yoga wheels
1. UpCircleSeven 2. Pete’s Choice 3. Reehut
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 12 x 5 Inch Basic Pete's Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel REEHUT Yoga Wheel - 12.6 x 5

Now that yoga lessons are getting more and more popular among millennials, this is the time that you should invest time and money in buying new gear. Everybody knows about the special garments and socks that a yogi should normally wear, but lately some tools have made their appearance on the scene.

Yogis are starting to use the best yoga wheel that is made in order to execute the various exercises completely relaxed and stretched. The wheels are usually made of high-quality wooden parts that have a special process giving them a perfectly rounded shape. This quality gives yoga masters an extra weapon against procrastination felt by many yoga students.


What is Yoga Wheel Good for?

One of the most difficult yoga postures that a yogin can encounter is the Wheel Pose. It requires much practice in order to master and for the body to have the muscle memory and the flexibility to bend the back in an arching manner. That is why sports goods manufacturers have made yoga wheels available in the market for yogins to have to help them learn and master this pose. But is this just all for the yoga wheel?

When you give them the best yoga wheels, you create a positive environment for them to start working properly with their body. Everyone needs assistance when practicing yoga for the first time. That has been the gap that the yoga wheel has come to fill up.

People who are trying yoga, it needs lots of stretching that cannot be done without the use of the innovative yoga wheel. These wooden parts are going to give yogis the chance to bend their vertebrae and find their trigger points.

One example of complex yoga practice is the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga that K. Pattabhi Jois made prominent. This yoga practice is through series of asana done in a smooth flowing manner that is also called Vinyasa. One kind of asana series that can be done in vinyasa is the Surya Namaskar. In doing Ashtanga Yoga, yogins must memorize the yoga asanas and this means muscle memory. This can only be accomplished with constant practice and yoga wheels are helpful gear to assist a yogin in mastering difficult yoga asanas.

Without a further question you are about to examine what exactly a yoga wheel is and how it is going to help you reaching your goals when performing yoga. 899 Yoga is here with the details!

Do Yoga Wheels help back pain?

Modern Yoga exercise is full of benefits that have therapeutic claims validated by major health institutions across the globe. One of the most evident benefits of yoga is its natural way of treating and reducing symptoms and effects in the back like scoliosis. Although not much is known about the cause of scoliosis and usually is genetic, the practice of yoga help reduces the risk of severe curvature of the spine when detected early and therapeutic yoga is applied.

Also, people who are working desk jobs that are sitting for long hours then have their bodies slouch, unnoticeably forgetting the proper sitting posture. This, when repeated over time, causes back pains that are sometimes become hard to correct. Doing yoga helps in correcting this and avoiding further back issues.

People Who Can Benefit From Yoga Wheels

It is not obvious who can have a direct benefit from yoga wheels unless you start trying it in several yoga sessions. If you want to try the best yoga wheel then you should start looking for the most reputable brands on the market.

Although, the presence of yoga wheels is an imperative for most modern yoga schools there are multiple people who cannot realize the population segment that is most benefited by their presence.

Beginners and inexperienced yoga students are the ones that will benefit the most from the purchase of a yoga wheel. Celebrities and other popular yogis are advertising the best yoga wheel on social media to attract more people to their yoga lessons.

Most of the general population has a false perception that yoga is difficult to achieve so they decide not to participate to its lessons. However, with the use of the yoga wheel the training has been a lot more attractive to young people.

Additionally, the yoga wheel may be useful to older yoga students too. Since most of the older people are not able to stretch with the same ease as they used to do when being young, the wheel seems like the ultimate solution for them.

Definition Of The Yoga Wheel

Modern yoga students just can’t realize the importance of this tool to their performance. Older ones know that before the invention of the yoga wheels some stretching exercises were just impossible to achieve.

Yoga wheel is a cylindrical type of wood that has a soft interior padding which helps you to win gravity and stretch your body when the yoga masters ask you to. It can give you the chance to get any inverted position with an impressive ease. Not to mention, that you will feel more relaxed and confident to perform special yoga master mandates that otherwise could never be completed successfully.

