Just type “yoga” in PlayStore or Apple Store, and you will see thousands of apps showing up. There are so many that it can be overwhelming to choose one of them, and frustrating when you find out that they are not good at all. Luckily we are here to research so that you don’t have to. We compiled a list with the best yoga apps in 2019, and why people love them. There is something for everyone, so keep reading and find your next app! 

What is the Best Yoga App?

Technology has fared this far that billions of people from distant places are now connected as if you’re just together at the same time in the same place. This same technology we’re enjoying right now has also helped millions of yogins and aspiring yogins to learn and become adept at doing yoga towards health and wellness.

Let’s begin with the surveys and studies all across the globe that is showing people are using their mobile devices for around five to six hours a day. Well, that might sound a few hours but it isn’t That’s just two hours shy of regular working hours less the break time, and the same amount of sleeping time a fully grown adult needs to keep himself healthy.

Unfortunately, excessive use of personal hand-held devices has been contributing to the degenerative status of mankind. Mobile devices are emitting radio signals through their utilization of microwaves and also with the radiation emitted from the cellphone screen. Too much exposure to these waves over and over has effects on cancer development. Not to mention the effect on vision of too much screen time.

Not only that but also the use of mobile devices particularly social media have contributed to the deteriorating healthy lifestyle of many. The study shows that the average usage of social media users is at a staggering amount of 145 minutes. Thas a whopping 2 hours and 25 minutes on average which means some use social media applications more than that. This amount of time spent on social media exposes users to information that some are misleading, some are inducing stress, excites anger, or could contribute to the rising cases of depression worldwide.

There’s just too much negative effect that can be attributed to the use of mobile gadgets, ain’t it? But, weren’t these devices were made to make our lives better?

That’s why people who are keen on health and wellness who are at the same time tech-savvy have come up with the development of mobile applications that will encourage physical activity to many mobile device users around the world!

There are lots of sports training and fitness applications that can be found on both Google Playstore and Apple App Store that are very helpful in doing guided routings with just a tap with your fingertips. That is also available for Modern yoga.

Can You Lose Weight with Yoga?

A lot of people who are plans or want to work out have a common denominator and that is to lose weight and get a summer body. Having a lean body isn’t just for vanity’s sake. It has a lot of benefits to being healthy and fit.

It is important to note that having excessive weight makes the body experience difficulty in moving to make one do work slow-paced. Most Yoga apps have this feature wherein you can compute your Body Mass Index, your starting weight, target weight, calorie intake, and with these inputs can suggest a workout routine that will help you reach your target weight. One question that needs answering is – Can you lose weight with Yoga?

The answer is simply yes. One might find yoga to be a low-intensity training but this kind of training when done with a good amount of repetition and properly executed sequences helps the heart pump more blood, excite nerves, burn fats, and consume calories one is taking in.

How Can I Start Yoga at Home?

You’ve just come across the right article today if you’re planning to start doing yoga at home without risking yourself going outside amidst the pandemic. There are tons of Yoga Apps available for both Android and IOS phones that have interactive yoga lessons that you can write in the comfort of your home.

All you will need is your mobile phone, a good internet connection, a quiet and cool place free of obstruction where you will do your yoga sessions. Might as well invite your housemates to join you in doing yoga at home. It could be a good bonding moment with them.

Do any Streaming Services have Yoga?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many more have yoga in their libraries however most of them could be more of documentaries. Well, watching those would help you understand the very essence of Yoga practice.

Online Video streaming service on the other hand such as Youtube and Vimeo, has a lot of Yoga tutorial videos that you can watch to learn more yoga asanas. But, worry no more as these yoga apps available in the market have lots of these videos that you are looking for on other streaming service platforms.

Does Yoga Burn Belly Fat?

Yoga exercise are done by doing yoga poses or also known as Asanas. This posture mimics nature as the essence of yoga is to connect oneself to the divine through nature. In the practice of Modern Yoga, these poses can be described as stretching exercises that increase muscle flexibility, core strength, and balance.

Doing yoga asana on sequence with a good number of repetitions is very helpful in burning belly fat as there are many yoga asanas that are targetting the abdominal section of the body as well as with the pectorals and the limbs.

Differences Between a Yoga App a Yoga class

One of the good things about yoga is that you can do it virtually anywhere. Yoga is not like CrossFit – that needs close guidance. Or running – that needs space or a treadmill. Or the gym – that needs several types of equipment. To do yoga, you merely need comfortable clothes and a little bit of space. 

