A vibrant, exciting, and lively city – New York comes with its shares of yoga studios. Yoga is the exercise of choice of many, many New Yorkers, and that results in abundant choices. So how can you choose the right one? In our list, we looked for special, unique, and reliable studios that you will love, and the reasons why you should visit them.

What are you looking for? Vigorous lessons? Beautiful spaces? Unique approaches? Outdoor experiences? Whatever it is, we have something for you. The New York Yoga community is an active one, and there are many exciting places you should visit if you love yoga!

Top 20 Yoga Studios NYC that are Well Worth a Visit 

1) Jivamukti Yoga 

Jivamukti Yoga Studio is well-known and well-loved by the yoga community. It was founded in the 80s, so it is a traditional place that has proved to be trustworthy. This is one of those studios that offer a wide variety of classes and cater to all tastes and needs. Their teachers are all very popular, and many are internationally trained, so you know you will be getting the best guidance in the lessons. 

Another great thing about Jivamukti is its location in Manhattan, right at Union Square. Besides classes, the studio also has a cafe and a little novelty shop. The cafe offers a range of vegan and vegetarian options, all organic and natural. The shop fulfills your need for the exoteric, and you can find books, clothing, yoga gear, jewelry, natural skin care products, and more.

This is the perfect place to go on a day off. Attend a wonderful yoga NYC class, have a vegetable-packed buddha bowl for lunch, and linger in the coffeeshop getting some yoga-inspired items.

 2) Skyting Yoga 

If you want something more niche, Skyting Yoga scratches that itch. The studio has two locations, one in Tribeca and another one in Chinatown, and they are both charming spaces filled with chic furniture and green plants. There you will find unique offers, like Katonah yoga, yoga Nidra, and kundalini. If you are looking to have a different experience, this is the perfect place for that.

The studio also has a fridge full of refreshing and healthy beverages, soft and luxurious towels, and elegant bathrooms and changing rooms. It is the ideal place to go and escape the hectic energy of the city, immersing yourself in a fantastic, zen chic environment.

 3) Om Factory 

Om Factory gives yoga a spin, quite literally! There you find a range of classes, the traditional ones like Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, but also fun moderns twists like Aerial Dance Yoga. Aerial Dance Yoga is practiced with straps that are strapped around your arms and legs that support you off the ground.

It is an enjoyable and challenging class, a mix between yoga, dance, and circus that give a fantastic workout. They also offer Aerial Yoga Core, which focuses more on bending and twisting exercises that strengthen the core, and Aerial Yoga Blast. This last one is a pleasure to take; it is upbeat yoga that makes you feel like you are at a party! 

The minds behind Om Factory are firm believers that the community spirit is the best thing about yoga. Their teachers also teach in other studios, and they are positive that it brings an assortment of ideas and practices that could not be achieved otherwise. 

 4) Bhakti Center 

The Bhakti Center is nestled in the East Village and is a cozy and welcoming place to be in. Bhakti yoga is a spiritual yoga, also known as the yoga of devotion. They are very famous for their Hatha-Vinyasa flow and offer a good variety of lessons.

What makes it unique, however, is the singing part of this studio. The lively influence of Kirtan is noticed in all classes, and participating in the chanting of mantras is key. 

Kirtan is an ancient practice of chanting mantras, and their participants sing their prayers to the divine, searching for a connection of body, souls, hearts, and people. It is a beautiful practice that elevates the spirit and puts you in a meditative place, great for focusing and reducing stress. The Center also offers 45-minutes meditation sessions, led by masters in Bhakti yoga NYC. 

 5) Pure Yoga

It is easy to forget that you are in one of the busiest cities in the world when you enter Pure Yoga. The studio is spacious, with wide corridors and luxurious sofas. The Buddhist decoration makes you feel like you are in oasis zen in the middle of the city, and the best place to go and forget about time and distractions. 

6) Humming Puppy 

We would go to the Humming Puppy just for the name! But they have so much more to offer. The common areas are light and open, and the classes are dim and cozy. The studio worked with renowned sound engineers to create a unique background sound that is the signature feature of the Humming Puppy. It consists of singing bowls that were recorded to resonate between 7.83 Hz and 40 Hz, which is known as the “Schumann Resonance.” This is the name given to the resonant frequency of the Earth’s atmosphere.

This set of sounds is the focus of many scientific studies, and many people claim that sounds on this frequency help lower anxiety levels and deepens the meditative space. At the Humming Puppy, they are constant in the background, and you should see for yourself how soothing it is to be in that environment. 

7)  Yoga Vida 

Yoga Vida offers Vinyasa flow lessons for every level and goal. Their classes are bright and welcoming, and they blend mindfulness with movement to help you achieve a healthier life. They not only help you feel with balance and flexibility but also focus on teaching techniques to increase focus and reduce stress. They also benefit a lot from the sense of community yoga NYC provides. 