Only the best wheel may offer you the service you need in order to become a professional yogi. However, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the wood as well as its hardness and the way it is processed to become stable for human use.

How do you store your Yoga Wheels?

Yoga wheels don’t need an intricate way of storing. The important thing to remember is that always wipe clean your yoga wheel every after use and better to have disinfected. Sweat left in the yoga wheels is a great breeding ground for bacteria and disease-causing germs. The best way to store your yoga wheels is to lay it flat with its side. The hollow space within the wheel can still be used as storage space. Also, avoid placing piercing items near the wheel to keep the yoga wheel in pristine condition.

Are yoga wheels for beginners?

Even though yoga wheels are often used for difficult yoga asana that is a practice by advanced yogins, yoga wheels are still helpful for newbie yogins. Compared to yoga balls that can roll on every side, yoga wheels can only roll forward as pushed away by the body weight. This can be used as a support for the body when doing yoga asanas with intermediate levels of difficulty.

Also, it is a good investment for beginner yogins if they are really serious about doing yoga and want to live a yogin lifestyle. This gear will be very helpful in the future.

Benefits Of Yoga Wheels

People that love yoga have only good words to say about the newly introduced yoga wheels. That is because everybody can directly view their benefits to their everyday practice. This can also exceed their yoga sessions and influence their daily quality of life levels that are significantly improved.

  • The use of the yoga wheel offers extra balance to the yogis.
  • When using the yoga wheel, you can easily achieve the inverted and extreme stretching postures.
  • It can develop your muscle system even when you are just balancing on it.
  • Being better than a yoga mat, it can be carried along with you since it is lightweight and perfectly shaped.
  • Offers people a massage-like service relaxing the stiff back muscles that are always a big deal when performing yoga sessions

How do I choose a Yoga Wheel

Many things are to be considered prior to proceeding to a firm purchase of a yoga wheel. This is because it is going to be a training tool that will accompany you for a long time. A wise choice is to know the factors that are going to determine your decisions and then make up your mind. Part of 889yoga’s goal is to give a constructive review of all the items that we consider best because we want our readers to get the right information and exceptional products every time they visit here for opinions.

This means that setting specific factors to consider is vital for us to determine which and why these items are considered top picks.

Size Of The Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are made in various sizes to meet the expectations of any body type. It is necessary to find the right size for the yoga wheel so that you can always perform the exercises in the most suitable way. Using an incorrect size that your body needs can cause discomfort or even injuries. Remember that the yoga wheel size has to reflect your height and weight measurements so that you are always safe when using this tool.

Decorative Preferences

Not all yoga wheels are having a similar resemblance to each other and this is something that gives extra credit to their invention. Manufacturers of modern yoga wheels are giving their personal touch to each item. If you’ll browse the internet for yoga wheels you might find weird-looking designs.

That means that any yogi can order his own yoga wheel that may reflect his personal preferences concerning the outer surface of the item. Colors, shapes, and patterns differ among users and can be a unique selection factor for the yoga wheels.

Weight Capacity

Yoga wheels may vary in size and internal padded patterns. However, when it comes to the weight capacity, only the best yoga wheel is able to pass the test. Government regulatory agencies are posing strict rules for the safety of the users and that is why you should examine seriously the weight capacity of your potential yoga wheel.
As a result, everybody should be cautious about the weight capacity of the yoga wheel that one is about to order.

Functionality and Features

Some yoga wheels are designed to have special features. Some have embossed details that help stimulate the part of the body that comes in contact with the wheel. Some are very cushiony that are very comfortable to use especially for beginners who are just starting to learn more advanced yoga asanas. You may check your favorite yoga instructor online or ask your local yoga teacher about the different benefits of different kinds of yoga wheels in the market so that you get an actual, practical, and in-depth explanation about the use and benefits of the wheel.