With that said, there are differences between doing yoga at home and in a studio. In a class, you have the support and guidance of a teacher and the benefit of a community. You also have to travel to go to your yoga studio which would consume a significant amount of time. Yoga classes are also structured and there is a target that needs to be achieved as part of the instructor’s curriculum on the yoga program they have for students. This is very ideal for those who love to socialize, have the luxury of time, and have enough resources to spend for the yoga classes.

On the other hand, learning yoga through Yoga Apps is great for those who don’t have the luxury of time or the freedom to leave the house from time to time. You can do yoga at home where you have the freedom to do it at your own pace, and the independence to choose positions that are comfortable for you, and follow a program that is tailor-fit for you. You can be comfortable with the yoga gear of your choice at home.

Many people find that the best way to take advantage of both words is to go to classes but also keep an app available for when leaving the house is too much. Apps are also very beneficial for when you are traveling or unable to get to your studio. Without further ado, let’s see which are the best apps for yoga that you can get. 

Of course, we know you’re looking for a great app, to begin with on your yogin journey. The following are grouped together on how they become the best app by category. Hope you find the yoga app that is right for you.

PS. Don’t know how to clean your yoga mat? We show you how.

Top Yoga Apps for Meditation

Meditation is a big part of yoga. It is also a practice that you should do alone and every day – so using apps is the perfect way to do it. It can be challenging to sit down by ourselves and our thoughts and meditate even for fifteen minutes. We get anxious, uneasy, and feel like time is passing extra slowly. Guided meditations are fantastic tools that can lead us into a productive meditation practice. Here are the ten best apps that can help you find your zen space. 

  1.  Calm

Calm is a classic meditation app that has a rating of 4.4 on PlayStore, with almost one hundred and fifty thousand reviews. It comes with more than one hundred guided meditations, and it leaves us feeling happy and content after being on the app. In 2017, Apple chose it as the app of the year. Its features – like the soundtrack and stories – are made to decrease anxiety and insomnia and help thousands of users. It is not only that, but you can also enjoy light exercises that reduce stress and breathing techniques that will be helpful in your next yoga class. 

It is a free app with some free meditations and stories, but it requires a membership to access its full features. There is a free trial of seven days you can take advantage of and then decide if it’s worth it. However, if you don’t mind repeating guided meditations, the free version is perfectly fine for you. 

  1.  Headspace

Another app that is famous among the meditating community, Headspace claims to use clinical studies to build their interface. Their goal is to make meditation simple, and their features follow that. When you download the app, you will see that you can choose the goal for your practice. It can be to deal with a moment of anxiety or reduce overall stress. It can be a daily morning practice or a one-off long session. They even have some SOS exercises that help if you find yourself having a panic attack or stressed feeling. If you feel like you are in danger though, always seek medical help. 

Headspace is free to download and they also have a free pack, although you can subscribe to a plan if you want to unlock the full features. More than 36 million people use the app nowadays, and it is one of the most popular ones. The creator of Headspace narrates the guides himself, and they are more relaxed and informal than some other apps in the market. Another great thing is that you can download your favorite guides to have them always available, even when you don’t have internet. 

  1.  Insight Timer

Insight Timer brings a social aspect to the app that is refreshing and appealing to many. The app shows a map of how many people are meditating around you and even allows you to invite friends to meditate together. There are also “Insight Groups”, chats that bring people with the same interests together and allows for discussions about everything meditation. They suggest threads – like what are you more grateful for today, questions and answers and more. 

As per content, this is the best app for free meditating. The library has more than fifteen thousand guided meditations, all available on the free version. If you want to go premium, that one hundred and fifty extra courses and content. Both the free version and the premium let you customize the timer, which is great if you can’t sit through a twenty minutes meditation just yet. 

  1. Slumber

A big part of mental health comes from our quality of sleep. It can cause fatigue, bad temper, and even heart disease if it goes on for too long. Slumber is a meditation app that is focused on sleep. It contains meditation stories that are made to help you get into a deep sleep. As a bônus, you can choose background noises such as rain or birds – or just keep it silent. Some sounds imitate relaxing situations – like a warm jacuzzi or a walk in the park. 

If you want you can also choose to keep the background noise playing for up to ten hours after the story finishes – plenty of time to keep you relaxing and sleeping. New stories are added each week, and you have full access to them if you pay for premium access. If you choose not to, you still can listen to a lot of free stories and fall asleep once and for all. 

