Best High Waisted Yoga Pants
1. Ododos 2. Satina 3. 90-Degree Reflex

These high-waist yoga pants are trendy must-haves for your next yoga session.

There is an age-old saying that goes, “Health is wealth.” Who wouldn’t notice that the world is fast-paced nowadays, right? In this competitive world that we’re in, most people fail to take care of their health, especially working women, and most of them know that their health has deteriorated when it’s already too late.

One of the aspects of life people tend to ignore in this age of modernity where work is always sitting in front of a computer, is having an active lifestyle that keeps the blood circulating and the body sweating.

If you are venturing towards yoga sessions recently, then this guide will help you pick the best high-waisted yoga pants that offer absolute comfort when you perform even the toughest stretches during your yoga sessions.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who is doing yoga, you’ll surely find this article helpful to you.

With truckloads of burden both at their workplaces and homes, women forget to take care of themselves and their health. This becomes a significant issue when they reach their thirties and forties. With the rising awareness of women’s health, working women have started taking part in various fitness activities.


This includes meditation, yoga, and even gym workouts. If you are one among those working women, who are health conscious, then this is a mandatory read. No more worries about the fittings. So here are a few things that you need to look at when it comes to yoga gear before you begin your shopping spree for the best high waisted yoga pants.

Why do Yoga Pants have High Waist?

Before we proceed to the items on the list, let’s dig into some Yoga history. Yoga is a tradition that was born in the Indian subcontinent. This practice is highly attached to the Vedic religions since ancient times and one of the percepts this tradition follows is being connected with nature.

Over the course of time and history, Yoga had also spread across the globe through religious conventions, cultural exchange, and trade. The late 19th century has seen this spread with the Parliament of World’s Religion where Swami Vivekananda has shared the Yoga tradition.

While Yoga was originally a religious exercise, the west has dropped it and retained the physical side of doing yoga. As mentioned above, yoga is a way of connecting to nature to connect to the divine and so, this exercise was done in a way that the body poses mimics what can be seen in nature such as landforms, animals, and wild beasts. And since yoga is of religious in nature, these yoga poses or also known as Asanas depicts some of the Vedic epics and their characters.

As yoga became a trend in the west, their advance medical sciences have also started studying the physical benefits of yoga and found that it can be used for physical therapy as well as a good supplement to sports routines.

Knowing the history will give us a better understanding as to why Yoga Pants have a high waist to them. With yoga having been studied with science, so as the garments manufacturers with a better understanding of ergonomics.

Let’s build the puzzle. Yoga is a non-intensive exercise and the routine is focused on improving body tone, core strength, body balance, and flexibility. This means that the body relies much on its own weight just as with Calisthenics, but is done in a manner that does not force the cardio to exert more effort than it is on high-intensity workouts.

With yoga working much on flexibility, comfortable workout apparel is very important as improper sportswear could add to physical limits if not worse, and could even cause unnecessary injuries on some occasions. Thus, this tells us much as to why Yoga pants have a high waist.

What is the Best High-waisted Leggings?

There are tons of brands you can choose from if you are just simply looking for the “best” one and the reality is, anyone can simply claim that they are. But here at, we make sure that we are choosing the real best and so, we’ve set some factors to consider which are the real best and this bar is our standard regardless of the brand name of the hype item gets.

1. Material

The first thing that you need to consider when you shop for yoga pants is the material that it is made out of. There are several kinds of fabric onto which yoga leggings are made. It could be satin, spandex, nylon, synthetic cotton, or a mixture of these. The materials used for the leggings will define the breathability, stretchability, absorption, and comfort of the leggings you are to buy.

Remember, you are looking for High-Waist Yoga Leggings so the fabric has to be highly stretchable so that it does not restrict your movement when you bend or rise.

You would also like to consider liquid-resistant and sweat-wicking leggings so that you will not feel uncomfortably sticky as you sweat in the course of your yoga sessions. Wearing the right outfit can keep you relaxed and even allows you to concentrate more on the activity and not on the outfit.

