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Yoga is a great exercise that combines spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines. It teaches breathing techniques and quiet meditation. It trains the mind to become more aware of one’s nature. It transforms the body through a series of stretching and balancing exercises. Given the nature of the activity, it is vital to make sure that you have the best yoga socks on hand.


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Are Yoga Socks a Good Idea?

Socks are a common part of everyone’s closet and are worn almost every time a person is going outside the house, not to mention those that wear socks inside their homes. Well, why not? Socks are very comfortable footwear and don’t have a weight on the feet.

It also has played a role on the fashion side wherein there are different kinds of socks that have become the trend for example, in the Middle Ages, socks tend to be of higher cuts with some ranging to the knees. Nowadays, socks tend to be of lower cute with the highest being few inches above the ankles which are prominent among basketball players. Low-cut socks are also used by those who are wearing loafers, top-siders, and other smart casual get-ups.

Aside from keeping away dirt from your sole, socks are also a helpful undergarment to keep the feet dry and avoid getting foul odor over time since the feet, when kept inside a closed covering like shoes, accumulates sweat and with the external dirt coming inside the shoes, it becomes a great breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

What’s more amazing is that specialized socks are now available in the market that has a stimulating effect on the feet with the softs beats that are designed in the socks. Also, socks that are well intended for doing yoga have started to gain prominence and commonly, it is called Barre Socks. But before we dig in on our top socks list, is it really worth it going for yoga socks to be particular? Let’s check it out.

Just to give a quick run-through with human anatomy, our feet are a nerve-ending terminal and these nerve endings are traveling all across the body which means it is connected to other organs of our body. This can be explained through reflexology. This is also the reason why there are body pains are eased when the right amount of pressure is applied to the sole of feet, and on occasions, getting your feet pierced by sharp objects, causes the whole body to react.

The art of reflexology is the science behind the therapy we know and love as massage. By applying the right amount of pressure on specific areas of the body, the whole bodily system gets stimulated. As you can see, the practice of yoga is somewhat similar to reflexology with the whole body being used to exert pressure specifically on the feet when doing yoga asanas.

Amazingly, reflexology is somewhat described in the Yoga context in a different sense as we can refer to the concept of Chakras. Chakra is referred to as the energy point of the body to which, in the practice of spiritual yoga, should be kept open to keep the balance of energy within the body and to keep the mood at good levels. Usually, the disruption in energy flow and levels is caused by external stressors and unhealthy lifestyles like staying up late, junk foods, and lack of exercise.

These energy points are clusters of nerves and major organs. These are:

  • Sahasrara Chakra – or also known as the Crown is an energy point situated in the head.
  • Ajna Chakra – an energy point around the eye area, forehead.
  • Vishuddha Chakra – or Throat chakra that is located in the pharyngeal section.
  • Anahata Chakra – also known as Heart Chakra that is located in the pectoral area encompassing the heart and lungs.
  • Manipura Chakra – or Solar Plexus chakra situated in the upper abdomen encompassing the upper digestive tracts.
  • Swadhisthana Chakra – or also the Sacral Chakra situated in the lower abdomen.
  • Muladhara Chakra – or the Core chakra situated in the base of spine, covering most of the genital area.

As you can see, all these chakras as is it called energy points are leading towards nerve endings situated on the feet of the human body. Isn’t it amazing? Ancient Indians already have the idea that the body is regenerative and every internal organ and external part of the body are interacting towards self-recovery and healing even before the advent of technology and the discovery of modern medicine.

Now, the practice of modern yoga is primarily focused on the physical and mental aspects. This means that every on every standing asana being done, certain amounts of pressure are being applied to the feet and thus help stimulate neurons to flow properly across the whole body, which traditional yoga describes as a balance of energy.

What is the point of Yoga Socks?

Now, where do yoga socks come to play then? It is noticeable that most yogins are doing yoga either barefoot on yoga mats or with socks. This is because to keep the balance of the yogin’s postures and avoid unnecessary injuries. Today, yoga socks are designed not only to add comfort to the wearer but also to enhance the benefits of yoga practice to those who practice it. Getting a pair of yoga socks is a great investment as you venture toward a yogin lifestyle.

