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How often do you exercise? Is your workout routine strenuous? Anyone who exercises regularly will concur with me that massive exercising results in intense sweating. It is so because exercise tends to consume a lot of the body’s calories. One deserves to remain as comfortable as possible during training. One of the best ways to do so is by using appropriate gear like the best yoga towels and quality yoga swings (we cover how do I choose a yoga swing?). Using a high-quality yoga towel helps to rid your skin off of the highly salty sweat hence exposing your pores.

A good yoga towel must be fully absorbent to wipe off the sweat from your skin. Sweat tends to block the skin pores, hence, making one very uncomfortable. Thanks to manufacturers, there are countless types of yoga towels for customers today. However, the exciting reality is that price is directly proportional to quality. The better the quality of the yoga towel, the pricier the product.


At this point, you may be grappling with several different questions. Some of them may include, what are the different types of yoga towels, what are their designs? Are there pros and cons of the available yoga towels varieties? Well, no worries! Addressed adequately below are some of the concerns in this article.

It may be prudent to start by highlighting the different types of yoga towels. It will be instrumental in the decision-making process of the best yoga towel. 899 Yoga has the scoop for you!

What is a Yoga Towel for?

Workout routines are surely sweaty activities and that is what makes working out great because toxins in our body are getting a release through our working integumentary system via our sweat glands that are responsible for generating the sweat which is a by-product. Amazing how our body works, right? This is something that ancient Indians have already in mind when they thought about the practice of Yoga in their early Vedic Religion. They always believed in the balance of life and that the physical body has the ability to self-healing. It is actually later on then that bodily systems were discovered by different scientists, thanks to their efforts and dedication to science.

Before we go loco with all these scientific and other medical terms, let’s get on to check out the best yoga towels available in the market. These yoga towels are our handy companion to clean ourselves up after sweat-producing and enjoyable yoga sessions.

Did you know that towels were first made in Bursa, Turkey? In the days of the Ottoman Empire in modern-day Turkey, they are known for their tradition of public baths and their weaving skills, and these towels were a handy mate for cleaning themselves and they called is pestamel. The “pestamel” are lightweight and very absorbent. With the expanding population of the empire, so the demand for these towels grew with it. It came to such a point that towels with elaborate designs started to become a status symbol and it also isn’t cheap as we know towels today. Prices significantly dropped only upon the advent of the industrial revolution wherein cotton trade was industrialized and weaving was mechanized.

Today, there are different types of towels that you can buy in the market and each varies in color, size, design, and even for use.

Different Types Of Yoga Towels Available For You

Nowadays, there are several varieties of yoga towels in the market. However, there are two broad categories into which the yoga towels are divided;

Max-length yoga towels. These towels have a minimum length of 68 inches and have a direct impact on the user’s stability. The mats are mainly used for specific activities such as yoga classes, working out at the gym, traveling, among other uses. The significant advantage of this towel is its high ability to absorb moisture or sweat.

Hand yoga towels. These are not as common as the max-length. As the name suggests, the sheets are mainly used to dry the hands of the user. For this reason, yoga towels are usually smaller in size. Additionally, the hand yoga towels are also less expensive as they’re not as stylish and significant as the max-length yoga towels.

Some of other common towels are the following:

  • Baby Towel

    These towels are intended for the use of covering and wiping babies and are typically made of fabrics that are suitable for the delicate young skins of infants.

  • Kitchen Towels

    Specifically used for kitchen operations. These towels are either made up of cotton or paper and are intended to easily wipe dry dishes and other kitchen utensils.

  • Sports Towel

    Often made up of Chamois, typically from a skin of a European mountain goat, these sports towels are a very absorbent kind of porous leather that becomes hard when dry, but is capable of absorbing and containing a significant volume of liquid which is something that you can describe as a flat sponge.

  • Beach Towel

    These towels are often big in size wherein one could fit to lay down or even to be used as a picnic cloth on the beachside. Usually of colorful or fancy patterns, is good for covering for privacy when changing clothes in public beaches, and good for removing sand away from the skin.

What kind of towel do I bring to Yoga?

There are lots of towels that you can choose from and what you need to bring to your next yoga class depends on some factors like how far is the place as you might need to bring something that isn’t too heavy to carry traveling around. You might also want to consider how long are you gonna stay in that place, for example, if that is a city far from your hometown and you’re planning to stay there longer and you’re doing yoga in that location.