  1.  10% Happier

This app sells itself as a meditation app for people who don’t believe in meditation. It steers away from the traditional apps with soothing voices and meditation jargon. There are short videos that teach the user about mindfulness and why it is helpful. You can set goals for yourself and answer questions like “why are you meditating? Do you want to feel calmer or be happier?” and so on. Set reminders and make sure you stay on track with notifications and a calendar so you can follow your progress. 

Premium will set you up with over three hundred and fifty lessons of guided meditation. There are some practical ones for a busy life – like short audios for when you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower. The free version does not disappoint though, as it comes with plenty of packages you can choose from – centered in relationships, mental help, or how to be ten percent nicer. If you are a practical, no-frills type of person, this is a great app for you.  

  1.  Stop, Breathe & Think 

The name of this app is quite accurate because it asks you to take a moment before jumping right into meditation. You are guided through questions that ask you how you are feeling, what is the primal emotion that led you into meditating right now and how was your day. Based on those answers the app to suggest you an audio meditation. It can be a short one to make you realize you are grateful and feel joyful, a long one to help you battle anxiety, or anything in between. 

The app comes with thirty free sessions, with over a hundred if you choose to subscribe to premium. Stop, Breathe & Think is aimed at a younger audience of under 25 years old, but we see no reason to stop anyone from benefiting from it. They have a second app too, for kids. Its interface is fun and colorful and they take the child step by step into meditation. The app has a partnership with Tools for Peace, a non-profit that teaches mindfulness skills to inner-city teens. If you choose to go Premium you can feel good knowing ten percent of the price is going to a good cause. 

Top 12 Best Yoga Apps 

Yoga apps are a wonderful tool. It is so useful to do yoga in your own house and at your own pace that it can lead you to go further in your practice. For many people, it is also the best way to afford to do yoga – as you have access to knowledge teachers and quality classes for a fraction of what you would pay for a studio. If you are ready to download and exercise, keep reading to discover the best yoga apps in 2019! 

  1.  Glo

Glo was formerly known as YogaGlo and it is one of the top-rated yoga apps on the Apple Store. The app is all about personalization. With a wide database of thousands of classes, it is easy to find something you like there. You can use filters to achieve the results you want and navigate through a time of the day, how long you want the class to last, what are your goals, and much more. Users are especially happy with the level of quality the lessons are, as they only use proper teachers with a lot of experience. 

The app is free to download, but to unlock all the classes a membership is required. It is still cheaper than any yoga studio membership you can find though, and with the raging reviews, we believe it is worth it. The app has an impressive score of 4.9 stars, with over eleven thousand reviews. There are a lot of long-time users that have been taking advantage of the app for years and recommend it. 

  1.  Gaia 

Gaia has more than eight thousand videos in its library. The focus of the app is to join mindfulness, spirituality, and fitness into yoga practice. Aside from all the lessons you also have exclusive access to useful information about yoga and some interesting lessons on the history and development of science. Gaia is constantly updating its information, and you can count on new videos and content being added daily. It is powerful in the journey to self-improvement, and there is a lot of great content for those interested in opening their minds. It is also free to download but a subscription is needed to access all content.  

  1.  Peloton Digital  

Peloton may be known for its quality equipment – especially treadmills – but the app offers much more than that. There are dozens of cardio, HIIT and yoga lessons for you to choose from, and the monthly subscription fee is very reasonable. One of the best things about the Peloton app is that you can watch live lessons in addition to the video ones. They are streamed daily from the Peloton New York Studios, and you can benefit from the structure without having to leave your house. 

  1.  Simply Yoga 

Simple done well, that is the definition of Simply Yoga. With a few poses and a heavy focus on breathing, this is a great app for those who believe in the simplicity and efficacy of yoga. That does not mean the app is limited though. You can choose the length of the class and your level – you grow with the lessons just like you would grow with a live class. The poses flow well from one to another, and you can even see the Sanskrit name for each one! 

Although we love some soft music in the background, we also appreciate a practical and straightforward class. And that is what Simply Yoga offers. No over annoying positive talks, no excess of yogi music – just a down-to-earth lesson with well-explained movements. The instructor on the video explains each pose while doing them, so you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to the screen while doing the class. 

