best mens yoga clothes
1. Gaiam Grippy Socks 2. YogaAddict Shorts 3. Yoga Tee Shirt


When we are talking about the best men’s yoga clothes, we have to be aware of the many styles of clothing available today for this purpose. In the earlier decades, there was no specialization in yoga gear concerning the yoga clothes – every man was just dressed in uniform to perform yoga.

However, things have evolved a lot since that time. Big clothing manufacturers have started presenting the best yoga clothes for men which usually are larger and more comfortable than the regular ones.


Men across the world, share the same values for yoga and really want to improve themselves through its practice. On the other hand, the lack of proper clothing has posed some barriers between the yoga experience and their overall appearance.

Today most of the men yogi are enjoying a great variety of clothing. Larger trousers, alongside with T-shirts that are giving extra room to the belly or chest areas – and such designs are now the industry standard.

What a Guy should wear to yoga?

There is a growing number of men who are in love with doing yoga. Whilst this exercise is more common in women, we should not consider yoga as a woman’s exercise. Although we can’t blame that cultures around the world tend to think that men should be involved in high-intensity and highly physical sports and women should be on the lesser laborious routines, exercise isn’t gender-based after all and so all sports can be done by both gender as long as they are physically fit to do it.

Doing yoga exercise has lots of benefits not only to the physical body but also to mental health. Unbeknownst to many, because of gender stigmas, the majority of the people still think that mental health issues aren’t common to males and they should be tough enough to handle emotional and mental stress so as not to be called “softy”. However, studies show that 30.6 percent of the male population are clinically diagnosed with depression, and this is in the United States alone. Considering that the index of living in the Land of the Free is greater compared to other nations in the world.

Now, what does it have to do with men and yoga? This establishes the fact that the practice of modern yoga can be done by men. Yoga is known to have mental health benefits and can be proven therapeutically.

By essence, religious yoga talks about chakras, or energy points in the body that need to be balanced as external stressors affect the flow of energy. These Chakras are situated in the body sections that encompass vital organs. Scientifically, doing yoga asanas excite the blood flow as well as the neurons traveling with it and these yoga postures help to stimulate these vital organs in such a manner that it can improve the digestive tract, blood pressure, and most importantly, help release happy hormones like oxytocin and endorphins.

Not only that, breathing exercise and meditation is an important element of yoga and thus this also helps men on combatting stress, anxiety, and depression.

To mention, even on highly physical sports, yoga is a very helpful relaxation exercise to regulate blood flow after a high-intensity workout routine which most men are involved with the goals of either getting ripped to even just have the body conditioned for a tedious work ahead.

Today, yoga has started to become part of pop culture and that can be seen with the shirt and the presence of men’s yoga clothes in the market.

What Happens when you start doing Yoga?

With all these benefits of yoga mentioned above, it seems to sound too good to be true to some, and that is understandable in some aspects because traditionally, most of us believe in the saying “No Pain, No Gain” and yoga seems to be a “no pain” kind of exercise.

When a man starts doing yoga, muscles are started to be ripped slowly and over time, the body develops flexibility and accurate body toning. With the self-induced effort on stretching the body, the heart pumps as if you are jogging or running and thus help the blood flow to circulate better, in combination with the posture, the nerve cells flow better point-to-point from different nerve endings.

Also, since meditation is part of yoga, it also helps strengthen the concentration prowess of a person. This could be really challenging with the lifestyle we are having right now, wherein mobile devices and applications have trained our minds to easily get distracted and focus shifted to other things on the screen.

You might have reflected on yourself right now brother and more like, you’ve thought of starting to do yoga now. Or, you might be doing yoga already and find your closest buddies to be having an unhealthy lifestyle and you want to encourage them to do yoga. You might ask, “how am I getting started?”, or “how would my friend begin their yoga journey?”. Let’s start with what do they need.

What should men bring to Yoga Class?

Yoga isn’t a complex physical workout, to begin with, and beginner yogins don’t require many gears. A prepared self, focused on doing yoga, water tumbler, and men’s yoga clothing will suffice to begin the yoga class.

