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Do you want to take your yoga practice up a notch or want to do great outdoor activities? If yes, then you should check out our list of the best yoga shoes mentioned below. Though yoga is done barefoot, it is better to have the proper yoga gear such as a good pair of yoga shoes, especially if you are someone who is a serious yogi.

The yoga shoes are designed in a way that they are comfortable, flexible, breathable, and, lastly, well-cushioned. These shoes will help you push further when you are performing your vinyasa and will also aid you in getting the traction that you need in the studio or the place where you are practicing yoga.


No matter whether you are a yogi who is an avid yoga practitioner or someone new to the practice, this list contains all the best yoga shoes that everyone can wear. Have a thorough look at our carefully curated list of best yoga shoes, so that you can choose the ones best for you.

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What Shoes do You need for Yoga?

You’re thinking of buying your next pair of shoes, aren’t you? And it seems this time, you’re doing yoga and you want a pair of shoes that will be great to wear when doing this amazing exercise, right? Then let’s talk about shoes and what yoga shoes should you buy!

Footwear has long a history that we can follow. As early as around 3rd Millenium BC, the existence of shoes is already present as the Areni-1 shoes were found in the Cave of the same name in present-day Armenia. The ancient humans were able to create footwear that will help them as they travel on foot over long distances.

These pairs of footwear protect the part of our bodies that always have direct contact with the ground from foreign objects that could pierce, wound, or cause discomfort. Needless to say, these shoes are part of our lives.

Amazingly, with the advent of technology, improvements in shoe design depending on the needs of the users, specialized footwear has been made available in the market.

Today, we can choose a shoe for doing ball sports, running, hiking, biking, combat sports, and yes, shoes designed for doing yoga! For real? Yes, For real!

Why is Yoga so Popular

Yoga shoes won’t be that interesting in the market if yoga itself isn’t popular enough. So, the question now is why is yoga so popular? Let’s have some quick digging into the history of Yoga.

Yoga was born in the land of the Vedic Religions and that is in the Indian subcontinent. Early Indian civilizations are keen on the idea that there is a divine being that mankind has to revere and one way to do so and to connect is through nature.

As we can see, these Yoga poses that we often see depicted on pictures everywhere is actually an imitation of what we can see in nature like animals, plants, and terraforms.

Eventually, through trade and cultural exchanges that happened in the course of history, Yoga found its way to Europe and the Americas. Sure enough, people loved the concept of meditation and the low-intensity exercise that yoga has to offer.

Modern Yoga was then born where the religious percepts omitted and the physical practice of Yoga retained and has evolved into some call “Sports Yoga”.

Today, this exercise is a great option for those people who can’t spend much money and time on a gym subscription. Why not Yoga, isn’t it? It ain’t costly, it ain’t intensive, and it ain’t stressful to do as yoga is primarily focused on meditation.

With the popularity this physical exercise has gained, so do merchandises related to it began to flourish in the market and that includes shoemaking.

Why do Yogis not wear Shoes?

This is where it gets more interesting. It is observable that Yogins, more often than not, isn’t wearing a pair of shoes when doing yoga. After all, one of the primary goals of doing yoga is to connect oneself to nature.

Of course, in the context of modern yoga, the main reason for not wearing a pair is for better traction to the surface where a yogin stands. This means better stability especially on yoga asanas that will test body balance.

This might sound defeating the purpose of this list of top pairs of yoga shoes to buy, but this sure ain’t. Because the fact is, there are occasions wherein yoga shoes will really be needed whether is demanded by the location where yoga will be done or maybe with some physical deformities wherein wearing a pair of specific shoes will help a yogin.

Is it OK to do Yoga in Shoes?

So, having getting yoga shoes is a must and it’s okay to do yoga wearing a pair, correct? Indeed! Let take a closer look.

There are a couple of medical conditions on the foot that a lot of people are having problems with limiting their ability to do physical exercises or participate in sports.

Flat-footedness for example is a condition wherein the sole is virtually flat. A normal foot has an arch and flatfootedness is a condition that could be genetic and sometimes, could be caused by an injury. There are yoga shoes designed to help people suffering from this condition.

There are also skin conditions in the feet that require wearing an extra layer of protection to the feet. While the sole of a fully grown adult is typically strong and could withstand a significant amount of heat, coldness, or piercing objects, there are those people who are suffering from having soft skins wherein too much friction against rough surfaces could easily irritate the sole and would turn into blisters that won’t heal fast and could get infected.