Compare the different available yoga pants for the material in which they are made. We may say that the softer the material, the better the quality while it might not always be the case. Be sure to try the material once before you purchase, to choose which one suits you the best. Also would like to consider checking if the manufacturer is using eco-friendly materials and has recycling options. Let’s do yoga sustainably.

2. Size

The biggest mistake that most women do while purchasing yoga outfits is that they don’t pick the right size. Yoga leggings are meant to be skin fit as having loose leggings could hamper your movement. Remember that each outfit has a different sizing scale.

When you are about to purchase, take a trial to be confident enough of the sizing. There are brands that can offer from smallest possible size and up to larger plus-size so you might also want to check on that. Yoga pants have a size that is a bit different from the casual outfits you usually put on. It’s best not to risk it and give it a try before you make a decision.

3. Sweat Free

As mentioned above, the material matters the most. There are a few manufacturers that make the Best High waisted Yoga pants. These pants are usually sweat-free with innovative technologies.

These sweat-free leggings are often called as Dri-fit or using materials called MicrofibersThey are even breathable; that makes sure, your you don’t feel it difficult while performing yoga. Breathable fabric keeps your skin dry and sweat-free and allows a minimal amount of air circulation.

Wearing material that is too tight may cause rashes or irritation on your skin. Especially in the joints, wearing a fitter costume is usually a significant issue that most women face when taking up yoga sessions.

4. Colour

This doesn’t have much impact on comfort levels. But it is always better to go for darker colors like Black or darker shades of Brown and Blue. This is also a way to hide undergarments especially for those conservative yogins who don’t want to show much skin. Darker shaded tends to hide underwear through its mesh. A few of the yoga pants that are available in the market seem to be transparent. This might cause discomfort to a few people.

Along with the material, picking a dark color is just an added advantage. Most people who buy yoga pants, pick black as a preferable color. It is up to you to pick up the color of your choice. There are wider options available in the case of colors. Apart from plain shades, you also have printed or designer pants that you can use both for yoga sessions and even for casual wear.

5. Cutting

Though all high waisted yoga pants appear the same, there is a variation in the cutting of the design. This alters the comfort level too. Some yoga pants. like Capri design, High waist, and sneaker long, have features that amplify comfort, body toning, and give a fabulous look to the wearer. If you are just a beginner, you can get a pair of yoga pants from different types and try which one suits you the best.

The cutting that fits you can never be determined just by trying it on. Wear them on your yoga sessions and try working out with them to understand if it is comfortable and easy-going on you. This highly relies on the type of yoga stretches you do and also on the length of the pants that you wish to wear.

Top 15 Best High Waisted Yoga Pants 2019

1. Ododos Out Pocket High Waisted Yoga Pants

Ododos Out pocket High Waisted Yoga PantsThe ODODOS yoga pants are created from a blend of Polyester, Spandex, and Nylon, to give you maximum comfort. These pants are on the list of best high waisted yoga pants in the market. The main reason is the unique blend that makes the outfit more breathable and comfortable to wear. The elastic closure gives a tight fit to your feet too.

Choose from the widest range of color and sizing. The coolest part is the sweat absorption technology in these pants that keeps you sweat-free even when you do the heaviest workouts. One another added advantage is the pocket that lets you keep essentials like Mobile phones or keys.


  • Availability of wider size range
  • Provision for pockets
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Transparency issues with a few colors

2. Satina High Waisted Leggings

Satina High Waisted LeggingsIf your ultimate goal is to look for the best high waisted yoga pants, that would you give you the best look, then Satina high waisted leggings must be your choice. The perfect fit around the waist gives you a best-streamlined look and also provides the utmost comfort. The peach skin fabric is skin-friendly and protects your skin from rashes.