Best Men’s Yoga Clothes Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered how men prefer to make their selections over their everyday garments while practicing yoga? It is not an easy question to answer since men have totally different needs and aspirations than women do.

It is real, that most fashion creators work with female models and their clothes are directed to the female audience. Although this has been the reality for the past decades, nowadays, men’s fashion is becoming more visible and diversified in its offerings. This means they are keen on finding clothes that fit their personal needs and tastes no matter the price they need to pay.

The best men’s yoga clothes have vastly evolved through the past years since men have needed a greater variety in sizes and colors. They were the ones to abolish the belts from their trousers and opted for cloaks that could be worn when they practice yoga. Everything a man does to stretch the yoga garment should at least be supportive.

In this review, 889 Yoga is going to check all the best mens yoga clothes which are readily available for purchase. either online or in physical stores. Most the yogis prefer to buy their clothes online and this is due to the extreme variety they can find there. Let’s check what they can actually find and check what are men looking for when going online to buy their best men’s yoga clothes.

1. Quality

Since yoga clothes are constantly being stretched and suppressed by the user’s weight during yoga exercises, quality plays a crucial role. The best men’s yoga clothes are the ones that don’t tear and wear off after several uses and remain intact from constant washing cycles.

Since color is a crucial factor in succeeding in your goals when performing yoga, it has to stay intact for many years to come. Yoga masters are always opting for colorful clothes that retain their pigmentation for as long as they wish. This may sound weird but color has an effect to concentration and to the mood and atmosphere of the room where you’re doing yoga. Not to mention how color affects the thermal levels in the clothing.

Finally, quality keeps on being apparent to the yoga clothes, in terms of protection from outer environmental stress. Scratches and bruises can be easily prevented when the clothes you are wearing to practice yoga are of higher quality.

2. Material

Since the dawn of the modern ready to use clothes, materials have altered many times. Normally, men’s clothing is a bit thicker and is made up of a mixture of cotton, satin, and nylon. While leather is common attire for men, it is not advisable to be worn during yoga classes. Today the best men’s yoga clothes have two major alterations in terms of materials: synthetic textile, and organic fabrics.

Synthetic clothes for yoga have been proved a lot more convenient than the traditional ones since they are more durable and keep their initial shape for a lot longer. On the other hand, cotton clothes are lighter and more breathable, taking advantage of the natural cotton fibers that they are made of.

The middle compromise is the cotton-synthetic hybrid clothes that show more durability but also extreme softness, taking advantage of both natural and synthetic fibers.

Modern yoga clothes are usually made from one of these three materials that are extremely popular among yogis worldwide. These materials can support virtually any kind of clothing, and hence would be appropriate for yoga practice.

3. Branding

While it is true that not all famous brands are of high quality, the best men’s yoga clothes are usually made by specific brands that have a reputation for yoga-related products or on the quality of products they manufacture. Yogis love to have certain brands they prefer since it makes them feel confident about the overall quality and reliability of the product. And let’s be honest, somehow the confidence brought forth by brands is because of the social status that emanates from it.

Brands are always investing in new types of materials and improvising the accessories that accompany the yoga clothes. Not to mention, that brands which are specialized in yoga clothes are always trying to offer greater variety in sizes, colors, and materials that cover the yogis’ needs in portability and stretching.

4. Price

There are various price criteria for yogis. The best men’s yoga clothes are usually valued for money since they can be also used for other leisure activities when the yoga session is over. Prices are sensitive to scrutiny from yogis who want to have exactly what they are paying for when performing yoga. After all, money isn’t easy to earn so every one of us will agree that we want the most out of every buck we spend.

Additionally, some people are more interested in budget clothes rather than fashion. In this way, there should be adequate prices for any kind of yoga clothes – no matter the needs it serves. But since the look is still important when you are practicing yoga, then the price should reflect a certain level of fashion offered while you are doing yoga.

5. Reviews

Many yogis are especially concerned about the reviews that several yoga clothes are getting from their peers. This could become a serious motivation for purchase of a certain yoga garment, since most people tend to believe the experience shared online.

The best men’s yoga clothes are usually the ones ranking higher in the 5 star reviews of several websites with worldwide impact. Fewer people are getting into a physical store to check the size and quality. We tend to look at the reviews and then make our final selections.