Materials Used

As always, the materials used contribute to the overall quality, durability, and product market price. It might be incorrect to generalize that all pricey items are of high-quality materials but it will be certain that quality yoga wheels will really cost a bit compared to those that are of substandard quality. Most Yoga wheels are made using tempered rubber and synthetic polymers. Some have organic materials like leather, cotton, and cork. The general rule of thumb is to make sure you read the specification of the yoga wheel you are planning to buy.

Top 20 Best Yoga Wheels 2019

Now that you’ve learned some of the criteria we’re using to filter out the yoga wheels in the market, it’s time for you to do the scanning of products and pick the best one for you. Below are the list of the best yoga wheels in the market for this year!

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel 12 x 5 Inch Basic

UpCircleSeven Best Yoga Wheel

This is a one of a kind yoga wheel that can easily be thought of as one of the best yoga wheels you could ever imagine. It is made of quality wooden parts that assemble one to the other with great precision. Its outer parts are well fixed and finished with extra coating so that they are smooth to your touch.

The cork color that comes within its basic edition is by far the best innovation you can find. When people are viewing you using this cork colored edition, you easily become the center of attention in the yoga session.

When you need to take it with you it can be folded and easily transferred to the desired place. Lightweight designed and extremely balanced, it can give you the ultimate stretching abilities your yoga master requires from you.

Rest reassured that it is quite strong and reliable to withhold your body weight no matter how intense the exercise may become. Made from special fibers that are interconnected one to the other, it has some perfect waterproof abilities.

That means you can easily use it indoors as well as outdoors. It absorbs your body sweating and offers you a unique chance to meet your inner balance when laying on it.


  • Innovative design that makes you rock
  • Gives you improved comfort levels when stretching
  • Perfectly balances your body weight to lay on it for prolonged time
  • Comes into multiple colors for you to find the best for you


  • Not available in certain regions

2. Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

Pete's Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

One of the most intuitive gifts you can offer to a yoga beginner and encourage him to continue his effort. This yoga wheel is having a wooden inner core that is insulated by quality foamy material on the outer and inner side of the circle. It belongs to the small team of the best yoga wheel now available online for immediate purchase.

It has a perfectly balanced shape so that you can always lay on it and take the right position for the yoga lesson.

Then, it gives you a thorough chance to develop your back muscles since you will find it easier to lay on it while stretching.

It is easy to fold it up when finishing exercise and place it in your bag during your way home. Not to mention that it comes alongside with a yoga starter’s kit including the yoga wheel as well as two firm yoga blocks, yoga strap as well as a little ebook to give you extra assistance on your exercises.

Being one of the most competent yoga wheels to perform asana which is the best stretching position that only yoga masters can easily follow. Wonderful coloring inside and outside as well as the most comfortable and soft materials covering the wheel are going to make you love this item.


  • Comes with a complete yoga kit for the starters
  • Helps you introduce asana exercise to yourself
  • It has a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind
  • Withholds a maximum capacity of body weight to be always on the safe side


  • Doesn’t come into any great color variety

3. REEHUT Yoga Wheel – 12.6″ x 5″

REEHUT Yoga Wheel - 12.6 x 5

Say hello to the most technologically innovative yoga wheel that has the aspiration to become the most widely used yoga item among beginners. It is perfectly sized for all persons that are starting practicing yoga right away and can be carried alongside with them since it’s lightweight.

Having an inner plastic core that is easy to bend, it has a superficial thick cushion that resembles the softest yoga mats. This feature helps you tο lay on it easily without causing any aggravation to your spinal cord. It is the only viable way to physically stretch when performing yoga positions and need to follow your yoga master.

Younger yogis are opting for this item claiming it’s the best yoga wheel they have ever encountered in the yoga sessions. Comes in three wonderful color variations to cover all possible tastes and desires. This yoga wheel can also be waterproof and sweat absorbent.

There is a chance you can use it on uneven surfaces and find your perfect balance whatsoever. Its inner core is robust and can handle a big weight impact. The outer layers will help you to keep your touch to the wheel providing extra friction between your back and the outer part of the circle.

Overall a great yoga item that is necessary to give you wings to fly during the yoga sessions.


