How To Do A Proper Child Pose Yoga (Balasana)

Are you planning to learn another fun yogic pose?

With having so much recreational activities available, Yoga has indeed become a diverse exercise mainly because of its various postures with unique functions.

It’s no wonder why you wanted to learn a thing or two. With that, we’re always ready to be of help.

Today, let’s learn another yogic pose called Child Pose Yoga or otherwise known as Balasana.

Child Pose Yoga (Balasana)

A Child Pose Yoga or Balasana is another beginner pose in Yoga. Its primary use is to relax your mind and body after doing a challenging pose or if you get out of breath during a Yoga exercise.

Why Is It Called A Child Pose?

A Child Pose Yoga or Balasana is derived from a Sanskrit idiom of bala means “child” and asana means “pose”.

Furthermore, it’s tagged as a child’s pose because when you execute it, your forming yourself as a baby and your bent body naturally forms like a fetus. It’s a very cool pose that can help your way into deep relaxation.

What Does A Child Pose Yoga (Balasana) Do In Your Body?

This pose may not just help you in your yogic exercises. It plays a vital role in the improvement of your mind and body. As a relaxing pose, it assists you to stabilize your mind and relieves exhaustion.

After pulling a brute force, this pose encourages in bringing back your normal breathing patterns which are needed to ease your stress and anxiousness. Thus, a regulated breathwork will restore yourself back to being calm.

A Child Pose Yoga (Balasana) aids to strengthen your spinal column, lessens your back pains and improves your ankles, thighs and shoulders. It’s also good for your digestion to problem-free defecation.

Child Pose Yoga (Balasana): How to do it?

The Child Pose Yoga (Balasana) can be achieved in six easy steps!

1. Kneel while you face your feet upward. Keep your knees apart. Consider yourself a yoga mat for a comfortable sitting.

2. Gently, push your body forward by lowering your head to the floor. Breathe out

3. Put your arms beside your body as you rest your palms upwardly. Slowly, pin your chest to your thighs. Keep this pose until you stabilize your breathwork.

4. As you breathe in, steadily, pull your navel towards your spinal column, and as you breathe out relax your body and arms. Again, hold this pose, as you incorporate your breathwork.

5. Rest your palms under your shoulders and carefully raise your upper body to return to the kneeling pose as you face your feet upward. Breath in..

6. Now be still and relax. Wait until you’re good to go in doing another Yoga pose.


The main goal of a Child Pose Yoga (Balasana) is to relax your mind and body during a Yoga session. This occurrence is natural as your body tires after doing a challenging pose.

In Yoga, overdoing things wont help you get better. Give room for some relaxation as it’s one way of taking care of your well-being. Namaste!