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Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow Treelance Organic Cotton Yoga Top Meditation 3D Illusion Lamp

Giving is something that we could say an innate for mankind and since the beginning of time, people have been known to be generous to their kin. How about giving gifts? Would you believe that the tradition of gift-giving can be traced back to ancient times? Well, since the days of the cavemen, this tradition has already been existing that why it’s no wonder that today, we’re more creative and generous to each other than our predecessors!

More excitingly, holidays are coming and for many, it’s a great time for family bonding or get together with friends you haven’t seen for a long time. This season is a perfect time to wrap a present and also comes the need to find the perfect gift.

You might get some friends who are yogin or yoginis, and if you yourself are one, you might want to encourage a friend, a lover, or a family member to do yoga. This holiday season could be a great opportunity to show love through amazing yoga gifts.

Yoga is, for many people, more than a physical exercise as to some, it’s more like a way of life. Because of that, getting them the best yoga gifts can be challenging but surely a rewarding one especially seeing the smiles and their joyful eyes. Getting someone a present they love and seeing the happiness on their faces can be as gratifying as getting something for ourselves.

If you like yoga too, you may feel tempted to get some of these presents such as yoga gear for yourself. Because why not, you enjoy yoga so why not give yourself a yoga gift. After all, self-love and self-care are important too and are never wrong. Nevertheless, we all know how hard it is to find something as a gift to someone you don’t share the same interests with, and so here at 889yoga, we want to help you out.

You’ve got nothing to worry about as presents for yogis are of a wide variety. It can be some house accessories, comfortable clothing, relaxation items, or aesthetically pleasing adornments. We’re very sure that you can find something here that you and your loved ones will be thrilled to receive.


What do You buy a Yoga Lover?

All of us have our own unique passions and some are just so into yoga-like as we’ve mentioned, it’s a way of life for them. Giving them yoga gifts will surely touch their hearts no matter the size of the gift as long as it was from your heart. After all, it’s part of the yoga tradition to be grateful for every good thing that’s happening around and that includes these acts of generosity.

Since you’re here searching for some yoga items that you are to wrap as a present, is best to start with the question, “what to buy for a yoga lover?”. There are tons of things to choose from but of course, 889yoga always wants you to get the best.

What does every Yoga Person Need?

Let’s begin with what a yoga person needs. Yoga isn’t a demanding physical exercise. You know, the body itself is enough for one to practice yoga as long as there are no serious injuries to make one incapable of doing so.

One item that a yogin typically needs for his or her exercise is the right clothing. From undergarments to stylish yoga clothing, there are lots of choices that you can find. Having the proper yoga outfit not only adds style and feels to a yogin as he or she do the asanas, but it also helps one to do yoga comfortably. Not only that, there is certain sportswear that amplifies the benefits of the exercise as these yoga clothing are engineered for yoga.

Scented candles could also be a great choice for yoga lovers. The smell of the surrounding could either make one stay focused in meditating or get distracted. Some people are very sensitive to smell so giving them a candle with an aromatic scent not only adds to the aesthetic of the place where yoga is being done, but it also helps a yogin focus on meditating.

Yoga gears such as yoga blocks and yoga mats are also a great find to give to a yoga lover this holiday season. These gears help yogins in doing their yoga asanas and amplify the benefits of each pose that is being done.

Although Yoga is not intense, it still involves motion, and nonetheless all forms of exercising means sweating so it is important to stay hydrated when doing physical activities. Some yoga-themed water tumblers will also be a great find. Your friend, lover, or family member could be doing their yoga sessions on a studio somewhere so having a personal water tumbler will be very handy.

What Should I get my Yoga Mom For Christmas?

A huge part of the world is celebrating this festive season of Christmas. To some places, this season starts in September and ends in January the next year. This festive season, while it is a Christian celebration, has been commercialized in a good way as it is also called the Yuletide Season and has become a season of giving gifts and sharing love.

Well, if we’re to ask, of course, we want to give the best for our moms because who doesn’t even treasure their mothers? So why not pamper your mom with some Yoga-themed household items like cup coasters, a clock, and some yoga accessories? Your mother will surely love these yoga gifts!