Reviews are important since they determine a special level of acceptance of these yoga clothes. However, they should not become the primary motivation for purchase, nor a reason for rejection of a certain garment.

Top 14 Best Mens Yoga Clothes 2019

The list we made below is a collection of different yoga apparel for men from head to foot. They are chosen based on the criteria we’ve mentioned above. Hope you find this list helpful as you start venturing to a healthier lifestyle of yoga living.

1. Gaiam Grippy Toeless Yoga Socks

Gaiam Grippy Best Mens Yoga Clothes This one is the most innovative pair of socks that you can use while practicing yoga. Being one of the best mens yoga clothes in general, this pair of socks gives men more agility to walk through the yoga mat and feel protected at the same time.

These socks have a special synthetic textile that can absorb excessive sweating. So this pair is great for people that want to experience hot yoga and expect to sweat more in regular sessions.

The footbed of these socks have special rubber imprints that help you relax and provide an extra grip on the yoga mat. This grip can be important, since it gives you more balance when you are stretching during yoga exercises. Not to mention, sometimes you may stand on one leg and then the extra grip is going to be highly appreciated.

They come in many colors for you to choose the one that is most suitable when performing yoga. Easy to wash and rinse, these socks never lose their size and shape, giving you a superb yoga experience.

Last but not least, they have extra holes in the toe fingers, so that they can touch the ground at all times. Since being barefoot is not a good yoga practice, the toe fingers can always have a direct touch to the yoga mat to make you feel a lot better.


  • Great hygiene level
  • Less sweating when wearing them
  • Energy passes through the whole body
  • Can practice other activities besides yoga (Pilates, Ballet etc)


  • Their elastic band may on the ankles may wear off with time

2. Yoga Addict Men Yoga Shorts

Yoga Addict Men Yoga ShortsThis is a great pair of shorts that will enable you to give your best efforts when practicing yoga. Most yogis are opting for this pair thanks to its great product value. It has an elastic band to the waist to keep it where you want without suppressing your waist.

It is a ready to wear a pair of shorts. It can be washed in regular wash and does not need much maintenance.Sometimes it may not need any kind of ironing – saving you time.

It is one of the best mens yoga clothes since it has extra stretching abilities without getting torn or worn off. The pair of short has two external pockets to store your necessary stuff when needed.

Many colors are available for you to choose the one that better fits your attitude and energy profile when practicing yoga. The zipper is also easy to use and secure completely when you are in the yoga room.

These shorts are made from an extra breathable fabric that has some cotton to keep you cool when you are exercising and stretching. But the most important feature is that it doesn’t fall down when you are exercising, which is the best quality you could ever expect from a garment like that.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Very lightweight and stretchable when practicing yoga
  • Sizes have a great variety for you to choose
  • Specially designed for yoga, since it has elastic fibers to allow all kinds of movement


  • Not easily available in all regions

3. Yoga Clothing For You Mens Tee Shirt

Yoga Clothing For You Mens Tee ShirtA special T-shirt that covers all your needs when you are practicing yoga. Specially designed to give you the most fashionable appearance in the yoga class, this T-shirt will give you immense confidence to follow the guidelines of the yoga lesson.

Perfect for stretching and ideal to be bent over, this T-shirt is considered to be one of the best mens yoga clothes ever presented to the public. It is made from cotton and synthetic cloth to give you extra endurance during difficult stretching exercises.

On the other hand, it can be easily washed in the washing machine and needs less ironing than other clothes in the same category. It comes in several colors for you to choose the one that matches your personality and mood, when at the yoga class.

The V-shaped neck area gives you an extra liberty, that you have to consider as an asset when you are trying to stretch your head and neck during yoga sessions. Not to mention its great hygiene qualities.

This fabric absorbs the excessive sweating and gives you the chance to dry up more quickly than other garments do. It can prevent your sweating, and even keep you warm when you really need it. It never gets messed up with the yoga mat, giving you the chance to perform all kinds of exercises.


