area where better contact with nature can be established.

Now, what does it have to do with shorts anyways? With the above being mentioned, it’s easy to understand that what a person wears could affect his or her focus especially when the garment is worn causes discomfort whether it be very tight fit constraining movements, the material is irritating, or could be way too baggy. That is why today, shorts specifically made for doing yoga are now available in the market.

Are shorts good for Yoga?

You surely are looking for a pair of yoga shorts that’s why you’re reading this article and we could definitely tell you that shorts are great for doing yoga. There’s a lot of reasons that we can tell you why.

First, yoga shorts are great casual wear. Since it is a specialized garment made intended for yoga, it is also designed to be fashionably enough that it can match up with any kind of casual tops like collared shirts, regular T-shirts, sleeveless, and most sports training tops.

Another reason is that yoga shorts are designed to be stretchable and breathable where movements are unrestricted and sweating will not be a problem. Yoga asanas are usually done in series to make the benefits of it amplified, thus, making the said characteristics a must-have for every yoga shorts.

We can also say that yoga shorts are multipurpose shorts that you can wear even for biking, running, swimming, and even when going to the gym for a full-body workout.

Are Yoga Shorts Comfortable?

Comfortability is a very important factor to consider when buying a yoga shorts. To answer the question we’ve got, understanding different kinds of fabric will help. Generally speaking, yoga shorts are commonly made up of cotton or synthetic fibers making them very comfortable to wear. Although, it is important to remember that every person has different preferences on fabrics and on how each skin reacts to different kinds of them.

Understanding Fabrics

The fabric composition should be the starting point of your voyage for the perfect pair of workout shorts. Being knowledgeable about different types of fabrics helps as most of the skin irritation causes discomfort and even minor skin lesions are due to the materials used to make the garment. To assist you during this journey, below are the most common base fabrics used in yoga shorts.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a plant-based fabric derived from spinning cotton into yarn and then weaved to create sheets. Cotton is usually blended with other fabrics when used in workout clothing. That’s because it’s highly absorbent and can make you feel like a dishrag by the time you finish working out. Although natural, pure cotton can be a bit difficult to handle while exercising especially if you are sweaty. Liquid can make a pure cotton garment heavy.

Research has proved that cotton emits less post-workout stench than most other fabrics— the reason being its ability to stop stink-causing bacteria from thriving. However, cotton won’t help you much when your body is trying to cool down because of its dense property making cotton more ideal heating fabrics great for sweaters and jackets. So, it is recommended to wear cotton only if you are going for low sweat activities like stretching.

  • Bamboo

Surprisingly, a fabric made out of bamboo is one of the most absorbent materials available out there. That is not a very good thing when it comes to workout apparel. But its ability to breath freely makes it an excellent choice for activewear clothing options.

Another benefit of bamboo is its inherent property to fend off germs. Not only it keeps you dry by wicking away moisture, but it also keeps you healthy in its way and far from having bad odor due to sweat and bacteria interacting. It looks gorgeous and is resistant to the common issue of pilling, hence very durable as well.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric manufactured by blending different petroleum-based chemicals particularly Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET. It is a popular fabric for activewear clothing because it is relatively inexpensive and can be recycled. It also has a low degree of moisture absorbency making it sweat-wicking which works beautifully for high-intensity workouts.

This fabric does not shrink when washed. Therefore, it can be expected to be long-lasting. On the downside, polyester provides a very hospitable environment for germs to grow. So, you must wash your polyester activewear thoroughly and more often.

  • Nylon

Nylon is a better version of synthetic fabric than polyester in many ways. It is relatively stronger and has an abrasion-resistant texture. Unlike cotton, it is speedy to dry, which makes it a go-to choice for hard and sweaty gym sessions.

Additionally, it is very stretchable and less likely to get ripped or jagged easily. It is rarely used on its own and is generally seen in combination with spandex or other fabrics which are a great option as a material for yoga shorts.

  • Spandex

Spandex is used to make skin-fitted workout wear like cycling shorts since no other fabric can match its elasticity. But you don’t want your clothes to feel all rubbery, so it’s always used in a blend of different materials.

This fabric is just as good as nylon and polyester in controlling sweat and foul body odor. But it is comparatively more stretchable as well as less disappointing during deep squats and lunges. Could be considered to be the best material for yoga shorts.

  • Wool

Wool is another natural fabric like cotton derived from sheep. Wool is loved for its thermoregulation since woolen workout clothes allow you to participate in snow sports. After all, exercising is not only a summer thing. It is also resistant to both moisture and body odor, hence the popular woolen socks. However, this material is very absorbent of liquid.

  • Cotton-Synthetic Blends

A 100% cotton workout piece of clothing can be very uncomfortable if you are drenched in sweat. But a certain percentage of cotton with a certain percentage of synthetic fiber comes out great in such situations.