What is the Best Gift for Yoga Teachers?

Your yoga instructor doesn’t just simply exercise their bodies daily. They also hone their minds with knowledge from the percepts of the Yoga tradition. These learnings they earn, they digest it to something pragmatic and practical and they teach it forward to you.

Show your love to your yoga instructor by wrapping some yoga books or a yoga digital video disc (DVD) as a yoga gift that will help increase his or her yoga knowledge. You will surely put a smile on the face of your yoga teacher.

Top 15 Best Yoga Gifts in 2020

Even if the receiver is not a yoga expert, getting a themed gift is still a good idea. Our list includes presents that will make their practice easier and help them get into it. Others are just plain cute and dazzling, and who doesn’t love that? There is nothing worse than getting a generic gift that looks like it could be for anyone for your birthday. Forget the socks and the handkerchiefs! Time to find the ideal present for a yoga lover right here!

889yoga has a lot in store for readers out there to consume and so, before we delve deeper into yoga gift recommendations, if you want to learn about Qigong, we have a detailed Qigong guide ready for your reading pleasure.

1. Happy Wraps Lavender Eye Pillow

Happy Wraps Best Yoga Gifts

If you never slept with an eye pillow before, believe me, that will change your life. What’s more, this amazing eye mask is lavender scented – it feels like a gentle, soft and herbal hug for your eyes and temple. This eye pillow is not flimsy, it is filled with organic flax seeds that put soothing pressure on your eyes, greatly welcomed together with the silky satin and extremely soft fabric.

Another great feature of this product is that you can make it cold or warm depending on your needs. Simply place the eye pillow on a plastic bag and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours. This helps reduce sinus headaches, puffy eyes, inflammation and is great for migraines. To make it warm, just microwave it for thirty minutes and enjoy the perfect warmth that the pillow will release to your body. This is incredibly helpful for relaxing, insomnia and stress relief, and resting.

This eye pillow is made in the USA, and it comes with a free black sleeping mask. It is a great ally for meditation, so it can be used at the end of the yoga session for meditation and relaxation moments. It is available in nine different colors, and you can find the one your yogi friend will like the most. They are fantastic for yoga classes, but they have no straps. That means that if you move around too much while sleeping it is not the best for that.

Some users noted that the lavender smell faints after some time, as it is to be expected. It would be a plus, however, if the pillow came with a zipper on the back that allowed the replacement of beads and lavender . Customer service is top-notch nonetheless and solved a high percentage of problems.


  • Lavender-scented eye pillow with silky fabric
  • Great for meditation and yoga classes
  • Can be a hot or cold compress
  • Made in the USA


  • It does not have a zipper for beads’ and smells’ replacement
  • It does not have straps – only good for people who sleep on their backs

2. Treelance Organic Cotton Yoga Top

Treelance Organic Cotton Yoga Top

With so many options for yoga clothing, it is almost impossible to declare that x or y is the best yoga top tank available . With that being said, this is the best yoga tank top ! Part of the reason for that is that Treelance is a small family company, and the founders, Karina and Andres, are yoga teachers themselves. That means that they know what it takes for a shirt to be yoga friendly, and they have the right mindset when it comes to design and style.

To begin with, this top is made of 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex. It feels incredibly soft and it hugs your body in just the right places. When practicing, or teaching, yoga, one of the most annoying things is to have to adjust your t-shirt around. The Treelance tops move together with you, staying in place during stretches, squatting, twists, and even inversions. That’s right, on those times of the class you need to go upside-down – this top will still stay in place.

The straps are not too thin and not too wide, and women who wore this reported that the fit is just amazing. It does not compress your chest too much, feels great around the armholes and the length is just right. The cotton feels thick enough without being bulky and it is great for all skin types. The designs available will appeal to every yoga lover – “moon phases”, “I love handstands”, “compassion”, “namaste”, “soul-searcher” are just some of the examples.

The price is not so budget friendly and can be considered excessive for just one top. When purchasing though, you will be acquiring a durable product made with quality, organic material and supporting a small business. This is one of the best gifts for yoga teachers we could find, and any yoga practitioner will appreciate it.