Learning this new information will surely help you decide on what pair to buy and how to choose a great pair.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Yoga Shoes

Today, here at 88yoga, we made a list of top yoga shoes pairs with an objective summary on pairs that can be considered the best pick in the market by many. Certainly, there are no brands in particular that we want to promote but rather, there is a list of criteria we took into consideration on why these pairs of yoga shoes fell under our list.

These factors to consider will also guide you on what yoga shoes you need and what to buy so that you can confidently say your purchase is worth it.


One point to make sure is that your yoga shoes should give you optimal grip and traction through every pose while you are performing your asanas. It is important that your feet are stable as it is touching the ground and that you would not slide even on smooth surfaces, for example, ceramic tile, wooden plank, or finished/polished cement floorings.

If you are looking for yoga shoes, one primary reason could be that you need grip and traction— no matter where you are practicing or whether you are on your way towards your yoga journey. If you want better results, then you need to focus on every pose.

You will only be able to do this if only your grip is firm, and every shoe must provide you with a good grip. Regardless of whether you are practicing at home or any other place, you will need a pair of shoes that will give you excellent traction.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is the key to yoga, and your yoga shoes should be the most flexible out there. The yoga shoes should feel like a second skin, and while choosing the shoes, you should keep this factor in your mind. If you want to improve your yoga practice, then you need to wear your attire, which will allow you a full range of motion.

It is also important to stress out that with the shoe requirement to feel like a second skin, this means it has to fit well on the foot and if shoes are just too tight, it could cause blisters and even just with walking with that pair of shoe not to elaborate here the discomfort it could cause as we are to talk about it separately.

If your clothes or your shoes won’t let you carry out the full range of motion and instead restrict you, then you won’t be able to perform yoga properly and push out every inch for the yajnas. So when you are buying a pair of yoga shoes, evaluate how flexible they are and whether they will allow for a full range of motion while you are performing the pose.

3. Comfort

Comfort should be your priority while you are buying a good pair of yoga shoes. You should find a pair of shoes which are comfortable. The level of comfort which you will receive from the shoes depends upon your personal preference. But while buying a pair of shoes, look for its material and how much cushioning and support it provides.

Your yoga shoes should be flexible and comfortable. Thus, they should be made out of material that is not only soft but durable, too, and should let your feet breathe. The best yoga shoes will have a seamless design. If your yoga shoes are providing you with ample support and cushioning, you will be able to perform the yoga very easily and comfortably.

4. Breathability

Another major factor that you need to consider while buying a pair of good yoga shoes is the breathability. If your shoes aren’t breathable, they won’t let your feet stay dry and cool. If your feet are sweaty while performing yoga, you won’t be able to perform it correctly, and your feet can get infected too. A lot of yoga shoes in the market are also waterproof.

If you are practicing yoga at the beach, lake, or even on uneven terrain, the chances are that your shoes and your feet can get wet. So, look for the shoes which are waterproof and will let your feet breathe. Lastly, look for the material which the shoes are made of. If the material is moisture-wicking and fast-drying, then your shoes are breathable, and they will keep your feet cool and dry.

5. Style

Everyone will look for shoes that are comfortable yet stylish. Though the style is always not an essential factor while you are buying a good pair of shoes, people still look for it. So once you are choosing a good pair of shoes, look for the other factors like the breathability, flexibility, and traction and then focus on the style.

A lot of yoga shoes are functional but are not stylish. Most of the shoes are compact and are very minimalistic. They will look fit for average daily wear. For the fans of vibrant color, a lot of shoes are available in blacks or neutral colors.

6. Safety Hazard

Wearing yoga shoes will assist in your ergonomic health, which speaks about the shape of the foot itself. Your yoga shoes should provide you with ample support and align with specific issues like flat-footedness. Protecting your foot during the yoga practice will diminish the chances of your feet, encountering the germs which have passed through. Foot safety is the biggest motivator for wearing yoga shoes. The yoga shoes are designed in such a way that they keep the foot insulated during the workout.