  • Blend of fabric offers breathability
  • Great endurance to external pressure
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Lightweight design not to aggravate your stretching efforts


  • Sometimes cannot stay in position especially during yoga exercises

4. Rative Anti Slip Socks

Rative Anti Slip SocksYou know how important it is to have the best pair of socks when you are practicing yoga. Excessive stretching and bending over requires the best mens yoga clothes that you can possibly have. Extra protection for your sensitive foot structures is also essential, and these socks can successfully provide it to you.

Rative socks have an extra anti slip profile that helps you keep your grip on your yoga mat – no matter the difficulty level of the exercise. With these socks ,you will keep concentrated on yoga sessions, rather than worrying about your balance and traction.

They are made of a specific fiber that makes your feet breathe and assists with the better heat containment of your feet. They can be worn inside your shoes when the yoga session comes to an end without anybody noticing their presence.

On their footbed, they have tiny plastic spots that provide extra friction with the yoga mat and enhanced stability for the user.

Finally, they come in multiple colors for you to choose the one that makes up your mood when practicing yoga. Their extreme style will keep your energy flowing a lot better while stretching.


  • One size fits all
  • Breathable material
  • Elastic fibers to cover your feet
  • Dot grips on the sole give you extra stability


  • No direct touch of toe fingers to the ground, which is a drawback for yogis

5. Muezna Men’s Yoga Socks

Muezna Men's Yoga SocksThis pair of socks that has changed the way yogis are buying socks for yoga. Perfectly shaped for men that are into yoga, this pair of socks can stretch to the fullest extent and give you a perfect sense of balance, when you are walking or running around the yoga mat.

Most of the times these socks are adequately covering your feet, so you feel protected against any adverse event during training. They can even make you feel warmer than before and keep you stabl,e even though you are stretching while performing yoga exercises.

Their synthetic fiber textile makes you feel comfortable and keeps being breathable for the users. On the outer side of the footbed, some plastic pads are applied to give you more friction to the ground when you most need it.

The socks come in many colors for you to choose the one that gives you peace of mind when performing yoga activities. This is really one of the best mens yoga clothes you could possibly ask for.


  • Made from durable textiles that are resistant to constant washing
  • Colors are not fading away with time
  • Plastic outer pads are not heat sensitive
  • Embraces your heel and foot curve adequately to withstand yoga training


  • Not easily available in all regions

6. LannaPremium Pants Men Yoga

LannaPremium Pants Men YogaThis is the most appreciated pair of trousers for men that make a difference when practicing yoga. It has an innovative design that has no belts on it. Only a natural textile waist tie can be applied any time you are wearing it, to keep it close to you when stretching.

It is made of synthetic and cotton hybrid textiles that are great in facing pressures from the ground and stay in close contact to your skin. The width of the pants is one of the biggest you can see in such trousers.

The trousers come in various colors to meet all users expectations.. It has a special anti-bacterial layer on top of the cotton textile, which makes it easier to prevent infections and skin irritations every time you are sweating.

Overall, a great pair of trousers for all yogis that consider themselves experts.


  • Extra-long, so works for tall people
  • Width can be increased to meet the yogi expectations
  • Flexible textile to keep in direct touch with your skin when needed
  • There is no leather belt to suppress your waist while performing yoga


  • Only hand-washed poses several limitations

7. Hoerev Men’s Yoga Pants

Hoerev Men's Yoga PantsThese are the Spandex pair of trousers that have taken the world market by storm from the very first day of their appearance. They are considered to be one of the best mens yoga clothes you can possibly find online.

The trousers are great for indoors as well as outdoor exercise. They feature a very breathable textile, which gives you the kind of air flow you need so that you do not get overheated during exercise.

On the other hand, it comes in many sizes for you to choose the one that best applies to your body type. In case you gain some weight, there is always the chance to increase the size of the waist which is expandable for your ease.

There are multiple colors to select the one that gives you a more balanced mood when you are doing yoga. On the bottom part of the trousers there is a round shaped sleeve that gives you the chance to wear any kind of socks or even stay barefoot when practicing yoga.

Its textile is made from cotton and synthetic fibers, so you are always in the comfort zone no matter what you are doing. These textiles can absorb excessive sweating and you can wash them as often as you want.