  • Made with organic cotton
  • Great for inversion poses during yoga
  • Fantastic fit
  • Yoga-related designs


  • The price

3. Meditation 3D Illusion Lamp

Meditation 3D Illusion Lamp

This lamp is a creative present for the yoga lover in your life. It is composed of an engraved acrylic plate that gives the effect of a 3D picture when lighted. There are more than twenty designs available, and one of them is an elegant yoga figure on meditation pose. This lamp creates a very interesting impression on any room and looks way more expensive than they are. For less than twenty dollars, it is a bargain for a present!

It doubles up as a lamp and as a decorative piece, and you can change among sixteen different colors. There is also the option to flicker among all of them at once. It is not as soft as you may think, and users are happy with the amount of light they get from them. Change the colors by tapping on the smart touch control easily. The lamp base is black and simple and a great match for the bright 3D designs.

You can use it with batteries or a USB cable, great for connecting anywhere. The package includes the lamp base, the acrylic plate, one guide, one remote control, and even one colorful gift box. No need to stress then, just order this lamp and you will be all set with one of the best yoga gifts you could get. Please note that the batteries are not included, so avoid disappointment by getting some beforehand.

The light is soothing and users have attested to have meditated using the color rotating option. It would be great for a yoga class with lowlights and a meditative approach. Some people were not happy with the fact that the cable is USB and not a regular charger, so consider that when buying.


  • Cool 3D effect
  • Noce yoga pose
  • Good price
  • Many different colors


  • It only comes with a USB cable and not a charger
  • It does not come with batteries

4. Scented Candles Gift Set

Scented Candles Gift Set

Scented candles are an absolute must for yoga lovers. Meditating and practicing yoga with candles burning is very common among yogis, and there are many benefits associated with different candle smells. There are four candles included on this gift set – lavender, gardenia, lilac and rose.

The candles come inside a beautifully designed tin with mandala patterns and fun colors. The tins have sealable lids, easy to transport anywhere safely. This is a completely eco-friendly candle made with vegan, cruelty-free wax, healthy essential oils, and lead-free cotton. If the yogi in your life also cares about the environment and animal cruelty, this is a safe present to give them. Each of them will burn for approximately twenty hours and the best thing? You can use them as cute tin containers for jewelry or small items afterward.

These are aesthetically pleasing candles but are very small. If you want to scent a whole room they may not work but will do great as focal points, decoration, meditation candles, and bath candles. Essential oils will relieve headaches, reduce stress, and promote relaxation. An improvement point about these candles would be to improving the burning quality of the wax. As it is, only the middle burns, which diminishes the burning capacity and makes it hard to light the candle when the wax is half used. This is still a fantastic yoga gift we are sure will be well received though.


  • Beautifully designed containers
  • Cruelty-free candles
  • Great scents
  • Excellent for meditation


  • Very small
  • Only the middle of the wax burns

5. Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Aromatherapy Scented Candles

This is a longer-lasting scented candle made by La Jolie Muse. It is blue lotus scented, a flower used for its relaxation properties that help with sleep, stress, and anxiety. The brand also combines a little lily-of-the-valley in it for some more floral notes that are very pleasing. It burns for over forty hours and it has a strong smell that it’s guaranteed to fill up a room.

La Jolie Muse is committed to using natural, cruelty-free ingredients in the composition of its products. All the components are vegan, natural, and plant-based and the candle burns completely smoke-free. The tin is very elegant, with a marbled look that goes well in any room. It also comes with a lid to seal it and be carried everywhere with you.

The packaging is so great that many people used it as a gift just as it came. This is not the cheapest single candle, but being a natural candle with an unusual scent we believe it’s worth it. Plus, the best yoga gifts are quality, thoughtful products with natural ingredients that do not feel cheap. This fits the bill nicely!


  • Natural candle with vegan ingredients
  • The scent helps with anxiety and stress
  • Looks elegant


  • The price

6. Comfify Downward Cat Paper Towel Holder

Comfify Downward Cat Paper Towel Holder

A paper towel holder may not be what you have in mind as one of the best gifts for yoga lovers. But hear us out! This one is just so cute and unexpectedly appeasing that even we want one now. This is the product you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. It can also be used as a toilet paper holder and would upgrade any kitchen or toilet.