  1.  Yoga – Down Dog

This is one of the best yoga apps if you are on a budget. The membership is cheap and the download is free. With Down Dog you practically create your yoga lesson, it’s fantastic! You can choose the background music or sound – ocean sounds, calming music – the length of it – twenty, thirty, sixty minutes – the body part to focus at and even which instructor you want. With that many choices, you will never be bored with the app! Another interesting feature is that the music changes dynamically in the class – programmed to sync with your breathing. This is amazing because pranayama (breathing) is a big part of yoga, and with this feature, your breathing will follow the music patterns almost instinctively. 

  1.  Find what feels good 

Starred by the youtube celebrity Adrienne, from Yoga with Adrienne, Find What Feels Good is all about that feel-good yoga. She is a very talented teacher that gives a lot of insight into yoga practice and explains poses and alignment well. It is not easy to correct people’s postures from a video, but Adrienne does a good job of predicting common problems and leads us into correcting them. The membership will give you access to over one hundred hours of yoga lessons, and much of this content is exclusive to the app. 

If you are a constant traveler or don’t want to use up your data you can download the vídeos to watch them offline on a later day. If you want to bring yoga into your daily life and feel good daily while practicing mindfulness and breathing this is the best yoga app for you. 

  1.  Lotus Yoga and workout

Most apps are designed for beginner yogis who are finding their way into their practice, and there is nothing wrong with that. Lotus Yoga though caters to both beginners and advanced students. Challenging poses are presented on a smooth interface and the explanations are clear and direct. There is something for everyone, five weeks programs, stretching or guides to inversion. If it is not your first time doing yoga you will appreciate the pro features, like choosing the asanas you want to incorporate on your practice that day. 

  1.  5-minute yoga 

Get the best benefits from yoga on five minutes doses. Strength, flexibility, calmness, and balance are at your fingertips – even if you don’t have any time for it. The interface of the app is easy to use too, so you don’t lose time by fiddling with it and pressing too many buttons. Simply open the app, choose the session and give yourself five minutes to relax and unwind. 

  1.  Asana Rebel 

If you want to do yoga but also want a good workout, try Asana Rebel. Their selection is intended to give you a real sweat and to burn some calories too. They feature a short yoga workout video every morning, changing it daily. There are several instructors so you can always choose the one you like the most, and users see results within weeks of using this app. As with the best yoga apps, you can choose your goal and let Asana Rebel guide you through lessons that will help you achieve that goal, be it losing weight or gaining balance. 

Users like this app for many reasons, but the main one is that it helps them keep motivated without feeling discouraged if they don’t hit their goals right away. With quality workouts and professional guidance, you can be sure to receive the help you need while doing yoga. The app is available to download for free and they offer a free period that you can use to see if it is a good fit for you. 

  1.  Keep yoga 

Keep yoga is a well-designed app that lets you keep track of your progress and gives you little prizes in the app when you reach goals and steps. They do have a membership but plenty of their yoga videos are free to watch and enjoy! They send you friendly reminders when you skip a class to help you stay focused. With more than four hundred asanas, ten yoga sessions plans and plenty of meditation exercises, you will never be bored with Keep Yoga. Another great thing is that they give you the option to pay for an item, so if you don’t want to commit to full membership but want to try a specific class, you can. 

  1.  Yoga Studio: Mind and Body 

If you want to have fun creating your yoga lesson you should check Yoga Studio: Mind and Body. Nobody is better than yourself when analyzing what is good for you, and this app knows that. After watching some of their pre-made classes you have the chance to select the parts of them you like the most and putting them together. It is like a puzzle to create the perfect yoga lesson made just for you! 

What users like the most about the app is the variety. You can use it every day for months and still not repeat a class. This is one of the most accessible yoga apps there are, and their downloads and subscription fees are affordable and fair. The app makes a point to be inclusive and to be offered to as many people as possible, as yoga should be. 

  1.  Pocket Yoga 

Pocket Yoga is not a free app, but that can be a good thing. By paying to download it means that you can access all the library and features right away. That means dozens of videos ready to be watched and enjoyed by you! Another good thing about it is that you can use your soundtracks on it, which can make a lot of difference if you are someone who enjoys selecting songs and playlists to exercise. There is also a glossary with the names and pictures of many yoga poses to help you become a master of asanas. 

