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Nothing can be more refreshing than having your own best yoga blanket to practice yoga sessions on. Being a perfect invention for persons that have been struggling to find new ways to make yoga stretching more efficient, these yoga blankets have become an important gear.

While being readily available on the internet, the best yoga blanket would be well-known for its supremacy against others. However, it seems like yoga blankets are speaking directly to the heart of yogis.


They are more traditional looking and by far more affordable and stylish than the regular mats. All yoga masters have their favourite yoga blanket that can be folded and taken with them wherever they need to go.

Maybe it is not the most popular product for hot yoga, but yoga blankets can easily make your stretching sessions a lot easier and more comfortable.

By the way, if you’re explicitly looking for cotton ones, look at our recommendations now.

What Kind of Blanket is best for Yoga

We could say that blankets are some of the most ancient human possessions. With tons of archaeological discoveries to prove this, there’s no doubt that humans love to sleep with fabric cover their bodies in the cold of the night.

Well, for the record, we can consider that the first commercialized manufacturing of blankets can be attributed to a guy named Thomas Blanket as he was written in history to be making this amazing fabric in England in the 14th century.

Fast forward today, blankets aren’t just for sleeping or for some outdoor picnic in the park on a weekend with your family. They are also now are subject of interest for yogins all across the world. But why so?

For us to understand these connections between a piece of fabric and this prominent exercise called Yoga, let’s talk a bit more about the latter.

Yoga has been with man since the ancient Indus Valley civilization which is evident in the earliest text called Rig Veda where it was first mentioned. The practice of yoga involves connecting oneself spiritually with the divine through nature.

We surely won’t get enough of this somewhat weird but astounding yoga poses as they are plenty in print and online and these postures have religious essence to the early yogins as this is their way of relating to the divine and that is through imitating nature with the body.

Over time comes to the development of culture and various religions have flourished in the Indian Subcontinent where some of which are Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

Noticeably, people practicing these religions are more often than not, depicted as monks sitting down with some of the familiar yoga postures. Well, after all, the Sanskrit word Asana means “seat” or “manner of seating”.

Do you now see the connection? Since the beginning, blankets have been with many cultures around the world and that includes the earliest yogins where these blankets are their matting when doing yoga.

It was only when modern yoga has been commercialized in the west and sports sciences engaged with the technicalities of doing yoga that rubber yoga mats became a thing but yoga blankets are still a great item to have when doing yoga.

Is a Yoga Blanket Worth it?

As we are about check for the best yoga blankets in the market, the first question that comes to mind on most of the buyers is if it’s worth having a yoga blanket. That’s simply understandable since that involves spending money that you’ve worked for so hard.

Let’s get straight to the point. Having a yoga blanket is worth it. Not because we want you to buy some of the items that are on the list but because there’s a lot of reason why you should get one.

First, a yoga blanket is multipurpose. Got an outdoor picnic? Shaking while sleeping on a cold camping site? Maybe you just want to feel comfy on a rainy day while chilling at home? A yoga blanket is surely a useful piece of fabric to keep you warm and covered.

Not only that, yoga blankets are made aesthetically pleasing that adds beauty to the surface where you place them. Whether on your sofa, on your bed, even on your car seating.

Of course, yoga blankets are great to be used in doing yoga especially if you’re doing it in a studio away from home. Yoga mats could sometimes be very bulky or a bit heavy compared to a yoga blanket that you can fold and much lighter.

What is a Mexican Blanket?

Recently, a special kind of designed blanket is gaining traction amongst yogins. This is the Mexican Blanket called Sarape or Jorongo. What is this blanket?

This blanket is loom-woven on two matching rectangular panels usually using cotton and wool giving it soft and strong attributes. What made this blanket special is that this blanket can be traced back to the Mayan civilization. You could imagine how the European colonizers would trade gems and rare earth metals for these textiles.

Mexican blankets have patterned designs and usually of different colors making it an eye-catcher. Aside from the beautiful design, Sarapes are typically long and wide enough that is it could also be used as a cloak just as how Mexicans are wearing it, and thick enough that you can do yoga asanas over it.