  • Technically innovated to meet all modern safety standards
  • Perfect coloring to make up your mood
  • Balanced structure to help you lay on it easily
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of limited guarantee

4. Yoga Wheel Dharma Yoga Prop

Yoga Wheel Dharma Yoga Prop

Another great innovative yoga item coming from the universe of the most useful parts to improve yourself when performing yoga exercises. We all know that the best yoga wheel is hard to identify since there is a lot of personal desire involved into the selection process.

However, this yoga wheel gathers all the characteristics a beginner yogi may ask from it. First, it has a perfect shape that can easily support an excessive body weight with extreme safety and care. Then you can always fold it up and carry it discreetly in your backup without anyone knowing you are practicing yoga.

Also, the inner and outer layers of the circle are perfectly colored to make up your mood when feeling down. This also contributes to the circulation of energy through your body when stretching for yoga training. Not to mention, that the surfaces are quite grippy to help you being stable even when you are sweating through the yoga session.

As a result, this yoga wheel can easily absorb your excessive sweating making it the best companion for the hot yoga lessons you always wanted to participate in. It has a cork outer layer that makes you gain the attention of your friends and can be so natural to touch that you will not see the time to practice yoga once more.


  • Durable design
  • Perfect pigmentation to keep your spirit up
  • Two layers covering the inner circle for your safety
  • Best for stretching your back or placing it under your knees and shoulders


  • You may not easily find spare parts in case it is misused

5. Yoga Wheel 13’’ Dharma Yoga Prop

Yoga Wheel 13’’ Dharma Yoga Prop

The strongest type of yoga wheel with one of the greatest diameters of all. It can give you the qualities of the best yoga wheel while keeping you prepared to follow the mystic yoga path that comes from the ages to the present.

Its outer surface is engraved with a picture that alleviates the senses and makes you feel part of the yoga world no matter your level of expertise. The greater diameter helps you introduce yourself to the hardest stretching exercises that are shown by your yoga master.

It certainly is a necessary tool to enter the next step in your yoga educational series. The inner core is made of quality plastic fibers with a great level of elasticity to cope up with the bending and stretching exercises and postures you are going to take.

The outer surfaces have the soft tissue material coming from the yoga mats and giving you extreme comfort especially when you are laying on it. You can even use it when you are not wearing a T-shirt since it can absorb all the excessive sweating you may experience.

Overall, this is a yoga wheel that enhances your senses when you are in the yoga sessions and makes you feel a lot better when using it to successfully complete your program.


  • Perfect to challenge yourself go further
  • Design that can keep your mood and interest elevated
  • The larger diameter gives you the chance to deepen yoga poses
  • Easy to fold and lightweight to carry it on with you


  • Not a great variety in colors and shapes may put limitations to potential customers

6. Mindful Yoga – Yoga Wheel & Pose Guide

Mindful Yoga - Yoga Wheel & Pose Guide

Coming from the yoga tools family of Mindful Yoga that has become the ultimate yoga brand the last years on a worldwide basis. Characterized as one of the best yoga wheels now available for immediate online delivery, this item can give you back the joy of participating in a yoga session club.

It has an inner plastic core that is manufactured to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure, so that you can feel safe when laying on it. Then, it helps you stabilize on it even when you are practicing yoga outdoors in uneven surfaces.

The grippy outer layers are always there to give you the chance to follow your yoga master to the most difficult stretching exercises you have ever experienced. You can also carry it with you since its lightweight design thrives against all components.

The name of ‘Mindful Yoga’ is discreetly placed on the inner circle of the yoga wheel so that everybody recognizes and admires your supremacy. No yoga mats are needed any more and you are ready to practice yoga using only your body and soul alongside with this improved yoga wheel.

Get prepared for ultimate action in yoga sessions and have always with you this advances yoga wheel to assist you in all exercises.