The beginner section of this app does not feed you everything but rather challenges you to stay interested in a possible way. This app does not work by offering a full video with a yoga teacher, it shows you the pictures of the poses and has a voice explaining how to achieve them. In spite of that, it does not feel robotic or broken but feels like a lesson with the flow. 

Best Yoga Apps for Beginners 

Even if you are a complete beginner, there are apps that will make you feel like a pro. Keep reading and find the best apps to take you from beginner to advanced. 

  1.  Yoga for Beginners 

This app not only contains useful guides and information for beginners but it was made for them. They offer a very straightforward platform that focuses on poses and practice only and a step-by-step guide for each of them. Every new pose comes with a video with directions, and you can accommodate yoga into your life by doing ten minutes of lessons when you have some time off. Picking up a new activity is not easy, especially in the hectic lives many people lead nowadays. Yoga for beginners makes it easier to feel like you are progressing by breaking down new information and offering solid advice for starters. 

  1.  Daily Yoga 

Yoga has some basic poses and basic exercises that are the foundation for every type of practice. If you are a beginner it is easy to look around the room and feel like everyone else knows what they are doing apart from you. Daily Yoga is the perfect app to learn these foundation steps, and they offer a two-week program that will go through the basics of yoga. After completing it, it will be much easier to follow any yoga class since you will have those concepts under your belt. 

Besides, the app offers a community platform, a safe space where you can connect with experts to answer your questions and beginners like yourself to share the journey. You also complete a test right at the beginning when you log into the app, and that shows you your current strength level. You can base your lessons on that and follow your growth. 

  1. Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers classes with Instagram stars, youtube celebrities, and the big names in the yoga community. If you are interested in yoga because you have seen what amazing people can do on vídeos or pictures, Alo Moves lets you learn from them to do the same. They have a particularly popular handstand workshop – a series of nine classes that progress into a beautiful handstand for the perfect picture (and core strength)! 

  1.  Yoga Wake up 

Many people swear by the benefits of doing yoga first thing in the morning. Stretching and getting your blood flowing before tackling any of the chores for the day is a great way to get your mental health in check. Instead of setting your alarm on your phone, set the alarm in the app and wake up to a gentle meditation or yoga guide that you can do straight from bed. This is a much healthier way to wake up then going straight to social media to scroll! 

Top Best Yoga Apps for Runners 

Yoga is a fantastic addition in the routine of any runner. The stretching and flexibility exercises are great for sore muscles and the tightening that comes from repetitive motions. Let’s see which are the best ones to make you run the extra mile. 

  1.  Grokker


Grokker is more than a yoga app, it is a wellness solution. It covers nutrition, strength training, and even financial help. It is supposed to be an ally for you in all things in life. Runners will benefit especially from the series “Yoga for Athletes”. These are videos that focus on flexibility, injury prevention, and strength. They can be used for runners looking to recover from an injury or prevent them, and they aim to help build the flexibility and strength necessary to be a good runner. 

  1.  NTC Nike Training Club

This is a sister app to the Nike Run Club, and it offers additional support for serious and amateur runners. As it is a Nike app, we can expect it to be clean and organized, and a lot of fun to use it. Under the section Yoga, you will find lessons like “Run Ready Yoga”, a flow centered in tending muscles used in running. There are more yoga classes on the mobility category, and they are great to do right after a long run to massage and stretch the body. Expect dynamic stretches, core strengtheners, and range-of-motion drills in yoga lessons that can be completed usually in less than thirty minutes. 

If you are not into yoga but want to benefit from it – this app is perfect! The instructions are clear and the lectures are focused on the physical aspects of yoga only, with none of the mindfulness and self-reflection. For a free app, this truly surpasses expectations. 

  1.  Power Yoga for Sports 

Power Yoga for Sports has special yoga programs for skiers, baseball trainers, tennis players, runners and a range of other athletes. Choose your category and access lessons that are catered for the type of sport you practice, with yoga poses that will help massage and recover the specific muscles you use. The interface is simple – you will see a screen with the poses to do and a picture clearly showing the best way to do it. You can browse through suggested poses or simply see all of the best ones for runners and follow the guide. 


As with any exercise, it is up to us to keep motivated and doing it constantly. It is also true though, that great tools can make that process much easier and achievable. If you’re in doubt about which yoga app is the best for you, download a few and use their free features for some time. You will soon see which one fits into your life better and has the best videos, features, teachers, and content for you. With so many choices we are sure that it is only a matter of time before you are enjoying all the benefits yoga has to offer.