Best Hot Yoga Clothes
1. ODODOS Pants 2. FITTIN Sports Bra 3. ODODOS Shorts
ODODOS Hot Yoga Pants FITTIN Sports Bras ODODOS High-waist Yoga Shorts

Hot yoga is getting more popular every day, and with all the benefits that it brings, we can see why. Yoga in itself is one of the best types of exercise you can do. It strengthens your core, develops balance, builds muscles, promotes mental health and improves breathing. Hot yoga does all that and more. It involves practicing yoga inside a very hot room, and with temperatures going as high as 95 degrees, you need the best hot yoga clothes to feel comfortable while doing it.

As with all exercise classes, it is important to practice safely with experienced tutors. If you found a studio that offers hot yoga, it is a good idea to check the teachers, the environment and the maximum temperature used. That will vary based on the weather and location, but most experts say that a maximum of 100 degrees is considered a safe number for hot yoga.

If you are starting now, you will be amazed by all the benefits that you’ll shortly feel, and will want to have the appropriate clothes for safe practice. If you are at proficient hot yoga, you know clothes can make a huge difference in your workout.


So what advantages does hot yoga has compared to regular yoga and other exercises? Let’s see a little bit about why hot yoga has such a positive outcome on the body. We will then look into some of the yoga gear suitable for hot yoga.

Best Hot Yoga Clothing Brands

Yoga exercise could’ve been seen as a low-intensity workout but the benefits of this activity can prove that it’s more than as it seems to be. You can easily notice that especially now, more and more people, regardless of gender demographics, are starting to do yoga as their full-time physical workout or even just having it as a supplemental workout.

Now that men and women alike are interested in doing yoga, so do enterprising groups and individuals find a market for their trade seeing that these modern yogins are prospective consumers of goods that have gotten inspiration from yoga and its essence. This might make you wonder. What makes yoga so special nowadays?

Modern Yoga that we know today has a very rich history and with that comes a tradition. Yoga originates from the Indus Valley civilization with the earliest evidence that can be dated back to the time of the Vedic Era. Yes, yoga was first mentioned in the text called Rig Veda and this was written way back roughly 1500-1000 BCE! Not that quite long ago, what do you think?

In those days, the Indus Valley society have been exploring ways to connect to the divine and they found it through connecting with nature. Yoga actually means being one with nature. For this society, nature tells about something and is the manifestation of a divine being that’s why they devised a way to connect and that is through these various Yoga Asanas where is a person makes body poses that mimic the nature – it be landforms, animals, or plants.

Long before, Yoga was just part of the Indian Culture. Eventually, this culture spread globally through conquest, trade, not now, through globalization. When the concept of Yoga was brought to the West by Swami Vivekananda, Americans, to be particular, have loved the concept of Yoga and many began to practice the Yoga Asanas. Europe soon followed. Not long after, the world has known the amazing art of connecting to nature.

And just like other cultures, yoga has evolved and turned into what is now called Modern Yoga where the religious aspect was omitted and the physical activities and practical percepts retained. Today, this Modern Yoga is the yoga that is so prominent to everyone to the point it became a household name to call a weird position as Yoga, and with it, having the attribution to Indians and their culture.

Yoga has also evolved over the years with a different school of thought. One of these schools of thought is called Bikram Yoga.

What is Hot Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a system of Hot yoga that gained prominence in the 1970s. The system runs on classes with a 90-minute runtime and is consisted of 26 postures which are 24 asanas and 2 pranayamas or a breathing exercise. It was called Hot Yoga as it is performed at a room temperature of 105 °F or 41 °C, and up to 40% humidity. The benefits of this kind of yoga practice include glucose tolerance, an improvement of blood lipids, accelerated digestive metabolism, and strengthened bone density. Although the aforementioned benefits are still subject to further medical studies.

What to wear for Hot Yoga for Male?

Although yoga is prominently practiced by women, the exercise is never gender-biased and millions of men are loving yoga too. One of the yoga men love to do is Bikram Yoga. One reason being is that according to statistics, 40.3% of men aged 20-39 are obese and people of this demographic are either compelled to or really want to reduce weight and get their health in good shape.

