The truth of tantra yoga

If the word tantra brings up hints of sexuality, you’re not the only one. The way that tantra has been introduced across the western region was defined as a practice related to sexuality, nudity, and sometimes, promiscuity.

Sure, tantra practice may improve your sexual life, but only by strengthening your connection between your energy and body. Although this practice is based on the principle of intimacy, intimacy is not just about the physical level.

It can also be the process of establishing a solid connection to the point of catching a glimpse into your soul and to another person’s soul. In this section, let’s study the truth about tantra yoga and the advantages you may reap in the long run. 889 Yoga discusses the ins and outs of Tantra 101 below.

Tantra 101: Everything You Need to Know

Tantra is a traditional Indian practice that traces back more than 5,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, the term tantra refers to “woven together.” Individuals who perform Hindu and Buddhist meditation may also exercise tantric sex as a means to “weave” or unify the physical to your spirit.

This practice combines spirituality and sexuality and highlights the significance of intimacy in a sexual experience.

Nevertheless, tantra is not just about sexual satisfaction but also about exulting your body and feeling increased sexuality. This practice promotes sexuality, spirituality, and a state of consciousness. It urges a sexual experience that you may experience alone or with the help of a partner.

What is the goal of tantra?

What yogis have to say about tantra is that it focuses on personal exploration and experiences led by unusual techniques to purify the body and mind that ultimately break the blockages that hold us in the physical world.

Some tantra schools use unlawful practices of doing sex, drinking alcohol, and eating meat as ways for transformation. Tantra yoga may have a vast range of methods, yet its main focus is on making the body as the temple to worship the all-inclusive union of life as hallowed.

Tantra allows anyone to openly experience divinity and become part of the union of the cosmos. Hence, it provides mesmerizing yogic techniques which guide you into the state of ecstasy, showing tremendous spiritual knowledge.

Tantra and Sexuality

Tantra yoga was first introduced to the west back in the 19th century as an extrinsic sexual-spiritual practice to heighten the connection of intimacy. The old eastern concept of spirituality and the sensual and revolutions back in the 1960s and 1970s further spread and believed that tantra as a yoga style is advantageous for sexual life.

Tantra teaches us the ancient tantric knowledge on the elusive energies lying underneath our body and the sexual union. Thus to streamline and combine sexual methods and interpersonal intimacy with tantra yoga is an aberration of this complex enlightenment system.

Guide for Tantric Practice

Hindus in the past have made a definitive guide through tantra by showing various sex positions that can boost your sexual life and achieve its full advantages. Kama Sutra was written back in the 4th century, and such sexual positions are no ordinary. Some may find it weird and complicated to do; however, with proper knowledge and guidance, these positions become a cakewalk.

Working with these positions regularly can help men solve their difficulties with erection and ejaculation, while women can improve their orgasms that may continue for hours. Among other advantages of tantra yoga are lowering the depression and stress symptoms, relief from period cramps, improvement of the urinary tract, incontinency, and a better immune system.

Still, some people may find this practice uncomfortable for spiritual healing, especially with the sexual acts, which is the whole point of tantra yoga. Even so, it boosts awareness and confidence in one’s body. It is also believed that this experience allows the body to align with mind and spirit, thus making yoga the therapeutic practice it is known today.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is very similar to vinyasa, both flow from one pose to the next. It then continues beyond the physical level to incorporate meditation and pranayama or breathing techniques to support the practitioner achieve the body’s subtle energies.

With the help of this method and other ancient-spiritual practices, you can unify yourself with the universe. If you’re looking forward to doing yoga out of your mat straight to your bed, these few poses can help deepen the connection between you and your partner.

1. Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana)

This pose will help improve and loosen up; if done with a partner, it will heighten your connection. Sit down facing each other, place your arms outside your legs, and reach your partner’s hands.

Bend your knees slowly, raise your legs high to put the base of your feet against your partner’s feet. Straighten your legs as you lift your feet upward.

2. Hand-On-Heart (Sukhasana)

Face each other in a seated cross-legged position. Put your right hand on your partner’s heart and vice versa. Together, put your left hands to each other’s right hands.

As you hear the beating sound of each other’s heart and feel the heart chakra, both of your feelings for each other may deepen and naturally make your breath works in tune.

3. Yab-Yum

Ideally, the bigger person will sit in a cross-legged position, while the other person sits on their partner’s legs while ankles are crossed behind. Make your foreheads touch each other while maintaining your back straight, then breath deeply and gently.

Naturally, you and your partner’s breathwork will synchronize. You can make this happen while eyes are closed or try staring into each other’s eyes to develop a connection on a new level.

Advantages of Tantra Yoga

As mentioned earlier, the word tantra means “to weave.” As we appreciate the benefits of tantra yoga, we begin to see that these are woven into every area of our life. Below are the incredible benefits of tantra yoga to motivate and invite you to a more profound practice.

10 Advantages of performing tantra yoga

Alleviates pains and body aches

Some of you may wake up with slight aches and pains, mostly back pain, and feel that it’s normal. With tantric yoga, you can easily stop these unwanted aches and pains.

