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How often do you read magazines in a month? From where do you get your yoga information? There is no better source of yoga information than from the best yoga magazines. It’s important to note that yoga can only be beneficial to you only if you do it with the right gear. If you overdo it or fail to do it right, then it turns out to be counterproductive. Technically, yoga has an effect not only on your limbs and back but also on the brain.

The only way to get the right information is to secure it from the right sources. Perhaps, you may be wondering, what makes a magazine perfect? Worry no more, as detailed revelation is on its way to you. Best yoga magazines are not selective on the information they relay to the public.


The best place to start is to understand the types of magazines. After that, we’ll see what factors to consider when purchasing a magazine.

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What is the Best Yoga Magazine?

Even non-avid readers would enjoy reading a few-paged graphic reading material especially if the content is about specific topics that one is interested in. That’s exactly what magazines are.

This kind of periodical publication that is released either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, basically contains in-depth information about certain topics while it’s not as timely as news publications. You will find stories, Interviews, Ads, and other articles related to the niche with photos, and sometimes, with digital materials like CDs.

Is There a Yoga Magazine?

Well, who doesn’t know about yoga after all, right? This says that yoga has its own magazine too! Since the early 20th century, Yoga has been far more explained to the west by Swami Vivekananda and the westerners have found great interest in the art of physical exercise and meditation than Yoga has in its core. Eventually, the interest has sparked and spread like a wildfire and by 1975, Yoga Journal was released which is the first-ever yoga magazine to be out in the market.

Now, there are tons of different publications on yoga that you can choose from and all these magazine brands have their own unique perks and content that you will enjoy as a yogin.

Are Yoga Journal Magazines Worth it?

The magazine Yoga Journal has changed the lives of yogins way back to the time they first released this publication as it supported the practice and helped improve the yoga knowledge and skills that yogins have.

Yoga Journal has started to have their magazine also include subscriptions with perks only for the subscribers and the general opinion is it’s definitely a worth it subscription. But why?

The subscription comes with some exclusive members-only digital materials like yoga meditation challenges, meal plans and recipes, live video classes, yoga sequences, and tutorials that can come really handy if you’re very serious about living a yoga lifestyle.

Is there a Pilates Magazine?

As Yoga has spread well enough in the west, a variety of exercises that are similar to yoga was also born. In the USA, Joseph Pilates developed a new physical exercise which is based on Yoga but is focusing on core strength than flexibility. He called this method “Contrology” and it was famously known as “Pilates“, named after him.

Since Pilates is another topic of interest that is somehow related to yoga, this also has its own magazine where you can find interesting information and amazing guides that will help you with your Pilates exercise. The magazine also has an online website where you can check more details and even have your subscription started from there.

Types Of Magazines

We’ve just mentioned above that yoga magazines are actually available in the market but of course, there are yet many other kinds and types of how magazines can be classified so it is crucial to note that there are different types of magazines for you. This will define what material are you to buy because the magazine you would want to purchase will always depend on your taste. The typical examples of the magazine that you can buy include:

  • Professional magazine; These are the type of packages that intend to focus on a specific group of people. Examples of these include magazines about commerce, medicine, marketing, among others. Therefore, the buyers need to be conversant with that field of interest, lest they should find it worthless. However, this is not to imply that you can’t develop interest from reading a magazine.
  • Specialized interest magazines; This is another common type of magazine in the market today. The market remains flooded with several of these magazines that focus on specific topics. For example, if you’re a yoga fan, you need to grab one of the best yoga magazines. The beauty of specialized interest magazines is that they present factual and correct information. Such magazines accommodate a full age bracket, including minors, depending on the topic.
  • General interest magazines; These are the magazines that get published for the general public. Therefore, magazines cover topics that affect almost everybody daily. Examples of the problems that are covered include yoga, fashion, food, health, entertainment, among others. Are you searching for yoga magazines? It is the type to look out for, as you’ll get the best yoga magazines.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Yoga Magazines

Any buyer reading this will agree that there are factors to consider when buying any product. Not all magazines will give you the information you need. Therefore, you have no choice but to purchase the best yoga magazines to get valuable information. Here at 889yoga, we want to help you get that best magazine that is worth the cash you stashed. Below are some of the factors to consider when buying a yoga magazine.

