The modern lifestyle we’re living today that could cause excessive weight gain, fatigue, and stress can be equalized by this yoga posture called Bhujangasana, commonly known as the Cobra Pose.

What is Bhujangasana and its Benefits?

Desk jobs on a graveyard shift, a fast-food diet through hassle-free food delivery services, and binge-watching streaming services are something you must be very familiar with.

It could be some of your friends, family members, acquaintances, and maybe, without going too far, could be you yourself living this kind of lifestyle.

Yes, that’s the modern lifestyle many are practicing, and let’s be honest, that isn’t healthy.

Unfortunately, most people nowadays are overlooking these unhealthy lifestyles who eventually found themselves having a consultation with their physicians about their current health situation.

Well, who can blame them? Our fast-paced world where the hustle and bustle are non-stop, more often than not, forces us to live this kind of unhealthy lifestyle. Because of our time-crunch, we tend to choose foods that are ready to eat and tend to forget to spend time doing physical exercise.

This lack of physical exercise then leads to series of body ailments, stress, fatigue, and even mood swings. This is why modern yoga becomes very handy especially for busy people who only have few minutes to spare for physical exercise.

Yoga does not require a gym subscription or costly equipment to practice and does not consume too much time and space. With just a clean matting on unobstructed flooring in a quiet room, your yoga exercise would definitely be a surreal physical and mental exercise.

You might wonder why yoga is considered mental exercise.

Traditionally, the concept of yoga can be traced back to the Ancient Indian civilization where it means being united with the divine and thus, involves meditation.

While modern yoga dropped the religious practices, the physical and mental exercises remained as it is practiced in the asanas, the meditation, and the breathing exercises.

Yoga Asanas are the postures being done in yoga practice which most could easily recognize given the pictures depicting yoga on textbooks, advertisements, and all across the internet.

One of the postures we are to talk about is the Bhujangasana.

What is called Bhujangasana in English?

Since that yoga is a way of being united with the divine and nature, most of the yoga postures are mimicking what can be seen around us like the earth forms, plants, and animals.

One of which is Bhujangasa that is a portmanteau of two Sanskrit words namely “Bhujang” meaning Snake or Cobra, and “Asana” meaning Sitting or pose. Thus, giving us the English translation of the Cobra Pose.

The Cobra Pose Procedures

The steps of doing this yoga asana are pretty easy to learn.

Don’t forget to prepare your spot making sure it’s free of foreign objects that could obstruct you, ready your yoga mat, and wear your favorite yoga clothing.

  • Step 1: Begin your yoga position by laying straight facedown in the yoga mat with the palms of your hand flat in the ground.
  • Step 2: Slowly push the ground while lifting your head and chest up, arching your back to the bend that you can bear the stretch.
  • Step 3: Keep your hip and lower limbs flat on the ground while in this position with your focal at 30 degrees of your visual horizon.
  • Step 4: Accompany your stretching with a slowly breathing exercises and stay on this position for 30 – 60 seconds.

The more stretch you can do, the better results can be gained as the effects of the cobra pose lies on the bending of the back from the lifting of the chest. You may also want to check out other variations of this yoga asana.

Is Bhujang Asana Good for Weight Loss?

As you can see, practicing Bhujangasana significantly helps your body be stretched in the abdominal section. One benefit of the yoga asana is that it helps in burning unwanted belly fats which over time of continuous practice helps tone your abs.

Also, this stimulates the nerves in the abdominal area exciting the digestive tracts thus, helps to improve your digestion contributing more to weight loss.

Is Bhujangasa Good for Lungs?

With the lifting of the chest, the pectoral muscles are being ripped and expanded while the thoracic section is being compressed and this is where another benefit comes.

Accompanied with a proper breathing exercise, this helps stimulates the lungs and consistent practice of the Cobra Pose can help improve your cardio stamina.

Is Bhujangasana Good for Back Pains?

Back Pains are usually caused by improper sitting and standing posture, lifting heavy objects in the wrong position, and could sometimes be due to heavy upper-body mass.

Another benefit of this yoga posture is that it helps treat back pains and other back posture issues especially for those who spend long hours sitting in front of their desks.

The stretching is brought by pushing the floor and lifting the chest making the back arch reversing the effects of slouching and also enhances the flexibility reducing the risk of back pains.

Modern Yoga for a Busy Lifestyle

Health is wealth so we encourage everyone to live a healthy lifestyle here at 889yoga.com.

Whilst the reality of life is that it really takes much of our time at work, attending the household, pretty much many adult duties and responsibilities, we should not forget on giving time for us to do physical exercise.

Modern yoga exercises could be considered one of the best exercises a busy person can do on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend hard-earned bucks on gym facilities subscription, nor would it require you to have expensive equipment to do your exercises.

Not only Yoga can improve your physical well-being, but it can also improve your mental wellness, helps your blood circulation, lowers your stress levels, and improve your mood.

It’s time for you to explore the amazing world of modern yoga so keep posted on our new blogs, learn more about yoga, and for those who have been doing yoga, keep on your yoga journey, and as we always say here in 889yoga, enjoy!