  • Ultimate comfort and design
  • Can help you stretch to the fullest extent
  • Manufacturer offers you a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All materials used are eco friendly


  • Hard to find in certain regions around the world

7. URBNFit Yoga Wheel

URBNFit Yoga Wheel

This model has been designed to compete with the most expensive yoga wheels you can find online. However, it is affordable it can give you the technological advances that are going to become the industry standards in the next decade. All wheels producers are copying the URBNFit yoga wheel innovations that keep it in the first place of your preferences.

Yoga masters find it easy to stretch on this yoga wheel that is made of carbon fibers to have the best durable behavior against any type of impact or bodyweight. Safe for intense use, it has a special rubber outer layer that resembles the car tires. It gives you perfect grip to any kind of surface and there is no need to carry a yoga mat any more.

All possible yoga exercises and stretching sessions are going to be completed with the use of this innovative yoga wheel. It can be extremely absorbent to your extra sweating and that means you can also apply for the hot yoga lessons.

Best for using it while stretching your back since it can easily help you to develop and enforce your muscles over there. However, there is also the chance to use it when you need to stretch your knees and shoulders.
It is an apocalypse for most of the yoga learners that are eager to have the latest world of technology.


  • Protects your sensitive spinal cord
  • Improves your sense of balance
  • Comes with a complimentary yoga belt
  • Perfect to practice other sports like fitness, training and gymnastics


  • Less affordable than other competitors

8. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

Finally, the first 3 pack set of yoga wheels has come to take the market by storm. You can surely benefit from this special offer and give yourself the chance to pick the right tool for the occasion. Yoga wheels are coming in various diameters to help you complete special exercises that may alter according to the part of your body that you need to exercise. This set is made of quality carbon fiber that keeps its shape all the time without flexing.

It’s a robust design that can enable you to participate in all difficult yoga sessions that otherwise would not be possible for you to perform. The outer parts of the wheel are made of quality rubber substance that doesn’t go off with time. It can provide you a soft background to lay down your back and protect your vital organs with no further aggravation.

Stretching is made easy now during yoga sessions. When carrying all three of them you can choose the right one for each part of your body either back, elbows or knees that you need to stretch. There is even the chance to combine them in many exercises and get the best training results.

This is the set that will pose you to the winning position no matter what.


  • Gives you a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Offers ultimate comfort when stretching
  • Has perfect waterproof abilities – Can be used outdoors as well
  • Is extremely sweat resistant to give you perfect gripping all the time.


  • Not so easy to carry all 3 of them with you during yoga sessions

9. Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel 13″

Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel 13

Count on this yoga wheel to make you the yoga master you have been always envied to become. Considered as one of the best yoga wheels to always carry with you during yoga lessons, this item can accompany you for a longer period of time with no worries about the quality.

Nature’s Integrity is a well-known sports items manufacturer that has recently come to the domain of yoga lessons. This yoga wheel is made with an innovative plastic alloy that is durable to compression posed by your body weight as well as external impact and pressures. So, you will feel safe to lay on it and perform the yoga stretching.

It has a perfect coloring to give you a unique experience any time you are about to participate in a yoga session. The inner and outer circles are made of a quality foamy material that resembles the yoga mats that are now omitted.

You can easily lay on the yoga wheel and find your perfect balance while stretching your back or your legs and arms.

The sweat absorbent layers are there all the time to ensure the proper gripping and give you the chance to participate in hot yoga lessons if you like. A unique solution for all yoga learners either beginners or advanced.


  • Can reduce your back pain by relieving the trigger points of pain
  • You can enjoy its great flexibility levels
  • No compromises in safety
  • This model is water and heat resistant – Can be used indoors and outdoors


  • Not readily available for all regions

10. Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

Extreme design becomes your favorite option when you have to do with Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel that has set new standards of quality to the industry. If you want to say that best yoga wheel is going to be like this one then you are close to the truth. Every yoga wheel manufacturer wished to have known how to create such a premium quality yoga tools for mass production.

This yoga wheel is made of cork material that is hard to find and process in the outer layer of the wheel. However, the inner layer is made of wooden parts that are perfectly assembled together to give them a natural level of flexibility that is necessary to support your body weight.

