Best Plus Size Yoga Pants
1. Nirlon Straight 2. Nirlon Leggings 3. Houmous
NIRLON Straight Leg Yoga Pants High Waist Leggings Nirlon Leggings For Women High Waist Workout Yoga Pants Ankle Length Houmous Women's Yoga Bootleg Pants Inner Hidden Pocket Workout Pants

Finding clothing of any kind for plus-size wearers has been quite a problem and now that a lot of plus size athletes are making it big, companies have started attempting to provide a solution to this problem by introducing yoga gear like the best plus size yoga pants. Now we can find so many options on the Internet for active wear that claim to be specially designed for plus size wearers and guarantee good quality and performance. But let’s face it, not everything people claim on the internet is right.

Want to go to retailers instead? The problem with this is that there is a serious shortage in the supply of plus sizes to retail outlets, and the designs and choices are very limited. So what you need is a good knowledge of the various kinds of plus-size yoga pants available and what all you need to look for.

If you know this, then all you have to do is get online and check the description of products to see if the pants have what you need. This way, you get to browse through an unlimited collection of designs and get yourself the best pair of pants. When done right, this makes the online store where you are purchasing the pants from, liable to take a return in case the description that is mentioned does not pan out.

This is why today 889 Yoga is bringing to you a guide of tried and tested methods of buying the best yoga pants for plus sizes online. This way you know what to look for while browsing. Further, we bring to you some of the products that have been reviewed and shown good results. You no longer have to just “adjust” with pants that don’t give you the right fit or comfort.


Buying Guide For Best Plus Size Yoga Pants

1. The Fabric

This is step one of making your choice when it comes to buying the best plus size yoga pants. You need to choose whether to buy one made of natural fibers, or ones made of synthetics. You actually have a variety of sub-options such as bamboo, cotton, cotton-synthetic blends, etc to choose from too. Here’s the crisp version of what you need to know:

Bamboo made fibers generally give you a light and breathable fabric, that can take away moisture easily. This prevents bad odor during workouts. It also keeps your body’s temperature regulated, whether it’s worn in the summer or winter. It is also very gentle on the skin and is a favorite of those with highly sensitive skin. When bought from a certified store, it is long-lasting and can stay your yoga partner for years. Bamboo is also blended with other fabrics like cotton or wool sometimes, so you must look into this if you have specific allergies.

There is also the option of going for good old cotton. Known for its comfort, cotton has been a good pal for all yoga practitioners. It is soft and also stretches comfortably. It is however, not a great idea if you plan on wearing it for heavier workouts as it tends to absorb moisture and get heavier. It also does not help your body to cool down faster after the workout. By buying options of cotton mixed with spandex or other materials, you could sort out this problem.

Synthetic pants are built for workouts generally. You can choose from various synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, etc which are good at getting sweat evaporates faster. Yoga pants made from spandex, on the other hand, give you a very good level of stretchability without damaging the material. This material, however, is not as soft as cotton or bamboo. Synthetics are also well known for causing bad odor and may cause a very strong smell during workouts. This is, however, being handled by the new versions of odor-free synthetics.

2. Comfort

Now that you have picked out which material to go for, you will have a shorter list to look through. So the next thing to look for is comfort. While looking for the best plus size yoga pants, comfort is something many people tend to compromise on. This should absolutely not be the case with you. So, here are some of the things that you must look into to ensure that the pant is comfortable.

The fabric must be wash friendly and not irritate your skin. So depending on your skin type go for the ones that suit you best.
The size must be a proper fit and there must be adjustment features such as good elastic, or a drawstring, to make sure the pants stay in place while you are doing your yoga.

The pants shouldn’t be too tight or too loose around your frame. It must fit snuggly, and give you the motivation to get up and do yoga every day.
Is there a specific kind of yoga you practice? Ask your instructor for advice on what sort of yoga pants to get. This can cause a huge impact on your pant’s life and comfort level. For example, cotton might be a good idea for slow forms of yoga, but may rip if you perform sudden squats or so during a hot yoga session.

3. Durability

This is a must when your shopping for pretty much anything. Of course, you mustn’t have unrealistic hopes that a single pair will stay good forever. But with proper selection and usage, you can make them last for quite some time. Nylon that is of good quality, for example, tends to give you a longer life span. Some others, for example, those with wool might get fuzzy after a while and start fading off.

