Vishuddhi Getting Different Kind of Blues

There are seven chakras running from the root of the spine all the way up to the top of the head. They are responsible for the proper circulation of energy within you. Each of the chakras corresponds to particular personal quality and organs in the body.

If one or more chakra becomes blocked or out of balance, it is believed to negatively affect your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Vishuddha, better known as the throat chakra, influences your communication, self-expression, creativity, and the ability to show your true self.

In this guide, let’s understand the role of a healthy and open throat chakra, know the signs of its imbalances, and learn ways on how to heal this chakra back.

Vishuddha Chakra: Everything You Need to Know

The throat chakra greatly influences your way of communication, creative imagination, and self-expression. If this chakra is blocked or off-balance, you will feel like communication will be difficult on your end. If you also want to learn about the root chakra, click here.

Signs of Imbalances

Yogic practitioners say that the vishuddha chakra is the center of communication, sensibility, and creativity. It is responsible for you to become honest and to express your thoughts freely.

When this chakra is blocked and off-balance, it will make the energy flow in that area hard. As a result, nonphysical symptoms like feeling timid or hesitant, insensitivity, social anxiety, problems expressing yourself, insecurity, talking without thinking, dishonesty, and the inability to make sound decisions may arise.

An unopened or misaligned throat chakra can also affect your neck, mouth, and ears negatively. As a result, physical symptoms like stiffness or pain in the neck, hoarseness, jaw pains, earaches, sore throats (acute and chronic), hearing problems, dental issues, mouth ulcers, thyroid disease, and even Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders may occur.

In a worst-case scenario, you can suffer nonphysical and physical symptoms at once. That said, below are the nine definitive ways on how to heal the throat chakra and avoid these mishaps from happening.

Balancing the Throat Chakra Back

Whether you are suffering from a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra, consider trying one of the practices listed below:

1. Develop a love for the color blue.

The throat chakra has a close relationship with the color blue. According to a professional yoga instructor and master reiki healer, blue crystals like turquoise, celestite, aquamarine, and lapis lazuli may help bring balance to your throat chakra.

Since the throat chakra has something to do with sound and resonance, the minerals mentioned above are effective ways to aid the throat chakra because they each have a unique resonating frequency.

Having a necklace with one of those blue crystals is also a helpful way to heal and stimulate the throat chakra.

There are specific yogic poses that can help heal the throat chakra.

2. Neck exercises.

Exercises that open the neck area may help heal the throat chakra. Professionals suggest that doing neck exercises will prevent the tension and stress symptoms from building up in the throat area.

To do this exercise:

– Put your chin down on your chest.
– Bend your head to the left. With shoulders relaxed, try to bend your head until your left ear touches your left shoulder.
– At this point, you should feel a good stretch along the right part of your neck.
– Hold this position for thirty to sixty seconds.
– Repeat this process on the other side.

3. Learn some breathwork.

The lion’s breath, a type of breathing technique, is thought to be advantageous for the throat chakra. It can lower stress, eliminate toxins, and heal the vishuddha chakra. To do this:

– Breathe in through your nose.
– Keep your mouth and eyes open.
– Draw your tongue out and “roar” audibly when you exhale— your breathing should be as loud as a lion’s roar.

4. Use the chakra stones.

You can also use the various shades of blue of chakra stones to help heal and clear the blockages of the throat chakra. Using these chakra stones depends on you; some options include:

– Bringing them with you wherever you will go
– Include them as your jewelry
– Adding them as decors
– Put them on the throat area while sleeping

5. Try yogic poses.

Releasing pressures and tensions near the chakra area can help circulate the proper energy flow within that region. That said, yogic poses such as the fish, shoulder stand, and plow pose are best for the throat chakra exercise.

6. Try a reiki healing practice.

The practice of reiki healing is another way of balancing the throat chakra, as this benefits all the chakras within the body. Moreover, this practice can help stimulate a specific chakra sending additional energy than before.

7. Learn the bija mantra.

The sound vibrations are ancient tools that are considered to invite energies from the universe. The bija mantra helps stimulate and bring the balance back of a specific chakra, and every chakra has a different bija mantra or vibration.

For the throat chakra, “ham” is the bija mantra, and it should be chanted out loud. To do this, use the natural tone of your voice. Next, exhale and release the sound slowly while you breathe out.

8. Tap into journal writing.

Journal writing is an excellent way to listen to your inner self. Being quiet and freewriting is a great activity for uniting the heart with the mind, stimulating the throat chakra in the process— since the throat chakra rests between the heart and the mind.

9. Keep the neck and spine aligned.

It is essential to keep the neck and spine aligned to prevent neck strains and hyperextension. If you are into yoga, the repetition of routines of poses, such as the backbends, may lead to neck strains and hyperextension if you don’t keep the neck and spine in line.


If the vishuddha chakra is out of balance or blocked, you may experience some non-physical and physical problems connected to communication and self-expression. Luckily, you can heal and bring the balance back into your throat chakra in multiple ways, including the nine practices mentioned above.

If you are interested to know more about the throat chakra and other chakras in the body, it’s best to learn from a professional yoga instructor or a master energy healer, so it is guaranteed you are on the safest and right path. Namaste.