When laying on this yoga wheel you can rest reassured that you will enjoy the highest safety levels. The outer layers of the wheel made of cork material can provide one of a kind gripping and give you extra absorbent solutions to your sweating issues.

Now you can practice yoga sessions and make difficult stretching exercises with no hassle. Get your Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel and thrive. An affordable and viable solution for beginners and advanced yogis that want to reach the mastery level of their teachers.


  • Dramatically improves your yoga skills
  • Tested under lab scrutiny tests for endurance and safety
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials to respect the environment
  • Comes with a limited lifetime guarantee


  • Cannot be easily used for outdoors sessions

11. JBM Yoga Wheel For Stretching

JBM Yoga Wheel For Stretching

This is the yoga wheel that follows directly the today’s industry standards for such sports equipment. Stable and durable in construction, it can give you a great yoga session that will enable you to reach your full stretching potential and improve your energy flow levels.

The JBM Yoga Wheel has an inner plastic alloy core that keeps on being durable even after a lot of mechanical pressure. Don’t forget that it has been tested to withstand thousand pounds of pressure in order to get the license for human use. You have to be reassured that you will easily find your balance on it since it can be used outdoors in uneven terrains.

All inner parts of the yoga wheel are covered with high quality foamy material that helps you lay on it easily. This has practically banned the yoga mats since you can perform all the stretching exercises laying over this yoga wheel. This material is also waterproof and can absorb the sweat your body secretes every time you make your efforts during the yoga sessions.

Extra gripping is provided to keep you always safe when you are on the yoga wheel. Overall, it’s a lightweight yoga wheel that is perfectly foldable to carry it with you all the time.


  • Can be used for your back, knees and shoulders stretching exercises
  • Keeps on being very lightweight
  • Made only by 100% recyclable materials
  • Comes into a quality package and includes clear instructions


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of limited guarantee

12. Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

Black power has finally come to the production which admires the mystic power of this color. Many people believe that bad energy is absorbed by black items and that is why this perfectly black yoga wheel has been thriving across the yoga clubs worldwide.

Made of an inner plastic fiber core this yoga wheel has passed through the hard accreditation procedures of the US government Hygiene and Safety association. The core can stand a superhuman bodyweight to ensure proper safety for all users no matter the level of aggravation.

Outer parts of the circle are covered by a gripping foamy material that has the Shogun title engraved on it. This can get you to the center of attention in yoga sessions where you decide to use this wheel. Outdoors and indoors use is possible thanks to the waterproof profile of this yoga wheel.

The quality core is accompanied by the extra absorbent outer surface that is perfect when performing hot yoga stretching. You can even try it without a T-shirt since all excessive sweat is going to be absorbed by the wheel and give you perfect balance and grip at the same time.

A multi-task yoga wheel that can easily stretch any part of your body giving you the chance to develop and enforce your muscle system.


  • Long lasting structure
  • Doesn’t get influenced by outer weather conditions
  • Extra lightweight and portable
  • Can easily give you mastery to lots of hard yoga stretching postures


  • Spare parts are not easily available worldwide

13. YOGABODY Jumbo Yoga Wheel

YOGABODY Jumbo Yoga Wheel

Women always wanted to differ when using the same yoga wheels. That has been the main reason for YOGABODY to diversify its production and create the best yoga wheel that is directly made for the female yoga public.

It comes with a special DVD to show women how they can easily use this yoga wheel to improve their stretching skills. This has been included not to omit the yoga master but to offer an extra chance for women to practice yoga even when they are at home or have a small break at the office.

The inner core of the wheel is made of high endurance plastic alloys that can withstand an impressive pressure burden. So you can be sure that all women, no matter their body type will be feeling safe and secure when laying over this yoga wheel.

The inner part of the circle is colored pink to give a girlish allure to the yoga wheel and make it more convenient for female use. As always, women have a sentimental way to attach to their persona, belongings and this coloring will help them achieve a certain level of comfort when practicing yoga.