Also, you could determine what towel to bring depending on the type of place. Will be a resort or a beach? A yoga studio? Transient house or AirBNB spot you are to rent? What matters the most is that you’re bringing just exactly what you need so that you don’t bring extra luggage with you.

Factors To Consider While Purchasing the Best Yoga Towel

One undeniable fact is that different types of yoga towels present various features. Therefore, a customer needs to know what to consider keenly before buying one. Below are the crucial factors to consider to avoid making the wrong decision. That’s why every time we make our top list, we make sure that bars are set high as this is our commitment to point yogins and future yogins to products that will surely make their yoga journey more fruitful and enjoyable.

Below are the factors that we took into consideration to know which are the best yoga towel for this year.

1.) Size Of The Towel

All yoga towels are not of similar sizes. Therefore, the first thing to consider is the size of the cloth you need. Different customers have different tastes concerning the size. A client should buy a yoga towel that fully suits his or her feeling of scale as well as his or her needs. For example, if your yoga sessions are done at home, you might want to go for a bigger one so it can also be used as your regular bath towel. If your yoga sessions are done in the studio, you might prefer to have lightweight chamois-type or microfiber-based towels.

2.) The Durability Of The Product

Secondly, you must consider the durability of the towel. Every customer has a right to get value for money. Different yoga towels have varying strengths based on the materials used for crafting the sheets.

3.) Budget

To take into advisement is the cost of the cloth is the essential factor. However, it’s prudent to note that it’s unwise to purchase a low-quality sheet just because it’s cheap. Ultimately such a customer spends more as low-quality leads to short durability and repeated purchase. Always go for the most durable yoga towel; if you can afford it, it will save you unnecessary trouble.

4.) Material Required

Always consider the material used to manufacture the yoga towel. Content is highly critical in determining the quality of the overall sheet. A customer should primarily opt for microfiber as it significantly contributes to the durability and softness of the towels. Cotton-based towels are highly absorbent, soft, and comfortable. However, it might fluff and tear apart sooner than it would. There are also lots of towels that are based on synthetic fibers and they are surely not advisable as they aren’t liquid absorbent.

5.) Color Of The Towel

Also, consider the color of the yoga towel. Is this relevant? You may ask. Yes, it is! There are studies that colors visible to the eye inside a room could affect the mood and atmosphere of the surroundings. Brightly colored yoga towels demand cleaning regularly and could easily get stained. Although regular cleaning is good, it slowly leads to wearing out of the product and makes the color fade away fast. Dull-colored yoga towels require less cleaning as long as the customer stores them in a clean environment. However, this should not limit you at all! Go for the color you love most!

6.) Level of Absorption

A good yoga towel must be absorbent. Technically, the essence of a yoga towel is to absorb sweat from your skin after a strenuous activity such as exercising. Therefore, you need to buy a towel that is capable of drying your skin. Absorbance dramatically helps to improve your level of comfort.

7) Weight Of The Yoga Mat

Did you know that weight has a direct correlation with maximum comfort? A heavy mat is usually made from high-quality material, sticky, and absorbent. Therefore, such a mat guarantees comfort during exercises.

However, there are also light materials that are used to create long-lasting yoga towels. Therefore, it’s advisable to combine both price and weight. Purchase the most durable and high-quality that will make your workout an unforgettable experience.

Additionally, the weight of the yoga mat determines how easy or hard it is to wash the mat. The weightier the yoga mat, the more difficult it is to clean. Therefore, go for the yoga mat that best suits your taste.

8) Portability

This is a crucial factor depending on the purpose of the mat. For example, if you intend to buy a yoga towel or mat for traveling, then you must consider portability. However, if the mat is to remain in a specific place, then this may not be too crucial to consider.
Portability does not imply that a customer should settle for poor-quality yoga towels. It’s about the weight and size of the towel to make it easier for you to carry it around as you please.

Top 12 Best Yoga Towels 2019

To help you buy the best yoga towel, we’ve reviewed the top 17 yoga towels for you in 2019. Here they are.

1. The Perfect Yoga Towel

Best Yoga Towel

Design And Material

It is another highly popular yoga towel for you today. Do you always wonder which is the best yoga towel for hot yoga? Worry no more, as the perfect yoga towel is the answer! The material used in the ideal yoga towel is microfiber. Microfiber is a high hypo allergic material that has no adverse effect on the environment. The sheet measures 68 inches by 24 inches and is mainly XL sized.