No matter what your type or size is, Satina high waisted leggings have solutions to every lady out there. These leggings are suitable for casual wear as well. The fabric is crafted out of polyester and spandex to give it flexibility. You can even do splits with confidence with Satina High waisted leggings, the most comfortable yoga pants in the market. Choose from the 25 different color choices offered.


  • Wider color ranges
  • Perfect waist fitting
  • Excellent fabric


  • No provision for pocket
  • See-through in case of light colors

3. 90-Degree Reflex

90-Degree ReflexThe 90 Degree reflex leggings are comfortable. They are both high waisted and at the same time, are Capri for those who wish to have shorter yoga pants. The fabric is a blend of Nylon and Spandex to give you the best legging wearing experience. The colors are also available in a wider range from the darkest shades of black to the mildest pink.

These pants also have a quick wick technology that keeps you dry even when you sweat much. The best high waisted yoga pants in the market are super skin-friendly and stay put to your waist. These capri pants also come with provisions for pockets, which makes it still a better option among the others. Add this to your closet to enjoy your weekends in the coolest outfits in town.

The best part is the 30-day full money back warranty that makes sure you are delivered only with the best product. Pick from the wide range of sizes that are available to make sure you have an ecstatic yoga experience with the utmost comfort. The waistband is designed to give you the best fit.


  • Perfect waist fitting
  • Capri length
  • Money-back warranty on the product
  • Provision for pockets
  • Wide range in sizing


  • Issues with transparency in some colors

4. 90 Degree High Waist Power Flex

90 Degree High Waist Power FlexWhen it comes to having a good shape, women mostly suffer issues with saggy tummies. This destroys the look of the outfit you wear and also leaves you uncomfortable in a few cases. If you are one of the women uncomfortable by the oversized tummies you have, then this 90-degree high waist power flex tummy control legging is designed exclusively for you.

The legging extends from 25 to 28 inches and covers till your ankles. Look perfectly slim and cover all your oversized tummies with the exclusive waistband that is found on these best High waisted yoga pants. The waistband is wide enough to provide you comfort and also give you the best look.

The four-way stretch material is designed extensively to wick the sweat and keep your skin dry and comfy all day. This could be the best option if you want to go round the town on even the hottest summer days. The stitches are designed to be strong and hold the pants in the frame. The wide range of colors makes it more preferred for casual wear as much as for yoga pants.

The material is made of blends from spandex and nylon, which makes these pants more comfortable for regular wear. The stretchability is also due to the fabric. Just like the other products from the 90-degree brand, this also has a 30-day money-back guarantee that ensures only the best quality product is delivered to you. Start your fitness sessions today with the best high waisted Yoga pants in hand.


  • Best quality material
  • Ensures breathability and comfort
  • Wider sizes and color range
  • Money-back guarantee


  • No provisions for pockets

5. 90 Degrees By Reflex

90 Degrees By ReflexIf you are a highly enthusiastic yoga lover or a regular gym-goer, then these capris are exclusively designed for you. Gift yourself the best looking high waisted yoga pants in the market. These pants are designed with the best fabric to give you the most comfortable yoga wear.

The combination of nylon and spandex makes it super flexible. These pants stay put to your skin even in the extreme stretches you perform. The best part about these capris is the side pockets. This can house all the essentials you wish to carry and keep protected. Yet another advantage is the hidden key pocket in the waistband.

The waistband is around 5 inches thick and gives you an appealing back look with the curved back yoke. The squat proof and four-way stretch material makes the Capri still more advantageous for rigorous workout sessions.


  • Side pocket and waistband key pocket provisions
  • Thicker waistband
  • Squat proof material
  • Suitable for both casual and workout wear
  • Money-back guarantee


  • See-through issues with a few products

6. Iuga High Waist Pants

Iuga High Waist PantsWhen it comes to fitness wear, IUGA has been a leading manufacturer of super comfortable workout wear. The High waistbands keep your stomach flat and ready for the workout. The seams are designed to reduce rubbing and give you the maximum possible comfort. The fabric is stretchable to help you get maximum comfort while performing stretches.