Indeed, you need to be creative when you are deciding which of the best yoga blankets to buy. There are many things you would need to consider and some, you’ve got to ask experts.

These special abilities are inherent in the yoga blankets we are going to discuss in this section of the article. People that have a long experience with yoga surely know what blankets are going to give you their best characteristics according to which you can select the one that best meets your individual needs.

Before we collated the list of best yoga blankets available in the market, we’ve set the bar through the following factors to consider when buying one. While we’ve prepared a list of top yoga blankets, it’s great that you yourself know these factors as this will help you in choosing what to buy making the most out of your money.


Material is an essential aspect of the best yoga blanket equation. Most people say that you should better opt for natural textiles rather than synthetic ones. Both will have their own pros and cons. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton are soft yet durable however, they are liquid absorbent. Synthetic fibers on the other hand have great stretchability and are water-resistant. Both will give you a great experience to have outdoor as well as indoor yoga lessons.

When choosing a yoga blanket, make sure you are getting one made of materials that can be easily washed and dried. Not to mention, most yoga items’ exclusive producers are trying to create mixtures of synthetic as well as natural fibers to produce more affordable yoga blankets for the general public. You also might want to consider if the material is eco-friendly.

The Thickness Of The Yoga Blanket

It is a unique feature that can determine whether or not you are going to feel comfortable on your yoga blanket. Since most of the time, you are going to stretch on this yoga blanket, you have to ensure that it has the right thickness for the situation.

If your yoga blanket is slim, it may not support your back the way you want. This interprets into less successful yoga lessons that can give you more incentives to abandon your cause. So, stick to the thickest yoga blankets to have the back protection and support you need to continue your yoga training.

Yoga Blanket Length

It is another crucial measurement for the perfect yoga blanket. It can offer you the chance to lay down freely and cover the overall body size of yours when stretching. Yoga sessions may become hard to follow from time to time. It may be because you have the wrong yoga blanket size.

Some of the newest models are having an extra expandable length adjuster, which gives you a chance to get the most from your yoga exercise.

Style Of The Yoga Blanket

Another feature that you have to take into account when looking for the best yoga blanket. Since yoga is a spiritual test for your body and brain, you must get the most intriguing yoga blanket shapes and forms you can order.

Some Mexican style blankets depict distinctive drawing patterns, making your stretching easier. They are made of recyclable materials and give you the chance to focus better on the yoga master instructions.

Lately, yogis have opted for the so-called “tight weave” blankets. These are imitating the style of the Mexican ones but are more durable and have a more complex and tight-knit structure than the others.

Width Of The Yoga Blanket

That is another measurement that you have to keep in mind when you are buying a new yoga blanket. Don’t forget that vigorous stretching needs to cover your overall size, and this you may only achieve this through the more extensive yoga blanket models.

The innovative yoga blankets are those which can fit both you and your friend or yoga mate on them. They improve your acceptance across your peers and may encourage you to keep on going to the yoga lessons.

Top 16 Best Yoga Blankets 2020

1. YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

YogaAccessories Best Yoga BlanketThis is the traditional yoga blanket that keeps on selling in bulk throughout the world. This type of blanket has a solid cotton fabric that makes it impossible to tear no matter how hard you try. It comes in a foldable plastic case that can give you the chance to carry it with you when needed.

Not to mention that it has a unique lightweight profile that can prove very useful to any person that wants to do yoga in the office. Many yoga masters are opting for this model since it is durable and comes in a great variety of colors.

Easy to wash and rinse; this yoga blanket can dry in less than two hours and be ready for your next yoga session.
With a thick cotton fabric upper layer, this is the yoga blanket that can keep your back and knees safe during the yoga stretching exercises. Get the best out of your yoga blanket with this innovatively styled Mexican yoga blanket.