If you are looking for a gift that is not obvious for an interesting person, you may have just found it. This holder is made of iron, it is heavy and looks amazing. It is a cat doing the yoga pose “downward dog”, and its long tail serves as the place to put the paper. This product is very well-made, and the cast iron has an elegant antique look that goes well with various decoration styles. The whimsical cat is appealing and would please any yoga and animal lover.

It is not only delightful looking but useful too. It is heavy so it does not fall when you take the paper rolls, and it is non-slip, allowing you to tear strips of paper without taking it out of the cat. It prevents paper unrolling and it looks clean and polished. Even kids can use it with no problems. If you or your gift recipient dislike it, no problem! You can return it and get a full refund with no hassle.

Many people believe that every item you own should not only serve a purpose but also brings joy. While this can be hard to achieve, this product proves it’s possible. Who knew a toilet paper holder could bring smiles to guests who go to the toilet? This is exactly what this gift will do. Being made of cast iron, it is not the cheapest option on our list, but if you want to wow someone with a unique yoga gift – this is your chance.


  • It is made of cast iron
  • It is sturdy and heavy
  • The yoga cat looks amazing and does its job


  • It is not the cheapest present you can get

7. KSQS Lover Couple Bracelet

KSQS Lover Couple Bracelet

This bracelet is a great inexpensive gift for someone who loves yoga jewelry. It is made from natural stones and alloy, there is a very charming elephant on it and a pretty gold piece. This would look great on every woman and even better if bought as a pair. There are many color options and combinations, like green, lavender, purple, light cyan and Tiger eye. The stones are not color block, each stone has a different shade of the color and also a cloudy aspect that adds a whimsical appearance.

Stones play a big part in yoga’s culture and are believed to have healing properties. Many people belief stones can connect you to your past, heal emotional pain, relieve anxiety and detox your soul. The tactical feel of the stones is very pleasing too, and it is believed to bring good energies. KSQS promises a free return if their pieces don’t meet your expectations, and we cannot see any downsides from ordering them.

They include an extra elastic band on the package, so you can resize it to your liking or replace it if anything happens. The bracelet comes on a small drawstring bag that is perfect for gift-giving, a plus if you want last minute, practical presents. Some users noticed that there was a golden piece missing from their bracelet, but got another one easily when they reached customer service. Although the beads feel heavy and look beautiful, the elastic is not of high quality and starts to give after some use.


  • Inexpensive present
  • It looks beautiful
  • The stones are heavy and feel great
  • Stones are believed to bring good energy to the person that wears them


  • More than a few users received the bracelet with a missing gold piece
  • The elastic does not seem to last long

8. Yinuo Mirror Scented Candles Gift

Yinuo Mirror Scented Candles Gift

The good thing about gift sets is that they feel like multiple gifts, but for the price of one! In this case, a set of four scented candles that come beautifully packed on a stylish box ready to be given as a present. What’s not to love? The scents are all different from one another, a great option to add diversity to the present.

Feel relaxed with lavender and rose candles, and enjoy the incredible smell of lemon and Mediterranean fig. These candles burn for impressive seventy-five hours each, the was is made of natural soy and burns evenly. The tins are reusable, and you will want to give their gorgeous designs. Scented candles are most likely present in every yogi’s house, they can be used for meditation, yoga sessions, and relaxing baths. You can never have enough of them!

It is crucial to note that the container gets hot while the candle is burning, so be extra careful not to touch it and to put it in heat-resistant surfaces. If you are struggling to find a gift for someone who owns everything – this is a perfect idea! And for less than twenty dollars, why not get one for yourself and indulge in relaxing baths and homemade spas? The package even includes a card so you can write a nice message to the gift receiver. Very practical and thoughtful.