Type Of The Magazine

You got to be sure about what information you want to know since there are different types of magazines. Usually, different magazines capture another kind of information. For example, it’s a little to a bit impossible to get technical details such as medicine in a general-interest magazine so you might want to go for a medical yoga magazine instead if in case.

Price Of The Magazine

You probably have been living a good yoga lifestyle that you’ve come across this page to look for a magazine. But even then, money isn’t easy to earn and so this is the most straightforward factor to be considered by any buyer. Magazines could be pricy as they contain valuable information from reputable sources. Some yoga magazine brands also are only purchasable through subscription so this means it could be an added cost to your monthly billing. How can you purchase a product if you have less than the required amount? Not all products are on offer. Ensure you check the price of the magazine before buying it.

The Company

There are several firms that are known to publish well-researched, factual, and informative magazines. You surely don’t want an article with suspicious or rather yet, unhealthy content. Most buyers prefer to purchase these products from such established and respectable firms.

Article writing is not a past-time activity; instead, it’s a full-time activity done by professionals. Get the best yoga magazines from the best magazine companies.

Page Count

Are you kidding? You may be wondering. Nowadays, most buyers are too engaged in other activities as this modern lifestyle we are in is fast-paced. Therefore, as a buyer, you might want to consider the length of the magazine. If you can’t manage to read 1500-2500 pages, you may not find the product useful. While this is just an exaggeration, not all people are real fans of reading and find it boring. If you just happen to try to read a magazine you might want to consider those with 80-120 pages. Magazines aren’t so thick after all.

However, this is not mean that buyers should only read magazines with the fewest pages. If you’re interested in a given topic, by all means, go for whichever number of pages. Although readers are mindful of the magazine size, it’s not a crucial factor.

Topics Covered In The Magazine

You may get a type of magazine that covers topics of interest. However, that specific magazine may not include the exact item you want. If you purchase such a magazine, you’ll deem it worthless. For example, if you’re a yoga fanatic, consider buying the best yoga magazines.

To help you purchase the best yoga magazines, we’ve listed the top 10 magazines in the market. The magazines will enlighten you fully on the subject of yoga and general exercise tactics to employ.

Top 10 Best Yoga Magazines 2019

AS we’ve mentioned, there are lots of magazines available in the market but only a few can be considered worth it for its price. Now that we know how are we choosing the yoga magazine that we would like to purchase, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 yoga magazines for the year 2019 based on the factors to consider.

1. The Yoga Bible

The Yoga Bible Best yoga magazineDesign and material

This is one of the best yoga magazines that you’ll ever come across. The Yoga Bible is a four-hundred-page magazine published in English. The magazine measures 5.5 inches by 1.1 inches by 6.6 inches. The magazine weighs 1.4 pounds owing to the high total number of pages. The magazine was first published in 2003 by Walking Stick Press,39820 edition publishers.

The Yoga Bible measures 5.5 inches by 1.1 inches by 6.6 inches in length width and height, respectively. The magazine bears the ISBN-10 of 1582972427 and ISNBN-13 of 978-1582972428. The magazine best suits yoga beginners as it guides them on how to practice yoga.


  • Has a manageable number of pages-For most readers, the higher the number of pages, the more unattractive the magazine becomes.
  • Features over one hundred and seventy postures.
  • Recommends highly suitable poses.
  • The magazine is readily available.
  • Suitable for both beginners and yoga experts.


  • The magazine is too costly, especially when bought online.
  • The magazine may not be available to potential buyers in some areas as rural areas.
  • Some may not consider a magazine more useful than actual yoga training.

2. Yoga Journal Kindle Edition

Yoga Journal Kindle EditionDesign and material

Yoga Journal Kindle Edition enjoys the reputation of being one of the best yoga magazines. The magazine, in general, is published by Active Interest Media in the English language only.


The magazine has a catchy cover page which highlights the main topic. The company issues six publications per year. The magazine bears ASIN of B005WXVW52. What makes these best yoga magazines packed with deeply researched and informative content.

