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Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices (40s-70s) 8 Yoga Video Routines For Beginners

Yoga, the ancient art of fitness and well-being, has gained a tremendous amount of fame in recent years. People across the world are becoming more and more aware of how yoga can improve their quality of living. It is not only a tool for weight-loss but also a catalyst for relieving stress and anxiety. The benefits sound great, but scraping the money and time to attend a yoga class regularly can be difficult.

That’s when yoga DVDs come in for the rescue. Yes, you can learn and practice yoga with the help of an on-screen instructor. But how do you pick the best yoga DVD when there are so many variants on the market? Don’t worry; we have it covered. Get your yoga gear ready and get started with the yoga lessons right away!


How can I lose weight with Yoga at home?

Before we embark on choosing a yoga DVD to buy and press that check out button on your computer screen, there are some questions that need a straightforward answer.

This busy modern lifestyle we have right now is somewhat unhealthy if not enough time is allotted for physical activities. Not only that it is making the body grow weak, but it also stocks up stress and anxiety in oneself that eventually turns into some serious and complicated mental health issues. This being said, in addition to an unhealthy diet, could result in uncontrolled weight gains and if not rectified, could lead to more serious illnesses.

Of course, we’re sure that you don’t want that to happen to you, to your family, or your friends and that’s why it’s a good thing to have some physical activities once in a while. One of the best options to have is doing Yoga.

If you’re already gaining weight or you’ve been already diagnosed to be obese, don’t get discouraged because yoga is a good start for you to lose weight. And yes, you can do it AT HOME.

Yoga is an exercise that almost solely requires only your body to do so. This involves stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation. All you have to prepare is a calm, quiet, and cool spot anywhere inside your house and you’re good to go.

The exercise involves doing postures or what is also know in Yoga as “Asanas” which are body poses that somewhat mimics everything about nature such as animals, trees, mountains, and the likes. Doing yoga asanas in series and in the repetition of cycles, even though it’s never intense, will surely make you sweat, pant for breath, and eventually lose weight.

What is the Best Yoga Program for Beginners?

Yoga asanas are classified by their difficulty of doing the postures. Some would require enough time of practice to master poses such as those being done by Hindu monks. It took them years to be that flexible as a contortionist.

While there is no particular Yoga Program for beginners as this differs from one instructor or gym to another, there are some handful of yoga asanas that you can do if you’re just starting. The list below has a lot of yoga DVDs that are meant for beginners so you definitely should check them out.

Is Yoga Burn Good for Beginners?

This question has only one answer to it and that is a big YES! Yoga burns well even for beginners. Doing series of yoga asana repeatedly overtime would still induce your heart to pump fasters, would excite your body that you breathe more and at the same time, the repetition of doing the yoga poses tears the muscle tissues, stretches it and from there, you began to burn calories as well as those excess.

So if you’re a busy person who only has a small time to allot for exercise, you should definitely try Yoga. It’s never expensive to begin and does not demand any equipment that would still cost you some money.

PS. Have you ever wondered, what is Qigong? If so, we have you covered!

Factors To Look For in the Best Yoga DVD

There are tons of yoga DVDs available in the market as many yoga instructors and other fitness coaches around the globe have started to film their journeys and share them with the world both to influence and as well as to earn from selling these merchandise of theirs. This means that getting the best yoga DVD will not be an easy feat.

The best yoga DVD for you will be the one that fits the puzzle of our current fitness level and goals. With that being said, we made an extensive guide that will help you find a great yoga DVD that fits your budget as well as your fitness level. To find that gem, here are a few things that you need to take care of while looking for it. Let’s dive into the review.

Fitness Level

The first sorting you need to do should be based on the fitness level that you are currently carrying. Are you a complete beginner? Are you in your 60s battling with joint ailments? Or are you a 25-year-old who doesn’t feel energetic and flexible enough? It will always be yourself first that you will consider on this part.

Once you determine your level of fitness, you can then start looking for the yoga workout that you fit in. You can always change your yoga workout as your body gets better and stronger. Nobody starts expert and beginning could be the hardest part but taking a program that is not running at your pace can cause you more harm than good. So, assess yourself correctly.