  • Long-lasting candles
  • Gorgeous designs – the tins can be reused
  • Pleasant smell
  • It comes with a gift box and card


  • The tin gets hot when in use

9. Evergreen Garden Yoga Frog

Evergreen Garden Yoga Frog

Do you have a friend who loves to garden and to do yoga? Then you can stop looking, this is the best yoga gift for them! This adorable figurine consists of a frog, happily sitting in a meditative position on a rock. Can you imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they open this pretty gift? Yes, we can too.

This is a very durable gift, it is made from polystone, and outdoor safe stone treated with a finishing coat resistant to sun and weather. It is a delicate statue seven inches statue that can be used on yards, gardens, porches, patios, and decks. Pieces like this are a discreet reminder to stay focused on your yoga practice and be grateful for the little things. It may seem superfluous, but many buyers are extremely happy with their yoga frog and crack a smile every time they go past it.

The yoga frog is a perfect gift for a yoga lover who needs to decorate their desk or complete their little zen garden. It arrives well packaged and does not disappoint, it is just as described. It is not tacky in any way, it looks expensive and well-crafted, and the stone appears sturdy and real. For the price, some people wished they were bigger, but they are still adorable and elegant.


  • It is made with good stone and withstands sun and rain
  • It looks adorable


  • It could be bigger for the price

10. Jovivi 7 Chakras Meditation Bracelet

Jovivi 7 Chakras Meditation Bracelet

Jovivi makes a set with three bracelets that are more than just jewelry. It is made with real stones like Natural Amethyst, Rock Crystal Quartz, Synthetic Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Red Agate, and Synthetic Redstone. The three bracelets come inside an elegant black box and a Jovivi drawstring pouch.

To make sure you give one of the best yoga gifts, you can measure the wrist of your loved one and get a bracelet that perfectly fits her. The elastic is super strong and each bracelet is hand-made. The stones are wonderful, one more beautiful than the other. Yoga is closely related to Buddhism, and a more serious yoga lover will understand a lot of its concepts. One of them is the idea of chakras, the various focal points in the body used in meditation practices.

It is believed that when the chakras in your body are not in balance, we are susceptible to negative emotions and mental distress. With aligned chakras, our body, mind, and soul are healed and in balance. The Jovivi bracelets are designed to allow each stone to offer a mood-enhancing benefit according to its characteristics. Positive energy flows through the stones and helps align the chakras of the person wearing them.

You can choose among three yoga-related pendants: the tree of life, lotus ad the om charm. They look well-made and have no plastic parts. They make one of the best gifts for yoga teachers because of that, and the strong yoga/Buddhist meaning. A small number of people noticed the pendants changed colors after a lot of uses, so that’s a negative point.


  • They look very stylish
  • Help align chakras
  • Made with real stones
  • Elastic seems durable


  • The pendants changed colors after some use

11. Beverage Yoga Coasters

Beverage Yoga Coasters

Who says that yoga lovers don’t know how to have any fun? If you want a present for that edgy yogi friend you have, look no more. These beverages (hem hem wine) coasters come with pieces of life advice that everyone would appreciate.

An elephant on meditation position and a tired look on its face with the phrase “Namaste b**”. A beautiful woman with long hair focuses on a yoga sitting pose and thinks “let that s** go”. An enlightened Buddha sits on the peace position and sights “one must try.. Not to be a d***”. A woman stretches her body while reading “I do yoga just to burn out the crazy”. Relate to it yet?

These coasters are a perfect balance between practicality and humor. They also come on a beautiful wooden box tied by a nice lace, a plus. We are in love with them, but a few users pointed out that they are not so heavy and get stuck on the glass when you lift it from the table.


  • A funny gift that is also practical
  • Good design


  • Too thin

12. Tough Cookie’s Yoga Tank Top

Tough Cookie’s Yoga Tank Top

Who does not enjoy a good pun? If your yoga lover friend likes a good joke, this is the perfect top to gift them. Do they love yoga but also love their dog? Maybe they prefer to “Namast’ ay Home with my dog” then! Jokes aside, this is a well-designed tank top great for yoga practitioners.