7. Terrain

One of the essential roles that yoga shoe play is keeping the foot safe in the terrain environment. If you wear hybrid shoes for yoga, then transitioning from yoga activity to the cross-training will be easy for you. The weather also plays a crucial role. If you are performing yoga in a colder and harder area, you will need shoes that will keep your foot warm. On the other hand, if you are performing in the sweaty hot season, then your yoga shoes will keep your feet comfortable and odor-resistant.

Top 20 Best Yoga Shoes 2020

1. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Best Yoga Shoes

Are you looking for perfect shoes that can match your yoga requirements? Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 shoes are so comfortable that you can wear it not just for yoga sessions but also for office too. These shoes match all your outfits, like shorts and jeans. The shoes are perfect for your late evening walks or early morning yoga sessions. Keep your feet happy and healthy with these elegant shoes on your feet.

When it comes to sizes and colors, these Sanuk shoes are incredible, with the multiple options they offer. Get a size that suits you the best, and the colors that you love the most. There are no restrictions on the options in these. These are obvious reasons why this is top among the best yoga shoes.

The primary thing about yoga shoes is the grip they offer when one performs the activity. Sanuk women’s yoga shoes are the best, as they provide the best gripping. Not just this, they come with perfect fit and absolute comfort as well. The cushioning effect that these shoes offer is posh. The best part is that they are flexible even in reflex angles too. The straps are added advantages and also keeps your legs happy and just in place.


  • Perfectly fit
  • Comfortable
  • Different color options
  • Long-lasting


  • Requires Arch support

2. Vifuur Water Shoes

Vifuur Water Shoes

These shoes are perfect if you want the feel of walking barefoot and want to protect your feet at the same time. These shoes are super comfortable and flexible. The best part about these shoes is the sole; it is sturdy and keeps your legs under guard. The flexibility of the material makes it breathable and comfortable to wear all day round, with no ache. These shoes are meant to give you the best grip on slippery floors. The upper sole is as soft as socks, so the air passes easily. Hence it dries sooner and is comfortable too. Its bottom sole is hard but also flexible as you can bend it according to your needs. You can put them on when you need the utmost comfort with the movement of your feet, but want to keep your legs protected.

These shoes are available in different sizes for children, men, and women; you can buy this for your whole family. There are options in terms of colors too. If you love plain and single color, get it from the Vifuur Water Shoes. If you are looking out for options with patterns or multiple colors, be sure to opt for these. Hop into your water shoes and have an enigmatic experience.

These shoes aren’t meant just for water sports like snorkeling or poolside walks. These shoes are comfortable for other activities like jogging, yoga, walking, and also for in-house wearing too. So this is an excellent option for wearing shoes which feel like socks. These shoes are as comfortable as walking barefoot.


  • Smooth fabrics
  • Stretchable
  • Dries faster


  • Not having a long lifetime

3. WateLves Water Shoes

WateLves Water Shoes

If you want water shoes for your beach trip, a cruise trip, or yoga classes, then the WateLves water shoes are the best option in hand. The shoes come with a perfect quick-dry technology to keep your feet free from getting soggy even when you use it for water activities. The upper sole is made of polyester and spandex mix. So, the upper material is stretchable, breathable, and comfortable for you to hop into. The shoe takes up the shape of your feet and ensures that you have a shoe-free experience. Its material is quick-drying because of the breathable fabric. The material is so much lighter in weight and is super durable too. The shape of the upper is like you can wear and can take off the shoes quickly and with ease. The lower sole is made of rubber and is hard enough to protect you when you are walking even on the roughest surface. It is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything. Sole is flexible, so you can walk and wear comfortably. Due to both the reasons that it is flexible and lightweight, you can easily pack them and can take away even on your long destination tours. There are multiple options in terms of colors like black, brown, and even patterned ones. Different sizes are available for children, women, and men. Choose from the options available to give your legs a tight hug with the best shoes.


  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Tough sole


  • Wear and tear after a prolonged use

4. Skechers Women’s Meditation-Studio Kicks

Skechers Women's Meditation-Studio Kicks

Are you looking out for a shoe with yoga foam? If yes, the best option is from Skechers. These sandals have a base, or lower sole made up of yoga foam. The upper material of the shoes is stretchable. These shoes are extraordinarily good when it comes to keeping your feet dry and comfortable. The sizes available also fall under a broader range. Get the best shoes for your regular yoga sessions or walking activities from Skechers. There are numerous options when it comes to the colors of these shoes.