With the foamy material on the top that this yoga wheel is covered with, you will no longer need any yoga mats. Just grab this yoga wheel and drive to your nearest yoga club. Your mastery is going to increase in a matter of days.


  • Powerful inner core that ensures safety
  • Outer shell made of foamy material for extreme comfort
  • Best to be used outdoors as well as indoors
  • Bigger circle dimensions for your own ease when bending or stretching on it


  • Doesn’t come with any limited guarantee and has no color variety

14. Stretching Yoga Wheel – Clever Yoga

Stretching Yoga Wheel - Clever Yoga

Comes in a perfect pack to offer it as a gift to your beloved persons. Better suited for women yoga population it can be said to belong to the best yoga wheel club that always gets the best online reviews.

This Clever Yoga product can offer you a unique yoga session that really makes a difference with your prior yoga mat experiences you may have had. It has a stiff inner core that is made of quality plastic fibers giving it a perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility.

You can lay on it with great safety that the wheel is going to support your weight no matter what. It is even balanced so that you can use it outdoors in steep surfaces which need a certain level of mastery.

The outer layers of the circle are covered with quality foamy material that can give you increased levels of gripping every time you are laying on top of it. Using this yoga wheel can offer you the chance to improve in your yoga stretching mastery and increase your natural energy levels.

It has a lightweight design and can be carried on with you at all times. Not to mention, that with this yoga wheel you have the chance to get a complimentary booklet with extra instructions to reach extreme stretching levels for all parts of your body.


  • It can get you easily to the next yoga mastery level
  • The outer shell can give you extreme comfort when laying on it
  • Gives you the chance to develop your muscles easier
  • Protects your back when laying on it


  • Doesn’t come into various colors for you to choose

15. ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Set

ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel Set

A marvelous set of yoga wheels that has been pretty successful in the world yoga markets. The ATIVAFIT brand has been specialized in creating innovative solutions for an extended ranger of sports, yoga included.

This set became famous since it can offer you the chance to have 3 different wheel diameters to stretch every part of your body with great efficiency. Not to mention, that the outer parts of the circles are covered with quality foamy material that makes better gripping for your sweaty body parts.

The inner core of all circles is made of carbon fibers that are offering you the most durable wheel you may ask for. It is impossible to have an injury from an accidental fall when you are laying over these yoga wheels. The weight burden they can withstand has an enormous range not even reachable by any possible body type.


  • Pack of three can serve multiple persons at the same time
  • You can benefit from the soft top and develop your muscles
  • ATIVAFIT engraved logo on outer shell gives you great fame
  • Can absorb all excessive body sweat offering you the chance to perform hot yoga as well


  • Needs more maintenance than other competitor models

16. Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel

Yoga Design Lab Yoga Wheel

One of the most technologically advanced yoga wheels that you can find in the world market readily available for delivery. YOGA DESIGN LAB is always offering you unique solutions for your yoga sessions. Besides the specific yoga clothes and yoga mats this is the time you tried yoga wheel that is made in black color to attract more of your energy levels.

The inner core is stable enough to give support to any possible body type. The outer shell is made from quality foamy material that is convenient to lay on and offers you a unique comfort level when stretching.

Now you will find it easier to follow the yoga master directions and you will also get closer to the yoga mastery that you wish to have. Perfect to perform hot yoga since it can absorb a substantial quantity of sweat secretion from your body.

Have it always with you taking advantage of its lightweight profile as well as its folding qualities that make it your perfect yoga companion.


  • Helps you reach the fullest stretching extent
  • You can have it in a great discounted price
  • Safe to use by any body type
  • When buying it YOGA DESIGN LAB support boys and girls youth yoga programs


  • Comes only in black color that discourages a part of the public from buying it

17. Aozora Yoga Wheel 13″

Aozora Yoga Wheel 13"

Take advantage of this incredible yoga wheel and have a great book for indoors study to improve your mastery on yoga sessions. This wheel can offer you a substantial level of support when you are laying on it. Made of extra thick TPE foamy material you can rest reassured that your back is going to have the most comfortable stretching yoga session.