  • The towels are available in various colors.
  • Highly soft and comfortable as its made from microfiber.
  • The towel is hypoallergenic.
  • The yoga towel measures 68 inches by 24 inches.
  • The towel is also environmentally and skin-friendly.


  • The material used being microfiber makes the towel is highly durable.
  • The perfect yoga towel is odorless.
  • The yoga towel is non-slip since it comprises of sticky material.
  • This towel is multipurpose and can be used to shower, camping, travel, yoga classes, among other uses.
  • The perfect yoga towel is very soft and comfy.
  • The material is very absorbent hence efficient in absorbing sweat.
  • Highly portable as it’s light in weight and foldable without affecting the quality of the towel.


  • The towels are dull-colored.
  • The size is large hence may not suit everyone’s size preference.
  • It has no specific design; hence, not stylish.
  • Manufactured using microfiber. The yoga towel is a bit pricey.

2. Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

Youphoria Hot Yoga Towel

Every customer is rightly keen on the quality of a product before deciding on whether to purchase it. Youphoria hot yoga towel is one of the most widely known max-length sheets. It is primarily owing to the high-quality microfiber used to produce them. The towel measures 24 inches by 72 inches in size.

Additionally, the yoga towel has no specific design and is available in different colors. Some of the available colors include grey, black, purple, to mention but just a few.


What makes Youphoria hot yoga towel the best yoga towel? Below are some of the most outstanding features of the sheet.

  • Youphoria hot yoga towel exists in different colors, making it more preferable than other towels.
  • The material used is microfiber, a superabsorbent material.
  • It measures 24 inches by 72 inches.


  • The yoga towel is easily foldable.
  • Youphoria hot yoga towel is a super moisture absorber.
  • There are many available colors.
  • The towel is more affordable as compared to other yoga towels.
  • Light hence easy to clean or carry around.
  • The hot yoga towel is durable.
  • It allows for splendid balance when exercising.


  • This hot yoga towel lacks a stylish design.
  • Less sticky hence allows for sliding off.
  • There is only one fixed size hence unsuitable to customers who prefer smaller or larger sizes.

3. Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Design And Material

Are you heavily built? Professionally designed for you is Shandali hot yoga towel. The towel comprises an elastic material that allows the user to stretch and exercise fully and comfortably. These yoga towels professionally contain microfibers. Additionally, the sheets best suit both heavily and middle built customers. It is one of the essential features which makes it the best yoga towel for you. Additionally, the mat gas a new rare feature of eco-silicone.


  • The towel has an unprecedented level of stickiness, making exercising more enjoyable and straightforward.
  • It has a rare eco-silicone feature.
  • Brightly colored hence catchier.


  • Shandali hot yoga towel exists in different colors to accommodate varying customer tastes.
  • Bright in color with a tasty design.
  • The yoga towels are durable.
  • Highly absorbent hence effective in wiping off sweat.
  • The yoga towels are very sticky hence have excellent stability.
  • Highly durable due to the microfiber material.
  • The yoga towel is also slid-resistant and efficient in balance maintenance.
  • The best towel as it firmly grips the customer during strenuous exercise activities without running the risk of skidding off.


  • More prone to dirt as it’s made from microfiber and is brightly colored.
  • Too expensive, especially if purchased from online retailers.
  • There is only the standard size.
  • There are now dull-colored towels available.
  • The towels lack a unique and captivating device.

4. YogaRat Yoga Towel

YogaRat Yoga Towel

Are you a fan of different colors? YogaRat is the best option for you as it has over six different colors just for you. The towel is made 100 percent from microfiber material. However, it also has an 80 percent polyester,20 percent nylon, and 350 grams’ thread count. There are three different sizes, namely 24 inches by 68 inches,24 inches by 72 inches, and 26 by 72 inches. That is the main feature that makes these towels the best yoga towel.


  • Efficient in moisture and sweat absorption.
  • Hand towel measures 15 inches by 24 inches.
  • Can be easily be folded.


  • There are sizeable hand towels at reasonable prices.
  • There are three different yoga towels to suit different customers.
  • Easily foldable without affecting the quality of the towel.
  • Highly efficient in absorbing moisture due to the soft microfiber material.
  • There are different colors to satisfy various customers.
  • The towels are quite affordable, as there are different sizes and designs.