Hide your keys safe in the hidden provisions in the waistbands. Another excellent advantage is the 30-day money-back policy offered by the manufacturer in case of unsatisfied products. Feel super comfortable and breathable with the best high waisted yoga pants.


  • Excellent fabric
  • Hidden pockets in the waistband
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Issues with sizing

7. Homma Premium Thick

Homma Premium ThickThe Homma Firm control fabric is designed to support your body movements while performing hectic workouts. The fabric is designed to be super comfortable and breathable. The tight fit ensures that these pants stick to your body during stretches, and the wicking technology keeps you sweat-free and ready for more.

Do not settle with the best high waisted yoga pants. Keep yourself prepared even for the toughest workouts with the support from the Homma premium thick high waisted leggings. These leggings also compress your tummy and can also be sued as regular wear too.


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Waistband for compressing tummy
  • Wide color choice


  • No provision for pockets

8. Oalka Women Power Flex

Oalka Women Power FlexIf you are a fitness lover, then Oalka Women Power flexes high waist pants are meant just for you. The mix of nylon and spandex is designed exclusively for the utmost comfort of women. Along with stretchability, these pants are also breathable and sweat-free. If you are worried about the seams that might cause itches, then Oalka has a solution for that as well.

The interlocks keep you irritation-free. You can wear them all day and still feel comfortable. The manufacturer also offers a full refund in case the product you ordered doesn’t match your expectations. Use the size chart to pick a suitable high waist pant and begin your yogic expedition.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Irritation free seams
  • Suitable sizes to pick from


  • No provision for pockets
  • Available only in solid colors

9. Compression Z High Waisted Leggings

Compression Z High Waisted LeggingsThese high waisted leggings are crafted for women athletes. The snug fit ensures that your pants stay in place. This gives you maximum comfort while working out in any position. The tight-fitting pants give better circulation to your legs and let you work the extra mile. The 4-way stretchable fabric is designed to give you maximum comfort and breathability.

These pants come in fancy prints that you can use for casual wear to look chic and perfect. The 100 percent money-back guarantee in case of the unsatisfied product makes sure you are always delivered with the best product.


  • The perfect fit waistband
  • Available in cool printed patterns


  • No provisions for pockets

10. Baleaf Women’s High Waisted Leggings

Baleaf Women's High Waisted LeggingsThe belief high waisted leggings are designed from a blend of fabrics to give maximum comfort. The fabric is buttery soft and smooth on your skin. The wicking technology of this fabric makes it more suited for workout wear, as it keeps you dry and free from sweat.

The high waistband is also designed to keep your shape in perfect condition. The hidden pockets in the waistband are an added advantage. Choose from the wide range of available colors, to make a cool yoga outfit or Sunday wear.


  • Wider color choices
  • Tight-fitting
  • Hidden pocket


  • XXXL size is unavailable

11. Satina High Waisted Flare

Satina High Waisted FlareIf you are looking for summer outfits that would have better air circulation and keep you dry, then high waisted palazzos are what you desire. The perfect fit at the was it gives you an appealing look and compresses your belly. The flare bottom gives a modern and trendy look. These pants come in both prints as well as solid colors, to match your everyday needs. The fabric is also designed to give you the maximum comfort for regular wear. If you prefer doing meditation, these are the best high waisted Yoga pants to match your needs.


  • Perfect waist fitting
  • Refund guarantee
  • Flare bottoms


  • No provisions for pockets

12. Dragon Fit Compression Yoga Pants

Dragon Fit Compression Yoga PantsThe dragon fit compression yoga pants are crafted extensively for women who love yoga. The fabric is designed to stretch and flex along with the movement of your body to ensure you experience maximum comfort. The waistbands are designed to give you a perfect fit and compress your tummy to provide you with the best look. These pants find use in almost all physical activities and can also be used for regular wear. The 100 percent money-back guarantee is also available on this product.