The upper part also comes with plain or patterned material that makes these shoes more attractive to look and wear. The bottom is designed to give you the utmost grip while performing stretches. Stay safe and comfortable with the firmly gripping shoes on your feet. Not just for meditation, these shoes are perfect even for other day-to-day activities like running or jogging.

Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes available to give yourself the best look. Have the best meditation experience, remain calm, and maintain your graceful stance with these shoes on your feet.


  • Soft material
  • Stretchable
  • Sole having a padded platform.


  • Stretching out of Straps

5. Simari Quick-dry Socks

Simari Quick-dry Socks

The upper material of these water shoes or these quick-dry socks is made of mostly polyester. So the shoes are quick drying. Thus making it more suitable even for watersports and activities. The shoes are highly flexible, and it just feels like you are wearing socks. The sole is also comfortable, has a cushion-like material, and is also quick-drying. There are different designs and various colors available for these shoes, such as plain or patterned.

The lower sole material is highly porous. The material of the lower bottom is made up of plastic that will protect your feet from the rough surfaces that you walk on, and it is so strong that it can protect you on hot evenings on beaches too. You can wear these shoes at the beach when you are playing a game or surfing, at a pool party, or even when you are doing your regular household chores. Wear them during your yoga sessions to have a flexible and comfortable experience. The best part about these shoes is the breathability- the upper part keeps your feet dry and happy. Choose from a vast range of sizes available to get the best fit. The sizes are available for children as well as adults, and the colors are apt for both genders.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Highly flexible
  • Wide option in color and size


  • Stains can’t be removed

6. Barerun Barefoot Quick-dry Shoes

Barerun Barefoot Quick-dry Shoes

This shoe is made up of imported material. The upper portion of the shoes is made up of polyester, so it is quick-drying and also ensures stretchability. The lower part, the sole of the shoes is made up of rubber. And the upper is made up of high-quality fabrics. These are just like socks to wear. The top is highly flexible and comfortable, and the lower sole is made of thick and high-quality rubber. So this sole will protect your feet from being hurt by any rough surface.

Even underwater, keep your feet safe from the pebbles underwater too.

The upper portion is designed such that you can wear and take off the shoes quickly. The shoes are so flexible that after using them, you can fold them and pack them. There are several sizes available for men and women. So the size will fit conveniently for everyone at home. You can wear these shoes on a trip to the beach, on a cruise, during regular household chores, and also while doing yoga and jogging. Try the best Barerun Barefoot shoes that are available in the market.


  • High-quality rubber
  • Comfortable material
  • Flexible and soft shoes


  • The side fabric is not much durable

7. Yalox Water Shoes

Yalox Water Shoes

Yalox water shoes are ultra-lightweight. The sole of the shoes is made-up of anti-slip rubber. The shoes are quick-drying, easily wearable, and can be folded as it is flexible. One thing you have to take care of when you are going to buy your shoes is to be careful about the size; the sizes of these shoes are small in comparison to other brands, so check out the size chart before putting an order. The design of the shoes is unique, as you can wear and take it off with ease.

As the shoes are flexible, you can fold and can pack them easily. These shoes are the best ones you can wear for all your water activities. These shoes will also protect you from being hurt by unexpected rough surfaces. As the material is comfortable and breathable, air passes through easily so that these shoes dry faster. The sizes are available for everyone, from adults to children. They come in different colors and designs on the upper portion that you can choose from. These shoes can be worn on your beach trips, sailing, fishing, doing yoga, and doing water-related activities.


  • Faster drying
  • Tough sole
  • Different designs and colors


  • Small size

8. Ning Meng Water Shoes

Ning Meng Water Shoes

These are very lightweight shoes that are super flexible, easy to fold, and pack. These shoes are breathable, too, as there is a smooth passage of air in the shoes. The fabric of the shoes is smooth, so it is easy to wear and take off and also keeps you comfortable when you are wearing these shoes. The shoes are made up of quick-drying material.

The sole is made of rubber, and it is hard enough to protect you when you are walking on any rough surface. It is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything. The sole is flexible, so you can walk and wear comfortably. Because it is both flexible and lightweight, you can easily pack and carry them on your vacay trips. There are different designs and various colors available for these shoes, ranging from plain colors or a mix of different colors. This is one of the best yoga shoes that you can wear at the beach while surfing, playing a game, or at any pool party. You can even wear it while working at home with water like washing your car. These shoes are ideal for yoga. Different sizes are available for children, women, and men. Thus, this makes it the best choice for the entire family.