  • The towel is too thin and hence not suitable for strenuous activities such as yoga.
  • The towel lacks a stylish design.

5. Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga Jaci Yoga Mat Towel

Buyers have a right to get value for their money. Thanks to manufacturers, the Yoga Jaci mat towel is here to guarantee quality. What makes this towel durable? Well, the yoga towel is manufactured from long-lasting natural materials hence ensuring quality.
Interestingly, the seller provides both hand yoga towels as well as the max-length. The max-length towels measure 24 by 75 inches, whereas the hand towels measure 24 by 15 inches.


  • The yoga towel is firm and resistant to sliding.
  • Both hands yoga towels and max-length towels are soft.
  • Perfect moisture and perspiration absorption.


  • The yoga towels are slid-resistant hence effective in maintaining balance.
  • It has a unique and stylish design.
  • Large enough to be used for different activities.
  • Soft enough to guarantee comfort while in use.
  • It has the right quality edges, which contribute to their overall durability.
  • It holds one’s body parts firmly, especially during activities such as gaming, yoga classes, among other activities.


  • Most of these yoga towels are dull in color.
  • The towels also lack a fascinating design.
  • The towel cannot be easily folded owing to the stiff material used to create them.

6. Heathyoga Yoga Towel

Heathyoga Yoga Towel

Are you a fashion lover? Well, a health yoga, yoga towel is here for you! Health yoga towels have the catchiest and modern design. Additionally, the sheets comprise of premium microfiber, which boosts its softness and moisture absorption level. This towel measures i83 by 65 centimeters in length and width, respectively.


  • The towel is always taut and firm thanks to the professionally designed corners.
  • Highly stylish due to the catchy design.
  • The health yoga towel is entirely environmentally friendly.


  • The yoga towel is light, as it weighs only 400 grams.
  • Health yoga, yoga towels are absorbent, thus useful in wiping off sweat or moisture during strenuous activities.
  • There are diverse designs for the client; hence, it accommodates various customer tastes.
  • The material is very soft hence suitable for those who are over sweating.
  • It is large, thus ideal for activities such as yoga classes, gym, to mention but a few.
  • Both bright and dull-colored towels are available to satisfy different customers.


  • Not suitable for customers who prefer one colored yoga towels.
  • The size is too large for every client.

7. IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

It is arguably the most preferred yoga towel in the market in modern society. The yoga towel comprises of premium microfiber. Microfiber is a super absorbent raw material with a high level of absorption. Additionally, the sheet also has a captivating peripheral pocket design. The towel is sticky; thus does not allow sliding off.


  • Highly absorbent due to the soft material used to produce the towel.
  • The towel is firm and can hence, the mats remain in place while in use.
  • The yoga towel is also usable for different activities.


  • The ideal size mat for yoga classes and workouts.
  • The mat can be easily folded hence suitable when traveling.
  • There are various colors, both bright and dull, to accommodate different people.
  • There are varying sizes based on their purpose.
  • IUGA non-slip yoga towel is soft and warm.


  • The yoga towels lack a stylish design.
  • The towels are too thin to be used for long.
  • IUGA non-slip yoga towels are too expensive as compared to other yoga towels in the market.

8. Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Would you like to know the secret to this product’s popularity? Well, the answer is one of the materials used to manufacture the towels. The towel is constructed from durable materials making it soft and sticky. The primary raw material used is microfiber. Microfiber is naturally a sticky and rigid material. It is a crucial feature needed to enhance body stability during exercising.


  • The yoga mat is soft and slid-resistant.
  • The mats are long-lasting owing to the rigid microfiber it comprises.


  • Microfiber yoga mat towel is hypoallergic; thus do not affect allergic people.
  • The towels are soft, therefore sufficient to sweaty people.
  • Absorbs two times better than an ordinary cotton yoga mat.
  • The towel is large hence useful in various activities.


  • The towels do not have a catchy design.
  • The towels are quite pricey as compared to other yogas towels.

9. Auroroae Non-Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Auroroae Non-Slip Hot Microfiber Yoga Mat Towel

Are you in search of the best non-slip yoga towel? Make merry as Aurorae is here for you! The sheet manufactures from microfiber material. Microfiber is very efficient in the wiping off sweat or any other moisture. Additionally, the content is also light and foldable.


  • Aurorae is very absorbent and sticky.
  • The towel folds quickly.
  • The material used is lightweight.