Such blends are usually silkier than pure synthetic fabrics, but also absorb more sweat due to the presence of cotton. Also, these clothes are more prone to pilling, so the appearance is not as durable as pure synthetic fibers. Therefore, these blends are not the most popular among activewear manufacturing companies.

Factors To Look For When Buying Best Yoga Shorts

Sportswear is not like your regular apparel. You might get by with a not-so-perfect fitting tee, but bad-fitting yoga pants can drive you crazy. So, while picking out yoga pants, you need to be extremely mindful of the fit and quality of the fabric. You need your pants to be your best friend in times of harsh workout sessions.

But worry not because we are here to help you pick the best yoga shorts. We didn’t just pick any of these below because of the brand name or because of the picture it has on the internet. Well, more often than not, pictures can be deceiving. Rather, the 889yoga team has set a bar on how we can consider a yoga short to be the best so it can be part of this list.

Here is a list of qualities you should gauge your pant choice upon before buying it.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the first and the foremost thing your yoga pants should have in abundance. As we’ve mentioned earlier, your clothes should not be an added pain when you are doing the already challenging yoga poses.

You must understand that comfort has different meanings during different types of workouts.

For yoga, your shorts need to be weightless, streamlined, and highly elastic. The fabric should expand and relax with your pelvic muscles with ease. Also, avoid clothes that irritate the skin as that can cause a sensation of itching.

  • Compression

While scrolling through yoga shorts, you need to know if you want a pair with a compression effect. Compressions shorts hold your hip muscles in place more firmly than regular shorts.

This compression grip stimulates better blood flow to your engaged muscles, in turn, delaying fatigue and extending your stamina. This can work wonders for you if you are prone to muscle fatigue during high-intensity workouts.

  • Performance

Yoga or any other body workout is a constant endeavor to improve your body’s performance with every session. And you want your dear pants to keep up with you.

Therefore, your choice should be made depending on the type of activity you usually take part in. You should go for a cotton-spandex blend if you don’t perform sweat releasing exercises. However, if you are into hot yoga or similar workouts, you would be more comfortable with synthetic-based shorts.

  • Longevity

No yoga pants you buy are going to turn out to be immortal. With constant use, these shorts will eventually get worn out and be torn over time. But you want to get as close to that as possible when looking for one. The longevity of your yoga shorts is more likely to be affected by what materials were used and if the fitting is correct. Wearing undersized yoga short spells a sure demise for it. If it’s small for you, it’s just gonna rip apart. Remember, you want your body to be ripped, not your yoga shorts.

You want something that doesn’t pill or rip easily like nylon. Nylon and polyester are quite durable and less likely to give up during repeated washing and drying cycles. On the other hand, fabric blends containing cotton are not very impressive in this regard.

You don’t want your yoga pants only to look young but also stretch and feel young. Investing in a long-lasting pair of shorts can save you a lot of money and frustration in the future.

  • Fabric

Your yoga pants are nothing but a piece of cloth. And if you want the best yoga shorts, this piece of cloth needs to have the best fabric possible.

The one quality you want your yoga pants fabric to have is breathability. Perspiration is inevitable, no matter how light your yoga session is. And if your pants are not breathing with your skin, you will not enjoy your workout for long. Mesh pockets and liners also aid in making the garment overall airier.

Go for fabrics like polyester that dry out quickly and don’t lock in a huge amount of moisture. The fabric should also be able to move with you without losing its shape or style. This calls for spandex mixed synthetics because they offer commendable flexibility.

  • Fit

Yoga has become more and more popular among men in recent years. Because of which various companies are rolling out yoga pants that accommodate a huge spectrum of male body types. So, you have a fair count of fits to choose from.

Majorly, there are two types of pants, tight-fit, and relaxed-fit. Skin hugging shorts will make you happy if you are someone who does more active yoga sessions. Whereas, loose or relaxed-fitting yoga pants are suitable for slow or restorative styles of yoga. It is also important to consider the fitting for both male and female yogins as too much tightness could cause an electric sensation on the crotch area when the skin surface is subjected to tight pressure over time due to the shorts fitting. An unevenly loose fit could also cause discomfort and irritation.

The tight and relaxed fit are then categorized by varying degrees of their tightness or looseness. You can go on extreme ends with really baggy shorts or extremely form-fitting ones; or choose to stay in the middle with comfort fits. The best yoga shorts are those that fit like a second skin.

  • Style

Workout wear has significantly evolved and now includes various styles and designs to suit everyone’s needs. The first style you need to evaluate is the presence of pockets. The fondness for pockets in yoga pants is subjective. You will like it if you usually carry a bunch of stuff that needs to be stored. But pockets generally tend to bunch up and hinder your range of motion.

Some of these also have zippers and drawstrings, which can be uncomfortable while doing some yoga poses. Another thing to look for is the type of waistband closure provided. Thicker waistbands can make it tough for you to do specific postures.