4. Gusset

A gusset is a piece of cloth that is sewn into the region between your legs to ensure that the pressure of stretching will not cause a rip. This is a must-have feature for your yoga pants. It can be quite embarrassing if you are in the middle of a yoga session, and you hear your pant giving away. The best plus size yoga pants, always come with gussets.

5. Style

Finding really stylish yoga pants in the plus-size ranges is not impossible anymore. There are so many new designs and styles coming out in the plus sizes, especially for women. If you take some time and dig around on the internet, you will definitely find the right style for you. Along with style, you can also check for the right fit – such as loose ones or leggings, whichever you feel more comfortable in. Leggins are said to support your joints better. They also improve blood circulation, which is said to help your muscles recover post-workout. Some people, however, prefer a looser fit, as tight pants make them overly conscious about themselves, especially if your yoga sessions happen in public spaces.

6. Features

Pants can be plain and simple. Alternately, you can look for pants with features such as pockets, zips, hidden pockets or even clasps for folding it up. This can be useful while running errands after your session or store valuables etc. You may also want to check out the elastic for possible chafing or discomfort during various poses or asanas.

7. Color

Black and white pants go with any attire, and are very common in sports and physical fitness wears. Dark colors easily mark sweat and don’t stain easily. There are also various patterns that you can find the best plus size yoga pants in. Choose these for your ease of use, so that you don’t regret your buying decision later.

Top 10 Best Plus Size Yoga Pants 2019

1. NIRLON Straight Leg Yoga Pants High Waist Leggings

NIRLON Best Plus Size Yoga Pants

These pants which are a mix of 92% botton and the rest of other materials are among the best Professional Yoga Pants and are made In Israel. These high waisted pants also give you tummy control effects and are also squat proof. The pants are made of anti cellulite material, which is commonly used in women’s maternity compression clothing. The pants also come in a variety of other colors.


  • These pants are made of a mixture of material
  • Each material caters to one of the aspects of yoga pants


  • As it is predominantly made of cotton, you must take efforts to take care of it properly.

2. Nirlon Leggings For Women High Waist Workout Yoga Pants Ankle Length

Nirlon Leggings For Women High Waist Workout Yoga Pants Ankle Length

These ankle-length leggings are also from Israel. It is durable and long-lasting and is an absolute favorite for women. It is available in a variety of colors and is suitable for all sports activities running, workout, hiking, yoga, pilates, gym, cycling, etc.


  • These ankle length pants are a new trend
  • Will look great with other work out gear.


  • They are tight fitting and may hence may you feel a little conscious if you are working out in an open space.

3. Houmous Women’s Yoga Bootleg Pants Inner Hidden Pocket Workout Pants

Houmous Women's Yoga Bootleg Pants Inner Hidden Pocket Workout Pants

These pants are made of extremely skin-friendly fabric, and provides very low friction while you exercise. They also come in different lengths to perfectly fit you, whether you are tall or short. The hidden pocket in the waistband is just a cherry on top!


  • They have a hidden pocket which only you know of and can access.


  • If you place any hard objects like coins or cards, this may cause discomfort while you perform yogic poses.

4. Hoter Women’s Yoga Harem Pants

Hoter Women's Yoga Harem Pants

These pants, in addition to being suitable for your indoor or outdoor exercise, are also great to wear for a casual stroll or running errands. They come in a whole variety of colors and go with literally almost anything.


  • They are very loose and relaxing
  • Provide excellent airflow.


  • These may get in the way when you try to maintain complicated poses
  • They are too long for your height.

5. Nirlon7/8 Length High Waisted Workout Capri

Nirlon7/8 Length High Waisted Workout Capri

These high waist Capri pants are made of a high-density fabric, that will last longer and stay in shape, even if you stretch it out during your yoga sessions. The fabric is a mix of cotton and spandex, making it very soft to the skin, as well as stretchable. It also wicks away moisture quite fast.


  • Since it is a mix of cotton and spandex, it is comfortable
  • Stays in shape for a very long time.


  • These pants may trap odor causing bacteria
  • Cause bad smell during intense workouts.

6. LOSRLY Striped Wide-Leg Drawstring High Waist Palazzo Yoga Pants

LOSRLY Striped Wide-Leg Drawstring High Waist Palazzo Yoga Pants

With this trendy striped pattern, you can pull off a very stylish look – even at yoga sessions. As it is a palazzo style pant, it is quite loose and fits comfily. There is a lot of room for you to move around and you will hardly feel the fabric on you. As they come with drawstrings, these will stay in place and you can adjust it as required during workouts.


  • Your waist size will not be a problem as there are drawstrings and you don’t have to put up with chafing elastic around your waist.