  • High-quality sole
  • Flexible material
  • Quick-drying.


  • Not having a long life period

9. Fitkicks Water Shoes

Fitkicks Water Shoes

The upper material of these water or quick-dry shoes is made mostly of polyester. The shoes are highly flexible, and you feel like you are wearing socks. There are different colors of upper material available. These shoes are available in primary or printed patterns too. The sole is mostly black, brown, or cream. Its sole is comfortable as the shoes are flexible so you can fold and pack them easily.

As the shoes are flexible, you can walk, play, or swim comfortably underwater. Shoes will also protect you from being hurt by rough surfaces. The material is breathable, and this means air passes easily, so the shoes dry faster. Now, as we talk about the lower sole, it is made of rubber and is hard enough to protect you while walking on the roughest surfaces. The sizes are available for everyone like men, women, and children. There are different colors and designs available for the upper portion, thus making it attractive to look at and wear too. These shoes can be worn when you are on the beach, sailing, fishing, doing yoga, and on all your water activities. Various pros and cons of these shoes are discussed below.


  • Comfortably fit
  • Tough sole
  • Quick-drying


  • Pasting is not durable

10. HMIYA Water Shoes

HMIYA Water Shoes

The upper material of these water shoes is made of mostly polyester material, and it has strips or linings with a unique, color-coordinated design. The shoes are highly flexible, and it feels like you are wearing socks. The sole is also so much more comfortable and has a cushion-like and quick-drying material. This sole will protect your feet from being hurt by rocks or pebbles under the water. The design of the shoes of the upper portion is such that you can wear and take off the shoes easily without hurting your feet.

The shoes are so flexible that after using them, you can fold them and pack them. There are several sizes available for both men and women. You can wear these shoes on a trip to the beach, on a cruise. Check out from the combination of colors and sizes to have an ecstatic beach holiday experience. You must try these quick-drying shoes. Some pros and cons of this shoe are discussed below.


  • Unique design
  • Different color option
  • Quick-drying


  • Not having a long life



11. Join Free Water Shoes

Join Free Water Shoes

Health is a universal concept; everyone wishes to have a healthier life. In recent times, the idea of health is gaining a boom, and most people want to keep themselves fit and healthy. The first simple task that people take up when they decide on this is to go for is a morning fitness session at home. This necessarily requires one component, which is the shoe. These Join Free Summer aqua water shoes are designed to give you comfort when you perform the most challenging stretches.

The rubber sole is super flexible that it sticks to your feet so perfectly well that it doesn’t even give you the feeling of wearing a shoe. The uppers are smoothly made out of Polyester and Spandex, making it more comfortable and breathable. Hop on comfortably with these perfectly fitting, lightweight shoes that are easy to wear and remove. No more wearing shoes that make you struggle with the laces and tight-fittings. The best part is the wide variety of sizes and colors these shoes come in. No matter what the age, you can pick a design and get a shoe that matches your size. The colors range from the coolest shades of blue to the wildest dark orange.

These shoes are designed for multitasking and are an essential part of your holiday beach trip. Enjoy beach games with no more worries about cleaning your foot and shoes after the enjoyment.


  • Flexible rubber soles
  • Breathable upper
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Lightweight


  • No information on the life of these shoes

12. L-run Unisex Water Shoes

L-run Unisex Water Shoes

Swimming is a perfect hobby for people who love to keep themselves fit and not sweat much. This, too, requires a few accessories like the swimsuit and goggles. However, there are these water shoes that most people do not know about. Water shoes are meant to protect your feet even when you soak them for hours during your fitness sessions. The shoes are made of rubber sole that allows full movement of your toes without any restriction. The top area is again designed to provide comfort, made out of polyester, a fabric that gives the beat breathing space when it comes to shoes.

The shoes are designed for easy to wear and remove technology. Just slip your feet in to wear or jump out of these ready to wear water shoes. The soles are designed to give you the required grip even when you stroll on the water-filled floorings. These shoes are designed with the barefoot technology that helps you escape the normal heavy weighted water shoes that are available in the market. The shoes are highly stretchable and adhere to the shape of your feet with ease. These shoes are meant for multitasking. You can go swimming, dancing, or even attend fitness sessions in these versatile shoes. You can go on beach days too with these comfy shoes. These shoes are designed to come in different sizes as well. From small to XXXL, no matter what the size of your feet is, you can pick the one that fits your size to have a comfortable and happy sporting time.