  • Comes in a great variety of shapes and colors
  • Can be washed and rinsed easily even in the washing machine
  • Excellent measurements that can handle up to two yogis practicing together
  • Has the genuine Yoga Accessories brand that makes you proud showing it
  • Composed of fine cotton that never goes bad


  • Doesn’t come with any guarantee

2. Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Authentic Falsa

Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Authentic FalsaWhen you check this yoga blanket, you will forget about any other you may have seen so far. Designed by unique Mexican yogis that have understood the real benefit you get with these items; they are customized to give you solutions to any yoga stretching issue.

This blanket has many colors and comes in multiple style variations to make you feel great when you are practicing yoga. It is one of the few yoga blankets that can easily make you feel comfortable even though you are pressing your back and chest against the floor. Stretching while doing yoga is one of the most challenging issues but, with this yoga blanket, it can become an easy task.

The edges of the yoga blanket are trimmed to give the ultimate character to the item. Not to mention that you will get a handmade object that is hard to find in any other place, be it online or physical.

Overall, this blanket is an affordable solution for your yoga sessions that you can wash as often as you need. It looks fresh and young no matter how many years you may have had it for.


  • Perfect pigmentation that cheers you up
  • Foldable and lightweight to enable easy carrying
  • Styling has been skyrocketing
  • One of the best ideas for a gift to your favorite yoga friend
  • Suitable both for indoor as well as outdoor use


  • Doesn’t have a memory foam function to ease your pressure from the floor

3. YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

YogaDirect Deluxe Mexican Yoga BlanketA direct touch to the yogi’s heart is this Mexican yoga blanket that is durable even years after its first use. It is the one yoga blanket that yoga masters are recommending to their students to perform all stretching exercises safely and rapidly.

You can carry it with you all the time since it is exceptionally lightweight. It has a smooth surface coming from the cotton-knit textile, which gives a tender sense to the whole item. You can also wash it in the washing machine as often as you need.

The imprints that are on the upper surface give yogis the chance to focus on their practice and improve their stretching abilities. You may appreciate this blanket after many years or mind-free use.

YogaDirect is a brand that produces only quality materials for professionals that need to feel secure and unique in their domain of interest. Yoga stretching has been made better with proposals like this one.


  • Foldable to the fullest extent
  • Has a special anti-microbial layer
  • Is sweat absorbent in case you are giving more efforts for yoga practice
  • Protects your back and knees when you are practicing yoga
  • Gives you more power to keep working


  • Cannot be used in hot yoga sessions

4. Threads West Premium Beach Heavyweight Mexican Yoga Blanket

Threads West Premium Beach Heavyweight Mexican Yoga BlanketThis is a simple type of yoga blanket that is durable and very fashionable. Anyone who sees this stylish yoga blanket is going to be amazed by the color clarity and quality that will never fade away.

You can wash it by hand or in the washing machine with no worries about the quality of the colors. Reviewers have voted for this item to be one of the best yoga blankets you can get without spending a fortune to acquire it.

This is a value for money solution for all yogis who want to stretch their bodies to the fullest extent without hurting themselves. In order to follow your yoga master, you need a competent yoga blanket that is going to be thick enough to absorb all the pressure coming from the ground.

This blanket is more durable than many of its competitors, accentuating the fact that the knitted fibers of cotton are densely placed to create a sturdy textile. It has a perfectly waterproof surface that can also absorb your excessive sweating when you are practicing yoga.


  • Durable and flexible at the same time
  • Longer than the average height of most yogis
  • Comfortable and supportive to your back
  • Comes into many colors to choose the one matching your personality
  • Lightweight and can be carried everywhere with you


  • Doesn’t come with a luxurious plastic case

5. YogaDirect Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

YogaDirect Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga BlanketIt is by far the most successful yoga blanket that is now in the market. Being uniquely colored with warm tones that make you feel better, this yoga blanket has all the essentials you want for yoga practice.

It is smooth and tender to keep you always comfortable when you stretch for yoga sessions. Also, you can have a unique feeling of safety when you are stepping on it since its surface resembles the foamy surface of the most expensive yoga mats. You can enjoy the comprehensive support of your back, knees, and elbows that are among the body parts most aggravated by the yoga practice.