When looking for the best yoga shorts, it is a good idea to go for the simplest of designs. The more accessories embedded in your pants, the more chances of discomfort there can be.

  • Color

Who says yoga pants can’t be all chic and elegant looking? Your workout attire doesn’t have to be boring, especially with the recent surge of varieties in the online market. It is entirely okay to be tired of the blacks and greys that dominate the clothing industry.

But the good news is, you can easily find stylish and colorful shorts on the shelves these days. However, while choosing colors, make sure you don’t go for very light colors because that can show your sweat areas. You want to go for fabrics that don’t change colors when subjected to moisture. Also, avoid colors and patterns that are revealing or see-through.

Top 15 Best Yoga Shorts 2019

Having all the information given above, you surely know enough on how to choose the best yoga shorts to get and will make it easy for you to choose a pair that fits your needs. The list below is based on the criteria we’ve talked about in the above section. It’s your turn to choose what you think is best for you. Let’s dive into the reviewed products that made it to the list of our best yoga shorts. Enjoy the list!

1. YogaAddict Shorts

YogaAddict Best Yoga Shorts

Are you a lover of yoga pants that are dominantly cotton in their fabric base? If yes, then this pair of yoga pants by YogaAddict will be a good fit for you. That is because it is made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex, which is an impressive combination. The fabric elasticity allows you to embrace several yoga styles like Bikram, Ashtanga, and Hatha.

The pants come with two side pockets that have plenty of space to hold your belongings. The waistband is a drawstring type that hugs your waist perfectly. Also, you will not have any complaints while doing inversions like downward dog and handstand.

One downside to it is that it does not have many color options in sizes larger than medium. This pair of shorts is not very light on the budget, but it is worth the price. YogaAddict claims that once you put their shorts on, you will not want to take them off.


2. Gerlobal Bodybuilding Shorts

Gerlobal Men's Bodybuilding Shorts

Gerlobal shorts are 100% polyester material gym shorts that are designed to keep your sweat under control. No sweat means no odor. Being pure polyester also makes it ultra-lightweight and breathable. The seam construction is chafe-free flatlock, so you can forget about the pain of chafing when wearing these.

This piece of shorts is accommodating as it offers three zipper pockets. You get two zippered hand pockets on either side and one hidden zippered pocket at the back. The best thing about this product is that it is one of the cheapest with no compromise in quality.

These shorts have an elastic waistband with drawstring, which is adjustable. Customer reviews state that these shorts fit snug around the quads, so if you are someone who likes baggy shorts, this might not be the best choice for you.


3. Isnowood Compression Shorts

Isnowood Men's Compression Shorts

Are you looking for a pair of compression shorts that are budget-friendly? These Isnowood shorts might be the right piece for you. The fabric is non-abrasion in nature, so that you can forget about any chaffing.

You can wear it in any season since it is equipped with advanced moisture-wicking material. So, it keeps your cool during scorching weather and warm during chills. The ergonomic seam design stays gentle on the skin.

The great thing is that Isnowood offers a total of 6 sizes from S to 3XL. And if the shorts don’t fit you, the company provides you a total refund. Customers who bought these in XXL and XXXL size range mentioned that they are great at preventing chafing.


4. Yoga Crow Swerve Shorts

Yoga Crow Mens Swerve Shorts

The Yoga Crow Swerve shorts are a premium quality pair of yoga shorts known for their stellar build quality. They are made of a blend of polyester and nylon, giving you 4-way flexibility and great moisture-wicking. The inner lining of non-abrasive boxer briefs keeps you secure and worry-free.

The clothing has impressive coverage, which keeps you comfortable even in the most vulnerable yoga positions. Your sweaty workouts are taken care of by the odor-resistant inner liner.

As for the look, these shorts come in a bunch of gorgeous solid colors like heather green, crow black, etc. You will like this particular pair if you don’t mind paying a little extra for better comfort.


5. 4-rth Fusion Crosstrain Gym Short

4-rth Men's Fusion Crosstrain Gym Short

Are you bored with the old-school blues and greys when it comes to your gym shorts? Do you want some colors to uplift your mood? This pair of shorts come in a wide range of colors like sun orange, tropical yellow, bamboo green, etc. And that too for a reasonable cost.

Their waistband is fully elasticized, so no fussing about the drawcord. They use 2×1 Modal RIB to imbibe style and comfort. The flexibility and elasticity of the base fabric are commendable.

Some customer reviews indicated that these shorts might not save you from chaffing. So, you should keep that in mind while buying these. Otherwise, they have been marked great for inversions, complicated poses, spinning, etc.


6. YogaAddict Yoga Shorts

YogaAddict Yoga Shorts for Men

This one is another great pair of yoga shorts by YogaAddict that is loved by many. This is a light-weight blend of 13% spandex and 87% nylon, which has impressive elasticity.