Are Barre socks good for Yoga?

One of the common pairs of socks used in doing yoga is the Barre Socks. Are they good? Yes, they are. What made barre socks a great option for yogins and even ballerinas alike is the softness and fitting of the socks plus the comfort to the feet these socks offer. Today, we made a list of the best yoga socks available in the market for you to choose from. But before anything else, let’s set our bars on how to pick the best one.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Socks?

Yoga socks have special grips at the bottom to prevent you from having any accidents during your practice. To be able to find the best gear for you, read through this article to find out what the considerations are in buying your first pair. For your easier reference, we’ve also lined up the best yoga socks we’ve found in the market today.

And of course, here are the factors that we considered to tell which would fall on our top list. Not all products are made the same and there are those that perform poorly even they are pricey, and there are those that are exceptional even though they’re cheap.


When buying your socks, make sure to find the size that best fits you. Most manufacturers would indicate the size that corresponds with shoe sizes, so find one that is nearest to yours. Make sure not to get anything too big or small, because the last thing you need is your socks sliding down in the middle of your stretching exercises.


The fit will depend on how elasticity of the material of the socks. Some have more stretch than others, and this will affect the overall fit, especially after being washed. Even if you get one that is the right size, stretchy socks will loosen significantly over time and will fall off your feet. On the other hand, those that have no stretch at all will be too tight and uncomfortable. It could limit your movement.


Checking the grip is a crucial step. The grip is the reason why you need socks in the first place. Before purchasing a pair, check the reviews it has online. Some brands have excellent traction, while others hardly have any. On top of this, some brands have an excellent grip only at the beginning. Watch out for these. Pick socks that will stay sticky for a very long time.


Most socks are made of cotton or bamboo, because these fabrics are very breathable. It is an essential factor to consider because you want your feet to be sweat-free throughout the entire exercise. At the same time, the material you choose, will also help you determine the amount of stretch you will have, and whether these will shrink or lose its shape when placed in the washer or dryer.

Washing Instructions

Check your socks to ensure that there are no special washing instructions. You also have to research the customer reviews to make sure the sizes of the brand you are considering are accurate as advertised. You need to pay close attention to potential shrinkage in the wash.


Yoga socks will vary in thickness. For hot yoga, the best yoga socks would be made of thin fabric to ensure that it is breathable, and can control the sweat in your feet. However, if you are doing the exercise in an air-conditioned room and you have a tendency to get very cold, you can opt to go for thicker ones to make sure you stay comfortable. It is also important to note that thinner materials are likely to be less durable. On the other hand, socks that are too thick can also be very uncomfortable.


Yoga socks come in different styles. Some look like regular socks that cover your entire foot, while some are open-toed or even open tops. When buying socks, find one that feels most comfortable and what fits the kind of yoga you will be doing. If its Bikram, you may want to consider to expose more skin.

Being that yoga is a relaxing activity that needs your full attention, it would be a terrible hassle to keep slipping when you’re doing complicated stretches or sophisticated balancing techniques. This is the reason why it is crucial to invest in the very best yoga socks. Below is a list of the best ones we’ve found, based on our own experience and the reviews of others.

Top 14 Best Yoga Socks 2019

Here are our top 14 picks for the best yoga socks of this year based on the criteria we’ve set above. Hope this helps you find the best one that fits perfectly for your needs.

1. Qing Yoga Socks  – The Best Yoga Socks for Women

Qing Best Yoga SocksQing Yoga socks are number one on our list and are one of the highest-rated and considered to be the best yoga socks in the market to date.

The Qing socks have anti-skid spots at the bottom of the sock that extends from the toes to the heels. This considerable coverage guarantees you balance and stability when you are working out, whether on a mat, tile, or hardwood floors.

The socks are also made with cotton and infused with a silver ion technology that ensures your feet stay fresh even during hot yoga. It also keeps your socks odor-free, which means that bacteria do not linger inside it. It has excellent absorption and the right amount of stretch that makes you comfortable even during the most challenging poses.