Nevertheless, you can use this yoga blanket as a regular blanket to keep you warm during cold winter nights. You can wash it with mild detergents and let it dry for a while between yoga sessions. The blanket absorbs excessive sweat and, as a result, it could be a viable solution for hot yoga practice.


  • Perfect colors to keep you focused on the yoga session
  • Great length to meet the requirements of all body types
  • Easily foldable to carry it with you to work
  • Washed every week without losing the tone of the colors
  • Extra thick to give more support to the sensitive parts of your body


  • Doesn’t have such a big color variety to choose from

6. Mexican Blanket Authentic Yoga Blanket

Mexican Blanket Authentic Yoga BlanketThis is the authentic Mexican yoga blanket that can give you back the lost touch you used to have with your items best fit for yoga sessions. You can rest assured that with this blanket, you are going to improve your yoga talent in a matter of days.

First, it is easier to step on thanks to the thick layer of textile that lies upon the blanket. This yoga blanket consists of cotton and nylon fibers to such a proportion that it gives you a certain natural feeling any time you are stepping on it.

The nylon fibers give this item the best waterproof abilities, offering you the chance to perform yoga sessions both indoors and outdoors. This yoga blanket also has some perfect styling depicting yoga signs that can get you more focused on delivering all kinds of stretching.

This Mexican yoga blanket also has a great size that has enough room for two yogis to exercise with ease. Not to mention, that the blanket is washable in the washing machine and by hand. Soap and water would do the job great for this yoga blanket that will always be fresh and stylish to use it in the following yoga session.


  • Expandable to reach all body types
  • Soft and tender to give you more specialized support to your back
  • Suitable for novice and professional yogis
  • Stepping on it gives you quality, safety, and assurance that you can do the exercises
  • Feels like natural cotton having the waterproof quality of nylon fibers


  • Not available in all regions

7. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Yoga BlanketAnother thick Mexican type yoga blanket that remains durable even after years of first use is the Open Roads Goods Yoga Blanket. In contrast to the yoga mats that you are supposed to change every six months, this yoga blanket can stay in your closet forever.

Be it for pleasure or to support your back when stretching during the yoga sessions, this yoga blanket is the ideal gift for people that love to spend time at home. Most people that want to participate in ordinary yoga sessions will use this yoga blanket to support their sensitive parts of the body.

In your effort to stretch, there is a high possibility that you are going to hurt your back and knees. With this yoga blanket, these severe injuries belong in the past. Yoga masters prefer this yoga blanket since it is the only one that gives you so many benefits for a fraction of the regular price.

It is a handmade Mexican masterpiece giving you the time to admire the yoga session and follow the rules that the yoga master dictates. Only when you have the best tools will you be able to follow the yoga sessions to their fullest extent.


  • Foldable and can easily be carried
  • Lightweight
  • It is handwoven to make it the perfect gift for your beloved ones
  • Combination of cotton and nylon fibers for better waterproof abilities
  • Great as a general use blanket as well as a supportive yoga mat


  • Needs more time to dry than others in the same class

8. El Molcajete Brand Traditional Mexican Blanket

El Molcajete Brand Traditional Mexican BlanketThis is a traditional type of Mexican yoga blanket which is going to last longer when you are practicing yoga on it. This blanket can easily absorb the excessive sweat you may be generating practicing yoga.

It has extra width and length to make it easier for you to lie down on the floor and stretch, no matter your body type. This traditional yoga blanket comes into a unique style that makes you focus a lot better when practicing yoga. It is much easier to concentrate on the core of the exercises when you are on it since you feel a lot more eager to complete the demands of your yoga master.

This blanket can also be used as a beach blanket or as a home blanket to keep you warm when your house may be chilly. You can wash it any time you like with a mild detergent and lots of running water. It is going to dry in a matter of hours and give you the best scent you have ever experienced. Overall, it is a yoga blanket that will help you reach your yoga skill level the easy way.


