Baby Yoga Your Kids Will Thank You Later

You might not be familiar with baby yoga, but more and more parents are getting hooked on this style of yoga as they reap the multiple benefits of yoga while having a bond with their little one. In this guide, let’s explore the world of baby yoga— what it’s like to be in its class, its playful poses, and of course, the wonderful benefits it offers that every parent should know.

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World of Baby Yoga: What It’s Like in a Class?

In most parent and baby yoga classes, parents put a yoga blanket above their yoga mat, typically covered with an extra blanket just in case of sudden spit-up. Ideally, the baby will just have to lie on the blanket peacefully for the rest of the class, but this hardly happens.

The best thing about this parent and baby yoga class is that you are entirely free to pick up your baby, feed them, rock them, change their diaper, or even walk them around the room whenever they cry. Some yoga teachers will take responsibility and take care of your baby so that you can perform a little yoga.

A parent and baby yoga class is not as meditative as the other yoga classes. You are free to pick up your baby anytime, but it’s important to know that this type of yoga class is intended mainly for you, as a parent, as much as the baby— but will your baby like the class?

This mainly depends on the personality of the baby. Some babies enjoy new sights and are entirely comfortable with the classroom environment. On the other hand, some babies freak out in the same environment, which in turn cries a lot at first.

Eventually, they may get used to it, so have a little trust in your little one and don’t be discouraged if their first class doesn’t go well. Some babies may sleep for the whole duration of the class.

Now that you have the idea of what it’s like in a parent and baby yoga class, it’s time to learn some of its poses!

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Baby Yoga Exercises

If you’re in a yogic lifestyle, then you already know how wonderful a little Namaste can do. That said, even babies can significantly benefit from this timeless therapeutic practice as well. Below are the four simple yet powerful poses that improve your baby’s wellness, which your kids will thank you later.

Baby yoga exercises that all parents should know

Happy Baby
This exercise is something that babies may unintentionally do. Have your baby rest on their back and gently lift their legs in the air. Then, hold their feet and slowly swing back and forth.

It’s normal if your baby doesn’t reach their feet during this exercise.

This is a perfect practice to open the hip muscles and improve digestion. Plus, the pose itself is just fun.

Tummy Time
This baby yoga exercise should always be part of your list as it helps to strengthen the head and neck muscles and enhances motor skills. Plus, this exercise will prevent your baby from having a flattened head shape.

Place a blanket or yoga mat on the floor and allow your baby to rest on their belly. You will notice that your baby will struggle a bit in lifting their head, but this action helps to strengthen their neck muscles.

This exercise is beneficial to do and jump-start all the other baby exercises!

Make this tummy time into a parent and baby exercise by making your baby rest on their back before you. Do a cobra stretch at them and wait until your little one notices you and try to reach them for a kiss.

Peanut Ball
Because not all babies would want to undergo the tummy time exercise, it’s important to instill to them that baby exercises are fun and doable— a peanut ball exercise won’t disappoint.

As the name suggests, this exercise is like a ball-shaped peanut, which some women who are giving birth do.

As a baby exercise, keep your baby on a peanut ball-shaped below your tummy. Then slowly roll your baby back and forth while holding them.

This exercise will encourage them to get used to keeping their necks while holding their heads up.

Assisted Crawling
In this baby yoga exercise, grab a blanket and fold it a couple of times lengthwise. Have your baby rest above it. With both hands, slowly elevate the other side of the blanket so that your baby’s chest is at rest above the ground.

Lift your baby’s chest and tummy upwardly while their arms and legs swing towards the ground.

This exercise should support your baby to get used to crawling movements as you move next to each other. As your baby progresses, you can let go of your grip little by little until they move independently.

Wonderful Benefits of Baby Yoga

Doing yoga is your best bet if you want to restore your mind and body after giving birth. Here’s to why:

1. It gives you a chance to bond with your little one. Every opportunity to spend with your little yogi is good enough for a bond. And during a baby yoga practice, you can build your relationship by moving and interacting together.

2. Helps you to lose weight. Losing the weight you gained during pregnancy is challenging. That’s when baby yoga shines. It helps you lose weight and shape your body, removing unhealthy fats.

3. To heal faster. Whether or not you have a normal delivery, your body faced lots of pain and pressure. Baby yoga allows you to heal faster from these pains. It helps to comfort your back, leg, and hip muscles.

4. Discourages postpartum depression. The change of routine of having a baby means anxiety, physical, and mental stress if you come unprepared. Baby yoga reduces anxiety and postpartum depression symptoms.

5. Better posture. At the time of pregnancy, there’s pressure continuously building on your back muscles. Practicing baby yoga corrects your posture and alleviates joint inflexibility.

Wrapping Up

Baby yoga offers good benefits not just for your baby but also for you. And practicing it means spending time with your little one. Who knows, maybe your baby enjoys the class and actually looks forward to it. Whatever the case, be the super parents for your baby. Start practicing yoga today!