This means that they also need proper wear for this kind of exercise. As mentioned, Hot Yoga has some requirements such as the temperature, and the activities to be done like the asanas and the pranayamas. We have prepared a list of the best hot yoga wear that also includes clothing for men.

What to Wear to Hot Yoga for Overweight?

Hot yoga has great benefits for those overweight as this is a great start to kick-off a workout program. Yoga is not a hardcore exercise and thus, will not be difficult for an overweight person to do. We also have included brands below that are plus-sized.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Have you ever been to a sauna? If yes, we bet that you felt very relaxed when you left it. Saunas make us feel stress-free, clean and detoxed. Now imagine working out in one! It may seem counter-productive, but several health specialists swear by it. Hot yoga is a relatively recent practice that probably started in Japan in the late 70s by an Indian yoga teacher called Bikram Choudhury. That is why it is also called Bikram Yoga. See some of the benefits it can bring to you:

1. The Heat Warms Up The Muscles

Working out stress and strains the muscles and then it gets repaired every time we get to rest. The heat helps to warm up your muscles, and that means less preparation time. This also improves burning fats attached to the muscles as your workout progresses. It also means you can stretch more and achieve a wider range of positions in the yoga class. It is important to keep checking your limits though since you do not want to overstretch and pull a muscle.

2. Detox

Our bodies are getting toxins daily because of the environment we are in and the diet we currently have. These toxins contribute to illnesses and also give our body uneasy feels. Amazingly, our bodies have a natural way to get rid of toxins and that is through sweating, and one thing you do during a hot yoga class is sweat. It is an amazing feeling to finish a workout feeling clean and free of toxins. Since you lost a lot of liquid, chances are you will be extremely thirsty, and drinking water is another great way to detox and purify the body.

3. Relaxation

Bikram Yoga might sound uncomfortable to do since it is done in hot temperatures but the combination of asanas done in this yoga and the emphasis on the pranayamas included in the sequence makes Hot yoga a relaxing yoga system. It may seem unlikely that you feel relaxed after an intense workout, but with hot yoga that actually happens. The heat encourages your body and mind to relax and breathe, and that is great for mental health and improving your breathing techniques.

4. Improves Skin Condition

Saunas are known to improve skin conditions if used regularly, and it is not different from hot yoga. The heat and sweat open your pores and unblock them – expelling toxins, dirt, and particles that were trapped in your skin from pollution and oily skin. People who practice hot yoga are known to have glowing, beautiful skin.

5. You Burn More Calories

That’s right – if the previous benefits were not enough for you, know that you burn more calories on hot yoga than on the same class that is taken at normal temperature. In Bikram Yoga, the heat makes your heart rate go up and your metabolism accelerates, and that accounts for extra calories burned on your exercise.

How To Choose The Best Bikram Yoga Clothes – Top 4 Factors To Look For

Today, 889yoga has prepared some factors to consider when choosing the best hot yoga clothes. A lot will claim they’re the best but for us to determine that there must be factors to look into to make sure that they are. These factors are what we considered on picking the best brands for this year.

1. Type Of Fabric

When practicing hot yoga, one of the biggest dangers is overheating. Your body can get too hot and you will suffer from a heat stroke. Most yoga clothing is made up of spandex and this kind of material is kind of not open to airflow. This could contribute to overheating and thus, it is imperative to have the right clothing in order to avoid that. It is important to look for clothes that have wicking material – a technology that draws moisture away from your body. They should also be breathable and allow for some air circulation. Polyester, cotton, nylon, and a mix with spandex are the most popular ones.

Also, the type of fabric used in the yoga clothing will define how long it will last. Yoga exercise involves stretching and the wrong kind of material might lead to getting your clothe ripped apart and could give you discomfort and minor injuries.