  • The drawstring could get knotted up and hurt you if you lie on your front for any of the yoga poses.

7. DOVPOD Printed Yoga Pants

DOVPOD Printed Yoga Pants

These Capri pants that come in a variety of different prints, are the ultimate style statement when it comes to getting the best plus size yoga pants. In addition to the cool prints, they are made of a high-density fabric that offers venting and sun protection. The fitting nature of the pants also increases latent metabolism.


  • They are one of the rare brands for plus sizes that offer sun protection.


  • These are tight fitting pants,
  • Do not let the free air flow

8. Stretch Is Comfort Women’s Foldover Plus Size Yoga Pants

Stretch Is Comfort Women's Foldover Plus Size Yoga Pants

The highlight of these pants is the foldover waistband that can be adjusted to your preference. This feature allows the pants to fit you just right and at any high you want. These are made of cotton and spandex mix, making it very flexible and easy to toss into a washing machine.


  • This pant is perfect for people of all heights
  • waistband can be adjusted.


  • As they are made of spandex, the odor trapping bacteria
  • Cause bad smell unless you wash and dry it properly.

9. Kt Buttery Soft High Waisted Leggings Pants With Pockets

Kt Buttery Soft High Waisted Leggings Pants With Pockets

These super stretchy leggings not only come with prints, but they also come with pockets! The material stretches easily and is thick enough so it can’t be seen through. It is also very soft on the skin and does not rip easily while you do your yoga moves.


  • They have the dual option of having prints and pockets.


  • As they come with prints, this can only be paired with specific outfits.
  • They are not very versatile.

10. Campsnail Plus Size High Waisted Leggings

Campsnail Plus Size High Waisted Leggings

These simple, yet stylish Capri leggings come in a variety of colors and fit any kind of body shape. The comfortable waistband provides a slimming effect on your middle and waist. In addition to workout wear, these pants are multi-functional and can also be paired with dresses, tops or tunics. As it is a blend of polyester and spandex, it gives you a perfect combination of both stretching and comfort.


  • These pants are versatile
  • Can be a part of your work out wear
  • Can be worn as a casual outing wear or even traditional wear


  • This is made of polyester, so it might not feel very soft on your skin
  • Cannot be washed repeatedly.

Why You Should Buy Best Yoga Pants For Plus Sizes

All the products mentioned above are available in plus sizes and also in a variety of other sizes. The designs we have handpicked for you, to satisfy all the various conditions, have been discussed earlier in this article as part of the buying guide. These products are specially designed for working out, especially stretching, and are hence suitable for yoga. Now that you have our favorite picks of the best yoga pants for plus sizes, you can go ahead and pick out your choices from these. On a closing note, here are some quick points you can take away from this article:

  • Always pick the material that suits your skin best. You may have to experiment with it a little, but you will eventually find it.
  • Stretchy materials, with gussets, are the best for yoga. So lookout for this quality while looking for yoga pants.
  • Style, design, and features are completely your choice. You can always choose the simplest pants and feel comfortable in them, so follow your heart.
  • Prints are great for style. Don’t stifle your inner diva. Experiment with your fashion, even if it’s just for yoga pants.
  • Durability is greatly dependent on fabric. Higher density fabrics, generally tend to be more durable. Look for the density of the material, especially when you’re shopping online.
  • Washing options are an important key to the long life of your clothes. Check the description carefully before buying, to ensure that you wash your pants the right way.
  • Yoga pants must have the property of wicking away moisture. Otherwise, they will absorb the moisture and get heavy making the material cling to your skin. Look for this property in the description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why Yoga Pants Are Important?

A.When you are dedicated to workouts and exercise, the foremost thing you need to see is your costume. Only if you wear comfortable clothing like yoga pants, it will be useful in terms of stretchability and breathability.

Q.What Are The Important Elements To Consider While Buying Yoga Pants?

A.Quality and type of fabric is the most important element to consider while buying yoga pants. You can perform yoga well if they are on point.

Q.How Often Replacing Yoga Pants Is Important?

A.If you work out everyday, it is absolutely necessary to change the yoga pants at least at the span of four months. The best quality fabric can last long up to 6 months.

Best Plus Size Yoga Pants – What do you choose?

Now that you have the basics sorted, all you have to do is get out there and place the order. Always pick the material that suits your skin best. You may have to experiment with it a little, but you will eventually find it. Most of these products will be delivered to you in less than 10 to 15 days. So what are you waiting for?