  • Comes into multiple colors and shapes
  • Remains durable no matter how you treat it
  • Blanket length is enough for more than one yogi at a time
  • Gives more support to the back and knees
  • Made from recyclable materials – respects the environment


  • Cannot be easily folded and fit in your backpack

9. Open Road Goods Charcoal

Open Road Goods CharcoalThis is a different perspective on the traditionally shaped yoga blanket that has taken the market by storm. You can easily order it online through Amazon, and it will come to you in a luxurious plastic case with a perfect handle to carry it with you whenever you need it.

No matter how hard the floor you are practicing yoga on is, this yoga blanket will make you have the most comfortable session of all times. Being thicker than the average yoga blanket, it can give adequate support to your back and knees. This relieves you from any possible pain felt to these areas and lets you practice more comfortably and with less pain involved.

It comes in more than seven colors for you to choose the one that best matches your personality. An innovative brand sign is also present on the upper surface to make you proud of yourself for having this blanket. The cotton-acrylic textile fibers also give the blanket a waterproof ability that you may rarely see in such items. Easily washed and rinsed, this yoga blanket differs a lot from the other competitors.


  • Makes your life easier when stretching in yoga sessions
  • Can give personalized care to all your possible back pain issues
  • Thicker than the average blanket and can solve all your muscle-skeletal hurdles to perform yoga
  • Great for other activities like swimming
  • Can encourage you to finish your yoga session


  • Less affordable than the other competitors in the class

10. Open Road Goods Mint Green Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Mint Green Yoga BlanketIt is by far one of the best yoga blankets that you can get for your closest yogi friends or even as a treat yourself. This one comes directly from the heart of the Mexican style design; this blanket can give a boost to your performance thanks to its perfect size that can keep you comfortable on top of your floor.

In other words, this blanket is thicker than any others you may have encountered so far. Its textile is of improved quality, combining both cotton and nylon fibers for more specialized care when you are stretching. It comes in several colors for you to choose the right one for your case. This blanket is durable, and there is no way you can tear it or get any holes on it accidentally.

The yoga blanket is always supportive of the soft tissues of your back and knees so that you can easily follow a strict yoga program. Make sure that you are taking the best-sized blanket so that you can easily reach your fullest yoga potential.


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Textile gives you a comfortable yoga session
  • Makes up your mood with its unique Mexican Style
  • Can be used in other activities as well
  • A perfect balance between softness and thickness to support your back


  • Doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee

11. Open Road Goods Turquoise/Sea Green

Open Road Goods Turquoise Sea GreenThis is another significantly shaped yoga blanket that has a perfect turquoise color that can suit any possible yoga session. This blanket is a lot softer than any other you may have previously tested, giving you the best result in self-improvement.

In terms of stretching, this blanket has an expandable length so that you can fit easily, no matter your body size. It is foldable and can be easily packed in your backpack so that you can carry it with you during your busy day.

The textile is softer than ever while being durable to any external conditions. It has a perfect waterproof profile that gives you the chance to practice yoga sessions outdoors. You can expect it to absorb any portion of your excessive sweating, especially when you are performing hot yoga.

Yoga master prefers to introduce this kind of yoga blanket to their students since its style makes them more cheerful and gives them further motivation to stay focused on the yoga lesson. It is one of the most successful blankets that can be used as a standard blanket after you complete your yoga session.


  • Durable to external weather conditions
  • Perfect waterproof profile
  • Comfortable with your skin – doesn’t cause any irritations
  • Washable to the fullest extent and as often as you like
  • Foldable to carry it with you when you need it


  • Doesn’t have such great colors variety

12. Open Road Goods Mint Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Mint Yoga BlanketLet’s return to the basics with this excellent quality yoga blanket that comes in a mint color. There is no way you will not be pointed out from the other yogis when you are stepping on this yoga blanket. This one is softer than you can imagine while being durable to all kinds of pressures and conditions of the external environment.

The manufacturers of this yoga blanket have used double textile layers to make it thicker than before. It offers you the chance to step on the blanket and stretch without having any painful syndromes from your back, knees, and elbows.