Some poses are specifically designed to relieve the damages caused by today’s modern world.

Most office workers sit while their shoulders are bent over every day, which can inspire pain and stiffness.

Yoga mudra, for example, and the other tantric poses and techniques can help reconnect the body and relieve stress and tension in the muscles.

Enhancing flexibility, which is possible through tantra yoga, helps alleviate muscle tensions and aches by strengthening and stretching a little more.

Reduces wrinkles and removes unhealthy toxins

Besides feeling young without muscle pains and aches, tantric yoga is a natural practice that can transform anyone to look more youthful.

One of the advantages of tantric yoga is that it promotes better skin which sparks lesser wrinkles.

The poses of tantric yoga help stimulate the removal of unhealthy toxins from the blood flow. This removal of toxins will make you look younger and more energetic.

Hence, it also helps in keeping the skin elastic for longer. Instead of applying expensive products for anti-aging, tantric yoga can naturally vitalize your youth.

Better understanding

Performing tantra yoga has several emotional and spiritual advantages, together with the physical benefits. Tantric yoga and meditation can lead you in exploring your deepest self alongside your hidden desires and goals. The increased self-actualization makes understanding your wants and needs of other people more manageable and effective.

Meditation is an essential part of tantra yoga that can help you calm in times of tension which can ruin comprehension and communication. The breathwork techniques used in yoga can also help and be applied in these situations, inspiring a better understanding no matter the situation.

Robust health

Staying healthy is our number one priority in life. Tantra yoga can enhance all aspects of health. Tantra yoga is a physical activity that carries many of the advantages of other physical exercises— improved flexibility and muscle power.

Significantly, reproductive health is improved for both men and women.
Through this practice, you can solve common reproductive health problems like weak orgasms, ejaculation, erection, and poor intimacy.

Tantra yoga awakens the pituitary gland to increase circulation, which triggers happy hormones. These hormones include serotonin, oxytocin, and HGH. HGH, in specific, boosts the healing and restoration quality of the muscles in the body.

Boosts body awareness

The poses found in tantra yoga may appear complicated at first sight. Some poses cross along the centerline of the body and balance, which significantly adds to the advantages of tantric practice.

By challenging yourself to try advanced yoga poses, you can improve your body awareness. Intensive stretching and focusing on breathing make you more conscious of your body’s signals.

Your boosted body awareness may continue to bed, not just in a yoga session. Body awareness can help you recognize what feels sexually right and address those needs to your partner.

Tantric techniques can also improve sexual life

Stronger intimacy

Most of the time, when people think about tantra yoga, they think of impactful, spiritually satisfying sexuality.

While that understanding is just a part of tantra yoga, the purpose of the practice is to ultimately build genuine trust and intimacy.

Tantra yoga is suitable for any couple out there who are on the lookout for discovering new things.

It is not only for couples whose sparks went out or whose sex lives need an improvement. Any couple can take advantage of the deep connection and trust-building that tantra yoga promotes.

Introducing tantra yoga to your partner is an excellent way of increasing all of the aspects of your relationship with each other.

Trying something new with your partner is essential to keep things brand-new. It can help you relate to each other more, fewer misunderstandings, and a better sex experience.

Combats stress and depression symptoms

As stated previously, tantra yoga awakens the pituitary gland. This gland produces and maintains those hormones that make us feel happy and motivated.

When people are anxious or suffering from depression, they have insufficient serotonin. By boosting this hormone production, people will feel more relaxed, less irritated, and less stressed.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, is a hormone that can increase feelings of affection and love. Producing this type of hormone can lead to a deeper intimate relationship.

Burns fats and helps tones up the body

Physical exercise makes your heart rate up, which burns fats, and is achievable with tantra yoga and tantric sex. Because this activity focuses primarily on stamina, tantra yoga helps in toning muscles and burns unhealthy fats.

More advanced positions and dynamic moves like Warrior II are mainly designed to stretch your whole body, not just particular muscles, as you do with weightlifting. The best part is, these poses are easily doable to people at all levels of physical exercise. This makes tantra yoga a good workout if you don’t really work out and sweat a lot.

Refines focus

The advantages of having deep breathwork and a successful meditation are known everywhere you go, including the tantric ability to refine your focus and productivity. Physical activities that encourage meditation don’t just help you relax. Meditation is also a way to refocus and motivate yourself.

With proper meditation and tantra yoga, you can make your work more productive by giving you the motivation and energy you need to complete your meetings as best as they could be. You can now skip your morning cup of coffee for that additional energy.

Higher self-confidence

Finally, the most significant advantage of tantra yoga is the quality that makes you appreciate yourself. Doing tantra yoga can heighten your self-confidence and self-esteem. Having second thoughts and inhibitions can corrupt your well-being, and by doing tantra yoga, you can reclaim that confidence within you.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to practice tantra yoga on your own or with a partner’s help, you’re increasing your potential for intimacy and union. With proper practice, you can get a closer look at the beliefs and habits that holds you back from the intimacy you genuinely need. Moreover, tantric practice is given to help escape these barriers so every one of us may succeed and live a life we deserve. Namaste.