2. Good Grip And Fit

Yoga can take your body to its limits, both in exercising and in positions. Stretching, elongating, opening and closing arms and legs, all that can be a challenge when you are wearing regular clothes. The best hot yoga clothes don’t slip, have just the right amount of snugness and stay in place for the whole duration of the class. There are few things more annoying during a yoga session than to have to constantly stop to pull pants up, pull tops down and make adjustments here and there.

3. Coverage

You should be able to bend and move and still maintain every important part of your body covered. If the legs of the shorts are coming up, the pants’ waist is rolling down and the bra is not staying in place and showing more than you want, your practice will surely suffer. The thickness of the material is also important, and it should be thick enough to not show anything when you bend over.

4. Comfort

This should be your number one priority when shopping for the best hot yoga clothes. While hot yoga is meant to make your sweat a lot, the clothing should not feel uncomfortable to wear. They should be soft to touch, easy to move in, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Top 10 Best Hot Yoga Clothes 2021

Now that you know what is important in hot yoga clothing, let’s find some amazing products you can get today to start your practice the right way. We’ve done the searching for you so you can focus on mastering your yoga asanas and the pranayamas to do for your hot yoga session. Here are the top 10 best hot yoga clothes for 2021.

1. ODODOS Hot Yoga Pants

ODODOS Best Hot Yoga Clothes

While you may think that small shorts and tanks are the best options for hot yoga, since you are hot and sweaty, that is not always the case. The sweat can make it hard for you to balance on poses that require you to have a grip on the mat, like downward dog and crow.

The ODODOS Pants are made of a mix of spandex and polyester. That makes them very stretchy and breathable – two crucial aspects needed in yoga clothes. It comes in a myriad of colors to choose from, and they are all non see-through and dry-wicking. Wicking fabrics are a revolution in exercise clothes, and especially hot yoga, because it draws moisture away from your body, helping you to stay cool.

They are sewn with a triangle gusset crotch, a popular sewing method that eliminates four seams coming together in one place and create a diamond shape instead, maximizing movement and freedom. There are two side-pockets perfect to keep your smartphone, keys, wallet or any personal items you need to keep in hand. They are not your standard small pockets usually found in women’s clothing, but big, long pockets that fit everything you need. The waist is high and comfortably hugs your belly, helping you stay covered and tucked in throughout the class.

Some users have noticed that the solid colored pants feel different than the patterned ones. That may be because of a different percentage of fabric being used to make them. They also run a bit small, so careful measuring is advised. All in all, we recommend these pants for the price, compression waist and pockets.


  • It has two big pockets on the sides
  • It has a high waist with a comfortable fit
  • Good price
  • Wicking fabric


  • The blocked-colored pants feel softer than the patterned ones
  • The sizes are a little small

2. FITTIN Sports Bras

FITTIN Sports Bras

Every woman knows how uncomfortable bras can get. They can be pinchy, stiff, they can have a bad fit and even cause pain. When working out, it is of the utmost importance to find the right sports bra, as that can avoid back pain and discomfort. The FITTIN Bra is made to hold up to low and medium impact activities, such as hot yoga. This is a clasp-free bra and the pullover design also offers wide shoulder straps that add to its support.

It is wire-free and the cut allows for a lot of movement while keeping it all covered. Moisture-wicking technology and area for ventilation to keep you cool and dry. Women with large breasts are constantly trying to find a good bra with support, lift and coverage and this bra covers all bases. They are not difficult to put on and take out, and hold your breasts firmly without being too tight.

It can be worrisome to buy a bra without trying it on, but with these, it is worth it. Follow the measurement guide on the website and trust the company. Women from all sizes are surprised and overjoyed about how well this bra fits them. Odd sizes, small sizes, and large sizes, it caters to everyone.

This is not a sports bra for high-intensive activity, so it is not suited for race running, CrossFit or other high-impact exercises, but it is perfect for yoga, gym and light running. Be aware that the white bra is quite see-through, so the pads are visible if you don’t wear a t-shirt. If you are looking for a very comfortable bra to use on hot yoga classes and you have a hard time finding one that fits you well, this is a good choice for you.