  • Convenient size for easy application
  • Washable to the fullest extent
  • No need to have metallic zipper


  • There is a SPANDEX logo on the side that may discourage many yogis

8. YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

YogaAddict Men's Yoga Long PantsA smart solution from Yoga Addict brand that has been producing only state-of-the art garments. So far, we have seen yoga exclusive pair of trousers that are only used when training. However, modern yogis are looking for interchangeable trousers that you can wear in yoga lessons as well as in leisure time.

If this is what you wanted, then Yoga Addict is offering it to you with this specific pair of trousers. Made for people who like to be on the go, this pair of trousers imitates the comfort given to you by regular clothes.

On the other hand, it has a stylish appearance that can easily follow you to your night out for dinner. The trousers are made from an extremely soft cotton textile that contains only 6% of Spandex material to give it some more elasticity.

Therefore, it is easy to wear and feels extremely natural when embracing your body. It helps you to regulate your temperature in an efficient way every time you are sweating in the yoga lessons. Not to mention, that is has some anti-sweating effect, especially for people that are more athletic and exercised than others.

The trousers are giving you the chance to follow your yoga master and kneel, stretch and bend to the fullest extent. They are all you need to thrive into yoga lessons and have a stylish garment for your free time.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day
  • They can be stretched without tearing down when practicing yoga
  • Fabric doesn’t wear off
  • Comes in multiple colors for you to choose


  • Waist bending rope may be suppressing your waist when exercising for yoga

9. Yoga Crow Mens Shorts

Yoga Crow Mens ShortsThese are shorts with the greatest popularity among the male yoga masters. Registered as one of the best mens yoga clothes, you can be assured that this garment is going to stay with you for a long time.

They have a unique form that embrace your legs and abdominal area to give you the least amount of pressure when training. Especially when performing yoga you will not worry whether or not you are going to reveal any sensitive part of your body during stretching.

The shorts have been designed to include a non-abrasive odor resistant boxer which makes you focus to your yoga exercise and not your anatomy. This is the first time a pair of shorts is giving you so much.

Affordable and readily available for purchase, this pair of shorts comes in many colors so that you can choose the one that fits you better. Colors are very important in yoga lessons, since they can make up your mood and levitate the energy throughout your body when you are on the yoga mat.

Finally, this pair of shorts has many sizes for you to select the one, making you feel comfortable when following your yoga master. After all, if you want to meet your inner self you need to be relaxed.


  • Never bunches up, always at its position
  • Can last frequent washing
  • Nylon and polyester fibers give great endurance and flexibility
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee plan


  • There is no way to bend it over your waist for thinner persons

10. CandyHusky Baggy Hippie

CandyHusky Baggy HippieThe well-known baggy hippie has finally made its appearance on the list. Many of yogis still consider these as some of the best mens yoga clothes, since they were the first to bring innovation and style to yoga practice.

These bags are influenced by Shaolin monks in Asia, where trousers that were suppressing the genitals or the legs were banned. An elastic band is placed to the waist and ankle levels so that the trousers are stay in their place.

However, the rest of the trousers are loose, with a set of pockets to place necessary items to have with you at the yoga lesson. Wearing this hippie that looks certainly baggy, you can easily perform all exercises that your yoga master is presenting to you. Either bending, folding, or kneeling and stretching – there is always a way to perform it.

It is made of cotton fabric that is extremely light and breathable, giving you breathability.. You can wash it as many times as you wish since its shape and colors are not going to fade away that easy.

Talking about the colors, this is the first time we have seen such a great variety of colors for people that want to buy it and participate to yoga lessons.


  • Bottoms are versatile for your ease
  • Can keep you warm during outdoors yoga exercise
  • There is one size that can fit to all persons
  • Has an increased stretching ability


  • Cannot be used for leisure time

11. Yoga Clothing Tee Shirt

Yoga Clothing Tee ShirtThis is a really nice T-shirt that is both fashionable and perfect for yoga training. It has been created for men that want to participate in yoga lessons, but need to wear comfortable clothes to meet with their friends afterwards.

Yoga Clothing has a great fame of producing garments for people who are always on the move and need to wear breathable T-shirts that are going to keep sweat at the lowest possible levels.