It is made of cotton and polyester, so it is very lightweight and machine washable. Tough Cookie has a sizing chart they highly recommend using it, and measuring is highly advisable. You can choose black, pink, coral, dusky blue, white and many other fun colors. It is loose-fitting, so if your friend likes tight yoga clothes this may not be for them.

Some users have complained that the top is a bit see-through, the fabric is so lightweight it can have this effect. For the price though, this is a cute present for yoga and dog lovers. It feels very comfortable and this is the most important thing about yoga clothing.


  • Good price
  • Funny design
  • Lightweight and machine washable
  • Available in many colors


  • It can be a little see-through

13. Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bracelet

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bracelet

This bracelet is the ideal present for an aromatherapy lover. It is a neat idea executed to perfection and will impress any yogis that appreciate unique designs. It consists of a bracelet made with stainless steel and genuine leather, so it looks really good already. To aff to that, there is a little compartment you can open and add three drops of essential oil in it.

The felt pads are washable and reusable. The bracelet comes with eight felt pads and five oils, plus a complimentary gift box – it is a present ready to be gifted on arrival. The pads are all different colors too, they look great with any outfit. The bracelet helps with anxiety relief, insomnia, menstrual cramps, and headaches. Simply bring the bracelet closer to your face and enjoy the relaxing scent from the essential oil.

The company offers a three-year guarantee for a replacement or your money back. It is good when a company trusts its product that much and are confident we will like it too. Three drops of the oil should last for two days of nice smell, worth it in our opinion. This is a great idea for someone who likes essential oils but has sensitive skin prone to rashes or hives. That way they can enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy without harming their skin.
Although the pads are washable, some users pointed out that the scent does not dissipate from it. It would be better to keep using the same smell on the same color not to mix it too much.


  • It looks stylish
  • It is very practical and handy
  • Helps with anxiety and headaches


  • The smell does not come out of the pads properly

14. Quan Jewelry Yoga Necklace

Quan Jewelry Yoga Necklace

If your partner loves jewelry and loves yoga, this necklace is an obvious gift choice. The chain is made of stainless steel and the pendant is a hand-made lotus flower with the Om symbol inside. The package is beautiful and comes with a greeting card and envelope ready to be gifted. It is designed and shipped from the USA.

The necklace does not turn your skin green like many other silver necklaces. Users are also very happy with the quality of the pendant and did not notice any color changes after using it for a long time. Unfortunately, while the pendant looks sturdy and well made, the chain is not so strong and can break within the first weeks of use.

In Buddhism symbolism, the lotus flower is an emblem for the purity of the body, mind, and speech. This flower is rooted in mud, and still, it blossoms into long stalks and floats above the muddy waters to rise beautifully. It can also symbolize detachment since water does not stick to its petals and falls immediately. This is a great gift for someone who overcame difficult circumstances and rose about them.

The Om symbol is a sacred yoga sound that represents the sound of the universe. It is found in ancient and medieval manuscripts, monasteries and temples of many different religions and societies. Every yoga lover and enthusiast will appreciate the meaning behind this necklace. The length is just right and many women wear it regularly to yoga classes. For the price, it is a cute and meaningful present.


  • Good price
  • It does not change colors with use
  • The pendant is lotus flower with the Om symbol inside, very meaningful for yoga
  • The package is presentable as a gift and includes a card and envelope


  • The chain sometimes breaks easily

15. Now Clock

Now Clock

Last but not least, the Now clock is a gorgeous present for anyone into yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. At first glance, this looks like a regular wall clock with a pendulum. Upon close inspection, however, we see that there are no hands – just the word NOW in the middle of the clock. The pendulum silently moves back and forth in a slow, paced and satisfying motion. It is a reminder that the present moment is the only moment that matters, and we should keep our attention on it.

This would be a marvelous gift for a yoga teacher to have in their studio. It is made of solid wood and it offers five, laser-engraved, choices of pendulums. The inventor of this clock came up with this idea when his clock broke. Instead of buying a new one, he found that a clock with no hands helped him focus on the moment, without worrying so much about the future and thinking about the past.

