Sacral Chakra Svadhisthana - Regenerate From Within

The powerful energies, also known as chakras, are common in the spiritual and yoga community. There are seven chakras sleeping at the centerline of the body, waiting to be awakened and opened.

When these are awakened and well-balanced, our life-force energy, or chi, flows perfectly all over the body. On the other hand, it can corrupt our emotional and physical health when these are blocked, which is very alarming.

In this guide, let’s have a closer look at the second chakra or Svadhisthana, its function, and signs when it’s imbalanced, how to realign it back, and find out the perks it can give when this powerful chakra is open.

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Svahisthana Chakra: Everything You Need to Know

Svadhisthana, or the sacral chakra, is known as the seat of the self and the soul. It lies at the topmost base of the spine at the back.

The sacral chakra is connected with the water element, and that it controls the overall body fluids. And since this is a water chakra, the chi of Svadhisthana is flowing like a stream. This chakra involves creativity, satisfaction, sexuality, likes and dislikes, and pleasures.

When this chakra is balanced, our skill to adapt manifests, and our ability to submit and recognize our true feelings is enlarged, which then continues to grow over time. But what happens to your body when it’s imbalanced?

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Signs of an Imbalanced Sacral Chakra

An imbalanced sacral chakra can lead to low libido, back pains, joint problems, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), urinary tract issues, cramps, dehydration, and even reproductive issues like prostate disease, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts.

Emotionally, it can affect your relationships with others like your emotions are unstable, expresses feelings of guilt, and you may become vulnerable or shows a lack of composure.

Many serious concerns are also connected with the sacral chakra, from losing self-control to becoming agitated by a person, event, or a specific situation.

If the sacral chakra is overactive, we may get too much attached to pleasure and suffer from obsession, addiction, greed, hormone imbalances, and feelings of uneasiness. On the flip side, an underactive sacral chakra often shows symptoms of depression, poor sex drive, hopelessness, or a lack of positivity and enthusiasm, which negatively affects your overall well-being.

So, now that you know the possible signs that an imbalanced Svadhisthana can do, it’s time to learn the best practices of balancing the sacral chakra back.

Balancing the Sacral Chakra

There are several ways to balance chakras back, and the methods you choose mainly depend on your personal preference or what you feel more comfortable doing. Below are the best practices to address an imbalanced sacral chakra that are accessible to do at home.

Get into yoga!

Yoga is a holistic practice, influencing our physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Yogic poses are a great way to reconnect and build up energy in the body too. Some yogic poses that can help balance your sacral chakra include the child’s pose, dancer’s pose, triangle pose, butterfly pose, eagle pose, cobra pose, wide-leg forward bend pose, and one-footed king pigeon pose.

If you’re just starting, ask guidance from a yoga instructor— but if not, you can do these poses as a sequence or in random order that feels right on your end. You may hold each pose for five to fifteen breathing patterns and techniques or as long as it feels comfortable from your point.

Practice meditation

Practicing meditation and visualization is a valuable addition for balancing the sacral chakra. This practice can easily influence your whole energy system without causing too much tension in your body.

With meditation, you can control your life force through mindfulness and your breathwork. Your thoughts and emotions can be used as fuel for your energies.

Find a room that’s suitable for meditation and get yourself comfortable. With eyes closed, ground yourself with some deep conscious breathing techniques.

You may visualize your sacral chakra as something glowing, radiant orange, and focus your concentration as the color brightens as you go deeper in meditation. Alternatively, you can think of an orange fruit as a visual image.

Another example of a visual image is a six-petalled orange lotus. It’s a simple visualization technique that can help realign an imbalanced chi. Plus, it can also help to encourage energetic vibration, which supports blocked energies.

Listen to the singing bowls

Listening to singing bowls is an effective tool to balance the sacral energy

Listening to the singing bowls is an effective way to energize your chakra. Choose bowls that vibrate at the same frequency that Svadhisthana has to balance your sacral chakra.

The most preferred frequency in aligning an unbalanced sacral chakra is the Solfeggio frequency which is 417 hertz with a D keynote.

If you already have a singing bowl, strike it with a mallet or a fine stick lightly around the rim. Or, simply, run the stick around the outer part of the rim to produce a sound and make the bowl sing.

Once you knew you had built enough sound energy, sit comfortably and allow the sound waves to take over you.

Some people want to put the bowl on the sacral chakra part of the body. So whenever it plays, the sacral chakra instantly absorbs the vibration, stimulating it in the process.

Chanting mantras

Every chakra has its own Bija Mantras. The Bija mantra for the sacral chakra is called ‘Vam.’ Whenever you chant a mantra, the sound you make resonates internally around your body and energy system, regenerating your chakras from within.

To realign your sacral chakra, the mantra ‘Vam’ will be your best friend. You can add some meditation music if you want and begin as soon as you’re ready while taking some deep breaths to help ground yourself in the process.

Then allow the mantra to take over you naturally. Remember that there is no right or wrong way of chanting mantras.

If you feel awkward at first, that’s okay. Just make sure you’re alone the next time you practice. If you’re not used to chanting mantras, it may feel weird, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel the positive effects, losing your inhibitions.

Chanting mantras can help calm the mind, regenerate the energy system, and open the deeper spiritual connection. Because the mantras are used since ancient times, they guide us to the universe and the very divine energy source like none other.

Amazing Benefits You Can Get

The sacral chakra may be the most often energy blockage but balancing this chi is extremely helpful. Just like the other chakras, an imbalanced energy can either be underactive or overactive.

A well-balanced sacral chakra or Svadhisthana can lead to a great sense of inspiration, enjoys the present moment, able to follow your ambitions in life, encourages a deeper connection towards your relationships, and heightened self-esteem in expressing your true nature.