  • It has great quality fabric that is breathable and highly absorbent.
  • Material is durable and can withstand multiple washes.
  • The grip material can hardly be felt, making balancing very comfortable.
  • It has excellent adhesion, ensuring that it is non-slip and anti-skid.
  • The sock has excellent stretch, so the toes don’t feel cramped.


  • The size is not accurate. The socks slip off when doing exercise if the wrong size is bought.
  • The straps are not sturdy enough. They can easily break off after a couple of uses.
  • Some have an allergic reaction to the straps, so this might become more of a distraction than an asset.

What Makes It Different:

The socks have a silver fiber that keeps the feet fresh and odor-free. Apart from this, the socks are created using a Rona hosiery machine that ensures high weaving precision, which makes it less prone to holes despite multiple washes.


2. Ozaiic Yoga Socks – The Sticky Socks for Women

Ozaiic Yoga SocksThe ballet-inspired design of Ozaiic socks serves a dual purpose. It gives you a stylish look and helps you keep the socks in place when exercising.

These Ozaiic socks have silicone gel grips that give you excellent traction on the mat or the floor. It helps you balance with ease, so you end up feeling more confident about your form. It is made of 100% silica, which makes it non-slip and anti-skid. These socks were designed with your safety in mind, which means these can be used on practically any surface.

The style is also nice as it features a low cut in the ankle and an elegant crisscross strap. The grips also sport a unique ethnic pattern that is exclusively seen in Ozaiic socks.


  • The elastic straps are not uncomfortable or painful.
  • They have great grips, perfect to use in whatever surface,
  • The fabric is breathable and can keep the feet warm.


  • The elastic straps may not be the best quality because it tends to fray after a couple of washings.
  • The size of the socks is problematic for some.
  • The fabric isn’t as thick as you would expect it to be.
  • The material is not durable.
  • The socks cannot be put in the dryer despite washing instructions saying that it’s safe. It would be best to air dry.
  • The fabric stretches out after a couple of washes.

What Makes It Different:

The socks of Ozaiic may be one of the best yoga socks in the market as they provide you with their patented cotton blend fabric. It guarantees the right amount of thickness, comfort, and quick-drying ability that one needs when exercising.


3. Gaiam Grippy – The Grippy Socks

Gaiam GrippyGaiam socks were created with yoga and Pilates in mind. It has the 5-toe design and adhesive grips scattered throughout the bottom of the socks. It can be used with or without a yoga mat, given the reliable traction it offers.
The 5-toe design of the socks gives you the feeling of being barefoot.

The fabric is flexible enough to let you wiggle your toes comfortably and lets you stretch out to maximize traction on the mat or the floor. The design of the grip is to help you hold your poses, thus giving you more stability even when doing complicated techniques.

The socks also have enough stretch making it easy to put on. Although the 5-toe design needs some getting used to, the stretch of the fabric makes it comfortable and relatively easy to adjust to.


  • The grip on the socks is excellent.
  • Covers the entire foot protecting you from any bacteria that may be on the floor.
  • The 5-toe design gives you the freedom to move around as if you were barefoot.
  • They fit well and are pretty great to use when just walking around.


  • Despite fitting well, the socks slide off when being used to exercise.
  • The fabric is not durable and easily wears out after a couple of washes.
  • The socks work well only for light yoga poses. However, it will not stay on when doing downward dog, cobra, etc. because the toes slip out.

What Makes It Different:

These socks are made of a polyester blend, which makes it less absorbent and less durable than cotton blends. Despite this, it serves its purpose of giving you an excellent grip on whatever surface you decide to exercise on.


4. DubeeBaby – The Short-Lived Yoga Socks

DubeeBabyDubeeBaby socks have grips strategically located at the ball and heel of the sock, as these are the parts that come into frequent contact with the floor. This feature allows you to maximize the viscosity of the silicone, thus lessening distractions when doing yoga, barre, or Pilates.

DubeeBaby Yoga socks do not have grips throughout the entire sole, but have cute grip designs placed at the heel and ball of the feet. The silicone is thick enough to give the socks excellent traction, no matter what the surface is. The grips are at the parts where the most pressure is applied when doing yoga poses.

Like most socks used for exercise, these are also made of a cotton blend that will keep your skin dry even when doing heavy exercise. It also has elastane to make sure that the sock fits a variety of foot sizes, giving you optimum comfort.