You can feel relaxed when sitting on it, thanks to the great imprints that this yoga blanket has. These give you time to think about yoga sessions and get focused on finding your ultimate performance.

This model is the one that most yoga masters desire their students to have. It is an affordable solution for all novice and professional yogis who want to take the next step towards their yoga expertise level. Use it as a regular blanket that can keep you warm anytime you want after you successfully finish your yoga sessions.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • You can fold it as many times you want
  • Wash it with soap and water. It dries faster than most others do
  • Great for all kinds of activities
  • Comes in multiple eccentric colors to stimulate your senses


  • Not readily available in all regions

13. Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Yoga BlanketIt is the yoga blanket of choice for all young women that are attracted to yoga sessions to find balance in their lives. It has the perfect pink color that keeps them attached to the scope of stretching and makes yoga masters a lot happier with their choice.

The yoga blanket is easily foldable to meet the requirements of your small backpack. It is also extremely lightweight so as not to aggravate you when you are carrying it at work. You can also use it as a regular blanket in case you feel cold anytime through the day.

You may find fibers from cotton and acrylic textile, which are durable and never fade away. The colors are always vivid and don’t get affected by the regular washing cycles that are necessary to keep the blanket clean. The only thing you need is some soap and warm water, and you will have a clean blanket for the next yoga session.

It is also thick enough to give you premium support for your back and elbows that are mostly aggravated by the problematic stretching exercises you may follow in yoga sessions. Not to mention that is has a perfect grip and gives you a balanced yoga session by preventing injuries.


  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Textiles will not fade away
  • Colors are more vivid than ever before
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • It has a unique anti-skid ability to keep you safe


  • Cannot be identified easily by novice yogis

14. Open Road Goods Mexican Blanket – Green/Teal/Turquoise

Open Road Goods Mexican Blanket - Green Teal TurquoiseThis is the dream yoga blanket for all people that need something more extreme for their daily yoga practice. Yoga masters are getting increasingly concerned about the wellness of their students, and that is why they are suggesting that they buy a new yoga blanket each time they join yoga sessions.

It is the yoga blanket of choice for many yoga masters since it has many features while remaining widely affordable in most regions. It has a thick upper layer that can protect and support your back and knees when you are stretching on the hard floor.

The lower surface of the blanket has a unique gripping material that can keep you balanced while stretching. Additionally, it comes in multiple colors for you to choose the one that makes you feel better and improves your overall mood.

It can be washed daily using soap and water and will not lose the vibrant colors that it initially comes in. Being a real Mexican Style yoga blanket, it depicts some individual imprints that can intrigue you to such a point that you may instantly improve your expertise in yoga stretching abilities.


  • Perfect coloring makes up your mood
  • Motivates you to stretch a lot more in yoga sessions
  • Is durable and comfortable at the same time
  • Waterproof design and sweat absorbent
  • Comes in a large length size to fit all possible body types


  • There is no money-back satisfaction guarantee offer

15. Open Road Goods Slate Blue Thunderbird

Open Road Goods Slate Blue ThunderbirdThis is a heavy-duty yoga blanket that better fits all overweight yoga students that want to improve their posture. It is wiser to have it in initial yoga lessons when you are not sure about your balance and need to concentrate more on the way stretching is being achieved.

The blanket has some pores to absorb excessive sweat and is waterproof to make it easier for you to perform yoga sessions outdoors. It consists of cotton and acrylic textile fibers that give excellent abilities to your blanket and support your back with ease.

It comes in multiple colors so there is a great variety to choose from the others. You can use the blanket to keep you warm after yoga sessions, which adds to the multi-purpose design of this item.

Overall, this yoga blanket can give you adequate support through the stretching phase of your yoga sessions and keep you safe, thanks to the grip control it has on the lower surface.


  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Washable as many times as you wish
  • Absorbs excessive sweating – perfect for hot yoga
  • Makes you the center of attention thanks to the perfect coloring
  • Comfortable when trying to stretch for yoga sessions


  • Cannot be used by two yogis at the same time

16. Open Road Goods Mexican Diamond Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Mexican Diamond Yoga BlanketAn incredible type of yoga blanket that has all the credentials to become the most popular item for yogis in 2019, this blanket has an imprint of several colored layers. It is fashionable and adds to your overall style.

