Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight Answer Here

Yoga is an ancient practice that can amplify the positive connection between your mind and body. While there are many yoga styles, some focus more on strenuous movements and strength, and others focus on meditation and mental preparedness.

As part of a workout routine, yoga for weight loss is a no-brainer because it burns calories. And potentially, the most significant benefit of yoga is the opportunity to reinforce mental stability, which can relieve stress, especially in this pandemic, and introduce you to a better and healthier lifestyle.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an all-in-one physical, mental, and spiritual practice where practitioners feel good after reconnecting their balance within movements. Not only it highlights its various poses but also the breathwork that develops a sense of satisfaction.

Speaking of weight loss, losing weight with yoga is mind-blowing. In the most real sense, yoga seems like a unified high-intensity exercise and weight-lifting regimen necessary to shed weight and shape up your body.

Plus, it can be an effective way to help you lose weight, especially in vigorous yoga styles. Mental stability accomplished through gentle and peaceful yoga can also help you lose some weight.

Many experts have noted that yoga works in many ways to maintain a healthy weight. So let’s come closer to these ways. For tips on what to expect when you visit a studio, click here.

Can you lose weight through yoga?

Yes, the effects of a constant practice of yoga could mean you lose some weight. Also, know that yoga offers other benefits more than that, while not connected to weight loss strictly, can have a substantial effect on your lifestyle as a whole.

If so, how does yoga help to lose weight?

Yoga helps you to lose weight in various ways.

There are many therapeutic to intensive yoga styles, reinforcing your central cores, including your overall muscle groups, increasing your flexibility, stability, and mobility.

Each yoga style offers unique benefits, so if your goal is to lose weight, concentrating on a fast-paced strength-based exercise is best. Yoga done in this manner has four main benefits that you should know.

Yoga strengthens your core and self-awareness.

While there is no cheat to lose weight in a day, strengthening your core is one major step to help you shed weight in the long run.

Your core is the home of all muscle groups necessary to stabilize your spine, keep your posture in the best shape, and improve your balance.

Therefore, by reinforcing your core, you are increasing your movements’ foundation to be more concise, which, in turn, makes you exercise more effectively without the risk of bodily discomforts.

Yoga is also useful in this matter because it also increases your self-awareness. You’ll learn how to use your muscles to precisely regulate your movements to achieve safer body fitness.

Yoga can help cut cravings for unhealthy foods and sugar.

One of the fantastic benefits of yoga is installing a sense of mindfulness. More mindful people are less stressed and less likely to seek comfort in food to binge eat.

Yoga can help protect yourself from stress, more-so, manage stress.

Everyone knows how stress can potentially attract negativity, be it physical, behavioral, and physiological resulting in an upset stomach, unhealthy sleeping habits, headaches, poor nutrition, and obesity.

While stress, people are prone to emotional eating or overeating unhealthy and processed foods. These foods are very high in calories and not as nourishing as natural foods like fresh vegetables, meat, and fish, resulting in weight gain.

Despite that, by managing your stress through yoga, you can reduce these cravings and have a better sleep at any time of the day. Yoga is immensely helpful because it matches your belly breathing with a healthy lifestyle that reduces your stressors.

Yoga introduces you to a healthy lifestyle with better decisions.

A consistent yoga workout can be a foundation for healthy habits, especially losing weight and how to keep it off in the long run. Because shedding weight is not just weeks or months of fasting and exercise, but rather a slow fitness journey of building a healthy lifestyle.

By merely seeing the yoga mat out in the open every day, you can remind yourself to undertake yoga and slowly create that positive habit. In turn, this builds more healthy habits, like keeping a good posture, eating healthy, spending less on gadgets, and setting out for an adventure trip to unwind.

Even minor decisions such as choosing to go for a walk over doing nothing in your leisure time can add up, ultimately transforming your lifestyle the best as it should be.

3 Best Styles of Yoga for Weight Loss

If weight loss is your number one concern, then choosing the right yoga style is super crucial. For aspirants who have never tried yoga before, make time to consult a yogi teacher to help you select the beginner-level classes. There are yoga styles that focus on breathing, and others undergo intensive sequences that are highly useful for burning calories.

These styles mainly kicks-off with a fast-paced strength-based series of poses, also known as a salute to the sun or Sun Salutations, followed by standing positions that will keep you active. After warming up, backbends and stretches are done to prepare the deeper muscle groups.

1. Hot or Bikram Yoga

As the name implies, hot yoga is a yoga style practiced in a hot or heated environment with humid requirements. The room temperature is carefully regulated and frequently check for it is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. So practicing this at home is not recommended.

Classes roll from sixty to ninety minutes, executing multiple kinds of standing and stretching positions. A study shows that a hot room makes the heart pump. This, for me, is an intense style of yoga so have time to consult your healthcare provider if you can withstand this kind of workout or have a friendly chat with other practitioners to get a feel.

Read more about Hot or Bikram Yoga: What are the benefits of Hot Yoga?

2. Power Yoga

Power yoga is very famous at gyms and fitness centers, though it is also accessible at a regular yoga studio. Power yoga is based on the Ashtanga style, so it requires you to move a lot, making you sweat most of the time.

3. Ashtanga Yoga

This style of yoga is a compilation of six sequences of asanas or poses. As you progress from primary to advanced sequences, the practice becomes more and more challenging. There are two teaching forms in this style, the led class that focuses on the primary series and the Mysore class, where you can move through the sequence at your own pace.

A yoga teacher is there to spot, helping you move correctly, and make adjustments as you move on to the next stage. Ashtanga is suitable for people who are on the lookout for a vigorous routine to increase their muscle power, endurance, and overall fitness.

Ashtanga yoga is highly capable of losing weight, which is an intense yoga style that keeps you physically fit. As a full-body exercise, it can improve your overall muscle groups.

Bottom Line

Dealing with obesity and shedding weight does not have to be extreme fasting partnered with a rigorous workout, but acknowledging yoga for weight loss paired with healthy habits and better life decisions can lead you on the best path towards a healthier lifestyle. Keep in mind that it’s not about finishing first; it’s about reaping the promising results you’ve worked hard for. Namaste.