  • It fits well different sized women
  • It has wide shoulder straps
  • It is wire-free


  • The white bra is see-through
  • It is not suited for high-impact activities

3. ODODOS High-waist Yoga Shorts

ODODOS High-waist Yoga Shorts

If you can’t bear the thought of wearing long pants to your hot yoga practice, take a look at these fantastic shorts by ODODOS. Like the pants, the shorts also come with two deep pockets that are very useful and convenient. The fabric is breathable and removes moisture from your body, plus it stretches four ways to allow for maximum movement.

When doing yoga, you need to bend, stretch, bow and move in all directions, and the last thing you need is to worry about your shorts curling down or the legs folding up. The high-waist design with reinforced fabric keeps everything in place for hours and hours, ensuring you stay focused only on your workout. The seams are strengthened with flatlock stitches, and the inseam is made of triangle crotch gussets for extra movement.

The company invests in research and is always looking for new ways to improve your yoga experience. Small features like the chafe-free inseams may seem like a small detail, but add a whole lot of comfort in daily use. The fabric is not only moisture-wicking but odor-free, keeping you dry and fresh. They offer a great fit and stay put even in upside-down poses and wide stretches. It holds your phone in place all through the workout too.

There are so many colors and patterns that you can build your entire yoga wardrobe with ODODOS shorts and still always have something different to wear. Be aware that the white ones can be see-through, so stick to the other colors or wear skin-colored underwear. These are popular shorts loved by women of all sizes and shapes, and we highly recommend them for your hot yoga practice.


  • Great material
  • Fantastic fit
  • Strong stitching
  • High-waist


  • The white ones are see-through

4. BALEAF Yoga Leggings

BALEAF Yoga Leggings

BALEAF offers pants that are very breathable, stretchy, and sweat-wicking. The waistband is one of the widest we’ve seen, and the anti-drop design holds it up at all times. Inside the waistband, there is a hidden pocket, and while it is not as big as the Ododos ones, it is still convenient and useful for small objects. The seams are made using flatlock stitching, the best type when it comes to ensuring a strong binding.

Many women consider this to be one of the best hot yoga clothes because of the mesh material on the sides. It makes it a very light pair of pants, that grants a lot of breathing and ventilation to your practice. The material is a mix between spandex and cotton, which makes them very soft and elastic. They are easy to wash, keep their fit throughout the day and are very affordable.

The pocket is placed right in the middle of the pants, under your belly button. Some users felt uncomfortable with that and we have to admit that is not a very attractive look, maybe a side pocket would be better. A weird issue some people experienced, is that these pants collect a lot of pet hair, fluff, and lint, so if you have dogs or cats maybe it’s best to stay away from them while wearing the pants. Because of the cotton blend, they show sweat easily and can have patches of sweat all over them.


  • Good material
  • Very soft
  • It comes with a pocket
  • Mesh material on the side


  • The pocket is located in a weird position
  • Collects too much lint, fluff and pet hair
  • Shows sweat

5. BALEAF Yoga Shorts

BALEAF Yoga Shorts

The Baleaf Shorts are just as good as the Baleaf pants. They have the same specifications, sweat-wicking fabric and pocket as the pants, and are very soft and breathable. They come in over twenty different colors that you can choose from, and also different leg lengths. Active women who need to carry their phones with them to yoga classes, are particularly happy with these shorts, since it is not easy to find brands that offer pocket options.

Some users have said that they start to look used after a few washes, so they may not be the most durable shorts out there. Considering that in hot yoga you will sweat a lot and wash the clothes several times, this is an important aspect to factor. The best feature of the Baleaf shorts is the high, thick and reinforced waist. Several women that used these pants in yoga classes for long periods and were happy with how they stayed in place and held their tummy comfortably.

This is a great budget choice if you are looking for airy yoga shorts that have pockets. The fit on them is inconsistent, some users are very happy with it and others complained that the waist was not high enough – that is not ideal since that is one of their biggest selling points. It is worth analyzing the size chart and getting one to see how the fits respond to your body.