8)  Kula Yoga 

Kula Yoga has a perfect mix between no-fuss design with a well thought of the use of natural light. Each of their locations has a different vibe, but all of them use reclaimed wood as part of their aesthetic. They offer unique classes too. Their Kula Hour is practiced with the support of live music, and the Banded Kula Flow is all taught with yoga bands that do wonders for the core. 

We appreciate a space that makes you feel like home, and the Kula Yoga Cafe does just that. Their vegetarian options are what you need for a light lunch, and their healthy, natural baked goods are the perfect reward for a pos yoga workout. 

9)  Yoga Union 

If you are a yoga teacher or an advanced student that has been practicing for years, it can be hard to find a class that challenges you and makes you feel positively tested. At Yoga Union, you will find lessons made specifically for those looking to take the extra step in their practice. They also offer Prenatal Yoga, so you can continue exercising in all stages of life while being safe in the hands of professionals. 

All of their teachers are very experienced and committed to continuous education. Yoga Union puts a lot of emphasis on safe alignment classes – a yoga term that describes the best and most efficient way to do a yoga pose, most safely. They also study and practice kinesiology, which is the study of the physiological and biomechanical mechanisms of body movement.

If this is something that interests you and you are advanced in your practice, you can take part in their Yoga NYC Teacher Training and become part of this community. 

 10) Yoga to the People

Are you on a budget but still want to practice yoga? Yoga to the People makes sure that nobody feels left out! This is a truly inclusive studio, and it operates on a suggestion rate for all classes. This means they have a price (already low), and people pay what and how they can, according to their situation.

This is an amazing initiative because some sports and activities can end up being exclusionary based on high prices and high-end boutique studios. There is no booking either, arrive fifteen minutes before a class, and grab a mat! 

They have multiple locations around the city, so you are always guaranteed to be able to reach one. Young students particularly love the yoga to the People studio, and as a result, the place is packed with high energy and enthusiastic people. Make no mistake, though; this is a serious studio that offers quality lessons at an affordable price; their Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga is one of the most vigorous lessons of yoga NYC! 

Their amazing mantra is: “There will be no correct clothes. There will be no proper payment. There will be no right answers. No glorified teachers. No ego, no script, no pedestals. No, you’re not good enough or rich enough. This yoga is for everyone,” and they chant it every day. 

 11) Dharma Yoga Center 

As the name suggests, this studio focuses on Dharma Yoga. Dharma is a challenging practice. The students are encouraged to work on the poses with great determination and hold for longer than other yoga types. They are also stimulated to move gracefully from one position to another, almost like dancers. Dharma’s Yoga founder takes the Ahimsa principle seriously, and the practice is supposed to lead to real compassion towards all living beings. 

This is, in fact, the headquarters for the Dharma Yoga community, and you will have the chance to study with Sri Dharma Mittra himself. Every day you can see and talk to teachers and trainers that come from all over the country to study Dharma Yoga. This gives the place a sense of purpose and community in itself that brings meaning into your everyday practice.

 12) Kundalini Yoga East 

Kundalini Yoga is one of the hardest types of classes to find. Kundalini Yoga East, though, has been a reliable studio that for over thirty years. Kundalini is a blend of Bhakti (devotion and chanting), Raja (meditation and physical control), and Shakti (power and energy). It is a spiritual workout that leaves you feeling refreshed, both mentally and physically.

The studio teaches their classes on a carpeted floor, so you don’t need mats – although you are more than welcomed to rent one if desired. Expect a lot of breathing techniques and flexibility exercises and a class that is less vigorous than other types. 

 13) Modo Yoga 

What could be better for a yogi and New Yorker than to do a fantastic yoga class on a rooftop with a 360 view of Manhattan? Few things! Modo Yoga is co-founded by the musician Sarah Neufeld (from the band Arcade Fire) and came from Canada to New York to become one of the most popular studios of the city.

It offers a wide variety of lessons, like vinyasa flow, core flow, restorative yoga, and yang yin yoga classes, all taught in slightly heated rooms. Showers and towels are available for use, and the rooftop lessons are taught in one of the best hotels in NY, the James Hotel in Soho, during the summer. 

 14) Yoga Junction

Yoga Junction offers Vinyasa classes that are open to all levels and ages. The special thing about this place is that it is a neighborhood yoga NYC studio, and they focus on being an affordable place that welcomes the community and does its best to nourish body and soul healing.

They are located in a building that used to be a synagogue, which means this is a very peaceful building with colorful windows that was constructed as a place of worship and praying. The energy of the building itself and the people of the studio is an amazing one, and their economical lessons are still vigorous and knowledgeable. Nobody needs to break the bank to practice yoga. 