These don’t have any pockets, so there is no obstruction in the flow of your poses. The degree of its elasticity is delicately balanced between tight and loose. So, they can accommodate a wide range of workouts.

Customers have approved this product for activities like martial arts, wall climbing, Pilates, Tai Chi, Zumba, and many more. The cost of this pair won’t burn a hole through your pocket or disappoint you in terms of quality.


7. Gary Majdell Sport Short

Gary Majdell Sport Men's Short

If you’re looking for one of the best yoga shorts under $30, then this is your best bet. This Gary Majdell pair is made of 88% nylon and 12% spandex material, giving you fantastic elasticity. The fabric blend keeps the sweat and foul body odor at bay.

The elastic waistband comes with an inner self-tie drawcord, which is adjustable. The seams of the shorts are flat in design, so there’s no chance of any discomfort. It is also partially front-lined, which helps with coverage.

They are form-fitting and make you look stylish regardless of the kind of workout you do. Many buyers say that these shorts hold great during strenuous yoga sessions. So, you know they are doing the job they are meant for.


8. Core Vibe Yoga Cross Training Workout Short

Core Vibe Yoga Cross Training Workout Short

Core Vibe yoga shorts are a reasonably priced product made of breathable microfiber fabric. You will fall in love with it if you are someone who likes their workout shorts to be a slim fit. The elastic waistband and the inside front liner keep you secure stylishly.

You get a size range of XS to XXXL, which is very inclusive. However, you don’t get to enjoy many colors in this line of the Core yoga shorts. You can indulge in Pilates, kickboxing, cross-training, yoga, and much more without worrying about the sweat.

It seems from observing the customer reviews that the inner jock pocket is not very functional. Otherwise, the product is quite popular amongst yoga lovers and has been quoted as one of the best yoga shorts.


9. 4-rth Transition Yoga Shorts

4-rth Men's Transition Yoga Shorts

These transition yoga shorts are a great French-Terry mid-thigh pair rolled out by the 4-rth. They are made of birch tree fiber, which makes them practically weightless. There is 2×1 Rib paneling provided below the waistband, which allows for a better range of motion and flexibility.

The pockets are conveniently sewn on top of the piece. So, you would fancy this product if you are looking for pockets that don’t bunch up inside the shorts. 4-rth is excellent at taking care of the rainbow lover in you, and hence you get these in many colors.

Customers have mentioned that these shorts fit true to size according to the size chart provided by the company. And who doesn’t like a piece of clothing that fits perfectly? The cost might be a little too high for some, but the quality of the product is outstanding.


10. YogaAddict Yoga Stretchable Short Pant

YogaAddict Men Yoga Stretchable Short Pant

These YogaAddict stretchable shorts are on the premium end of the spectrum. It is a well-designed blend of 87% nylon and 13% spandex, making it incredibly light-weight. The fabric sits softly on the skin, and the flat waistband prevents bunching.

You do not get to enjoy a lot of shades, but the fit is incredibly stylish. Also, the stitching is top-notch, so you can do the most strenuous of activities while wearing it. The flat seams are also a plus for those of you who hate the bunching situation.

They run a little large when it comes to sizing as per customer reviews, so you might want to take that into account when buying these. Apart from that, they are an overall incredible deal at this price.


11. DIOMOR Athletic Outdoor 2-in-1 Shorts

DIOMOR Men's Athletic Outdoor 2-in-1 Shorts

Here are the most stylish, as well as the cheapest pair of gym shorts on this list. Diomor gives you a wide range of designs and color variants in just under $20. After all, feeling confident is essential when working out.

The material is a concoction of cotton and polyester, which is essentially the best of both worlds. You get a built-in inner pocket and a fusion-welded zippered pocket at the back. A 7-inch long inseam is as comfortable as it gets.

What’s impressive about these shorts is that they are not specific to workouts. You can even run errands in them or go for a casual evening walk with your buddies, hence the name 2 in 1. They dry pretty quick and are roomy enough for you to feel comfortable while exercising in them.


12. Core Energy Yoga Cross Training Workout Short

Core Energy Yoga Cross Training Workout Short

This is another one of Core’s yoga shorts specially designed for high impact exercises. Core provides incredibly breathable microfiber fabric. The slim fit design lets you focus on your workout more than ever.

These shorts come with complete mesh liners, so there are no chances of revealing accidents. The elastic waistband and an inner jock pocket carry great comfort. The overall look is pretty chic, but you only get two color options in this one.

Customers have mentioned that these shorts might become loose at the hemline as you use them more. So, the durability quotient is not very high, which is a bummer given the price of the product.


13. Gary Majdell Sport Active Yoga Short

Gary Majdell Sport Men's Active Yoga Short

Gary Majdell has come up with another very affordable pair of yoga shorts that is tough to ignore. Their 12% spandex and 88% nylon fabric blend work great at keeping the sweat and odor contained.