  • Variety of sizes are available
  • Easy fitting
  • Super comfortable


  • Stitching quality and life of shoes is a major issue

13. HEETA Water Sports Shoe

HEETA Water Sports Shoe

Shoes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, as well. Each shoe has a purpose of serving. Among the most underrated shoes is the water sports shoe. If you are an ardent swimmer, then these shoes are a must in your equipment bag. The sports shoes are designed to give a grip over the slippery flooring along the sides of the pool. The bottom sole is designed to be durable, along with the ultra-grip. This provides additional support for your feet and helps you walk with ease, even on the water-filled surface.

You can protect your feet and also walk with ease. This is not just the only purpose these shoes serve. The upper is made of a different material, that supports the breathing and comfort that these shoes provide. These shoes come with a quick-dry technology, that makes it more suited for the swimming sessions. The HEETA water sports shoes are lightweight; this makes it easy for you to carry the shoes along with you, even on your holiday trips. Step in and out of these shoes with ease, as it has a stretchable ankle.

Be selective on the shoes. Get the perfect fitting shoe for your feet, from the different sizes available. These shoes come in a wide range of colors and are suited for both men and women. Find it useful in all your regular activities, including water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, and kayaking. The activities are limitless; you can also find them useful in beach activities, jogging, and walking as well.


  • Wider size range
  • Perfect fitting
  • Light-weighted


  • No guaranteed stitching

14. VIBRAM Women’s Fitness Shoe

VIBRAM Women's Fitness Shoe

Fitness is a broad terminology. This is to maintain a healthy and balanced body shape. It starts with a simple meditation to yoga to the toughest workouts. The Vibram women’s fitness shoe is exclusively designed to provide comfort to the fitness-loving homemakers. These fitness shoes are made of textile, unlike regular shoes, that makes it more breathable and comfortable to wear while on workouts. The sole is crafted in rubber, to make sure that your shoes don’t restrict the movement of your feet.

These shoes are designed to give the most comfortable feeling. The upper mesh layer is made out of polyester to provide you with the best comfort. The insoles are designed with anti-microbial technology to make sure your feet don’t smell out of the microbes in it anymore. The shoes are designed with a zero-drop. This is otherwise known as the barefoot technology, that is designed exclusively for a comfortable and happy feet stretch. These shoes come with an added advantage of being wash friendly. You can even clean them on a machine run with ease.

These shoes could be washed even in cold water and requires no special care. Once washed, you can air dry them to use it fresh. These shoes come in a variety of sizes and stunning colors. Pick one to match the color of your yoga costume or your swimsuit to look the best.


  • Perfectly fitted size
  • Easily washable
  • Comfortable and breathable shoes
  • Suited for multitasking


  • Mesh uppers

15. AoSiFu Barefoot Shoes

AoSiFu Barefoot Shoes

The AoSiFu barefoot shoes are designed to give a minimum heel drop and walk with ease. These shoes do not cause any ache in the heel, unlike the high raise shoes that provide the best grip. It is generally a myth that shoes with high raise only give the best gripping. These barefoot shoes are designed to give the best gripping at the same time with a lesser weight. The sole is made of quality rubber, to give the best gripping on the slippery floor. Be it swimming paths or sailing, keep your feet protected from the water in the surrounding. The upper is made from a blend of Polyester and Spandex that makes the shoes more breathable and your feet more dry and safe.

The shoes are lightweight with the best quick-dry technology. No matter how wet the shoes are, this technology makes it dry quickly and keeps you all time ready. These shoes don’t give a weighted shoe like feeling to your feet. This is more like a sock that stays adhered to your feet in a sleek way. These shoes are perfect for swimming and sailing. You can also use them for your holiday sporting times like surfing, beach volleyball, cycling and even jogging. These shoes are perfect for both men as well as women. Choose from a series of sizes that are available to match the size of your feet. There are multitudes of options available with these shoes when it comes to colours. Get a pair that matches all your trendy outfits to give you a stunning look.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Comfortable sizes
  • Breathable upper sole
  • Flexible soles


  • Reviews on improper stitching

16. Women’s Ballet Grip Sock

Women's Ballet Grip Sock

Ballet is an art that keeps the mind and body on the same line. It requires a lot of effort to stand and dance with grace. The ballet grip sock is designed to cover your feet from end to end to protect your feet from the adverse and obstacles in the flooring. The best part is the grip that is present on the underside all through the surface of the shoe. If you are a fitness freak, who takes up yogic sessions to keep your body chic and sleek, then this is a must in your accessories to yoga sessions. Most yoga classes advise their candidates to carry a yoga mat for gripping. But say no to the heavy yoga mats that you have to carry.