Its diameter is just the right one to use it either for back or shoulder and knees stretching with the same ease. Inner core is made of plastic fibers that can withstand extra body weight pressure and keep you safe during yoga sessions.
This yoga wheel has also replaced the former yoga mats since you don’t really need them anymore. All the yoga session can be completed on this wheel that will also allow you to develop your muscle system and alleviate your back pain issues when stretching.

With this yoga wheel you can reach the yoga mastery levels of your choice a lot faster than with the competition.


  • Perfectly balanced even in steep surfaces
  • Waterproof profile can be used outdoors
  • Extra durable to support all body types
  • Engraved symbols to give you a greater energy flow


  • There is only one size available for all persons

18. Gaiam Yoga Wheel

Gaiam Yoga Wheel

A rather basic yoga wheel that can efficiently serve your basic stretching needs. Being one of the best yoga wheels readily available to your region, it can offer you the best results in your practicing levels. In other words, it can help you reach the yoga mastery levels a lot faster than you imagined.

Gaiam is a brand that loves innovation and this yoga wheel is a major part of its developing power. They have created an inner core that is made of quality plastic material that has the right combination of stiffness and flexibility. You can easily lay on it no matter your body type and rest reassured that you will not suffer any injury.

The yoga wheel keeps you perfectly balanced and can fully replace the former yoga mats. The whole yoga lesson can start and get completed with you laying on the top of this yoga wheel. Its outer surface is covered with quality foamy material that keeps you comfortable during multiple stretching postures.

Next level yoga wheel has finally reached your destination and waits for you to take advantage of its special features.


  • Has cork surface to give you a natural feeling
  • Can release tension from your back
  • It is able to enhance your muscle development and help you get rid of painful syndromes
  • Suitable for back, shoulders and knee stretching yoga exercises


  • Limited waterproof abilities

19. Node Fitness 13″ Professional Yoga Wheel

Node Fitness 13" Professional Yoga Wheel

No matter how hard you are searching there is no chance to find another yoga wheel to serve your daily needs better. The Node yoga wheel gives you a professional solution to your stretching yoga sessions either you are a novice or a professional yogi.

Designed for perfection this yoga wheel has in inner core that is made of carbon fibers that are both flexible and durable for every possible body type. Every person can trust to lay on it and be sure that it will not suffer any injury from accidental fall. In other words, this yoga wheel inner core has been designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure.

Can use it in indoors as well as outdoors environments with the same success. Get rid of all your yoga mats since you don’t really need them anymore. Simply lay on the soft outer surface of this yoga wheel and follow the instructions of your yoga master.


  • Made only by premium quality materials
  • Has a special anti-bacterial layer to prevent you from infections
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Node logo is engraved on the outer part to give you appreciation by your peers


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of limited guarantee

20. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

Never give up yoga sessions could be the logo of this innovative yoga wheel that can be used equally by men and women. Perfectly sized to be used for any part of your body anatomy, it has the abilities of the best yoga wheel in terms of stretching your body parts.

Inner core is durable and flexible at the same time to support your body weight efficiently when you are laying on it. The outer part is made of foamy material that keeps you always comfortable during difficult stretching yoga postures.

Not to mention, that is has a perfect bright color combination that alleviates your energy and keeps your mood in the highest possible levels. This is the time you tried this innovative yoga wheel and give yourself the chance to reach the desired mastery levels a lot faster than ever before.


  • Strongest structure available on the market for your own safety
  • Comfortable outer layers with innovative foamy material
  • Sweat resistant coverage to keep you always gripping
  • Comes into multiple colors to choose the right one for you


  • Cannot be easily folded to carry it on with you when needed.


Looking into the surface of the Modern YOga practice, it might seem to us that yoga is an easy undertaking. As you progress towards more advanced yoga asanas, you will surely find the complexity of yoga along with the exciting benefits it entails. Accompanying it are the gears that will be required to do advanced yoga techniques. We hope that this article helped you on finding the perfect yoga wheel for your yoga journey and as always, keep doing your yoga routine and aim for more!