The next factor to look out for is your own goals. Mindlessly scrolling through various yoga programs won’t get you the best yoga DVD that suits you perfectly. Is your aim just to be flexible? Are you more focused on the meditation part of Yoga? Do you want to get your body toned? Are you going for a weight loss? These kinds of goals will help you determine which yoga DVD to get. So be aware of your destination or your expectations from the program.

Some popular yoga programs focus on end goals like weight loss, releasing stress, relaxation, better flexibility, etc. If you are not sure of your goals, but you know which type of yoga you want to try, you can go for that too. There are DVDs dedicated to yoga forms like Vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, and many more.

Ease Of Comprehension

Each individual has different kinds of learning styles and with any virtual learning, the instructions must be easy to understand. Yoga DVDs will always be a one-way style of teaching wherein you only listen, watch, and follow the steps on doing the asanas and understanding the reason for doing since you usually don’t have a channel through which you can communicate with the instructor and clear your doubts.

So, the language used should be simplistic and understandable. You might opt for a yoga DVD that is filmed by local instructors in your place or some yoga DVDs that have subtitles or dubbing that uses the language that you’re comfortable with.

Similarly, even the demonstrations of the yoga poses should be clear and to the point. It will be very hard for a yogin to enjoy yoga from a digital disc if the video quality is either poor or the explanations and demonstrations of the body kinesthetics are incomprehensible.

Another importance of a clear video demonstration is that unclear instruction might lead to wrong postures and can cause you severe discomfort and even injuries which is something that we would like to avoid when doing a relaxed type of exercise that is Yoga.


If you buy a yoga DVD, it is highly likely that you bought it to learn, and you are not an expert yet. In that case, you won’t be able to match the form and stamina of a well-sculpted instructor.

Therefore, the video needs to show every pose in a handful of modified forms, preferably by different instructors. The modifications can be categorized by age group or difficulty level of the poses or fitness level of the individual. The bottom line is that you should be able to relate with the demonstrator to stay motivated.


The online market runs on customer reviews. If you find a particular yoga program DVD that you think might help you, you must research it. More than the program, you should read up on the instructor or creator of the program. After all, yoga is all the same, and it is the teacher whose efforts make a difference.

The yoga instructor should be well qualified in the specific field of yoga that they are teaching. They must also have a substantial amount of experience in it. This is a matter of your health.

So before putting in your money in anything, make sure you check about it on the internet. See what others have to say. Did it provide other people with the kind of benefits that you are expecting? This step will clarify a lot of doubts.

Are you ready to pick a yoga DVD for yourself and take your fitness to the next level? To help you through the maze, we have reviewed several yoga DVDs. You are sure to find a favorite among these.

Best Yoga DVD of All Time

Before we proceed to our top 20 list, we would like to highlight some of these digital video discs that have a great timeless reputation in the yoga community.

Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels

You yourself may try searching for the best yoga DVD and you’ll surely find Yoga Meltdon by Jillian Michaels to top the most, if not every list that you may come across.

What made this yoga DVD considered to be the best of all time is that beginners and advanced yogins alike will have takeaways in watching this video disc. You should definitely check this one out.

Power Yoga – Total Body Workout by Rodney Yee

Who says yoga is just for women? The gender stereotyping of body exercise and other sports is something all should throw into the trash bin. It’s the 21st century and Rodney Yee has just proved these stereotypes wrong.

Power Yoga is one of the top yoga DVD picks of both men and women who are practicing modern yoga as it contains helpful instruction materials that suites for those who are progressing from beginner level to a more advanced yoga making this yoga DVD something you would like to consider buying.

Yoga for Beginners by Rodney Yee

Since Rodney is of all gender, another video series on his yoga training is the Yoga for Beginners. You might have come across some of the snippets of this yoga DVD on major streaming sites but nothing beats having the yoga DVD itself if you’re just starting on your yoga journey so take a look at this video for more info.

Top 20 Best Yoga DVDs 2019

It’s now easier for us to classify which are the best yoga DVD to pick now that we’ve established the criteria on who would be included in the list. Here are the top 20 picks we gathered amongst previous buyers of these DVDs as well as an actual review of the content.

1. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Best yoga DVD

Are you an experienced yoga lover who is looking for a challenging workout routine DVD under $10? If yes, then you will love this workout DVD by Jillian Michaels.