  • The fabric is soft and comfortable. It’s also absorbent since feet don’t end up sweaty or smelly even after vigorous exercise.
  • The socks are thick enough to keep your feet warm, but breathable enough to use even in warmer conditions.
  • The grips are excellent; it wasn’t too sticky, nor was it too slippery.


  • The fabric stretches out after multiple washings, which renders it practically useless.
  • The size is a bit problematic. It does not fit as advertised. This presents a problem, especially for those who use it for exercise.
  • There are no grippers on the arch, which may be problematic for those doing Pilates or Barre.

What Makes It Different:

The gel dots of the grippers come in a cute design and help in absorbing moisture, providing enough cushion and stability, especially in poses that require a lot of balance.


5. Muezna – The Best Yoga Socks for Men

MueznaLike the other Muezna socks on our list, this one is made to maximize your exercise experience. Its non-slip grips are effective, allowing you to focus solely on your movement, rather than trying to keep your balance.

It has the trademark 100% natural silica grips of Muezna. It guarantees a non-slip and anti-skid experience, making it perfect for exercise. The silica stays on, and the grips remain excellent even if they have been washed and dried using the machine.

The material is made of combed cotton, so it’s breathable and highly absorbent. It keeps your feet dry even when doing hot yoga, and warm when you tend to get too cold. The sock itself is a bit thin, but the bottom is padded, so you will not feel the grips even if you put pressure on your foot.


  • The grips work excellently. It is perfect for lounging around and exercising.
  • It’s okay to wash using the machine, and it dries fast.
  • It does not shrink or overstretched even when washed regularly.


  • The sizing is a bit off. Some claim it to be too small, while others claim it to be too big. There might be issues if these will be bought online.
  • The lining is so smooth, and the grips work too well that it can slide off if you’re not too careful
  • The material is not as thick, which makes it not as soft and comfortable as regular socks
  • It needs a bit more stretch to accommodate bigger feet.

What Makes It Different:

The technology used for the grips is beyond excellent, that it adheres to the surface too. Although this is a positive characteristic of the sock, because it serves its intended purpose, some would say the grip is just too secure that it could present some problems as the socks end up being left on the floor or the mat.


6. Rative Super Grips – For Men and Women

Rative Super GripsRative yoga socks are probably the best yoga socks for both men and women. The grips are excellent, the material is soft, and the quality is terrific.

Rative yoga socks have a high cotton blend that offers excellent ventilation, which makes it comfortable to use during exercise. It is thick and tough enough to use regularly. The material quickly dries up, which means it absorbs moisture very well.

It has a strong grip at the foot of the sock that provide great traction, whether on Pilates machines, yoga mats, or hardwood floors. It also has excellent arch support that gives you the right fit, so the socks won’t fall off when you’re exercising.


  • The material is a woven cotton blend, so it’s not easily torn even when washed with a machine.
  • The traction is excellent that some say it sticks way too well to the surface of the floor or mat.
  • The socks are thick enough and very comfortable.
  • It stretches well.


  • The sizing is a bit tricky because it is unisex. You might have to make a few mistakes in picking the size before you find one that fits perfectly.
  • The lining is smooth. If the sock barely covers the foot, there is a tendency that the foot will slip out because the grips are too strong.

What Makes It Different:

Rative yoga socks have a cotton, nylon, and spandex blend that makes it breathable and highly absorbent even for people who sweat heavily. It is tough enough to withstand constant use. It is also soft and comfortable, making it perfect for exercise.


7. Muezna – Women’s Sticky Socks

MueznaMuezna socks promise to help you maximize your potential in exercising. It has breathable material, and its anti-skid grips give you the stability and balance you need in doing even the most complicated poses.

Muezna socks are designed with exercise in mind. The grips in these socks are scattered throughout the sole and are made of natural silica. It is non-skid and anti-slip, making it an excellent choice for yoga, Pilates, barre, or any fitness regimen.

However, the use of these socks is not limited to that as it can be used by pregnant women, elderly folks who are prone to slip, and even anyone who has hardwood floors that tend to get cold during the winter.