  • They have three pockets
  • They stay in place
  • Budget price


  • They look worn after a few washes
  • The fit changes from woman to woman

6. 90 Degree Tank Top

90 Degree Tank Top

The 90 Degree Tank Top is a versatile piece you should have in your wardrobe. When doing hot yoga, the last thing you need is to worry about apparel malfunctions, and with this top, you don’t. It features high-quality materials, a mix of spandex, polyester, and nylon, which are all moisture-wicking and have four-way stretch. There is a reflective logo on it, in case you ever need to walk at nighttime and interlock seams that prevent chafing and rubbing.

90 Degree is a well-loved brand by many women, because it manages to combine comfort, fit, style and performance into all their pieces. This top is no different, and it has a pull-on closure that is good for keeping the top snug and in place. There is such a wide variety of colors and prints that you can choose your entire yoga closet from just this model. Please note that some colors may be more vibrant in person than in the pictures, as it is hard to capture neon colors on photos.

If you don’t like it, you can just return the item within thirty days. This is a fair policy we highly appreciate. Some users ran into problems with the bright colored tops though. While wearing them for hot yoga, they noticed that the color started to run on their towels and mat. This should be easily avoidable by washing them right away before the first use, but can be annoying if you are not aware of it.

These are not loose, thin tops but thick ones that are meant to hug you in the right places and stay in place. For this price, we found it hard to find a better top, and we recommend them for your daily hot yoga practice – especially for their ability to stay in place during intense workouts.


  • Great material
  • Top stays in place during the workout
  • Good price
  • Thirty-day return policy


  • The color of the bright tops bleeds

7. Icyzone Tank Tops

Icyzone Tank Tops

These tops are great because they offer great coverage, while being super thin and breezy. They are made from a mix of polyester and rayon, making them extremely soft and breathable. Rayon is a synthetic fabric that integrates cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or manufactured fibers. It was conceived as a cheaper and more accessible alternative to silk, so it feels great to the touch. Many sports brands are starting to use rayon on their clothing due to its cooling and comfortable aspects.

The silhouette includes an extra-large armhole with a lot of moving space and a hem that hugs your hips to stay in place easily. This means you need to wear a sports bra underneath, but that is a given with exercising. They show a bit of skin on the sides and back, and while some people don’t like that, we think is a plus on the best hot yoga clothes to be airy and light. They run true to size because they are supposed to be a bit loose, despite what some users felt, so measure yourself against the chart or order your regular top tank size. If you prefer a tight fit, then you can size it down.

These tops are cute enough that you can wear them for errands and activities you may need to do before your class. They do not offer plus size numbers and that is a shame, all women should be able to enjoy the comfort of these tops. If you buy a pack of three, you get a price that is hard to refuse. They are machine washable and, because they are so thin, they leave the washing machine almost dry.

These are great tops but they definitely show sweat. They are moisture-wicking, so big sweat rings around the areas you feel hot are to be expected. Overall, they come highly recommended and offer a wide range of colors, so you can have plenty of them.


  • Good price for a pack of three
  • Very light and soft material
  • Big armholes good for movement


  • They show sweat a lot

8. Icyzone Padded Sports Bra

Icyzone Padded Sports Bra

You may think that a sports bra has to be sturdy, with wide bands and a super tight fit to be able to hold everything in place while exercising. This is not true anymore, as technology advances many new ways to construct a sports bra, to give women the perfect fit they need, mixed with the look they want. This is the case for the Icyzone Padded Sports Bra.

The strips on the back give this bra an adorable look that goes great with open back tank tops or even on their own. They still support the breasts in place and cover all the parts well. There is no wire and the pads can be taken off or not- depending on your preference. Polyester, spandex, and mesh compose the materials that are sweat-wicking and very soft. Colors like banana, blueberry, and army add to the fashion factor.