  • Best fit
  • High waistbands for perfect looks
  • Available in print and plain colors


  • No provisions on pockets
  • Not many options with colors to choose from

13. Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants

Fengbay High Waist Yoga PantsThe Fengbay High waist yoga pants are designed with a fabric that has 2 in 1 activity. The fabric is both flexible, as well as non-see-through, to give you the best comfort. There are two pockets available in these yoga pants; a hidden one in the waistband and the external one that is visible.

These pants are used for tummy control. The breathability and comfort provided by the fabric make it more unique. The pants have a 30 days money-back guarantee in case of unsatisfied product quality.


  • Super stretchable
  • Non-see-through
  • Provisions for hidden and external pockets


  • The lesser choice for colors

14. Olacia Yoga Pants

Olacia Yoga PantsThese are exclusive leggings with pockets that could house even smartphones. These high waisted yoga pants give you a smooth looking and attractive figure. The fairway stretch fabric is designed to provide you with the most comfortable feeling while working outstretches.

The blend of fabric is designed for a super dry technology to keep you comfortable even after heavy workout sessions. These pants are suitable for workouts and also on regular or casual wear. Match them up with a top to keep yourself comfortable and ready any day. No matter what the purpose, these high waist pants would keep you prepared for everything


  • High waist to give the perfect fit
  • Full-length pants for all-purpose


  • No provision for pockets
  • Lesser options in terms of color

15. Seasum Women’s High Waist Pants

Seasum Women's High Waist PantsIf you are looking for pull up pants that can give you the best look, then Seasum High waist pants must be your choice. The super-fit look it gives makes you more attractive and appealing. The material is a blend of spandex and polyester to give a stretchable look and maximum comfort.

These pants are suitable for all occasions, from jogs to cycling to yoga sessions. You can even use them as casual wear on regular days as the fabric is designed for all kinds of weather and conditions.


  • Excellent quality fabric
  • Suited for all occasions


  • No provisions for pockets
  • No guarantee policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Do my yoga Pants keeps Falling Down?

A. Common cause of leggings falling down is when the length of your leggings is more than your legs. This then makes excess fabric to be stepped on and over time as you keep stepping on these excess fabrics the whole leggings are stretched, become saggy, and eventually, loose. As a piece of advice, be sure that you are buying a pair of leggings that is fit to your leg and hip features to avoid this problem.

Q. How tight can yoga pants be?

A. Tightness will be dependent on the size you are buying. Buying small leggings that will fit you will surely make a tight one. But, the yoga leggings you want to have must be comfortably skin-fit and will not hinder your movements. You can easily find this by checking the belly just above the waistband. See if you have any marks or wrinkles. If so, then you might have to move to a bigger size. Online stores also show their waist and hip sizes enough to guide your buying decision.

Q. Is it okay to wear yoga pants in public?

A. There is nothing wrong on wearing yoga pants in public as there are typically breathable so they are very comfortable to wear during hot seasons. Just like the other similar pants, it is widely accepted now and can be worn in public. The general rule of thumb is to always check if they are made of breathable fabric and comfortable to wear.

The Best High Waisted Yoga Pants – Your Choice?

Doing yoga is a healthy and fun recreational activity. If you are a busy person, this routine could also be your go-to exercise. ANd of course, having the proper garments will help you enjoy more your yoga sessions. If you are new and looking forward to beginning your yoga expedition, then choose your outfits wisely.

The best high waisted yoga pants are essential to give you a comforting feeling when you concentrate on your workouts. Mentioned above are a few best high waisted Yoga pants that are loved and purchased by people around the globe.

Choose wisely while buying your yoga outfits. Get only the ones that give you maximum comfort. Understand the sizing as this varies across brands, choose the size that gives you a perfect and good looking it and stays put. The ones with the money-back guarantee are added advantages. Get what matches you to have an enthusiastic yoga experience.