The socks are made of combed cotton blend that is thick enough to protect your feet and keep it warm. It is also breathable, so heat emanating from the body circulates well, and sweat is adequately absorbed, keeping your feet comfortable and dry.


  • It has a good grip, which works well even during exercise.
  • The grips are not hard that you feel it through the sock when you put pressure on your foot.
  • The sock stays on as long as you buy the right size.
  • It doesn’t shrink even after being washed.


  • It lies pretty low on the ankle, which makes it feel a bit uncomfortable – like it’s about to fall off.
  • The fabric is not soft and not stretchy.
  • It’s one size fits all. If your feet are big, the sizing might not be okay.
  • The fabric is so thin that it hardly provides any cushion.

What Makes It Different:

The natural silica grips are excellent. They provide great traction even after being used and washed several times. When you tiptoe, you don’t even feel the grips, which makes it very comfortable to use.


8. Live Happy Be Healthy – Comfortable Yoga Socks

Live Happy Be HealthyLive Happy socks stay true to their brand name of providing happiness to customers by giving them the best possible quality socks at a reasonable price.

This brand is one of the best yoga socks in the market today. The grips are all over the sole, giving you very sticky socks. You will feel more confident and safer, doing even the most complicated yoga poses.

The socks also stretch with ease, allowing even pregnant women to wear it easily. It is soft and stays in position, giving you as much comfort as possible.

The socks are also thick to give you enough cushion at the balls and heels of your feet. Its towel-like feeling gives you ample comfort and support, making it perfect to use even when doing physical activities. It has a high thread count giving you durable, absorbent, and comfortable socks.


  • The grips provide enough traction, but not the maximum an individual would want for barre or yoga.
  • It has very comfortable and breathable fabric. Your feet won’t sweat when using it.
  • The socks stay on well, provided that the size you get is right.
  • The socks have enough stretch to make it comfortable to use.


  • The sizes are smaller than advertised, so it might be best to get one size bigger.
  • The socks might be way too thick for some. It boils down to a matter of preference.
  • The band around the ankle becomes too tight after using it for an hour.

What Makes It Different:

The technology they used for the anti-slip dots assures us that these do not peel off easily even after hundreds of washes. It also remains sticky and adheres well to the surface of the mat or floor even after constant use.


9. ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre Socks

ToeSox Grip Pilates Barre SocksToeSox Ankle grip socks take on the contour of your feet. It hugs your feet and offers a 5-toe design that gives you the feeling of being barefoot.

ToeSox 5-toe design gives you full coverage of your feet, to help you anchor your sock to your feet and prevent slipping. It helps you spread your toes naturally, giving you the best possible hold on the mat. This design also allows you to have better balance and control of your poses because you’re able to focus more on your exercise rather than keeping yourself from falling.

Its grip technology is patented exclusively for ToeSox, that allows you to keep your footing on all possible surfaces. Its sole is lined with grips that are guaranteed to keep you from slipping.


  • The socks’ primary material is breathable cotton that absorbs sweat well.
  • The patented grips are spread throughout the sole, which makes it great to use for walking on hardwood floors.
  • The socks are lightweight and comfortable to use when lounging around.
  • The socks cover and protect the whole foot from blistering.


  • Material is thin and offers little stretch. It makes the toe area a bit too restrictive.
  • Sizes are not true to the fit that is advertised. You might make a few mistakes before finding just the right fit.
  • The grips come off after multiple washes.
  • The socks bunch up when doing yoga or Pilates.

What Makes It Different:

The 5-toe design offers superb protection for your feet. It has grips lining the entire sole, which helps you prevent slipping and skidding when walking. It might not be enough though for exercise.


10. Lucky 21 – The Thin Grip Socks

Lucky 21The Lucky 21 Non-Slip socks are made of breathable cotton, which makes it great to use for exercise. It is a very soft material that absorbs sweat very well and is thick enough to keep your feet warm.

These socks are versatile and can be used for exercise and lounging around. Its grip is scattered throughout the bottom of the socks, giving you additional adhesion on the floor or the mat. Its non-slip feature gives you better focus, control, and balance when doing your yoga poses, and also minimizes injury that can result from falling.