Lengthwise they sit right above the knee. So, they can be a great addition to your wardrobe for the days when you don’t want to wear your extremely short shorts. The overall size range only goes up to an XL, which is not very inclusive of Gary Majdell.

The shorts are laced with two front pockets and an elastic waistband with self-tie drawcord. As per customers, the location of pockets hides the appearance of stretching over items in pockets. Hence, you can keep all your belongings in place without feeling uncomfortable.


14. BLUE CHILL Running Shorts

BLUE CHILL Running Shorts for Men

Have you been looking for a thrifty pair of 2-in-1 shorts? If yes, then this pair by Blue Chill will end your search. Made from 86% recycled polyester and 14% Elastane, the fabric comes out as environment-friendly, which is always a good thing.

Their expandable waistband is fully adjustable and can endure a decent amount of stretching. So, you can do your favorite stretches without them ripping apart. The two side pockets are zippered for better safety.

If you are a busy bee and don’t have much time to change, the 2 in 1 design will delight you. You can wear them casually as well as for your workout sessions. Customers who bought this product are delighted with the breathable non-restrictive design.


15. Mandulka Dyad Short

Mandulka Men's Dyad Short

This premium pair of shorts is made with a weightless fusion of fabrics that provides 4-way stretch. These have an interior knit mesh boxer liner, which is quick dry. Even the pockets are equipped with ventilating pocket bags, so the sweat leaves you as soon as it appears.

There is an interior stretch drawcord on the waistband along with the elastic, making it adjustable. This pair by Madulka sits on the high end of the spectrum, so you might want to see if it fits your budget.

Many customers have reviewed this product stating that it holds its shape elegantly even under extreme yoga positions. However, customers also mentioned that the inner boxer liner is not as supportive as it is expected to be.


16. Isnowood Men’s 3 Pack

Isnowood Men's 3 PackThis compression yoga shorts by Insmowood is the second-best pick of ours. The package contains three compression shorts in it, and it is available at a range of $21.98 to 23.99 only. All these features make a fantastic deal. You can get all of them in black, or you can get them in black, grey, and blue as well.

Basic Features:

The fabric is a mixture of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, which makes the shorts extremely elastic. That means, whether you are doing yoga or you are going to the gym, for cycling, and more, it fits all purposes.

It comes with a widely sized elastic waistband, which is durable and anti-slippery. The non-abrasive fabric offers the durability to the yoga shorts.

The elastic provides ultimate support and compression to the thigh muscles. The shorts reduce muscle aches and muscle strains, which allows the wearer to do their exercise easily.


  • The shorts are made up of skin-friendly fabric.
  • The streamline is made of lightweight and soft fabric, offering tight fitting. It gives a feeling of second skin.
  • It is breathable, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking.


  • It does not have any pockets.

What Makes It Different

Buyers can hand wash, or wash it in the washing machine it according to their needs. The flatlock seams keep away chafing and irritation. It is made with the 4-needle 6-thread technology, making the product seamless and comfortable at the same time.


17. Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Shorts

Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve ShortsBuyers can choose from different quirky colors such as madrone, light grey, heather navy, heather grey, heather green, and crow black. It is slightly costly and retails for $59. It is from the brand, Yoga Crew. It is made up of material which is flexible and soft.

Basic Features:

This pair of shorts is made up of the most delicate performing fabrics for providing the ultimate moisture-wicking technology, as well as 4-way stretchability for withstanding any exercise position.

It has a lining of non-abrasive and tight boxer briefs. This feature allows the buyers to keep their entire focus on their practice rather than their modesty. To allow for no-fuss and no-bunch workout, the waistband and the seams are flat.

It is made up of a unique blend of nylon and polyester along with odor-resistant inner lining. This feature of the shorts has been tested in a laboratory as well.


  • Buyers can wash it in a machine, or they can manually do it with their hands as well.
  • Being made of premium quality material, it would easily withstand even the hardest of exercise routine for a long time.
  • The lining is very supportive and keeps all the restrictions at bay. It now comes in a new and better size range.


  • It is costly.
  • It does not have any pockets.

What Makes It Different

This yoga shorts the third-best choice of ours. The buyers will be impressed right away by the coverage it provides. The material is not only soft, supportive, comfortable, and flexible, but is also very opaque – even if you choose the light colors. What also makes it stand out is the odor-resistant feature it has.


18. Mech-Eng Men’s

Mech-Eng Men'sThis multi pocket yoga short offers very good fit and is suitable for yoga, training, boxing etc. Check out its basic features if you are looking for shorts that are not too high on pockets, but offer decent comfort.

Basic Features:

It is a 2-in-1 short. The outer short is made up of mesh fabric. The built-in shorts are made up of a tight stretch fabric. It also comes with a flatlock system which prevents any fiction.