With the perfect gripping on the women’s ballet Grip Sock, carry yourself into your studios and yoga classes with both comfort and grip. The best part is the material in which these socks are made of. The cotton body makes it more fitting and suited for the purpose, which leaves you both dry and comfortable for your fitness sessions. Barefoot shoes are designed to provide comfort and less weight on foot. Dance to the rhythm of your mind with no worries on your foot with the ballet grip socks. The grip provided keeps your foot in place and avoids any damage to the feet. You can wash these shoes with ease. Just put them in your regular machine with cold water run to get it clean and fresh, back to work again, just as new as before. The shoes come in a dark black color that adds style to your entire outfit.


  • Best fitting
  • Excellent grip on the floor
  • Easy to clean up


  • Issues with sizing


17. ANLUKE Water Shoes

ANLUKE Water Shoes

Water shoes are designed to provide comfort and protection on water stagnant surfaces- the most common areas being the swimming pool. But apart from this, the smooth floored areas like auditoriums or studios dance rooms also require gripping which is provided by the ANLUKE water shoes. These shoes are designed to multitask. With the anti-slip sole, made of the best quality material, they absorb shocks and keep your feet happy and healthy. The upper is made of a combination of Polyester and Spandex, that lets your feet breathe with comfort, even when offering the best protection.

The ultra-light-weighted material is primarily crafted to make you feel free from the heavyweight of shoes while performing your desired task. These barefoot shoes are suited for both men and women. There are multiple choices when it comes to colors and sizes in these shoes. Analyze your foot size correctly before getting them. This is because swim shoes are different from that of the normal ones.

Make the right assessment and choose the best size that fits you perfectly for an excellent experience. These shoes also have an added advantage of compressibility. Being suited for beach volleys and snorkeling and fishing as well, these shoes can be carried to your holiday destinations. They are super flexible and take up the least space. So no more worries on carrying heavy weighted shoes for holidays. You can choose from the options on colors that are either plain or a mixture of several colours to look both attractive and also to fulfill the purpose.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Suited for both men and women
  • multitasking


  • Reviews on improper stitching

18. Seekway Shoes

Seekway Shoes

If you are looking for a shoe that could be a perfect fit, offer protection, but at the same time be lightweight and easy to carry, then the Seekway Barefoot shoes are the best choice. As the name states barefoot, these shoes have a zero heel drop, meaning that they do not incline. Thus, there is less strain on your feet and toes. Keep your soft feet comfortable with the best cushioning and less weight. The neck of these shoes are stiff and catches perfectly to your ankle, to give you the best hold.

The upper of these shoes are crafted with polyester, which gives the breathability to the shoes. This provides both cushioning and comfort. The uppers are available in several vibrant colors that you can decide to buy from. The soles are made of a special TPR material that is designed to give the best grip even on the slippery floorings. This is a plastic material that is resistant against abrasion. The most common types are found in sport’s shoes.

Get the comfort of sports shoes even with less weight. If you are a beach lover, then these shoes are the best choices. These shoes are resistant not just to hard surfaces but also to the hot surfaces and hence protect your feet against the burning hot sun. Seekway also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t satisfy your needs. This friendly customer service makes seek way the best choice.


  • Comfortable upper
  • Perfectly gripping sole
  • Friendly customer service


  • Issues with Insole fitting

19. Moffo Barefoot Water Shoes

Moffo Barefoot Water Shoes

Barefoot shoes were created to lessen the burden on the toes when walking and to give your feet a perfect flat to move on. These shoes provide comfort and protection to your feet. The quick-dry technology makes it the ideal choice for water-based activities like beach days or even for snorkeling and surfing. You can also wear them to your pool to walk on the slippery sides without tripping down. The ultra-thin fabric on top gives breathable and quick-drying shoes. No matter how wet it is, all it takes is just a few moments to return your shoes to the normal state.