These T-shirts come in multiple colors that make your mood when trying to follow your yoga master. This is extremely important, since nobody can perform yoga without the right motivation.

The T-shirt gives you the confidence that you are going to feel relieved any time you are wearing it. Consisting of cotton fibers that is breathable,it gives you the chance to perform all the difficult exercises you want to..

Not to mention, this T-shirt is really loose to your belly area offering less chances to reveal it during exercises.


  • Colors cover a wide range for your satisfaction
  • Cotton fibers are more stable and breathable for your comfort
  • Wearing this T-shirt will make you stretch a lot better
  • Lightweight design to keep you always in shape


  • Doesn’t come into a short sleeve version

12. CandyHusky Yoga Pants Cotton

CandyHusky Yoga Pants CottonThe most pajama looking pants you have ever seen for this kind of garment. It has some specifications that no other brand can present.

First, it has an elastic waistband that gives you the minimum possible pressure on your waist when you are performing yoga. This is extremely important, since there is no way you can enjoy an inner energy balance when you are not feeling comfortable with your pants.

Then, it is made of 100% cotton fibers that makes a great difference among other competitors in the same category.

That means you will feel a lot healthier in it since it doesn’t accumulate microbes and dust. The textile makes the whole garment more breathable and gives you the chance to wear it for longer time.

Finally, this product comes in a large variety of colors that match any individual need – no matter how picky a yogi may be. Surely, you will find the one that is going to make you feel better when following your yoga master.


  • Lightweight design
  • Washable as often as you want
  • There is no belt attached on it
  • Perfect for yoga lessons and leisure time as well


  • Not easily available in all places for online purchase

13. YogaAddict Shorts For Men

YogaAddict Shorts For MenThe true story of yoga evolution is written in this quality pair of shorts. Made by My Yoga Addict, the brand has changed the route of history for yoga clothing, and keeps on being a pioneer in its concept.

First, it’s the one and only pair of shorts that includes a boxer in it for your convenience. There is no need to wear another underwear and this will make you feel a lot better when exercising as a yogi.

It has an odorless outer layer, making you train as long as you want and even sweat with no fear of someone getting disturbed by your presence. It secures itself to your waist with a fabric cord that can be bent around when you are stretching and bending.

A real apocalypse for all people that wonder what the best pair of shorts to wear over the yoga mats would be.


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Attaches firmly to your legs and lets you stretch
  • Its fabric gives you extra skin protection
  • Assists you to focus on practicing yoga, rather than adjusting its position


  • You cannot easily wear it outdoors with chilly weather

14. Naviskin 3/4 Pants

Naviskin PantsFinally, a stylish appearance for all yogis that will be appreciated by the public. This Naviskin three quarters type of shorts gives you all the necessary independence you need.Due to its style, you can always participate in multiple activities wearing the same garment.

It is made of 100% polyester to keep you warm and protected. Also, you can find zippers and pockets that are not found in many of its counterparts in the same class. However, this is not a barrier for you to perform all difficult yoga exercises that include stretching and keeling.

This pair of shorts come i three beautiful colors for you to choose. There is also the chance to combine it with other types of garments, like socks and T-shirts and pursue to become the center of attention in the yoga lesson.

Wash it as many times as you need, and it will not degrade at all. One of the most brilliant parts of your yoga clothes collection.


  • Multiple sizes to fit all persons
  • Breathable and sweat absorbent
  • Perfect for all kinds of sports activities
  • Has some reflective elements that help you become visible at night


Can interfere with your energy flow in yoga lessons since there is a metallic zipper on it



Having the right garments for each occasion is a must for everybody and having the right apparel when doing yoga exercise is all the more essential. Yoga is an amazing physical workout routine and even men love doing it and with proper attire, the overall yoga experience is elevated and the benefits are just simply amplified. We hope that our list helps you find the best men’s yoga clothing that you’re looking for, not only to become “very yogin” in the looks but also to make the most out of your hard-toiled money.

As we always say here at 889yoga, health is wealth so keep pushing towards your goal of a healthy lifestyle and live the yogin life.