The socks have an arch bracing band that keeps it from falling off. It also covers the entire foot, protecting it from bacteria, which makes it perfect to use on whatever surface. It’s also effortless to use and clean and can retain its shape even after several washes.


  • Its grip is okay on almost any surface, making it practical to use for the hospital or at home.
  • Grips do not fall out even after washing.
  • They do not shrink when washed
  • Stretches well to fit your feet.


  • Extremely thin and will not hold if used too often.
  • Sizing presents a problem because it’s one size fits all.
  • The socks do not fall out when exercising, but there are instances that it shifts out of place.
  • The adhesion of the grips diminishes over time.
  • There aren’t too many sticky dots at the toe area, which would be helpful if there is a need to be on tiptoes.

What Makes It Different:

The socks are thinner than usual, which makes it perfect for hot yoga like Bikram. It will last longer, as long as it’s not used often.


11. Muezna – The Anti-Skid Yoga Socks

MueznaMuezna Non-Slip Yoga Socks offer an innovative design that naturally takes on the shape of your feet. It is made of a premium cotton blend that is breathable, comfortable, and absorbs sweat well.

These are one of the best yoga socks in the market today. It has a cute strap that secures your foot and prevents the socks from falling off when you are in the middle of your yoga and Pilates exercise. It also has a toeless design that allows your toes to come into contact with the mat, adding additional grip for when you are doing your downward dog pose.

The socks also feature 100% silicone gel grips that help absorb sweat, which gives you fresher feet and a more comfortable feel. It also provides excellent traction that makes your socks anti-skid and non-slip.


  • It has exceptional adhesion that makes the socks anti-skid and anti-slip.
  • It has great designs to choose from.
  • It has beautiful straps to keep the socks in place.
  • It has a very nice stretch to it.
  • It is comfortable to use if you’re used to toeless socks.


  • The toe openings are very narrow and can be uncomfortable if you have big feet.
  • Minimal sizing available.
  • The thread on the toes unravels after a few washes.
  • The socks are thin, and it quickly gets holes after a few washes.
  • The sizing is perfect for those with narrow feet but might present a problem for those with wider ones.

What Makes It Different:

The 100% silicone gel provides excellent traction for anyone doing exercises. It grips the mat well, ensuring that you won’t be slipping or sliding when doing more complicated poses.


12. Ozaiic – The Ballet Inspired Yoga Socks

OzaiicThe ballet-inspired yoga socks are not just pretty to look at but very functional, too. Its straps help keep the socks from falling off, and the grips are strong and durable even after washing.

The ballet yoga socks have an ethnic pattern for its grips, making it functional and pretty to look at. It offers an excellent grip on the floor when you are exercising. Its primary material is natural combed cotton, which makes the socks breathable and comfortable.

It has cushioned padding at the ball and heel, to ensure that no blistering occurs when you use it. The elegant straps also serve as a dual function: first, it adds more style to the overall look of the socks, and more importantly, it helps keep the socks on when you are exercising.


  • It has durable sticky grips that provide great anti-skid ability.
  • The socks offers cushioned padding, making it more comfortable.
  • If the size is right, the straps can keep the socks in place.


  • Only one size is available. So, this means that the grip positioning for the heel will ultimately depend on the size of your foot. It will not naturally match the actual position of the heel if your foot is too small or too big.
  • It says it can fit up to size 11, but it ends up being too tight that it restricts blood flow. The elastic straps and the area for the toes will no longer be comfortable.

What Makes It Different:

The cool ethnic pattern of the grips is an attractive feature. Not only does it serve its purpose of keeping you from slipping, but it’s also great to look at too.


13. YogaAddict Toeless Socks

YogaAddict Toeless SocksToeless socks make best yoga socks, because it gives you added traction through your toe’s interaction on the mat. These socks are guaranteed to provide exceptional grip when you are doing Pilates or yoga.

The YogaAddict Toeless socks have striped grips seen throughout the bottom. It follows the natural curve of the foot, making it perfect for floor exercises like yoga and Pilates. Its toeless feature allows you to feel the floor and spread your toes naturally. It gives you more hold on the mat as you do your stretches and balancing poses.