It comes with multiple pockets. The outer shorts have two side pockets, and one at the back with a zipper. The inner shorts also have one on the right side.

It has an excellent elastic waistband along with a drawstring. The drawstring has rubber protection around it, so that it can prevent any aversion during the time of wash.


  • It provides a perfect fit for yoga, training, running, boxing, and more.
  • It comes in various color options like white, light grey, khaki, dark grey, camo yellow, camo green, black, and army green.
  • It is very cost-effective.


  • Buyers have to follow specific instructions when they are washing the shorts.

What’s Makes It Different

These yoga shorts are one of the unique yoga shorts that are available in the market because of its 2-in-1 feature. It also offers various color options which you would not find elsewhere. It makes the user look very stylish and confident when they are doing their exercise.


19. YogaAddict

YogaAddictInspired by yoga practitioners, this yoga shorts for men by YogaAddict would look chic on whoever is wearing it. They are perfect for any outdoor exercise. They come in four different colors, navy blue, grey, blue, and black.

Basic Features

It offers stylish fit along with solid elastic waistband, so that you can do all the stretching that you want without feeling restricted. The fabric is a blend of 13% spandex and 87% nylon.

It is made up of quick-dry material and features the right balance between loose and tight. It does not get sweaty after exercise, and feels soft against the skin as well.

It has an internal mesh liner that stops you from unintentionally revealing your private parts of your body when you are bending over. Buyers have the option to buy the shorts without any liners as well.


  • The fabric offers maximum support without any restrictions whatsoever.
  • The quality logo embroidered on the shorts gives it a classy look.
  • It comes with an inner lining.


  • It has no pockets.
  • The fabric feels heavy when it is wet.
  • Even though the wide waistband offers massive support, it might feel uncomfortable on the skin during the time of exercise.

What Makes It Different?

It falls in the experience end of the spectrum. The only thing which makes it different from others is that people can buy it in their correct size range. Apart from that, it offers only the basic features of regular yoga shorts.


20. Naviskin Men’s

Naviskin MeThis knee-length yoga shorts by Naviskin retails anywhere between $17.99 to $18.99 only. You can get it in three colors, such as dark grey, light grey, and black. Buyers can choose from sizes – small to XX-large. These yoga shorts combine performance, function, and fashion so that it can provide you with the best coverage during your yoga exercise.

Basic Features:

The fabric is lightweight and sweat-wick, which helps you to move freely and comfortably, without feeling sweaty after a severe yoga session. It is made up of 100% polyester.

It offers a 4-way stretch that helps you to maintain shape, while providing greater mobility at the same time.

It has a tapered fit and ribbed-cuffs design, which accentuates your calves. It also has an elastic waistband with a drawcord for an adjustable and snug fit.


  • It comes with both front and back pockets. The front pockets are secured with zippers, so that your belongings do not fall out while you exercise.
  • It also has reflective elements attached, so that you are visible even in the dark or low light.
  • It comes in an extensive size range that can fit maximum people.


  • It only comes in the color options, which is annoying for people who like to keep it vibrant.
  • People who do not like 3/4 shorts and are more attracted to mid-thigh shorts would not find it attractive..

What Makes It Different

The reflective elements which are attached to these shorts not only make it look good, but it also makes it very unique compared to other shorts. It is also very cost-effective, which makes it a good buy even for people who are doing budget shopping.


21. Mizok Men’s

Mizok Men'sThe soft mesh yoga short by Mizok is a high-quality, and innovative product available in the market. Available in sizes small, medium, large, and X-large, and in colors like yellow, white, sky blue, and black, this yoga compression short is meticulously designed to make it a breathable, yet a sexy outfit.

Basic Features:

It is made up of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex. The fabric is of premium quality, which comes with breathable soft mesh around the sides and near the waistband. The material is also moisture-wicking, which keeps you dry and fresh during the workout.

It offers 4-way stretch, featuring good elasticity that provides extra comfort during movement. It can be stretched to any extent, irrespective of any yoga position you are trying.

It is multifunctional. It is a compression short that offers superior shape retention. It also provides buyers with UPF fifty-plus sun protection.


  • Retailing only for 15.99, this short offers comfort and compression at the same time.
  • It comes with a unique drawstring for you to adjust it correctly according to your waist size.
  • The lighter shades are not at all translucent.


  • It can only be hand washed in cold water.
  • People who are not used to show even a tiny bit of their skin might find it comfortable to wear.

What Makes It Different

Unlike other yoga shorts, these shorts come in a unique design that allows the buyers to show off their physique. Buyers can even use it as beachwear when they are going for a swim. In addition to that, it also provides sun protection, which only a few yoga shorts brands offer.