Some topics that the magazine has covered before including yoga poses, yoga postures, among others.


  • The magazine presents deeply researched and helpful information.
  • The information provided is reliable and correct.
  • The magazine gets published in English, hence suits many people.
  • It offers six issues in a year, whereas other companies publish theirs twice a year.
  • Inspires yoga beginners to become experts in the exercise.
  • A proper diet for yoga fanatics is also an essential factor that is published.


  • Highly expensive, considering there are six issues every year.
  • The magazine may not suit yoga experts. As they may find the content too ‘obvious.’
  • Auto-renewal of subscription.
  • Not readily available to potential buyers in some areas.

3. The Key Poses of Yoga

The Key Poses of YogaDesign and Material

The Key Poses of Yoga is a two hundred and twenty-four-page magazine which covers the yoga topic. The softcopy of this magazine has a size of 1411 kilobytes. The beauty of this magazine is that it gets published in English; hence suits many readers globally. If you encounter someone in search of the best yoga magazines, recommend this to them.


The magazine has enabled enhanced typesetting. Its ASIN is B00JREFB11 and gets published by Book Baby publishers usually. The author of the material is a renowned surgeon, named Ray Long.

Each of these product costs $21.49. However, the price may vary slightly depending on the seller.


  • The book contains credible information and authorized by a medic.
  • The books include a large number of useful pieces of information.
  • One can order the product online.
  • The top fifty-five yoga poses.
  • The magazine has an enabled page-flip.


  • Not readily available to everyone.
  • May quickly put off those without knowledge in medicine, as it contains the medicine register.
  • Not affordable to most of the potential buyers.

4. Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

Asana Pranayama Mudra BandhaDesign and Material

Do you desire to own a yoga manual? Look no further, Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha Kindle Edition is the right material for you. The author of this outstanding publication is Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Additionally, the magazine has received countless global recognition as one of the best yoga magazines today. Do you know that most yoga trainers use this magazine to empower their yoga knowledge?

The first product edition was published in 1969. Over four decades later, there have been twenty-one reprints. Each of these books costs $22.89. However, be informed that the prices are bound to vary slightly depending on the seller and geographical location.


The book has a total number of five hundred and fifty-five pages. The publication is subdivided into several topics, each of which bears different, yet valuable information. What makes this one of the best yoga magazines in the world? Well, the book gives a step by step guide on how to become proficient in yoga.

The book can suit both yoga beginners and advanced yoga experts. You now understand why the book enjoys customer ratings of 4.8.


  • It’s subdivided into several topics to simplify reading.
  • It contains details on yoga, tips to become an expert, among other information.
  • The publication suits both beginners as well as advanced yoga experts.
  • Highly affordable, considering the total number of pages.
  • The book suits many English speakers globally because of its English publication.
  • Has a small file size of 8396 kilobytes.
  • The book enjoys splendid customer ratings-this is proof enough that it’s a valuable item.


  • Unsuitable to some non-English speakers.
  • The high number of pages makes it unattractive to some potential buyers.
  • Not readily available to all customers.
  • Maybe unaffordable to some buyers, especially if bought from online retailers.

Next time you go shopping, add this book to your budget. It’s the best yoga magazines; you’ll ever lay your hands on as a choice. You’ll fall in love with yoga forever.


5. Chair Yoga by Kristin McGee

Chair Yoga by Kristin McGeeDesign and Material

Do you need valuable and correct information on yoga? I’d feel overwhelming guilt if I were not to recommend Chair Yoga magazine by Kristin McGee. William Morrow was first to publish this. The magazine contains interesting, revolutionizing and mind-opening tips on yoga. Beginning with the cover page, which highlights the main topics that need taking care of within the publication.


The magazine has a total of two hundred and eighty-eight pages and measures seven by 0.6 by 9 inches.

Furthermore, the magazine categorizes details in topics to simplify reading. The entire book is published in the English language to accommodate as many readers as possible. The magazines’ ISBN-10 is 0062248446, whereas it’s ISBN-13 is 978-0062486448.

