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There are lots of Cork Yoga Blocks in the market so let’s find out which amongst are the best.

Yoga exercises aim to promote better blood circulation, better breathing, and proper posture which made this a highly suggested practice by healthcare professionals for those who are undergoing therapy. Also, fitness-conscious folks are engaging in this activity because why not? Yoga doesn’t require much space and expensive equipment.

This therapeutic workout can be done with minimal equipment like rope, mats, rubber ball, and blocks and yet can achieve your fitness goals with a blend of relaxation.

Yoga Blocks

Sometimes called Yoga Bricks, this essential gear is made up of either rubber foam, wood, or cork that helps yogis on achieving proper posture on their yoga exercises. Yoga blocks can serve as an arm extension for yogis that don’t have much, pretty much, bringing the floor closer to you. Aside from that, it can also be used to support the body on poses that require balance, thus helping a yogi maintain proper posture on complex positions.

Why Have Yoga Block?

Having a pair of yoga blocks is beneficial for all levels of yogis out there.

For beginners, having yoga blocks can help you do positions that require much stretching or poses that you have to reach the floor but you still can’t. This gear will you maintain proper posture without straining your body too much which is very helpful to slowly increase your flexibility.

For advanced yogis, you certainly have a pair of yoga blocks and it helps a lot on complex poses that require balance because this gear supports can support the body and thus will avoid the chances of getting injuries.

What Yoga Blocks to Choose?

You may choose from either rubber foam, wood, or cork for your yoga blocks. All of these materials have pros and cons. So, how would we compare those?

  • Wood Yoga Blocks are sturdy. They are usually made of either hardwood like maple. balsa, and birch or softwoods like pine and poplar. Sometimes it has a variant of bamboo. Often finished with softened edges, these blocks are great if you are considering a yoga prop that will last longer. Also, because of its wood composition, a wood yoga block can support the heavier weight.However, these yoga blocks don’t have much friction on smooth surfaces like finished floorings, ceramic tiles, or wood flooring.
  • Foam Yoga Blocks are typically soft. This is most commonly used due to its lightweight characteristic because it is made of rubber and, it is budget-friendly as well. These blocks are a bit flimsy and thus not the most stable if being used as a support. Foam yoga blocks are great for those who are always on the go because these blocks are handy.Although, this can be mistakenly seen by your pets as chewy toys and can be torn since it is made of rubber so pet-owners must securely keep a rubber yoga block if not in use.
  • Cork Yoga Blocks can be considered the right blend. Since it is fibrous, it has a soft feels like foam blocks and since its a plant fiber of would variant, it is also sturdy. A bit cheaper than wood yoga blocks and as lightweight as foam blocks. This eco-friendly yoga block, however, thus absorb sweat so it may have odor over time.

Best Cork Yoga Blocks on the List

Whether you’re a beginner in Yoga or you’ve been a yogi for a long time, a yoga block is a must-have on your collection of yoga props. In this section, you’ll find out which among the listings in the market are the best pick for Cork Yoga Blocks!

1. DaVinci Natural Cork Yoga Block

davinci cork yoga block

Many are applauding its simplicity since it does not have a branding design on the block itself. DaVinci Natural Cork Yoga Blocks are sturdy and have the right amount of weight in it making it an ideal choice for yogis of all weights. Its exceptional performance makes you forget about the price.

However, the blocks do leave a few corks danders.

This eco-friendly yoga block comes in pair with 4 inches of thickness, 9 inches of height and 6 inches of width both piece.


2. Bean Products Cork Yoga Block

beanproducts cork yoga blocks

Bean Products have been producing these yoga props for 31 years now and are internationally acclaimed. Bead Products Cork Yoga Blocks are solid and dense. It will not crumble when much weight force is applied to it making it a perfect yoga prop for support.

Its smell and the blocks being heavier than the usual are some of the things other people dislike about this product.

Comes in pair of 3-inch variant for smaller hands and 4-inch common variant. It has an engraved small Brean Product logo and the blocks can be of 5 different varieties of colors such as Teal, Black, Natural Cork, Green and, Purple.


3. Peace Yoga Cork Yoga Block

peace yoga cork blocks

If you are fond of aesthetic items, Peace Yoga Cork Yoga Block is right for you. This pair of blocks come in natural cork color. But what made it special is it features designs of an elephant, mandala, sun, and tree of Indian inspiration thus, giving you more feels on your yoga exercises. Although heavier than the typical foam blocks, this amazing pair is still handy and can be used as your on-the-go yoga block if you happen to exercise somewhere else.

Available in 4-inch regular size and designs are engraved and not printed or burned.


4. Arltb Yoga Block

Arltb Cork Yoga Block with Strap

Bargain buyers will surely love Arltb Yoga Block! The pair comes with a free cotton-made strap which could be useful on some yoga poses. But the highlight would be its material composition. Arltb Yoga Blocks are made up of recycled wood chips for its cork fiber making it one of the most eco-friendly blocks in the market.

Available in 4-inch regular size and 3 variants of colors namely, Natural Cork, Black, and Purple.


5. JBM Internation Cork Yoga Block

JBM Intl Cork Blocks

JBM Internation Cork Yoga Block boasts on their promise of a moisture-proof, odorless pair of cork yoga blocks. Each block weighs only 0.38 lbs! A real lightweight. This product is made of 100% recycled natural cork fibers, well treated to avoid sweat absorption so no worries on bacteria that might live in the yoga prop. Also, the way it was manufactured made the yoga blocks more durable and because of the high-density cork materials used, the pair is slip-resistant as well.

This item comes in pair with free strap and comes in one design which is natural cork. Feels, looks, works corky.


6. Forbidden Road Yoga Block

Forbidden Road yoga block

This great product by Forbidden Road is something you want to check. The pair of Forbidden Road Yoga Block is made up of 100% eco-friendly materials. Compared to other products on the list, this one is best suited for heavy yogis because the yoga blocks are heavy and sturdy. Also, the blocks can be used as supplementary equipment for those who do gym workouts. A highly acclaimed product on the list.

This block, however, is a blend of synthetic and natural fibers.

This item can be bought on a single piece, in pairs, or pairs with strap and towel in the package.


Time to get one of these

Improve your yoga exercises with these cork yoga blocks. They may look small in the eyes but their help to improve your fitness is great. One of these top choices that we listed could be the best pick for you too so don’t miss out and check out these eco-friendly cork yoga blocks. It’s time to step up your yoga lifestyle.