889yoga extended trianlge pose

Time to stretch out your body with this powerful Yoga pose called Utthita Trikonasana

Yoga has been fondly practiced by many as it does not require much and time, equipment, and is not physically excruciating to do. Whilst traditionally a part of Hindu religious practice, the postures being done in Modern Yoga is no longer a spiritual ritual but rather a physical and mental exercise.

Yoga asanas can be in a seating or standing types. With the 84 different kinds of asanas, each of those resembles what’s being found in the nature around us and has its own unique physical benefits.

One of these asanas is called Utthita Trikonasana which we are going to learn today.

Go Stress-Free through Utthita Trikonasana

A lot of jobs nowadays are done in front of computers and sitting for long hours, causing contractions in the muscles and when left unstretched, could lead to fat build-up, low muscle mass, and weakness.

The modern lifestyle of lesser physical activities affects a lot as studies show that 31 million people in America alone experience back pain at any given time. Coupled with stress induced by workload or other stressors could induce other physical ailments from body pains to more serious diseases.

This goes to show the importance of having a physical activity from time to time and one of the best to do is the practice of Yoga and doing Yoga Asanas.

One of these is Utthita Trikonasana. This portmanteau of Sanskrit words “tri” meaning three, “Kona” meaning angle, and “asana” meaning pose, this yoga pose is also known as Extended Triangle Pose.

Amazing Benefits of Utthita Trikonasana

Extended Triangle Pose is a standing yoga asana with lots of stretching that excites nerve endings, promotes better blood circulation, stimulates digestive organs, improves balance, and helps in relieving stress.

The How-To of Extended Triangle Pose

This yoga asana is great for all levels of yogins and for beginners, this is very easy to learn.

  • Step 1: You may begin with Tadasana as your initial position to set your mind and body to doing Yoga. Stay in this position for 5 – 10 seconds then place one of your feet away from the other, around 3-feet apart, to form an inverted “V” posture with your legs.
  • Step 2: Make sure that you maintain your balance on this position. Point the other feet toward the directions it’s facing, (if the left foot, left. if the right foot, right).
  • Step 3: Extend wide both arms. Slowly bend to the side of the extended foot and try to reach for the side of the ankle using one arm and the other arm lifted up. Stay in this position for a 3 – 6 breathe sequence of inhaling and exhaling.
  • Step 4: Do the stretch on the other side with the same breathing pattern.

Important Reminders

While this Yoga asana has its amazing benefits, there is some precaution that you must bear in mind.

If you are a beginner in Yoga practice, this yoga pose should be done slowly and gently. We would like to emphasize that aside from the stretching of the muscles, breathing exercise is also a vital part of yoga.

You may skip this Yoga asana if you are from a recent injury on your legs, back, or hips. It is best to consult a relevant medical service provider before engaging in this exercise if you have existing injuries. The best is to let your body take its time to heal.

When doing yoga, make sure that your spot is free from obstructions, falling objects, and it is highly recommended to use yoga mats to help you keep yourself stay put on the ground. This will avoid injuries due to tripping off or sliding unintentionally.

Enjoy Your Yoga Journey

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. And thus, doing Yoga is very beneficial especially if you are time-constrained. When accompanied with a healthy diet, not only you’re keeping your blood circulating well, but you’re also moving towards a fit body.

Above all, Yoga is an art of meditation, and practicing it not only makes you fit and fab, but also keeps your mental health at its optimum so keep going on your yoga journey and don’t forget to enjoy doing this exercise!