Jillian, a winning trainer on NBC’s show, ‘The Biggest Loser’ has been committed to fitness for several years. Her Yoga Meltdown is one of the best power yoga DVDs out there. The 66 minutes long DVD contains two 30-minute workouts.

The level 1 workout consists of fast-paced yoga sequences to burn a large number of calories. Level 2 is more about balance poses and twists to add to the fat-burning process.

The whole workout is designed over the concept of interval training. So, it helps improve your metabolism as well as lung capacity when done regularly. Customers who tried this routine say that it is pretty tough to finish the whole workout at the beginning. But once you get the hang of it, the results show up very quickly.


2. Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices (40s-70s)

Gentle Yoga: 7 Beginning Yoga Practices (40s-70s)

Jane Adams has rolled this amazing workout DVD for people who prefer gentle yoga. For less than 20 dollars, you get a DVD packed with seven yoga sequences that lasts a total of 192 minutes.

Three out of seven sequences are designed for specific times of the day, i.e., morning, afternoon, and evening. The next three are targeted on improving balance, core strength and flexibility, and standing poses for leg and hip flexibility. The last one is a relaxing, full-body guided relaxation to end your workout in peace.

This DVD teaches you over 100 yoga poses safely and effectively. The instructions are clear and can be followed even by a complete beginner.

The program has helped many customers with joint diseases or physical limitations to stay fit regardless of their old age. That’s the reason why it has been ranked as one of the best yoga DVDs for seniors.


3. 8 Yoga Video Routines For Beginners

8 Yoga Video Routines For Beginners

Barbara Benagh, the creator of this program, has been teaching yoga internationally for the past 35 years. Barbara understands that everybody is different, and a single workout routine cannot be applied to everyone.

This 378-minute long DVD is packed with exclusive videos of multiple lengths. The practices shown in all the videos are also very different and carefully designed. This allows you to customize your workout session according to your time availability or your choice of yoga.

Ranked as one of the best yoga DVD for beginners, this is highly recommended if you are looking for a way to get started. The videos are easy on the eyes as they are filmed on beautiful beach locations.


4. Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

The Biggest Loser is a rigorous yoga routine designed by Bob Harper for experienced people. In 55-minutes, Bob claims to teach you yoga poses that can help you shed extra pounds in 6-8 weeks.

The DVD includes three separate yoga workouts, sandwiched between 5-minute warm-up and cool-down sessions. The order of these workouts does not matter, so you can start with what suits you the best. The first is a vinyasa series focusing on core strength; the second looks out for your abs and back. And the third is essentially a standard gym-type session that can be practiced with or without weights.

This is easily one of the best yoga DVD for weight loss available under $30. However, customers mentioned that this workout routine involves a lot of bending and resting on the knees. So, this might not be the best fit for you if you are suffering from knee issues.


5. Chalene Johnson’s Piyo Base Kit

Chalene Johnson's Piyo Base Kit

Are you okay with spending a little extra money to get into shape? If yes, then this 3 DVD set by Chalene Johnson is all you need to transform yourself.

PiYo is nothing but your good old Pilates combined with fat-burning yoga styles. This combination makes the fat-burning and muscle-sculpting happen simultaneously, which dramatically speeds up your progress.

The whole package includes 10 easy-to-follow workouts on 3 DVDs, Quick Start Guide, workout calendar, a Get Lean eating plan & a measuring tape. The start guide thoroughly explains the benefits of each of the ten workouts. The calendar helps you track your progress and stay accountable to yourself. The eating plan includes various recipes that don’t disappoint your taste buds.

The best thing about it is that it can be done by people of any age or fitness level. And it is a 60-day program with workouts scheduled six days a week. So, that makes goal setting easier.


6. Balance & Strength Exercises For Seniors

Balance & Strength Exercises For Seniors

This is another one of Jane Adams’ DVD designed to help seniors lead an active and independent life. This 198-minute-long video is a compilation of 9 utterly different practice sessions.

Jane has focussed on Tai Chi based movements to improve balance in older adults. You don’t get to see that blend in yoga DVDs that often. The yoga poses are modified yoga poses, and there are easy dance-based stepping movements as well.

