India Cotton Blanket Halfmoon Classic 100% Cotton Blanket Mayan Calendar Blanket
India Cotton Blanket by Halfmoon Halfmoon Classic 100% Cotton Yoga Blanket Mayan Calendar Blanket

When practice correctly, you can unleash the real power of yoga that can bring balance to your overall well-being. Some chose to practice yoga at home, while others want to go to different spots and perform their daily routine.

One common prop to yoga is the yoga blankets. They are simple to use and handy to carry anywhere you want.

These blankets go in different stylish designs and Instagrammable worthy motifs. So really, when you have all the freedom to choose from a wide selection, why settle for the basic? In this guide, we’ll share our personal list of the best seven cotton yoga blankets for all levels available in the market today, so it can make your decisions more informed and straightforward. 889 Yoga covers yoga blankets in detail:

What Is Yoga Blanket?

A yoga blanket is an extremely versatile accessory used for added warmth and suitable for different support levels in poses and various alignments. A cotton yoga blanket is much recommendable because it can keep its shape and thickness and be flexible enough to be used in many ways.

The regular blanket that you might grab from a home decor store, although cheap, it isn’t an excellent investment to make. It will only cause you some headaches and won’t offer you the versatility that only cotton yoga blankets can do.

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How to use yoga blankets, anyway?

There are three primary uses of blankets– folded, rolled, and pleated. Each use offers different levels of support, movement, added height, and alignment, depending on which routine you will be doing and for what reason.

But generally, these techniques are combined, with various blankets being used in a single pose. Softness and durability also play an essential role in physical sensation.

Keep your yoga blanket clean in four definitive ways

Keep your cotton yoga blanket in good shape, and this will pay you back with months or years of service. The truth is, some yoga blanket can last you a lifetime if you pay attention to them accordingly.

Always care to check the manufacturer’s instructions before deciding to clean or wash your blanket because some of these (like wool) strictly demand dry cleaning only, or this will ruin the entire quality.

Bottom line? Please pay attention to the washing instructions before buying it.

Below are the four definitive tips that will help your yoga blanket be in tip-top shape:

1. Only wash by hand gently to save energy and avoid ruining, fading, and shrinkage.

2. No tumble dry. Hanging your blanket may be more prolonged to do, but this method will surely minimize the risk of bleeding threads.

3. Skip ironing, applying bleach or whitener

4. Instead, only use a mild detergent then you’re good to go

Top 7 Cotton Yoga Blanket For All Levels & Styles

Each of these seven yoga blankets displayed below has something special to offer: either added support, warmth, even style. And I wouldn’t have a second thought of having any of them.

1. India Cotton Blanket

India Cotton Blanket by Halfmoon

These recently developed cotton yoga blankets are perfect for every yoga practice and more. It is hand-loomed in India inspired by the desert landscapes that offer warmth and cushioning to support you. This blanket can also serve as a bolster to elevate your seat when folded, rolled, and pleated. It has clean selvage edges that can fold evenly, making it the best yoga blanket for all levels and styles.


2. Solid Color Woven Yoga Blanket

Solid Color Woven Yoga Blanket

Handmade in Mexico, these vibrant yoga blankets will not just add color but also warmth, comfort, and style to your yoga experience. It is available in different colors to fine-tune your mood nor any studio’s color choice. Plus, these blankets are an excellent option for your ordinary Mexican yoga blankets, although the tussle colors may differ.


3. Thunderbird Yoga Blanket

Thunderbird Yoga Blanket

These yoga blankets are one of the accustomed patterns of southwestern culture with brilliant designs and gentle fabric. The southwestern and traditional Native Americans inspire it, so you’d experience the best of both worlds with this timeless design. They were made with soft acrylic, polyester, and cotton for better warmth and support in sitting and reclining positions.


4. Mayan Calendar Blanket

Mayan Calendar Blanket

Talk about a diverse culture; this Mayan Calendar Blanket design is a must-have for all millennials. The classic print shows the prehistoric Mayan calendar. It is handmade in Mexico, has rounded corners, and is pretty heavy yet durable. This machine-washable is made out of soft acrylic, polyester, and of course, cotton.


5. Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket

Lotuscrafts Cotton Yoga Blanket

If you prefer all-natural materials, this machine-washable 100% cotton yoga blanket is manufactured and colored under sustainable and decent conditions. It’s thin and massive enough for fine-tuning your level of warmth, thinness, thickness, and support by rolling or folding it in several ways.


6. El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

This well-made, gentle fabric has been made out of first-rate materials. Actual users of this yoga blanket shared testimonials, where they claim that the product is extremely comfortable and stylish. It is available in different colors that are not too thick or thin, just enough for your yoga restorative practice.


7. Halfmoon Classic 100% Cotton Yoga Blanket

Halfmoon Classic 100% Cotton Yoga Blanket

This multi-use or versatile yoga blanket is hand-loomed in India and is 100% soft cotton that provides full coverage of the body. It can be used as a bolster, folded for an added height like a cushioning or block. Plus, it is very comfortable to bring anywhere you want other than a yoga studio, like a beach or your favorite spot in a park.



Yoga is understandably one of the widely accepted ways to alleviate stress and attract inner peace. With the appropriate yoga props or accessories, one can be confident of having a deep and worthwhile exercise.

Finding the best cotton yoga blanket in the market may not be as simple as you think; however, after reading the definitive guide above, you are now in a better and greener buying decision to choose the perfect yoga blanket to accompany you to your yogic lifestyle.