  • Aurorae is highly absorbent and can hence easily wipe off sweat.
  • The yoga towel folds easily without negatively affecting the quality of the towel.
  • The towel allows one to strike a balance without sliding.
  • It has a favorable size for activities such as yoga classes, gym workouts, among others.
  • Light in weight and can hence carriable around conveniently.
  • Retailers offer a two-year guarantee to customers that wish to purchase this specific product.
  • Aurorae yoga towels are all very durable owing to the quality of microfiber.
  • Easy to clean as it’s light.


  • The towel has dull colors, hence, not stylish.
  • There are no varying sizes to suit all customers.
  • Reasonably expensive when compared to other available yoga towels.

10. Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab

Design And Material

It is one of the most fashionable and stylish yoga towels you’ll ever get; a hot yoga towel is how the yoga towels are popularly referred to as. Why is that so, you may wonder. That’s food for thought! The design lab towel has twelve distinct designs to suit as many clients as possible, including you. Who wouldn’t want to own an eye-catching mat?

This towel. Some of the conventional designs include a mandala rose, chevron Maya and floral flow. These catchy designs are professionally printed using environmentally friendly ink with zero toxicity. Additionally, the ink used for design printing is water-based; hence, it’s not affected by water.


  • The yoga towel has twelve different designs.
  • The ink used for designing has zero toxicity.
  • Presents a total makeover owing to its popular colors and professional designing.
  • The lightweight material is used to craft the towels.


  • The yoga towel is manufactured from a lightweight material.
  • It does not fade as the ink used for design is water-based.
  • The ink used for designing is non-toxic.
  • It has a catchy appearance.
  • The yoga towel is highly absorbent.
  • The ink used for design is entirely environmentally friendly.


  • Highly expensive owing to the design and the pricey materials used to make it.
  • The yoga towels are predominantly brightly colored, which may not suit some customer’s tastes.
  • It only has twelve designs.
  • Most of these towels are usually significant.

11. Heathyoga Yoga Microfiber Towel

Heathyoga Yoga Microfiber Towel

Design and Material

This high-density product comprises of microfiber. There are over 20 additional colors and styles available today. The yoga towel measures 71 inches by 26 inches and has a unique, fascinating design. Microfiber ensures softness and a high level of absorbance.


  • Zura Combo Yoga towel is very soft and sticky.
  • Large in size hence sufficient for various activities such as workouts and yoga classes.
  • It has different colors and styles to suit your unique taste.
  • The yoga towel also has suitable water-based inks.


  • The yoga material has over 20 colors and styles, making it catchy and impressive in appearance.
  • The size is highly appropriate for multiple activities such as yoga and regular workouts, as well as resting.
  • Zura combo yoga towel is sticky, thus less likely to cause injuries during yoga classes.
  • Comprises of microfiber hence efficient in absorbing sweat or any other moisture off from the skin.
  • The material is also highly durable.
  • The yoga mat is large enough to accommodate different heights and body physique.


  • The mats are of a specific size, thus unsuitable for clients who prefer smaller or larger sizes.
  • The high density and soft material make it take longer to dry when cleaned.
  • All these yoga towels are multi-colored and have different styles. It may not be appealing to customers that prefer one-colored yoga towels.

12. Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series MaxTowel

Gaiam Athletic Yoga Series MaxTowel

Design And Material

It is among the best yoga towels in the marketplace. The sheet is manufactured from microfiber, making it highly absorbent. Additionally, the towel measures 30 x 84 inches to accommodate as many clients as practically possible. Microfiber also makes the sheet sticky and hence, less prone to sliding off.


  • Manufactured from the highly sought-after microfiber material.
  • Measures about 30 inches by 84 inches.
  • The material is absorbent and non-permeable.


  • Large in size and can hence accommodate tall customers.
  • The towel is highly absorbent and effective in drying.
  • Microfiber is entirely hypoallergenic.
  • Dries very fast when cleaned.
  • Gaiam athletic yoga series MaxTowel is non-permeable.
  • Highly durable (microfiber material)


  • It lacks a fashionable design.
  • The towel only has one specific color (usually grey).
  • Highly expensive owing to the pricey material used to manufacture it.
  • Too light hence making one feel uncomfortable during a yoga class.


1. What Factors Determine The Price Of A Yoga Towel?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to acknowledge the fact that yoga towels are just like any other product we use. Therefore, factors such as materials used to manufacture the sheet, seller, number of towels, among other factors, are crucial in price determination.