All the movements are taught in a mirror image, and the instructions and demonstrations are easy to understand. This is one of the most affordable and best yoga DVD for beginners over 50. Many customers have appreciated the addition of Tai Chi practices in this DVD as per the reviews.


7. Yoga For Beginners: Boxed Set

Yoga For Beginners Boxed Set

Ever heard of a beginners’ yoga DVD set with 3 DVDs under $20? This is a steal deal on the best beginner yoga DVD list. The three discs totaling a run time of 600 minutes contain over 40 routines meeting a wide range of needs.

The first DVD reveals yoga practices to tackle numerous physical, emotional, and mental stressors of our day to day life. The second one contains AM routines to wake you up and PM routines to prepare you for a relaxing sleep. And the third one commits to increase your flexibility and strength through the ancient science of yoga. You also get bonus footage of Dalai Lama sharing his thoughts on meditation.

Customers shared that the vocabulary used in the instructions was more technical than it should be in a beginner’s video. On the other end, many customers were happy with the range of variety offered in the yoga practices. So you can make your choice accordingly.


8. Yoga For The Rest Of Us: Easy Yoga For Arthritis

Yoga For The Rest Of Us: Easy Yoga For Arthritis

Yoga for the Rest of Us is a highly affordable, gentle yoga program put together by Peggy Cappy. It’s one of the best at-home yoga DVD out there if you are looking for something under 10 dollars.
Peggy’s target audience is folks who are challenged by arthritis or similar joint-related ailments. The program is sectioned into seven segments that work towards improving your energy as well as flexibility.

These include gentle warm-ups for both upper and lower body joints, standing poses, seated poses, reclining poses, deep relaxation techniques, and meditation. Each pose is modifiable with either standing, sitting, or using a chair.

The DVD is 95 minutes in length, and the seven segments are short enough to fit into your schedule easily. That clubbed with the price range of this DVD makes it an altogether incredible deal.


9. Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga & Short Forms

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga & Short Forms

As the name suggests, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga is a safe yoga routine explicitly developed for pregnant women. It is a set of 2 DVDs containing 229 minutes of yoga practice in total.

The videos have been divided into chunks that are 15, 30, 45, and 75 minutes long. This gives you the liberty to squeeze some workouts into your day without changing your schedule much.
You get to practice relaxation techniques, partner routine, and bonus labor poses using this DVD. This program caters to women in all three trimesters of their pregnancy. You can easily make modifications in your practice as your body transforms. Additionally, these exercises will not only help expecting females but also those pushing through postpartum recovery.

However, you should always get approval from your physician before starting any prenatal exercise routine. Customers have pointed out that the pace of this yoga routine is pretty fast. So, if you are looking for a relaxed sequence, this might not be the best prenatal yoga DVD for you.


10. Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners

Rodney Yee's Yoga For Beginners

Rodney Yee, a professional ballet dancer, has released a 100-minute long DVD for all the beginners out there. Rodney travels internationally to conduct yoga workshops and has also been featured on Oprah for his significant contributions.

In this DVD, you receive two full-length yoga workout sessions devised for complete newbies. The first one is a 20-minute morning workout to help you start your day right. And the second is a 15-minute evening workout for when you want to recover and rejuvenate the lost energy.

Not only that, but you also get to enjoy on-screen pose training, which helps you master perfect form. As a bonus, Rodney shares with you his secrets to overcoming the most common mistakes
committed by new yoga enthusiasts.

Shot in the beautiful Molokai, Hawaii, the videos are straightforward on the senses. Customers who have been practicing this routine have experienced relief from their chronic joint aches. Such excellent reviews have made it one of the best beginners yoga DVD available under $10.


11. Yoga For Seniors With Jane Adams (2nd Edition)

Yoga For Seniors With Jane Adams (2nd Edition)

Are you searching for an affordable yoga DVD for yourself or your grandparents who are over 70? Jane Adams has put together yet another fantastic workout DVD that meets all the fitness needs of seniors. Jane has packed three complete yoga practices in this 126 minutes long DVD of hers.