 15) Third Eye Yoga 

At Third Eye Yoga, they believe that there is no formula when it comes to yoga. Each person is unique and so are their needs. They have private yoga sessions for fitness, therapy, flexibility, meditation, or any other goal you may have while entering the yoga world.

They want to help individuals to shape their lifestyle into what is best for them and do that through the one on one support the instructors offer. If you require some personal care and does not do well in group environments, Third Eye Yoga NYC has your back. 

 16) Iyengar Yoga 

Iyengar Yoga is often seen as an opposite practice Vinyasa. It focuses on stamina, balance, flexibility, and concentration. It is a very traditional practice, and Iyengar Yoga Studio honors that. There, highly-skilled teachers guide students through a powerful practice that focus on safe alignment (achieving the best way to do a yoga pose). There are no fads, no gym music, and no Instagram posts.

Instead, expect a steady practice based on mindfulness and breathing techniques to enhance your abilities through time. If you want to dip more in-depth into the ancient art of yoga, how it was practiced in India, and developed in the US, they offer great workshops and teacher training you can participate in. 

 18) Y7 Studio

Alternatively, if you are looking for is to have some fun and listening to upbeat music while doing yoga, take a look at Y7 studio! They made “hip hop yoga” famous and carried on the practice in various locations around the city. If you love yoga movements and philosophy, but you are an active person who enjoys cardio exercises the most, then you will love hip hop yoga. 

The studio chooses and highlights an artist of the week and plays their music throughout the days in the lessons. The inside is white and inviting, with a minimalist decoration we love. The lessons follow a structure of warm-up with gentle music, free yoga to your own pace with a more upbeat session, all building up to the hip hop part.

So it is not a full hour of beats, there is also space for mindfulness and focus. As a side note, the rooms of Y7 studios are dark, and there are no mirrors, and that is because of the founder’s idea of a comfortable yoga practice where you can have fun and be yourself, without feeling self-conscious. 

 19) Greenhouse Holistic

Greenhouse Holistic wants to offer a real community experience and a place where everyone can feel warmly welcomed. They are not a fan of styled yoga, ideal bodies or poses for pictures, but want to bring yoga back to its roots. They pride themselves on their diverse staff and acceptant staff and believe that yoga should be adapted to each person, not the opposite.

They are a studio where collaboration is key and does not follow a guru or leader. Apart from being a yoga studio, they are also a spa offering life-changing massages and treatments. So if you want to spoil yourself to a meaningful yoga NYC lesson followed by a deep hot stone massage, Greenhouse Holistic is the best place for that. 

 20) Alo Yoga Sanctuary 

Alo Yoga Sanctuary is one of those places that makes you feel fresh and happy like a sunny day. It came to New York from the West Coast, and you can certainly feel that vibe on the decoration, music, and energy. They have a signature flow yoga class that is known to get people in shape, and they also offer yoga lessons with guest teachers famous in the country.

The yoga space is completed with a cafe that serves organic juices and luxury teas and coffees. There is also a shop where you will find Californian spired yoga apparel, like leggings, sneakers, bras, sweaters, and more. If you are in SoHo and feel like a yoga lesson, or need a new pair of yoga pants, pop up to Alo Yoga and have fun! 

21) Integral Yoga 

The Integral Yoga Institute teaches a specific type of yoga called Integral Yoga. Integral yoga has this name because it tries to integrate mind, body, and spirit. There is a lot of chanting, breathing exercises, meditation, and asanas included in the lesson. The founder of Integral Yoga, Sri Swami Satchidananda, tries to give tools to students to fulfill their whole lives within themselves, not only in the yoga studio. A peaceful existence with others is his primary goal.

To achieve that, he coined a specific selection of poses and breathing that compose that Integral Yoga, and that is the focus of this studio. It is not just physical, the studio also has a lot of teachings about the science and philosophy of yoga, so if that is something that interests you, IYI is a fantastic place to know.


Choosing the right yoga studio for you is a lot about finding what you seek in yoga practice. If you are a complete beginner, it can be overwhelming and scary to join a class, and if you are an advanced student, it can be difficult to find what you like. With that being said, yoga is an inclusive activity that usually attracts open-minded and welcoming people.

Yoga NYC studios are great places to make new friends and become the best version of yourself, so clarify your goals and visions and go for what you feel. It does not hurt, as well, to try as many different studios as possible to find the one that best suits your needs. 

Be patient with yourself and allow for room to grow as yoga is a lifelong practice rather than a two-month fad. The best benefits of yoga come after some time, and you will see how much it was worth to keep it up. A yoga studio that fits your needs and makes you feel welcome is undoubtedly helpful in keeping a constant and satisfying practice.