However, different manufacturers employ different techniques to manufacture attractive yoga towels. For example, towels with unique and catchy designs printed will cost more. However, the main factor is the material used as it directly determines the durability of the yoga towels. Secondary factors include the seller as the price is likely to go up if the seller incurs more costs such as transportation costs.

Technically, long-lasting yoga towels will attract the highest price. However, a buyer is advised to keenly consider all the mentioned factors before settling on the best yoga towel to buy.

2. Which Is The Best Towel Between Brightly-colored Ones Versus The Dull-colored Yoga Towels?

There is no definitive answer to this as it depends on the customer’s personal preference. However, it’s crucial to recall that brightly-colored yoga towels are more prone to dirt, unlike the dull-colored ones. Therefore, they require regular cleaning, which gradually reduces their quality.

On the other hand, dull-colored yoga towels are less prone to dirt; Microfiber especially does not gather dust fast. Technically, the rate at which a product collects diet is entirely reliant on the material used. It’s just that dirt on brightly-colored yoga towels is more visible at a glance than that on dull-colored sheets. Therefore, do not let color thwart you from purchasing yoga towels of your choice.

3. Does The Material Determine The Towels’ Efficiency?

Yes, it dramatically does! Remember that the material is a crucial determiner of the level of durability of the yoga towel — high-quality materials such as microfiber result in the manufacture of soft, comfy, and durable yoga towels. Fully synthetic fabrics aren’t absorbent and are a total waste of money.

Soft materials are more effective in wiping off sweat and perspiration. It is because cotton-like materials are efficient in the absorption of moisture off the skin. Additionally, cotton material is slid-resistant hence instrumental in maintaining stability. Usually, yoga is primarily dependent on confidence as it involves exercising of body parts such as the hands,
back, and legs.

There are few if any yoga towels are 100 percent made of nylon as it is susceptible to sliding. Also, the material used must be easily foldable. A yoga user requires to use or carry around a foldable towel for convenience. The best yoga towel is the most efficient one for any user regardless of their personal preferences.

4. Is A Yoga Towel Important For Exercise?

Exercising is very crucial for any human being. However, there is a limit to the degree of strain that the human body can bear. Therefore, an exercise-enthusiast must assume a good position when exercising, so avert any possible calamity. For example, yoga involves exercising different parts of the body, such as the back, hands, legs, among other major body parts. How catastrophic would it be if you were to slide while doing yoga?

Yoga mats, for instance, enhance one’s stability when exercising, hence prevents one from getting injured. Additionally, the mats provide a clean and spacious platform upon which one can do several exercises. On the other hand, yoga towels help to rid the skin of sweat.
Most exercises, especially yoga and strenuous gym workouts, results in heavy sweating. This over sweating may easily make you very uneasy, and in extreme cases, the sweat begins to irritate the skin. Therefore, an exercise enthusiast ought to always carry a yoga towel to wipe off perspiration, stay fresh, and avoid becoming smelly.

5. Does Weight Determine The Quality Of A Yoga Towel?

Technically, high-quality materials tend to be heavier than fewer quality ones. Therefore, in some cases, it’s likely that heavier yoga towels are more durable. For example, yoga towels made from microfibers are heavier than those made from other less valuable materials.
Ever wondered why heavier yoga towels are more expensive? Interestingly, in most cases, the towel may be equal in size but differ spectacularly on weight and price. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to put quality before cost.

6. How often should I wash my Yoga Towel?

Washing fabrics are very much essential and should be done frequently especially nowadays that new kinds of bacteria and viruses are mutating around us. If you are a sweaty type of person, all the more that you should wash your yoga towel so often. This will keep your yoga towel from smelling foul and as well will keep you away from having a bad odor as well. It is important to note that using clothes or fabrics that weren’t washed properly could contribute to the body odor. So, the general rule of thumb is to wash often.


Yoga is about keeping you fit and healthy and that also includes your post-workout practices. You definitely don’t want the peace of mind you’ve built on your yoga session to be shattered by the anxiety of having a body odor or having a stinky smelly yoga towel. Never compromise on quality for whatever reason. Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce a standard product that fully meets the set standards. A standard yoga towel should serve you effectively for at least six months before they wear out. The above yoga towels are the top products recommended for any customer worldwide. Get one from the list, which perfectly meets your taste. You will love the towels.