The rubber sole is the most crucial part of water shoes. This is what gives the best comfort and protection to your feet. The uppers come in a vivid range of colors that make your feet more impressive. Barefoot walking is known to have improved health effects that walking with shoes that have super-cushioning inner soles.

These shoes are more suited for all indoor activities like lawn or garden walks and studio-based activities. You can also carry them for your beach games and fun events. The lightweight makes it more suited for use at travel as well. The best part is the XS size. If you are worried that your feet are too tiny that you couldn’t find a shoe that fits your feet, here is the answer. Moffo Barefoot shoe has an XS size that fits into the smallest feet as well.


  • Various sizing
  • Impressive upper
  • Perfect gripping soles


  • No Guarantee or return policy

20. MoffoMensWomens Barefoot Water Shoes

MoffoMensWomens Barefoot Water Shoes

These are the best yoga shoes made to reduce the weight on the toes when strolling and to give your feet an ideal level to proceed onward. These shoes provide comfort and security to your feet. The fast dry innovation settles on it the perfect decision for water-based exercises like seashore days or in any event, swimming, and surfing. You can likewise wear them to your pool to stroll on the elusive sides without tumbling down. The ultra-slim texture on top gives a breathable and rapidly drying shoe.

Regardless of how wet it is, everything necessary is only a couple of minutes to restore your shoes to the typical state. The elastic sole is the most significant piece of water shoes. This is the thing that gives the best solace and insurance to your feet. The uppers arrive in a distinctive scope of hues that makes your feet progressively great.


  • Comfortable wear
  • Perfect Gripping


  • Not all sizes available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The Most Important Questions That People Ask Is, Are Yoga Shoes Made Only For Yoga?

Nope! Absolutely no! Like other shoes or like ballet slippers, yoga shoes are multi-use. You can do a transition from work to home in these stylish shoes. Yoga shoes are versatile.

Q. Does The Yoga Shoe Emulate The Barefoot Experience?

Yoga shoes are made in such a way that they feel like a second skin. So the shoes will provide you with a little distraction but will also provide you with benefits of actual footwork while you are practicing yoga. A lot of people prefer wearing yoga shoes because they keep the foot safe from tiny rocks, germs, etc.

Q. Can I Wear My Yoga Shoes On The Yoga Mats?

Yes, you can wear your yoga shoes on the mat which is provided to you in the yoga class, remember one thing yoga mats in the studio and the gym can be dirty as they don’t get washed. So these shoes will keep your feet safe from all the nasty germs.

Q. How Can I Clean My Yoga Shoes?

You can wash these in the washing machine or wash it with cold water. Once you have washed these just let them dry. If by any chance your shoes are made up of leather then you will have to buy a special leather cleaner which will not damage your shoes.

Q. Can Yoga Shoes Be Worn In Water?

In general, most of the yoga stores are waterproof, and they can be used while you are performing water activities like swimming, surfing as they are similar to water footwear. A lot of great yoga shoes are made up of materials like polyester, polyamide, or other materials that reduce the moisture in the footwear. A lot of these shoes slip nicely in your feet and sit tight, so they don’t fall easily. Plus, a lot of footwear features mesh and other perforated designs that will let the water flow easily. So once you are in the water, your shoes won’t fall off, and once you are outside, the air will make your feet dry again.

Best Yoga Shoes – What’s your pick?

When you are about to finalize a product, there are so many questions that come into our minds. Be it the design of the shoes, or the way they are built, the material, etc. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise, and if you pair it with a great pair of yoga shoes, then your experience can become 100 times better. The yoga shoes will increase your yoga experience from an average experience to one of the most comfortable, productive, and better than before experience.

The best place to buy these shoes is online retailers or the athletic shoe store. You can search for options shortlist them and then buy the one who sits in your budget.

Once you start wearing the shoes, your feet will feel like they are getting used to the new pair of shoes. These shoes will enhance the abilities of you performing the yoga. The right type of shoes will make your yoga experience significantly better and will also reduce the chances of you getting a blister on your feet.

Lastly, the most important thing that you need to remember is that while you are about to make the final decision and you have trillions of options in front of you. Then weigh the options better. Look for shoes that will give a feel of second skin but will also support you and help you in performing the yoga a lot better.