Some users felt they needed more support from this bra, especially on the top. When doing inversions on yoga, they had problems with the bra slipping and the breasts being shown. If you are a beginner yogi, though, it is unlikely that you will end up in a position where this happens. It is advisable to buy a size smaller than your regular size, as multiple users got great bras that were a bit too big for them. It is still a great purchase, especially for less than twenty dollars.


  • Great style, the straps on the back are beautiful and elegant
  • It is wire-free and you can take the padding out if you want
  • They offer a lot of nice colors to choose from
  • Great price


  • They don’t hold very well on inversions and upside-down poses

9. Quenieke Women’s Yoga Bra

Quenieke Women’s Yoga Bra

The Quenieke Women’s Yoga Bra is designed to offer just the right amount of support you need in a yoga class. Since it is not running or jumping, you don’t need a bra that restrains you and make you feel tight. You need a bra that supports you while being comfortable and soft. That is what Quenieke offers, with an extra advantage of being comfortable.

You can pick from nine beautiful colors or get them all, as the budget price of this bra allows for that. The padding is very delicate and comfortable, and you can choose to remove it if you wish. It still has great coverage and fit without them. The open back goes great with racerback tops or even with no top at all, they are that charming. If you don’t like them, Quenieke welcomes you to return them within thirty days of the purchase – no questions asked. We appreciate a company that understands its customers and goes the extra mile to reassure them they are covered.

Hot yoga practitioners are especially happy with this bra, because its open back is perfect for the heat. Many sports bras are bulky on the back or too strappy and get very uncomfortable while exercising – but not this one. Women with large breasts, though, are not so happy with the fit and coverage this bra has, and it may not be suited for DD or DDD cups. This is well recommended for women with smaller chests, and definitely great for hot yoga classes.


  • Very comfortable and soft
  • The support is just right for yoga
  • The back is beautiful and convenient for hot yoga


  • Not suited for women with a larger chest size

10. Muezna Non-slip Yoga Socks

Muezna Non-slip Yoga Socks

Yoga, and especially hot yoga can get very slippery and unstable. To achieve the best practice possible, a good grip is essential in holding positions and maintaining poses. This is one of the goals of yoga socks – they provide the grip you need for poses and balance. Another is to separate your toes and keep them wide. Yoga is about balance and control, and we’re sure you’ve heard your yoga teacher say, more than once, to spread your toes and plant your feet to the ground. The Muezna Yoga Socks will help you do just that.

They are made of cotton, spandex, and cloth for a very soft feel, and have silicone grippers on the bottom to prevent skidding. You get a small cute bag to carry them around with you and they can be returned or refunded after sixty days if you don’t like them, no questions asked. The crossed straps in the top make it look like a nice pair of shoes, and hugs your feet in a perfect position to keep them in place.

They are so comfortable some women even forget they are wearing them. Muezna socks have an ergonomic design that pushes your yoga practice to the next level, and they are also moisture-wicking – a must for hot yoga. The price is a little salty for just one pair of socks, but if you consider how durable they are and how much technology was put into designing them, you’ll find it’s worth it.


  • They are soft and come with non-slip silicone grippers
  • They have toe separators
  • They stay in place and are very comfortable


  • The price

What’s Your Pick For The Best Hot Yoga Clothes?

It is especially important to pick the best hot yoga clothes since this is an activity that requires a lot of your body. The sweat demands breathable and durable materials, and the nature of the exercise demands soft, comfortable clothes.

As we said before, it is important to keep safe while doing hot yoga. Some tips to achieve the best results possible are to stay extra hydrated on the day of the practice, drinking liters and liters of water before the class. Wear breathable clothing that does not hold you too tight. Be careful with overstretching – since the heat makes your muscles warm up faster, it can lead you to push your limits too much, so listen to your body. Embrace the sweat – it may sound weird, but sweat is a big part of hot yoga, and constantly wiping will not only slow you down but also block your pores. Welcome the heat, the sweat, and let the clothes keep you dry and comfy.

We hope that this list helped you find your next hot yoga clothes to purchase and as always, keep going on your yoga journey and enjoy!