It is made of breathable material to ensure comfort. It also has a supportive arch band at the center to hold the sock in place. It also has a fitted band at the ankle to ensure that it won’t be slipping off during exercise.


  • The socks have a soft and breathable material.
  • The socks are relatively easy to take care of and can be washed using a machine.
  • It provides great traction, so you can focus on your exercise.
  • Supportive arch band and elastic in the ankle keep the sock in place.
  • The socks fit well when lounging around.


  • The stretch isn’t too good, so it becomes very tight when doing the exercise.
  • The socks tend to pull between the toes. If you’re not used to it, it will be uncomfortable.
  • The socks are pretty challenging to put on.
  • The sizing is a bit tricky. If you end up with the wrong size, it tends to slide off when exercising.

What Makes It Different:

The Toeless feature is great for those who are already used to this kind of sock. However, if it’s your first time to use it, it might present more of a problem than a solution.


14. LA Active Grip Socks

LA Active Grip SocksLA Active is known for creating a variety of grip socks that can be used for exercising and lounging around. It’s made of a thick woven cotton blend to ensure comfort and warmth.

The grip of these socks is PVC. It is durable and guaranteed non-skid. The grip covers the entire bottom part of the sock, with bigger ones situated at the heel and ball of your foot for maximum traction.

These socks are often used for yoga and other forms of exercise like barre or Pilates. It has just the right amount of stretch, so it does not come loose after a few washes. Its manufacturers have engineered it in a way that it will stay on your feet no matter what you do. The socks are also thick enough to keep your feet warm during cold yoga sessions.


  • Excellent traction for just walking on hardwood floors.
  • The socks have thick breathable fabric made of flexible fibers.
  • It provides excellent cushion and support, resulting in smooth mobility.
  • The entire foot is covered to keep it clean. It will also help you avoid friction and blisters as you stretch and balance on the mat.
  • Very soft and comfortable to use.
  • Keeps feet warm and sweat-free.


  • The smaller grips provide minimal traction, especially when it’s used for exercises like yoga and barre.
  • The sizes may be smaller than advertised. It would be best to get one size bigger than what you would usually wear.

What Makes It Different:

These socks have grips throughout the bottom of the entire foot, with bigger ones strategically placed at the heel and ball to endure the pressure exerted on the foot and the ground.


Frequently Asked Questions About Yoga Socks

1. What are yoga socks for?

Yoga socks can come in many forms. They may look like the regular ankle socks, or they may sport a unique look like a 5-toe or toeless design. What these socks have in common are the durable grips found at the sole. The purpose of this is to help you gain balance and stability when doing complicated balancing poses. At the same time, the socks can keep your feet from sweating when doing hot yoga or from freezing when exercising in a cold room.

2. Should I wear socks during yoga?

It’s really up to you. Some prefer to do it barefoot, while there is a handful who prefer to use socks. The reasons behind it vary depending on the person. Some do not like having their feet exposed, while others need grippy socks to help keep them from slipping when they are exercising.

3. How do you wash yoga socks?

The best way to care for yoga socks is to wash them inside out, especially when you are using the machine. This ensures that the grips stay in place, and the stickiness will not wear out too quickly. If you want to preserve the color of the socks, avoid using strong bleaching as too much Chlorine could make the fabric yellowish and fade over time. It is also ideal to use a cold and gentle cycle and air dry instead of using a dryer as dryers tend to stretch fabric due to the high-speed rotation.

4. What do yoga socks look like?

Yoga socks may look like regular ankle socks or can have a different style like the toeless or 5-toe design. The sole is usually lined with grips made of rubber or silicone that keep you from sliding on the floor. These grips are typically able to adhere to almost any surface but are most effective on yoga mats, tiles, and hardwood floors.


Practicing yoga is more fun if proper garments are worn and the right gears are available. One of the essentials is your yoga socks. Finding the best yoga socks involves a lot of trial and error since what usually works for another person may not necessarily work for you. What is crucial to remember is to know what kind of exercise you are doing and how complicated the poses involved are. Identifying your need will help you decide on what to purchase. From there, the adventure of finding the right pair starts. Just make sure to find one that is comfortable, durable, and has the right amount of grip that will help keep you stable.