The engraved pendulum can say different things, like “you are here”, “live, laugh, love” and the “om” sign. Life is so fast-paced sometimes that we all could use a moment to stop and appreciate the now. Users have described this clock as a “portal to presence”, that brings “serenity to their cave”. The only issue we have found is that some owners had problems with getting the pendulum to keep moving for a long period without requiring new batteries.


  • Well-made wall art made of wood and metal
  • A great reminder to live in the moment


  • The pendulum sometimes stops working too fast

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Best Yoga Gifts

1. What Is A Good Gift For A Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teachers are serious yoga practitioners. They do yoga more than one time per day, they think about yoga constantly and they likely live a yogi lifestyle. Like everyone, they appreciate thoughtful gifts that feel personal. Aside from the books and digital materials we’ve mentioned above, we highly recommend the Treelance Yoga Top for the yoga teacher in your life because of its amazing fit and quality materials. The yoga figurines are also incredibly popular with yogis. If you want a more creative approach, why not gift the adorable Cat Yoga Toilet Paper Holder? Any of the gifts on this list is well-suited for a yoga teacher, so think about their personality and choose the best one.

2. What Is The Best Yoga Book?

The best yoga book will depend largely on the type of book you are looking for, and the type of person who will read the book. We have some ideas to help you get started.

  • Books for a beginner yogi – these books help a beginner to go deeper in their yoga practice, understand the principles of yoga and helpful instructions for yoga poses.
  • Books about yoga anatomy – have you ever wondered about what exactly happens to your body when you do yoga? What muscles do you use? What are the benefits and long term changes? You can learn all that from yoga anatomy books.
  • Books about yoga recipes – people who practice yoga are prone to shift to a whole and healthy eating habits. There are many books out there that cover healthy recipes with a holistic approach perfect for yogis.
  • Books about the history of yoga – yoga is an ancient art and science originates in India and related to Buddhism. Learn more about the fascinating history of this craft with yoga history books.

3. What Do You Buy Someone Who Meditates?

Yoga and meditation walk hand in hand. It is not unlikely that a yoga lesson finishes with a meditation practice. When we meditate, we learn tools that are very useful in yoga, like breathing techniques, mind-clearing, and focus. Other science-based benefits from meditation are stress-relief, anxiety-relief, improving attention span, helping fight addictions and reduce age-related memory loss.

Some great gift ideas for loved ones who meditate are scented candles – they are fantastic for meditation sessions. Meditation books – they contain helpful tips that bolster meditation practice. Essential oils and balms – they are incredible to help you relax and diminish headaches. Mala meditation beads – the ultimate meditation gifts, the mala beads help you stay grounded while meditation. Use each bead as a guide to breathe in and out or to focus on a mantra and move to the next bead. Go all around the necklace for a full meditation session.

4. What Does Every Yogi Need?

Yoga is not about possessions, but about reaching a peaceful state of mind. Still, several products serve as a guide, stimuli or enhancement tool for yogis.

Yoga mat – this should be your priority number one in terms of yoga products. Nobody wants to use the worn-out, sweaty mats the studios provide, and it can be a great pleasure to own your hand-picked yoga mat. There are so many designs and colors available, you are sure to find one you, or the gift recipient will love.
Yoga related accessories – blocks, props, towels, many objects will assist you in getting into more challenging positions.
Yoga apparel – stretchy pants and fitting tops that don’t move around will make your practice much more effective and pleasurable.
Scented candles – if you practice at home, having a scented candle is a great idea to set the mood and get into the right mindset for yoga.

Best Yoga Gifts – Verdict

Now that you’ve found many options, we’re pretty sure that you’re convinced that getting the best gifts for yoga lovers is not hard at all. They can be practical or funny, a decoration piece or a clothing item. Sometimes we want or need an item but cannot justify spending the money ourselves – and that is where gift-giving comes in. Getting someone a present that they will use and enjoy is an art that comes from the heart, and if you get it right you will be remembered fondly.

It is always a good idea to get someone a present based on their interests. This shows you pay attention to their lives and cares about them. From fancy eye pillows to garden yoga frogs we’ve gathered the best (and special) gifs for the yoga addict in your life. After going through our comprehensive and exceptional guide we are sure you can find the present that will fit their flow.