Each of these magazines costs $14.27.


  • The magazine has highly reliable information as a yoga expert authors it.
  • Has a manageable number of pages?
  • The magazine is subdivided into several sections to make it captivating to the reader.
  • Each of these books is light, hence, portable.
  • The book is readily available to many readers from online retailers.
  • The book is published in English and suits many readers.
  • The magazine is suitable for both yoga beginners as well as experts.


  • Unsuitable to non-English speakers.
  • The magazine may appear too voluminous to some readers.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer reading the softcopy as it only exists in hard copy.

Unlike most products, knowledge has no expiry date. Therefore, it pays to purchase the best yoga magazines to acquire as much knowledge as possible. You’ll apply it at some point in life.


6. Yoga Fitness for Men By Dean Pohlman

Yoga Fitness for Men By Dean PohlmanDesign and Material

Are you a man in need of a dependable yoga guide? Breathe easy! The Yoga Fitness for Men magazine is here for you. The magazine was first published in 2018 by DK edition publishers. Interestingly, the magazine genuinely tackles the subject yoga with high preciseness and accuracy. Dean Pohlman authored the magazine. Dean is a globally renowned yoga expert and the founder of Man Flow yoga.

Each of these magazines costs $15.22. The magazine is readily available, the primary source being from online retailers. Aren’t these the best yoga magazines in the market right now?


Yoga Fitness for Men magazine measures 7.7 inches by 0.7 inches by 9.2 inches. Additionally, the magazine has a total number of one hundred and ninety-two pages. Are you concerned about portability? The magazine is the lightest publication ever with a weight of just 1.6 pounds.


  • The magazine has a pictorial illustration of yoga moves.
  • It contains brief and direct information.
  • Highly portable as it’s only 1.6 pounds in total.
  • It contains highly credible information as it is authored by an advanced yoga expert.
  • It has a relatively small number of pages.
  • The magazine is readily available to any potential customers globally.
  • Suitable to many readers as published in the English language.


  • Not suitable for most non-English speakers.
  • It does not exist in soft copy hence inconveniences those who prefer to read the softcopy.
  • Unsuitable to women as it focuses on men.

Do you believe in the power of reading? Test that power by purchasing the best yoga magazines. Then enlighten you on yoga and its benefits on the human body.


7. The Mindfulness Journal By Barrie Davenport

The Mindfulness Journal By Barrie DavenportDesign and Material

The Mindfulness Journal is a must-read for anyone in need of information on Yoga. The incomparable journal was first published in 2017 by an independent publisher. The magazine measures 7.5 inches by 1.1 inches by 9.2 inches. Each of these journals has a total page count of four hundred and thirty-one.


The mindfulness is a detailed and voluminous journal of four hundred and thirty-one pages. Additionally, the journal bears a unique and attractive cover page and a brief introduction to the entire journal. The journal has an ISBN-10 of 1973531690. Wondering what makes these publications the best yoga magazines? Well, the journal has a step by step guidance on yoga. It makes it the best option for any beginner who wishes to become yoga experts.


  • The journal is relatively affordable, considering the high number of pages.
  • It suits many readers, as it is published in English.
  • Highly light and portable.
  • Information is subdivided into sections to simplify reading.


  • Highly unsuitable to the potential non-English speaking buyer.
  • The book may be too voluminous to some readers.

8. Muscles Testing And Function With Posture And Pain

Muscles Testing And Function With Posture And PainDesign and material

The muscle testing and function with posture and pain is a fantastic book on yoga. The book has a total page count of five hundred and sixty words authored by Florence P. Kendall, Elizabeth Kendall, Patricia Provance, Mary Rodgers, and William Romani. The book was first published in 2014 by Wolters Kluwer Health. The typesetting of the book is not enabled.


The publication bears a dark cover page with a human photo on the left. The book published in the English language exists in both hard copy and soft copy. The soft copy has a file size of 91037 kilobytes. Which publication would you recommend to a yoga beginner? Consider supporting this publication. It’s among the best yoga magazines in the world. No wonder it enjoys splendid customer ratings.