22. 4-rth Men’s

4-rth MensThis mid-thigh short by 4-rth comes in 11 different color options like yellow, solid white, sand beige, solid cinnabar, solid sun orange, solid royal blue, solid black, solid bamboo green, heather grey, eggplant, and charcoal. It is also available in an extensive size range, starting from X-small to X-large.

Basic Features:

Made in the USA, this yoga shorts for men offers splendid elastic closure. It comes with two front pockets. For making the shorts fit perfectly on the waist, the shorts come with drawcords, which can be tied accordingly. The drawcord is tubular in shape and ½” in size.

The material is Custom MODAL French-Terry fabric andthis fabric comes from Birch tree wood. This feature would surely please the yogis who are environment-friendly.

The shorts also come with RIB piping of 1″ of 2×1 that extends uninterrupted above the rear-end and from the sides. This feature provides exceptional flexibility and stability for strenuous and stretching workouts.


  • The shorts come in various size and color options.
  • The pockets allow you to carry essential stuff like your phone, house, and car keys.
  • They offer a perfect combination of style and comfort.


  • For $48.00, it does not offer much to buyers.
  • Some buyers have complained that there is no space for the male anatomy. A lack of space would make you feel uncomfortable during the exercise.

What Makes It Different?

People who do not like to wear the same black, white, or grey yoga shorts can buy this product. As they come in 100 different color options, the buyer has the opportunity to wear different shorts all the seven days of the week. Apart from yoga, you can also use it when you are playing soccer, tennis, or you are going or a run.


23. Ursexyly Men

Ursexyly MenUrsexyly has yet again brought another yoga shorts for men, which would not only make you look stunning, but comfortable as well. Retailing only for $199.9, this pair of black shorts comes in a full-size range. It is available in small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and XXX-large. Apart from yoga, you can wear it when you are going for general exercise, hiking, running, cardio, cross-fit, cycling, and pilates.

Basic Features:

It is made up of hot running pant fabric, which provides maximum compression when you are exercising. Hence, it would allow you to sweat more as well as burn more calories, unlike other compression pants. It is highly effective when it comes to eliminating water weight.

It also offers quick-drying, which means that even when you are doing the most strenuous workout, your sweat would not bother you. It is made up of breathable fibers, which allows the air to reach the skin and take the sweat away, leaving you with dry skin. This feature ensures that you do not feel overheated or uncomfortable in any way.

It is scientifically made and provides you with compression that helps you to flatten your thigh love handles and lower abdomen, correct your posture, and more. This feature lets you visually trim your weight and provide you with a better molded figure.


  • It is lightweight, comfortable, and has stretchy fabric molds which allow your body to move freely.
  • This product is one of the best yoga shorts which offer compression at such a low price.
  • It helps you to eliminate your water weight and also improves your posture.


  • You would have to follow a specific washing technique when you are washing it. Developing this washing technique can become hectic work.
  • It only comes in one color option.

What Makes It Different?

It is made up of three different types of fabric, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, and 70% neoprene which provides better and faster results, compared to other shorts. It also helps in toning down three significant parts of the body, thighs, hips, and waist .


24. YogaAddict Men Strechable

YogaAddict Men StrechableThis yoga short for men by YogaAddict is of premium quality. It comes in four different colors, maroon, navy blue, blue, and black. It is available in three sizes, medium, large, and X-large. The X-large size fits waist sizes of 35” to 37″, large size fits waist sizes of 34″, and the medium fits waist sizes of 31” to 32″. It comes in a price range of $30.97 to $35.97 only.

Basic Features:

As it is made up of premium quality fabric, this yoga short allows you to move freely and comfortably with style. It provides maximum stretch, without any sign of getting ripped. You can do various yoga styles wearing these shorts like Hatha, Hot Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, and more.

Whether you are doing a downward dog or handstand, you do not have to worry about your shorts falling up or down. This short offers a fantastic balance between tight and loose. It would not make your skin feel uncomfortable, and the elasticity of it allows you to move comfortably. The waistband and seams are flat, which does not create any unpleasant situations.

This short is fully opaque. That means, you do not have to worry about any unintentional exposure when you are doing yoga. It has the perfect blend of 13% spandex and 87% nylon. It is lightweight, and with its quick-dry material, it would not show any sweat patches when you are exercising.


  • The fabric is very stretchy. It contracts, expands, extends, and moves in any way that you want, providing you with the maximum ease.
  • Apart from using it for yoga practice, you can also wear it when you are going to the gym or any casual outing. You can even wear it when you are doing outdoor exercises or pilates.
  • It comes in a $-way stretchable fabric, which is also very stylish.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to its contemporaries.
  • Some customers have complained that it does not offer a perfect fit.
  • It does not have the spandex level of tightness.

What Makes It Different

It might be a bit costly; but it comes in high quality. It offers a lot of support to the person who is wearing it. The fabric is thick enough to prevent any wardrobe malfunction. All these qualities make it a good buy at the end of the day.