Level 1, which is 26 minutes long, is done while sitting on a chair and focuses on improving strength, range-of-motion, and posture. In level 2, you get to alternate between sitting and standing and holding onto the chair for balance. This runs for 40 minutes and works on your stability as well as lower body strength. Level 3 is 55 minutes long and is a longer and stronger version of level 2 workouts.

Jane believes in healthy aging and physical independence in your later years. She makes sure that her yoga practices help you maintain good posture and develop strength so that you can prevent falls.
Several buyers of this DVD have mentioned that the sound quality of the videos is not that great. The instructor’s volume is quite low. Other than that, most people have loved it and ranked it as one of the best yoga DVDs for seniors.


12. Jane Fonda: Am/Pm Yoga For Beginners

Jane Fonda: Am/Pm Yoga For Beginners

As a beginner, we are not so willing to spend much money since we are just trying out things. Keeping that in mind, Jane Fonda has released an excellent beginners’ yoga DVD for less than $10.

We are living in a busy time, and scheduling workouts in the middle of the day is almost impossible. Fonda understands that, and she has crafted this yoga routine accordingly. This 50-minute long DVD contains workouts to light up the two most important times of your day, morning and evening.

The morning workout targets your core muscles like abs and back. The evening session is about weight training, improving mobility, and releasing stress. You also receive a bonus 5-minute video on maintaining better posture and body balance.

This one is included in our list of the best yoga DVDs for beginners based on several positive customer reviews. Hundreds of customers found the class format of the sessions helpful in feeling like they are part of a group. So, if you like such formats, this workout DVD might be the right fit for you.


13. Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

If you are looking for a challenging routine to take your fitness up a notch, this power yoga DVD could be it. This is another one of Rodney Yee’s releases that have won many yoga lovers’ hearts.

This DVD contains 80 minutes’ worth of strenuous yoga practices without any divided segments. Yee has put together this program focussing on building your inner as well as outer strength. The rigorous pace of the routine is meant to create detoxifying heat in your body, ultimately mending your metabolism.

The great thing with this product is that the seller can ship it to 75 different international destinations. So, it is unlikely that you would be disappointed on that front.

Many customers have pointed out that this DVD is not for beginners. It could be one of the best yoga programs for people who are at least on an intermediate level in their yoga journey.


14. Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief is a cheap yet wonderful yoga program developed by Barbara Bengah. Benagh is one of the most insightful yoga teachers around the world, as quoted by the Yoga Journal.

In 240 minutes, you get to practice over 20 yoga routines that address various stressors of our daily life. Stress is inevitable, be it mental, physical, or emotional. And it can manifest as insomnia, heart problems, muscle aches, and whatnot. What is important is that we learn how to manage it. And this is one of the best yoga DVD for learning that.

Apart from the yoga practice, the DVD has a 30-minute video covering Dalai Lama talking about meditation. This one bonus makes it stand apart from all that’s available out there.

The background of the videos captures a couple of the most tranquil beaches in the world. The soothing visuals have been the favorite part of many buyers of this DVD.


15. Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss

Yoga Conditioning For Weight Loss

Weight loss is tricky because no two people experience the same results with the same workout program. Suzanne Deason, the creator of Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss, is well aware of that fact.

In this DVD, Suzanne presents the same workout in five different ways, namely complete, slightly modified, partially modified, fully modified, and combined. Each modification is presented by a different instructor demonstrating a different level. You can switch to different levels by merely hitting the “angle” key on your remote control.

There is also a tiny “personal instructor” icon that remains in the lower right corner of the screen. This takes you to Deason in the yoga studio, where she teaches you the correct posture for each yoga pose. That’s some excellent use of technology right there. And you also get a Weight Management Guide in the package as a bonus.

Many who bought this say that it might seem a little harsh in the beginning. But the more you get yourself involved in the rhythm, the better you will get. So, this might turn out to be one of the best yoga DVD for beginners weight loss if you appreciate that kind of growth.


16. Yoga Over 50 Workout Video With 8 Routines

Yoga Over 50 Workout Video With 8 Routines

Yoga over 50 is one of Barbara Benagh’s most loved yoga workout programs. This DVD contains 8 customized yoga routines ranging from 20-60 minutes, totaling 200 minutes.