  • The book exists in both hard copy and soft copy.
  • Suitable to many readers as published in the English language.
  • The book is arranged in a different section to simplify reading the entire book.
  • Readily available as anyone interested in the book can order it online.
  • Has pictorial details to help in guiding the reader.


  • The book may be too voluminous to some readers.
  • Unavailability of the audio format of the book dissuades some potential readers.

9. Emotional Chaos To Clarity By Phillip Moffitt

Emotional Chaos To Clarity By Phillip MoffittDesign and Material

Do you know the value of emotional health? Unknown to many, yoga has a direct effect on one’s emotional health. The Emotional Chaos to Clarity is a three hundred and four-page book published in English. The book was first published in 2013 by Plume publishers.

The book focuses on mental health as well as the best tips to maintain good mental health. Phillip Moffitt authored the Emotional Chaos to Clarity book. Phillip now serves as the director of Life Balance Institution, California, USA.


The valuable book measures 1.2 inches by 8.2 inches by 5.4 inches. The publication was fully published in English to accommodate as many readers as possible. The Emotional Chaos to Clarity book weighs 7.8 ounces in total.


  • The book published in English suits more readers, unlike other languages.
  • The book is light and portable, as it only weighs 0.22 kilograms.
  • Anyone can manage to complete reading the book as it’s not voluminous.
  • The publication offers reasonable and practical and useful mental health tips.
  • Readily available to many potential readers as it’s available online.


  • The book does not exist in softcopy.
  • The audio format of the book is unavailable-this significantly disadvantages the visually impaired.

10. Spirituality & Health

Spirituality & HealthDesign and material

Are you looking for the best tips on yoga and other related issues? Spirituality & Health is the best magazine for you. The book was first published in the English language in the year 2017. Every year the publisher releases six issues to the market.


The magazine is written in English to suit as many readers as practically possible. Additionally, the magazine has a catchy cover page with the main topic on it. What makes these the best yoga magazines is the fact that it relates yoga to other aspects of life.


  • The magazine is published in English.
  • The publication is written by experts, hence provides reliable information.
  • The magazine offers six issues to empower the reader’s knowledge of different areas.
  • Readily available from several retail shops as well as online retailers.
  • The magazine covers a wide variety of topics. These include nutrition, religion, yoga, among others.


  • The price of the magazine may be too high for some potential buyers.


Can You lose weight in doing Yoga?

A lot of yogins started with the very reason of losing weight with the mentality of effortless weight loss. Although the mentality is a bit erroneous per se since losing weight requires effort and discipline, it is still true that doing Yoga can help you lose weight.

Yoga is still a physical exercise that involves meditation as well. This combo is very helpful to many as some people who have gained weight are due to their stress eating as a coping mechanism. Imagine having a meditation to destress and at the same time doing physical activities? That’s hitting birds with one stone!

How Often is Yoga Journal Published?

This premier yoga magazine is published 6 times a year so you’ll surely get the most updated information about yoga and the yoga lifestyle.

Who Started Yoga Journal?

The Yoga Journal magazine is a brainchild of Dr. Judith Hanson Lasater. This amazing physical therapist has been teaching yoga since the 1970s and started the magazine in 1975.

What makes a magazine appealing to the reader?

Most potential readers are usually interested in capturing deeply researched products. A good magazine must provide deeply researched and correct information. Not only that, but magazines should also be eye-capturing meaning, it has a great visual presentation. This doesn’t mean to be overload the mag with a lot of images and stuff as that could also be some visual noise. A good amount of graphics will supplement the information present in a magazine appealing to the readers.


Yoga is very beneficial to you especially if you are practicing it the right way. One way to learn proper yoga is by having reading materials such as these yoga magazines. Every willing reader should not hesitate to own one of the best yoga magazines. It is one of the best ways to get useful tips on how to become proficient in yoga.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that it takes time and persistence to become efficient in it as the saying goes, “repetition is the mother of mastery”. With time, your patience and persistence will reward handsomely. We hope that you were able to find the magazine to buy and at the end of the day, buying will still be your and 889yoga is here to encourage you to buy and improve the yoga lifestyle and journey you’re currently in.