People that are going to use it will find it comfortable to sit and stretch on thanks to the extra thick layer of textiles that it features. This thickness can easily protect and support your soft tissues that are mostly aggravated by yoga stretching.

Not to mention, that innovative coloring can make up your mood and make you more focused during yoga sessions. It will make you improve yourself in a matter of days and pose you to the best performance position among the fellow yogis.


  • Foldable and lightweight; can be carried on you wherever you go
  • Easy to unfold even when you are at work
  • Can be used for numerous outdoors activities
  • It has a perfect waterproof profile
  • Makes you feel comfortable even under the worst conditions


  • Needs more thorough washing than others in the same category

FAQs About The Benefits Of The Yoga Blankets

You may find the answer to many things you may have asked about the usefulness of the best yoga blankets online. People are reluctant to ask their peers or other yoga masters about their inquiries concerning the everyday use of their yoga blankets.

1. Which are the specific interests of the yoga blanket?

There are many features that you can find to be beneficial when you are stretching on a yoga blanket. First, you increase your flexibility, that is something much needed every time you are trying to follow your yoga master.
Then you are not supposed to opt for a yoga mat or knee pad that is by far less affordable than having a unique yoga blanket. It can easily give the same protection to the sensitive parts of your body (back, knees, and elbows) with a substantially smaller investment.

Finally, one of the most critical benefits is style and variety. Yoga blankets come in many shapes and sizes for you to choose the one that best fits your needs and tastes. You can select the material of your choice and always be sure that it is going to be durable enough to cover your yoga sessions for many years to come.

2. Which one is the best yoga blanket for my personal use?

It is a question that should be addressed by you itself. Many people are looking for comfort when buying a new yoga blanket. However, others are primarily interested in their styling and wish their sheets to be more fashionable than ever before.

You need to know why you are purchasing a yoga blanket in the first place. If it is because of the unbearable pain felt when you are stretching on the floor, then the blanket is going to do miracles for you. If you are more interested in how fashionable you are going to look when having a yoga blanket, then it is a different story.

3. Why do People like Mexican Blankets?

In general, Mexican style yoga blankets have proven to be the most reliable and durable items you can carry to yoga sessions. They usually are made of pure cotton and have complicated knitting to make it impossible to wear them down. Not to mention that the Mexicans have given it a perfect style with great imprints that can make your mood improves a lot when you have a yoga session to attend.

Just as we’ve described above, Mexican serapes are long and are enough for surface yoga asanas. with its woven structure, it won’t sag as you do your asanas compared to typical sleeping blankets.

The Mexican style yoga blankets are easy to wash and dry and are generally thicker than their competition. They resemble the more expensive yoga mats, and that is why many yogis are opting for this blanket to support excessive stretching while having yoga lessons.

4. What is the right number of yoga blankets that I need?

Since most yoga blankets are foldable, you don’t need a lot of them to sit comfortably on the floor. The tricky part would arise if are practicing yoga outdoors. Then you would need more blankets to stretch comfortably and safely at all times.

5. How Do You Wash a Yoga Blanket?

Yoga blankets differ in material and size. Also, the method of how the blanket was colored also has something to do with how you must wash a yoga blanket. What is sure is that all yoga blankets have a tag on them where the laundry instructions are specified whether it should be only for hand wash or can be on a washing machine.

One thing is for sure, not washing your yoga blanket every now and then would make it smelly which you don’t want and too much detergent and chlorine on your fabric would make the colors fade or make it yellowish.

You would also like to consider sun-drying your yoga blanket if the weather is nice. You conserve electricity and in a way, help the environment. It could also be a great way to flex your yoga blanket to your neighbors.

Another thing with the number of yoga blankets is that many of them can give you an elevated height, which is generally suitable for yogis. It is something you should carefully examine when you want to be more specialized in yoga expertise.