These routines contain seated poses, flowing sun salutations, gentle yoga on the chair, and guided relaxation and meditation. The exercises are known to improve the flexibility and balance of people battling with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

The location of the video is near the gorgeous Glacier National Park that adds to the serenity of the workout. And there is enough variety in this long DVD that you can stop worrying about getting bored with it.

This is one of the best beginning yoga DVD for people transitioning into their 50s. That’s because it majorly consists of gentle yoga routines and nothing too high impact.


17. Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond

It can be quite overwhelming when you are just starting in the vast realm of yoga. Wrong postures practiced for too long can cause injuries and can ultimately demotivate you. This yoga program by Jessica Smith is the best yoga workout DVD to keep you from going down that road.

In her one-hour long yoga DVD, Smith teaches you morning and evening yoga on a beautiful poolside in Miami. You don’t need to have any previous yoga experience to get involved in this routine. How amazing is that?

The AM routine is designed to improve your total body functional flexibility and stamina. In contrast, the PM routine is more about stretching and helping your body unwind at the end of the day.

Smith suggests that you listen to your body when doing these exercises. That will help you decide if you want to follow this routine every day or at a specific interval. All in all, an excellent buy for people who are looking for something mild but effective.


18. A.M. Yoga For Your Week

A.M. Yoga For Your Week

Not all of us want a workout DVD full of everything. If you are specifically looking for a workout routine to enhance your mornings, you’ve stumbled upon the right one.

The DVD by Rodney Yee includes five different morning routines, each being 20 minutes long. In the bonus basket, you get a daily deep breathing meditation guide. This is one of the best yoga workout DVDs because it caters to people of all fitness levels.

Being a professional ballet dancer, Yee understands the significance of a well-toned body and mind. He has designed each workout with a focus on a specific body area. Some of the exercises include twists, forward bends, backbends, standing poses, etc.

It has been noted in various reviews that this is not a high-intensity workout program. So, this is not recommended if your goal is rapid weight loss.


19. 3 Week Beachbody Yoga Workout Program

3 Week Beachbody Yoga Workout Program

Summers are never too far, and any time is an excellent time to start building that beach body for yourself. This 3-week yoga retreat is all that you need to sculpt those muscles right. After all, who doesn’t want to have some abs?

In the package, you get 21 unique classes on four separate DVDs. Each workout session is 30 minutes or less in length. In addition to that, you get a QuickStart Guide, Nutrition Guide, Class Calendar, and a Pose Tracker.

Every week focuses on a different aspect of yoga training. Week 1 is the foundation week during which you are introduced to the fundamentals of yoga. Week 2 is the expansion week, and you get to expand your knowledge of the science of yoga. During week 3, you start to see real progress in your body.

You will find it to be the best yoga program if you like step-by-step instructions. Because this is a 21-day program containing 21 unique classes with easy-to-follow instructions. The only glitch with this DVD is that it is on the high end of the cost spectrum. So you might want to check your budget before going for this one.


20. Yoga For The Rest Of Us: Easy Yoga For Easing Pain With Peggy Cappy

Yoga For The Rest Of Us Easy Yoga For Easing Pain With Peggy Cappy

It is easy to get lost in the too many yoga DVD choices that are available on the market. For most people, yoga is a way to reduce their day to day muscle fatigue and pain. This one by Peggy Cappy covers a large chunk of the population because it is designed for easing bodily aches and pains.

Peggy, in her 70-minute long DVD, demonstrates yoga practices that are targeted on specific body areas. Each pose is meant to relieve you off of your pains and fill you with energy. These poses can help people with morning stiffness as well as those with the end of the day exhaustion.

Customers have observed that the camera placement in this video is not very great. You might not get to see the entire pose of the instructor because the camera focuses more on the face.



It is never too late to start caring about your overall health and well-being. Whether you are just a teenager or a grandparent, there is no excuse for not exercising. Especially when we are blessed to have yoga by our side, we should take full advantage of it. But to extract the benefits out of it, you need someone who can show you the way.

In this case, it’s the yoga instructor you trust to help you become a better version of yourself. To make sure you get the best yoga instructor and yoga program, we suggest you follow the guide mentioned above. We have read through hundreds of reviews of hundreds of yoga DVDs to come up with this list for you. Hopefully, it will make a choice easier for you.