Additional Things to Look for Like looking for the Best Mens Yoga Shorts

Whenever you purchase anything new, you must know what is it that you are precisely looking for is in that particular product. For instance, if you do yoga and you are buying yoga clothes, it is better that you consider a few things before you buy a particular yoga attire.

Yoga shorts are exceptionally essential when you are doing yoga. The type of yoga pants you will buy will ensure whether you will feel comfortable or not. That is why, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before you buy your yoga pants.

What Is The Product Material?

People who are yoga enthusiasts are usually spiritual and are conscious about the environment. That means they care about the fabric of their clothes and where their clothing is coming from. People often go for yoga pants, which are made up of a hundred percent recycled materials.

Buying eco-friendly clothes helps them to protect the environment every time they purchase their yoga shorts. In addition to that, it also helps them to know that the yoga pants which they are buying are made up of top quality fabric. Yoga shorts that are made up of the best quality of material not only last longer, but they also provide comfort when you are doing yoga. It would stand all the wear and tear – not matter how much you stretch.

Will It Stretch?

The main idea of yoga is that you would have to contort and stretch yourself into various kinds of positions. So, when you are moving, your yoga pants should have the ability to take all the tension and not get ripped easily. Hence, when you are buying your yoga shorts, the best option is to go for a 4-way stretch yoga short.

In case you think you do not need much stretch, you can also go for a 2-way stretch. Stretchable materials would help you move in whichever way you want, without posing any hindrance.

Is It Comfortable?

Comfort is of the utmost importance when you are doing yoga. You do not want to buy yoga shorts, which is exceptionally tight fitted or very loose. You also do not want yoga shorts, which is not sweat-absorbent and makes your skin feel itchy.

You can buy seamless yoga pants that are so comfortable to wear that you can even use them as pajamas. For example, some people do not feel comfortable if their yoga shorts do not have a liner.

The best yoga shorts comes with an odor-resistant, water-resistant, and sweat-resistant feature. It should also have the perfect blend of polyester and nylon, so that you do not get bothered by any uneasy feeling on your skin.

Is It See-Through?

The yoga would require you to do a lot of stretching and bending. Therefore, you do not want to show other people what you are wearing inside your yoga pants when you are bending over. If you are shopping offline, then it is advised that you test the pants out before buying. However, if you are shopping online, then it is best to check the reviews of the product to see whether people have gone through any see-through problem.

The perfect yoga pants are made of thick fabric – so that when you are bending, it stays opaque. At the same time, the material should not be so thick that it restricts your movement in any way. It should have a perfect blend of fabric.

How Is The Review?

The best way to know how genuine a particular product is, is to go through the review section, where people who have already bought the specific products share their experience. Since it is not physically possible for us to try out all the products first-hand before we buy them, that is why we all depend on others who have.

The review becomes a vital tool during such time. So when you purchase your yoga shorts, the easiest way to know which one is the best yoga shorts, is by checking the product review. If the reports are independent, and most of them are positive reviews, then you can be assured that it is a great product.

But you always have to keep in mind that you have to take maximum reviews into account to understand whether the yoga shorts that you are going for would be at all like the way you want it to be.

Do They Look Good?

In addition to the questions mentioned above, you also need to ask yourself if the shorts that you chose are looking good on you. Sometimes people buy their clothes simply because of their price range, their popularity, or their friends’ recommendations. But most importantly, you need to think about whether the yoga shorts look good and whether they look good on you or not.

Some yoga pants might look good on you, but not on others and vice versa. Get yourself a yoga pant that fits you well and also of your favorite color. This way, you would have yoga pants that would make your legs look toned and fabulous.

These are the few things that you should ask yourself before you buy yourself yoga pants. This way, you would be able to buy the yoga pants which would suit you best.

Best Yoga Shorts – Your Pick?

Although there is no specific attire to be worn when doing yoga, yoga shorts can be considered an essential piece of clothing for anyone fond of staying in shape doing yoga. If you are a newbie, wearing the wrong fitted shorts to your early yoga sessions can bring down your motivation. And if you have been doing yoga for a while, you already know how crucial yoga shorts are.

Doing yoga is fun and with proper attire, gear, and accessories, the whole yoga experience can be brought to another level. You can ask those yogins who are living the yoga lifestyle. And if you are on your way to living the life of a yogin, you definitely should invest in getting the right items and with yoga shorts, the above-mentioned factors to consider will help you identify the best fit for your preference.

In conclusion, shopping for yoga shorts should be done carefully. Money isn’t easy to earn and everyone wants to get the most out of every penny being spent. Are you willing to buy a pair for yourself but don’t know where to start? The yoga pants mentioned above have been shortlisted after reviewing a long list of products. You should read our compact guide on buying the best yoga shorts before filling up your cart.