Not all heroes wear capes. Some are doing yoga in their homes as they stay indoors in the meantime. But you know, you can be one by simply learning the amazing asana called Virasana!

Get Stretched and Sit Like a Hero with Virasana

Just for a quick culture tour, let’s talk about the traditional background of the yoga asana we are to learn today. “Vira” means “hero” in Sanskrit and according to Hindu mythology, this asana was derived from the humble posture that Vir Hanuman has gestured in front of Lord Rama.

Of course, we are not going to be discussing the religious background as it is no longer included in the practice of modern yoga. We are then going to learn the yoga asana and know what the benefits are.

How Do You Do Virasana Pose?

The Hero Pose is considered one of the easiest asanas in yoga. This beginner-level posture is very simple yet, packed with benefits that will surely improve your physique and mood alike.

Before you start your yoga session, make sure that you have prepared the necessary gear such as your yoga mat, yoga block, and of course, your favorite yoga apparel. Here are the steps on how to do Virasana:

Step 1: Begin with kneeling on your both knees in the yoga mat. Make sure that your spot is free from obstruction to avoid unnecessary injuries. Kneeling with both knees around six inches apart will be your cue for the Virasana Pose.

Step 2: As you have knelt, stretch your feet by pointing it with the top of the feet facing flat the yoga mat and the sole and tiptoes are facing upwards. This is how you are to stretch your feet. This stimulates the blood vessels and nerves helping towards a better blood flow on the lower limbs.

Step 3: Place the yoga block between your thighs. While the knees are at least 6 inches apart, the distance between the thigh and legs should be wider. The yoga block shall serve as a support if you are to sit longer as you do the Virasa and meditate while on it.

Step 4: With the yoga block as support, place the weight on the yoga block and to the things sitting up with the back straight. Avoid hunching your back to a slouch but rather sit up properly to encourage more stretch on the hip and abdominal section.

Step 5: Ideal sitting time on this position is around 60 – 90 seconds. You may stay for as long as 3 minutes. Don’t forget to practice proper breathing while meditating on this position.

Stretching Benefits of Virasana

This position is kinda comfortable to some practitioners as the sitting force exerted on the legs are giving a massage-like sensation. But aside from that pleasurable feeling, there are lots of great benefits of Virasana especially with what it can stretch to the body.

So, what does Virasana stretches?

  • Ankle and Feet

    Bodyweight can affect the feet as it serves as the very foundation to balance the whole body. When a person is a bit overweight and has a high BMI than what is ideal for height, it has some serious effects on the ankle joints and the feet.

    This also is true when a person has less time walking, running, or doing activities that require working with the feet to somewhat stagnation of the foot and ankle muscles.

    Virasana helps to relax the strained ankle and promotes better blood circulation down to the feet. This also improves joint flexibility lessening the risk of sprains when a person goes out of balance or any untoward accidents.

  • The Legs and Thighs

    With the stretching of the feet, the thigh and leg ligaments are also pulled away exciting the muscles adding to improved lower limb flexibility and muscle strength.

  • Hips and Back

    Sitting up straight back helps correct sitting posture especially if the person is always sitting which is common for those who have desk jobs. Also, practicing the Virasana without using a yoga block, increases the stretching in the thigh and the hip area.

  • Mental and Physical Relaxation

    Virasana promotes better blood circulation and has a very relaxed sensation from him down to the toes. Coupled with the breathing exercise while meditating, this significantly helps reduce stress levels, triggers happy hormones, can induce better sleep, and could also help the digestive tract.

Practice the Hero Pose

This humble yoga asana could look very simple and is actually easy to do but as you can see it has a lot of benefits for a hero like you who avoids going outside in the meantime with the current situation.

As a yogin, continue practicing your asana and stay on longer pose time to increase the beneficial effects of the postures on you. As we always say here in 889yoga, enjoy doing your yoga asanas!